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Yes plssss ....let's get to know better 🥰
♡ asks ♡
 Do you have freckles? 
 Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you take it? 
What was the last song you listened to? 
Do you sleep on your back, stomach or side? 
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? 
Do you prefer drawing or writing? 
What’s your ideal number of blankets to sleep with? 
What’s your favorite band/artist? 
When is your birthday? 
How tall are you? 
What color are your eyes? 
Who are five (or more) people you want to hug right now? 
What’s your favorite color? 
What’s your favorite season? 
Want any tattoos? What of? 
Want any piercings? Where? 
Who is the last person you texted? 
Do you have a best friend? How long have you been friends? 
What/who do you miss? 
How was your day today? 
How much sleep did you get last night? 
Do you believe in aliens? 
When was the last time you cried? Why? 
What’s your favorite decade? 
What are some seemingly childish things you like? 
What’s your favorite book? Or just one you’ve read a few times? 
How are you, really? 
Does it take you a long time to make decisions? 
What are you looking forward to in the near future? 
What are you looking forward to in the distant future? 
If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go? 
Do you sleep with your door open or closed? 
What’s your favorite flower? 
Do you currently have a squish? 
Do you like your middle name? 
Do you prefer dogs or cats? 
Do you have any phobias? 
Do you stay up late?
Do you like the beach? Do you prefer it sunny or cloudy? 
What’s your favorite cartoon? 
Tag 5 of your favorite blogs
Do you have siblings? How many? 
Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? 
Is there anyone you would die for? 
What do you need when you’re sad? 
Have you memorized your phone number? 
Who’s someone you can trust with your life? 
What does your last text say? 
Wild Card. Any question, ask away. 
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Hey!!! I would like to participate in your 600+ followers game.
I choose Ticket 2 that is qualities of my fs.
Initials - HT
Moon Sign - Cancer
Favourite Emoji - 💋
Password- lemonshorbet
Now onto your reading… what kind of vibes you give off?
I am solely doing this on intuition so I hope it resonates. The first sign that came to my mind when I thought about your vibe was sign Libra. For some reason you seem like a creative person who is really interested in aesthetics and how they present themselves. Its not because looks matter to you but more so because you like to be well put as it boosts your self esteem making you more confident to be out there in world. Moreover, you seem like a diplomatic individual who would not get easily angrily and would make sure they don’t unnecessarily rub people wrong way. You seem like an ambivert who would be a little reserved when you first meet them but would be a whole different personality when comfortable with someone. Overall you give a vibe of someone who would look like they are really high maintenance but in the end turn out to be most thoughtful and nice person.
Thank you so much!!! ✨❣️
Hiii ❤
My vedic rising sign is Libra , so it resonates. Though I'm not that into aesthetics but when I do it I want it to be perfect . Yes in serious situations I do not get angry easily and try to think logically . Ambivert true . Hahh the last line truly sums up me as a person .
Tumblr media
Calm and collected
Funny and humorous
Show off
Tumblr media
Feedback is Compulsory
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Password :- lemonshorbet
Hi, the vibe you give me off is an sweet,assertive, person .
I person who is comfortable in their own power but someone who is approachable.
A person who is generous but will know at an instance if someone is trying to take advantage of them.
Also someone who has a thirst of knowledge (subjects that interest you)
Idk why I think you like Cake .
I prefer Ticket 1 🎫
My initials are - A.P.T
Moon Sign- Aries (Tropical) / Pisces ( Sidereal)
Fav emoji - 💀
Have a nice day/night !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hiii ❤
Hmmm yes I'm approachable but definitely knows when to step up on my boundaries. And I think the 3rd quality should be present in each and every person .
Tumblr media
🌎 Brazil , USA , Hungary , China 🌍
Tumblr media
Feedback is Compulsory
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omgomgomg nooo
Heey aleza when are you going to reopen the countries game i can't believe i didn't see the post 😭😭
Omgg I'm so sorry to say dear but it's from 600+ followers game , which is now closed 😶🤧 .
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alaezasmystery · 4 hours ago
By the way, I want to say your eyes are so cutie. It reminds me of anime eyes. So big and lively and clear as a crystal. Perfection~ 😭
For the exchange, I get the vibes of you, that you are somehow intimidating to some people, maybe because of your expression(?) also I get the vibes that you give me discipline and resilience. You also kind of give the mature and always in-charge person. But at the same time you are not resisting your spiritual sides and relaxed side XD
So my initial is L.P.R, my moon sign is Leo in 10 degrees, and my favorite emoji is 😭 (coz it looks cute on twt) And for the reading, I choose Ticket 1 -lemonshorbet
Hiii ❤
Hahhh thanx for complimenting my eyes because I've been insecure about it . Discipline and resilience is very much true for me , and I expect it from others too .
Tumblr media
🌍 Thailand ( 3 ) , Poland , Tunisia , Chile 🌎
Tumblr media
Feedback is Compulsory
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Hear me out , my spirit guides has been telling me to have fun over an over time because in the near future I'll be busyyyyy. It just confirms that lol . But the fact it's just sooo confusing lmao . I'm being a mess here 🙃 . Like I wanna work but they be like no you have fun , work can wait 😅 . But I'm a person who just can't sit ideal, u know....Now you tell me what to do 😩✋ ??!?????
Why only an emoji 🤔 when you can have these 😌😘
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
omfg. so like, these were blurred as I was loading them in and I legit thought they were wheels of cheese lmao.
I was like, fuck yea cheese. lolol
also seeing these photos makes me think of how every morning when I drive to work, I pass this field, and let me tell you the field is beautiful. and I get to see the moon in every phase. and it's been such a beautiful part of my day.
so your reading ::
the first thing I heard was "the wheel in the sky keeps on turning" followed by "ground control to major tom" soooo
you're simply being asked to do what makes you happy this new moon. as this new cycle begins, really reflect on what it is that makes you smile and just focus on that.
I'm also being told that you're finishing a cycle. something to do with success is coming in for you and I think you'll be very pleased about it. but like, the biggest message here is to be happy. only focus on the things that make you sparkle with joy.
take a walk through the mundane and find what is worth living. the taste of the coffee, the smell of the sea breeze. just be contempt in this moment and also like, just feel yourself lol.
bring laughter into your life and you'll be surprised by the joy you suddenly find yourself in.
Tumblr media
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She's our STAR 🥰 !!!!!!!! one of the best person I've ever come across on YouTube. She herself has an inspiring stories too . Love her ❤
Star girl the practical witch 🙇‍♀️
Literally everything she says happens 💜 i always resonate with her astrology/tarot readings
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alaezasmystery · 14 hours ago
Okay so I've watched many pick a cards reading on YouTube and I came to 1 conclusion that Black women / Origin are more exciting and fun . Idk how to tell this but they have this exciting , fun energy around them . Though I definitely love some of the other channels who are not black , and I'm legit telling you they have such a soft energy lol . One that makes you gonna fall asleep . Ahhhh--- I just love them both . Woman truly are magical !!!!!!!
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alaezasmystery · a day ago
The ship I never knew I needed so badly !!!!!! Bellamione 😭❤
Narcissa: What's wrong with Bella? She's been lying on the ground for like 20 minutes now.
Andy: she’s overwhelmed.
Narcissa: what? Why?
Andy: Hermione smiled at her.
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Thankuuuu for the tag lovely @ariesluvz
Just made it 😌🤗💛🌈
Tumblr media
Tagging :- @astrojoy @duckiemquack @intuitive-bbloom @the-wild-candy @verdurous-heaven @royaleofury @gurleennn @gryphis-eyes @pearl-tarotist
Tag game:
What is your aesthetic based on your moon sign + core on Pinterest? And tag your moots to do the same!!
Mine: virgocore
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tagging: @royaleofury @alaezasmystery @intuitive-bbloom @sunkissedchld @sunisglowing @sxorpiomooon @wa-kaizen @asstrolo @blacksoulwhixpers-tarot @celestialblushxoxo @dianas-starry-night @luvleona @nayeours @roseymess @the-falling-star @yoursinfinitely @mystiicwinter @samisinsomniac @misty-howler @miingyuu @anmol-gaur @moonlightcreme @tulatodivine
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Pile 2 !!!!! So creative 👌 loved the intro 😍❤👏 the fact I got your name in Pile 2 JOY 🌈 !!!!!!!
Light surrounded the area and 3 bright stars seemed to float around you...
It's a real wand! 🪄
Which star caught your attention the most?
Tumblr media
Your next glow up
⭐ PAC ⭐
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pile 1
⭐ Healed heart/mentality
⭐ Spending time for yourself
⭐ Healthier eating habits
⭐ Taking better care of your needs
⭐ Some here are graduating from something
⭐ Getting higher education
⭐ Negative thinking decrease
⭐ Learning to trust others more
⭐ Trusting the universe more
⭐ Calmer mindset. Controlling temper
⭐ Speaking out. Standing your ground
⭐ Some career accomplishment? Promotion??
⭐ Financial increase for some here :D
⭐ Earning a trophy (for a very few here :3)
⭐ Learning to let loose, having fun sometimes
Extra that came out
⭐ Capricorn Energy
⭐ Water energy
Songs that randomly came to me
PS - I haven't heard these songs in years. These are some old popular songs. I found it so weird that they were both party themed too?? Interesting! Def look at each ones lyrics. I found out these can both be telling you guys your determination will get you far, like past your co-workers, rivals, superiors (idk) it's about reaching to the top :D
Tumblr media
Pile 2
⭐ Joy 🌈
⭐ Positive mindset/optimistic
⭐ New tattoos or re-inking old ones
⭐ Eye care (I think it's healthwise tbh)
⭐ Spotting/stopping deception
⭐ Better observation skills
⭐ Something about video games??
⭐ Face glow up
⭐ Growing past old negative patterns
⭐ Mix of physical and inner glow up
⭐ Eating what makes you happy more
⭐ More talented/Skill level up ^^
⭐ Singing skills increase (for some :3)
⭐ More jewelry? c:
⭐ Living in the moment
Extra that came out
Sagittarius Energy
Sunny card
Songs that randomly came to me
PS - Another old song? XD I swear why are my guides hitting me with the old songs in this PAC so far? Oh well :D Hope it resonates! The 2nd one was randomly generated but I asked my guides to guide it c:
Tumblr media
Pile 3
⭐ Learning to love again
⭐ Cooking skills may increase
⭐ For some women breast growth (natural/PS)
⭐ For some men, toned pectoral area
⭐ Some here will be growing taller
⭐ Nose area glow up (natural/PS)
⭐ Makeup skills increase//makeup baddie
⭐ Doe eyes? Cute eyes? Eye glow up?
⭐ Having an adorable cuteness to you
⭐ Relationship glow up
⭐ Beaking up with a toxic partner
⭐ Winning in general
⭐ Encouraging others
⭐ Feeling like royalty
⭐ Better sleep schedule
⭐ Getting vacation/trip vibes for a few
⭐ Possible new creative outlet
⭐ Haha some will drink more water//hydrated
Extra that came out
⭐ Blue eyes
⭐ Pisces rising vibes
Songs that randomly came to me
PS - For this pile it was hard to channel any songs. So instead I left it to a generator and my guides guidance towards it to give you songs :) These songs reminded me of a breakup. Man someone really needed the breakup message. For others this may include toxic friends or just people you know and letting them go ^^
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Taurus Sun ( 12 ) ; Gemini Moon ( 2 ) / Mars ( 1 ) / Venus ( 1 ) ; Aries Mercury ( 12 ) ; Pisces Rising
Okayy these Gemini though 🥲
Okay, tell me the big 6 of your Eros Persona Chart and what placements do you like the most about it✋😩
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alaezasmystery · a day ago
It's your blog , your dashboard so it's your decision to choose people whom you wanna see . It's as simple as that 😩 . Why making a fuss about it !?! Clearly they can't live without DRAMA 😒 .
did you see what @flavaflavbutitznyork said about you 👀
No I didn't, I checked it out tho
I don't really feel like I need to give a reason since it's my blog and I can choose who I want to see on tumblr. Straight up, I don't block anyone without reason. That blog may not know why but I don't expect them to. I work off of observation and my sense of sight. Sometimes energy or psychic guidance paves my road too. I don't need to tell anyone when and why I block a certain blog. Most people don't care, as we're all people vibing on tumblr and have better things to do. And no, they haven't said anything to me, not from what I can remember or recall. I have eyes though. I'm not blind. Just because someone doesn't interact with me doesn't mean I don't browse and observe blog interaction within the community and other ones
Btw, I confirm, I love positivity
Coming from someone who's had a life surrounded by quite the contrary such as myself, you'd expect as much. Blocking a blog doesn't instantly mean something negative, especially when you don't know the reason why. At that point it's just assuming. Someone could argue, "The reason can't be positive tho" but it's not negative either. Sure, no one would understand without me going into detail, however I'm not here to make anyone understand either. I have my own reasons and it's just that. It's simply a preference based on my personal reasonings that I don't feel like discussing rn. It's like, 11 pm bro ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ id much rather eat dinner and work on my next tarot pac. I've wasted enough time on this as it is 💀
I have no beef with anyone,
Just a simple block, that as I've stated above, is due to what I've observed from afar. I also don't toss blocks around like confetti, I rarely block people and I've only blocked around 3 maybe 4??? I can't remember tbh but it wasn't much. It doesn't have to be a major or minor reason either. If I saw something that didn't sit right with me, I'm not going to force myself to see a possibility of future occurence. I simply move on. I guess some people may take it to heart but I had no ill intent, as you can see, I haven't mentioned these 2 blogs or started some elaborate post on them when I did it
But then again it doesn't matter
If you get upset over someone blocking you then you probably need better things to get upset over. It's tumblr. I'm a user like anyone else. I have preferences too. If someone gets mad at me blocking someone and their mutual its a bit silly 😂
Tumblr media
PS - I don't know who you are and its totally chill that you brought it to my attention. You could be an amazing person and that's beautiful ☺💖 but I will add, someone warned me out of fear that there's apparently fake accounts going around and into the asks of some other content creators and inching in asks that may seem quite similar to this one that seem sketchy (sorry if you aren't that person, it just came off odd ig 🤣) If you are that person (only) then stop trying to start unnecessary drama, its childish. Find a hobby or go out and explore if you can :) There's much more relaxing ways to release energy 🥰
If you are a genuine person with no bad intent and actually concerned, this was my response, stay safe and have a wonderful day 🫂✨
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alaezasmystery · a day ago
I think Twilight is my guilty pleasure. I hate everything about it but absolutely love to watch it at the same time .
Tumblr media
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alaezasmystery · a day ago
Aww I'm happy that I could inspire someone ☺✨ . It made my heart full ❤ . Thank you for your support too 🙏 .
Omg I didn't knew you have made a PAC 😳 . Ngl I'm so happy to see it and you're talented !!!!!! Damn mines are not that better 🥲 .
Hope to see your works more 😇🥰 .
Hahah it’s not much of a big deal, really. I’m pretty much a newbie here so I still have got a lot to learn.
Thank you a lot for your kind words though, they mean a lot to me! I really like your PACs as they are frequently very suggestive to the topic at hand. Honestly speaking, your account has been one of the ones to motivate me into making the first steps ^^
I wish you a wonderful day! And thank you again for your kindness!💕🥺
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alaezasmystery · a day ago
I'm excited to see your new decks !!!!!!! Do share them if you can , idk I'm very happy for you lol 😅🤣
Btw for the people I put on my astrosthetics list I apologize it's taking so long to get those posts out. Yes, I got one of my decks but I really wanted to also use the other one that (for some reason 👀) hasn't been delivered yet. So as soon as that bad boi comes through I should be able to do it 🔆 For now have a nice day and take care 👋☺💖
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It's Taurus for me 😃
Appearance of your FS
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These are valid if you have no planets in your 7th . If you have any planets then they could influence how your fs looks like .
Reference & pictures are from pinterest 📌
Tumblr media
Aries : If Aries sign falls in 7th house it means you have Libra ascendant. Aries signs ruled by the planet Mars and Aries Mars give an athletic look, medium height, stout body, thin waist and reddish look of the face. The relationship with the partner will be very competitive, aggressive, and the partner kind of impulsive, sporty and physically active.
Taurus : If Taurus sign falls in 7th house it means you have Scorpio ascendant. Taurus sign is ruled by planet Venus, and Taurus Venus gives proportioned body curly hair, lovely big eyes, charming and sensual appearance. The relationship with the partner will be loving, stable, and peaceful, and the partner kind of sensual, homey, practical, and friendly nature.
Gemini : If the Gemini sign falls in the 7th house it means you have Sagittarius ascendant. Gemini sign ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini Mercury give witty, bright small eyes, and mischievous appearance. The relationship with the partner will be communicative, fun loving, humorous. The partner is kind of witty, skillful, clever and kind of flirt.
  Cancer : If a Cancer sign falls in the 7th house it means you have Capricorn ascendant. Cancer sign ruled by the planet Moon, Moon is a delicate and gentle planet. Generally give average height, fair complexion, large eyes, oval or round, heavy and bulky face. The relationship with the partner will be protective, nurturing. Partner kind of emotional caring, loving and mother like.
Leo : If Leo sign falls in 7th house it means you have Aquarius  ascendant. Aquarius sign ruled by planet Saturn, Aquarius Saturn give squarish long face cut, prominent chin and have tall structure. The relationship with the partner is unusual, unpredictable and original, and the partner will be cool, indifferent, eccentric, progressive, humane, and loyal.
Virgo : If Virgo sign falls in 7th house it means you have Pisces  ascendant. Pisces sign ruled by planet Jupiter, Pisces Jupiter give long and oval type, heavy and tall or short any range is possible, because fish have many sizes. The person has calm and peaceful looks. The relationship with the partner is spiritual, peaceful, and dreamy and the partner will be imaginative, emotionally sensitive, music lover, and artistic.
Tumblr media
Libra : If Libra sign falls in 7th house it means you have Aries ascendant. Libra sign ruled by the planet Venus. Libra Venus gives a beautiful and sensual appearance. The person is attractive and has a balanced personality. The relationship with the partner is very balanced, loving and harmonious and the partner will be diplomatic, artistic, and fair in relationship.
 Scorpio : If Scorpio sign falls in 7th house it means you have Taurus ascendant. Scorpio sign ruled by Mars. Scorpio Mars gives square penetrating and magnetic eyes. Hair is often brown and thick. Magnetic and secretive in appearance. The relationship with the partner is very dynamic, trans-formative and the partner will be passionate, secretive, possessive and intense in emotions.  
 Sagittarius : If Sagittarius sign falls in 7th house it means you have Gemini ascendant. Sagittarius sign ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius Jupiter give oblong faces, smiling lips, tall and jovial in nature. The relationship with the partner is very cheerful, joyful, and has mutual growth together. Partner will be optimistic, hopeful, philosophical and interested in higher learning. 
 Capricorn : If Capricorn sign falls in 7th house it means you have Cancer ascendant. Capricorn ruled by planet Saturn,. Capricorn Saturn gives dark complexion, thin, bony structure of the body and tall in height. The native have prominent teeth and they may have some mature looks. . The relationship with the partner is very cold, practical and boring. Partner will be very ambitious, serious, practical and responsible .
 Aquarius : If Aquarius sign falls in 7th house it means you have Leo ascendant.  Leo sign ruled by the planet Sun. Sun gives lion type royal appearance, fair complexion, and honey colored eyes. The relationship with the partner can be ego orientated and there will be power struggle in the relationship.  Partner will be creative, affectionate, and like to show  off.
 Pisces : If Pisces sign falls in 7th house it means you have Virgo  ascendant. Virgo ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo Mercury gives an intelligent, neat, clean, and practical look . The native may have a charming look. The relationship with the partner is practical, service orientated, and useful.  Partner will be intelligent, analytical, and critical in general. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reblog ⛓
Alaeza 🌸 ©️ @alaezasmystery 2022
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