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Request:On.birthday:26th July.I live in Malaysia.Creator of Genesis Chaos and Just Shapes and Card Symbols. Sometimes being less motivated qwq. A sketch artist. I can use Iblis paint if I have time. :3 I'm on hiatus lol :)

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amandacheam·11 days agoText

Jellish aka Prinve’s cursed True Form

Here’s one that doesn’t have the front effect except for the bubbles

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amandacheam·16 days agoText

DataHack’s true form aka FileHack41/Broken Code

(and another one that you guys can see it more clearly)

Here’s the link that I use the background


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amandacheam·17 days agoPhoto


     My OC references for my original project.

     You might ask why. Well because I need to prepare for my art portfolio if I want to study in an art school a year later(yeah u might be surprised I study Business and Apply Foreign Language, but I never grow fond of it). They need some original animations, artworks and characters without fandoms included. So this is what I’m trying to do rn. QWQ

Name: Eden Heazo / Eblis Azura 

Age: Unknown  

Gender: Male Sin       Type: Pride 

Species: Demon-> Hybrid (demon/angel) 

Classes: High-class General Grim reaper 

State: Wanted criminal in hell. 

*Rules of the general: The position is to remain peace between angels and demons. If you kill a human who worship God, you will become the wanted criminal and cannot go back to hell. Whenever you are in hell, all the demons can kill you without any reason. 

Likes: Ice cream cake Dislikes: “Rainy” the curse, people or creatures’ plead 

Crush: “Starry" 


*Used to be friends with “Rainy”. 

 *Ended his friendship with “Rainy” and sent him to trail after rumor said that “Rainy” murdered his female associate in a turmoil. 

*Break the rules by accidentally killing Eden Heazo, a god believer from a Royal guard while hunting for “Rainy”. 

* Demons can’t face toward the sunlight. For fear of being dead, Eblis took over Eden’s body right after his soul disappeared. 


*Demon form: Attack and defend with the blades on his tentacles. (They’re 5 in total)After obtain one’s soul or spirit, he will either stored it in an orb sending to hell or shattered it. 

*Human form: Same as in demon form, but he will use the scythe to attack and defend. 

 Holy curse: *A pair of black wings will only appear if he lies on curse magic. *The purple mark will cover half of his face and his eyes will turn full purple. Most of the body parts will start rotting. * He will easily get overwhelmed by power in this form.

Badass :)

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amandacheam·19 days agoAnswer

Yo friend :D How are u today?(hope u r fine)


well still hanging there ;3

I wasn’t myself few days ago so yeah no need to worry about me hh qwq

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amandacheam·22 days agoText


….. I’m kinda scared to say this but seriously…..

I can’t take this kind of feeling for a while…..

will anyone care if I’m gone forever one day?

If you leave,I will cri eternally :(

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amandacheam·a month agoAnswer

Luv you*sent heart qwq and thank u qwq


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amandacheam·a month agoText


Recently my classmates asked me to draw some Avengers characters for our department’s welcome party.

Except Thor 3, I have never watched any Marvel movies. So sorry if I made some mistakes in the drawings. QwQ

Darn it’s beautiful :DDDDDD

*spam sum luv òwó*

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amandacheam·a month agoText

Reblog if You care for your artists/friends

Stay determine,my fellow and lovely friends because there people or family who cares about you

Inspired from a among us comic and this is what I wanted to do :3

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amandacheam·a month agoText



Random sketch aaaaah-

Wanna Rebwog dis :333 bbb

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