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androgynousboy·5 years agoText

Past collections of Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci have taught me that for him groups, gangs and as well as family are a very important thing that he translates into his collections. He’s made very clear that when it comes to family, he isn’t gonna let down.
Today I have seen a collection that basically summed up all this into a story. While I was watching tonight’s show, couldn’t help myself wonder Where is this?


I started to notice at the venue which wasn’t very hard to understand, I pictured an old parking lot nearby a wholesale market where all the non-sale goods ended up, Riccardo always makes venues according to his women nature and adventuring us where they come from.

Givenchy tradition for identity and powerfulness have translated into Riccardo’s mind probably since he started. For many seasons I started to confuse the Givenchy woman and what it used to be. For one designer strong idea had got into the way. But when you understand Riccardo’s past and all the woman he has around you begin to wonder if this was just another idea of what future is.

This sober, strong, well tailored collection has proved me wrong. He has gone somewhere in Paris where not many designers had dared to visit. Gypsy world. all we think about Paris is this glamour, sordid or even devastated past. But when you look at the other side, you see groups, tribes and family.

That is why probably he takes Parisian style from another and distant point of view.


This collection started from the best of Parisian aesthetic to the most glamorous identity and character.
My story from this collection is a group of high-end Parisian women who go to the most secluded place to hope and ask for their future, since I watched as well some gypsy women in the story who had all figured out, even the fashion. The soundtrack gave me the same impression for the voices I heard I pictured police looking into the lot with a flashlight wondering what kind of gathering was happening inside.


All the girls faces seemed very proud with the gems flourishing their faces and hair done with such enchanted way, even if you hardly see their faces, you could see through them, understand them and feel such strong feeling around them. All together they seem they can see through you.

The sobriety of the clothes seemed very appropriate for next winter. The tribalism he puts in every collection and the glamour it translates, makes Riccardo’s distinct style. This gave me a look into reality, individualism and wisdom instead of romanticism.


Last collections of Givenchy have showed us that he is leaving the pop and american culture and focusing in something more european and adult. This new direction looked like something we had hope to reestablish Givenchy’s confidence and strong sense of communication.

Sebastian Vazquez

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