Screaming Into The Void About The X-Men

One day I decided make texts between the X-men and it’s turned into a whole thing.....if you wanna see certain characters or scenarios or other marvel characters hit me upPLAYLIST

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xmen headcanon: whenever hank, kurt wagner and mystique are seen together, they’re known ad the blue man group among the students

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Based on this lovely post by @incorrectx-menquotes

Our lovely jean and Scott aka x-parents of literally all the other chaotic kids. This was fuckin hilarious and I loved it so I had to draw it :)

(Also I like to imagine that there’s a camera crew coming to talk to the X-men just like the office ajsdj)

(ALSO also the pins on jeans jean jacket ((😉)) are a Phoenix, the pan flag, the X-men logo, and a heart)

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y’all…that super bowl ad of the new MCU shows….particularly WandaVision….that shit killed me

Wanda in her classic X-men outfit!!?? That killed me

Also the twins !!!! (But also if they’re gonna suggest she fucked vision I’m just……..I’m not sure how that shits gonna work but I’m still excited)

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ya know I was debating posting my drawings of the X-men on here, and then I was like eh fuck it. I’m gonna do it. So here’s Storm :)

I love her Mohawk look, so I kept that with her partially shaved section. Also, I kept her hair bright white.

Her eyes are always that bright blue with the lil lightning bolt pattern in it, and the lightning marks spread out across her skin.

Dunno why I decided to post her first, but why not, you know?

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I lowkey wanna post my character designs for the X-men…like yeah I know I have like…the actors as the characters..but also I draw them and I kinda wanna post em

Like will anyone care? Probably not ansnsn but I really want to so maybe I will

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And he’s right to do it


The xmen r like “magneto please do not kill this evil person” nd magneto says that he won’t and 15 minutes later he kills the person in full view of everyone just for the drama

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i know


you may have


an aesthetic


but this






incredibly fucking discouraging

support content creators. this isn’t instagram or twitter. simply liking is not enough and isn’t seen by anyone but you. it’s just not enough. not when no one sees it. stop letting peoples hard work go unnoticed. stop contributing to art dying on the creators blogs. this also goes for writing and basically any other art on this platform.

if you liked it, please share it. it takes about the same amount of time and i assure you, seeing a reblog makes a creator much happier than a like. 


- a reblog is when you hit that little arrow button and share something to your own blog from your dashboard. 
- it is then seen by your followers and anyone who sees your blog thus enabling it to be reblogged more and seen by a wider audience which is good for the creator, keeping a source link to the creators blog in tact.
- a reblog is NOT the same thing as a repost
reposting is bad bad bad and you should never do it
reposting is when you screenshot, save and re-upload the content on your own blog and is not given the proper credit so the person who spent their time and effort on it will not be recognized for their work. this is gross and anyone who does it needs to learn how to fucking stop. 

i did not make this post as a callout or an invitation for arguments. i was merely venting my own frustration and others added on just as they should have because i am not alone in this. i implore anyone calling us entitled to actually read the thread, look how many talented creators are discouraged by this behavior and genuinely hurt by their work going unnoticed. i’d like to reference another post on this hell-site that puts it into basic terms for those of you who still don’t understand and want to apply your shitty two cents anyway.

“’Your art isn’t valued by the number of notes you get’ okay but. If you spent 6 hours baking a cake for a party, but no one at the party eats your cake, it’s still disappointing.” [credit]

And for the people saying it was always like this? No, it wasn’t. People used to actually reblog original content.

These are notes on my gifs from 2012 - 2013:

These are notes on my gifs made in 2018-2019:

And, of course, making original content isn’t purely about notes - and ANY recognition toward original content is always appreciated - but when you’ve been on this website long enough to see how people used to treat and cherish content creators as opposed to how content creators are treated today, it can be very disappointing and discouraging. I don’t know what changed but something visibly changed. People are not reblogging posts anymore.

Meanwhile, so many people today have no problem skipping posts entirely but save the gifs to repost over to Twitter or Instagram with zero credit to the Tumblr user who actually made them so that they can gain followers on other platforms for somebody else’s work.

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Kurt Wagner’s Profile

Before posting anything plot-wise, here’s a series of all the main-ish characters profiles

Everyone’s favorite fuzzy blue boy!!! (Well, unless beast is your favorite; you’re still valid if he is)

Another one of the younger X-men, he seems like the smallest due to his size, timid personality, and the fact that since he’s from Germany he’s very unaware of American culture like the rest of them.

He’s very close with Piet and they pull a lot of pranks together as well as just generally hanging out together.

His @ is ‘fuzzyblueboy’ cause, well , he’s fuzzy, he’s blue, and he identifies as a boy (as far as I know in most media; y’all can hc him as anything you’d like cause everyone’s welcome here and I appreciate every single one of you💙💛:))

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Kitty Pryde’s Profile


Before posting anything plot-wise, here’s a series of all the main-ish characters profiles

Kitty Pryde! She can walk through walls, phase through basically anything, and is absolutely fucking adorable. She’s kind of like the baby of the group only because she’s the youngest of them all. (She’s also one of the toughest; don’t let her size fool you).

They all love her and even though she’s younger she’s still part of the team and their group.

Her username is ‘kit-kat-the-shadowcat’ because her name in the gc is kit kat, so a nickname, and her X-men superhero name is Shadowcat.






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