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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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march is the month of energy, strength, optimism, and direction

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Hii angels ! I made an instagram where i’ll be posting fashion, makeup, and nail inspo.

I’ll also be sharing tips and self love related things as well. Follow if you want some more inspiration in your life !!

The username is @itgirldiary

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Cute screenshots

so pretty ily 🥰🥰

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Hii angels ! I wanted to create this personally for me, and for all of you. 2020 was difficult, and moving on from that can require some major self reflection & work. Here’s how I’ll be working on myself & how you can too. 💗

Your Style/Aesthetic 🌸

Your style & aesthetic is important to YOU it’s how you go about buying yourself things, how you look at life, and what makes you unique ! Since 2021 is a new year, you may want to look into different styles & aesthetics that feel more fresh.

How to find your own (new) aesthetic and style :

  • Create lookbooks in your journal or pinterest.

Here’s an example of something I made :

  • When you find yourself ‘drawn’ to a certain piece of clothing, know that’s what you’re interested in ! Take note of it.
  • Go through your wardrobe & sell things that just aren’t your style anymore. After this you can use that money to buy clothes according to your potential new style.
  • Write down an ‘essentials’ list of all the pieces you KNOW you need. For example :
  1. Plain ribbed crop top in white, black, and pink.

Knowing what colors you want in your wardrobe is very important. Like before, choose what you’re drawn to. Here’s some prissy girl essentials by @dreamgrlarchive

If you’re into this blog’s style, or the ‘pink & pretty glam’ style then check out this bratz style guide by @dreamgrlarchive 💗

Your Mental Health 🌸

I created a diagram for you to know what should & shouldn’t occupy your mind ! That’s you in the middle. Here’s what each thing represents :

What SHOULD be occupying your mind :

  • Nails - Taking care of yourself & participating in self care !
  • Water & Strawberries - Your health. Eating good and keeping yourself hydrated. Keep that in your mind ALWAYS.
  • Diary - Your journey as YOU. What are your current goals ? What makes you happy ? You should be writing this down somewhere. Either in your journal or phone.
  • Youtube - Watching positive people who inspire & motivate you.

What SHOULDN’T be occupying your mind :

  • Boys - Dudes who DON’T respect you & that waste your time, energy, and emotions.
  • Instagram - Social media influencers who cause you to compare yourself to them, toxic mutuals, and people you don’t like.
  • Clock - The past, don’t focus on the negative things in your past. When I say this I mean, don’t dwell on it. Journaling is a different story.
  • Mean girls - This just represents mean people in general, if someone doesn’t like you or says spiteful things about you, that’s not your problem. It’s their’s ! Forgive them and remain UNBOTHERED !

Try to re-program you brain to think like this ! It’ll protect your peace & happiness 💗.

Your Routines & Schedules 🌸

Your routines and schedules keep you accountable & on track. Creating a new routine for yourself can change your whole outlook on life !

Things to create / work on / fix :

  • Your sleeping schedule
  • Your workout routine
  • Morning + night skincare routine
  • Sunday reset ( laundry, cleaning your space, nail fill )
  • Affirmations / manifesting

How to go about these things :

  • Your sleeping schedule - Move your phone away from your bed. Keep yourself occupied ALL day until you go to sleep. ( so you’re not full of energy when you go to sleep )
  • Your workout routine - Download my workout planner here ( it’s free ) Watching youtube videos on workout exercises to find what works for you, and figuring out a realistic body goal is the best way to go. Learn more about diet & physique on this post by @dreamgrlarchive as well.
  • Morning + Night skincare routine - Watch skincare enthusiasts on Youtube and find products that’ll work for you. Also these posts :

5 rules of cleansing by @s0fthunny

Glowing within by @s0fthunny

Dealing with hyperpigmentation by @dreamgrlarchive

  • Sunday reset - Create a cleaning routine for your space and do this every sunday. Also a spa/nail routine can be added. My cleaning routine post is here
  • Affirmations / manifesting - If you’re interested in this, I recommend getting a journal dedicated to it. Find a good set of affirmations, write them, then read them out loud whenever you want. As for manifesting, you can read this post by @mulabby

Always remember to treat yourself like a princess !

Here’s a list of affirmations I’ve created for you all

Selfcare & Behavior 🌸

The way you carry & take care of yourself is very important. You want to be respected and valued, you deserve it ! Acting a sophisticated way is important, but controlling who you give your energy to is just as important.

Things that help you show confidence :

  • Good posture
  • Eye contact
  • Acknowledging the other person’s statements/body language

Important selfcare tips for going out/presenting yourself to the public :

  • Wearing your staple perfume/mist
  • Brushed teeth, with a mint or gum
  • Wearing clean, wrinkle free, clothing that compliments your body
  • Wearing a mask lol

( I do this even if I’m inside )

Self care habits that don’t involve products :

  • Reading affirmations to yourself
  • Journaling good and bad things everyday ( self reflection )
  • Staying hydrated

Your behavior

Don’t talk down or bad about others. Even if they do you wrong, keeping your thoughts to yourself and journaling them can save a lot of trouble, misconception, and self sabotage.

Just because you’re kind and respectful, doesn’t mean you have to be friendly and approachable. For jobs, yes that’s important obv, but when you’re out and about you have no obligation to feel other’s insecure, jealous energy.

There’s three main things to make sure your behavior and atitude is healthy :

*disclaimer: this applies to people you’re looking into becoming friends/aquatinted with*

  1. Respect. Respect other people’s boundaries, choices, and journey. It’s not cute to be a toxic ‘idgaf about you’ person. Treat people how you would like to be treated.
  2. Kindness. Dont judge others by their looks, if someone is a genuine person asking you something or coming to you for guidance, even if you’re declining, still be kind.
  3. Understanding. Being understanding of someone else’s position & feeling empathy for others. This goes back to treating others the way you would like to be treated. Empathy is very important in every friendship, you want to comfort them & be involved with their ups and downs, it creates a stronger bond.

Be careful with who you’re involving yourself with ! If you get an off feeling, take a step back and remind yourself of your boundaries. 💗

I hope you enjoyed this post, I wanted to make lil collages n stuff. Lmk if you need help with anything else, my inbox is open. Mwah. 💓

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I can’t wait till I can go get my hair/lashes/nails done & get weekly facials. I want to be soft from my hair, skin, lashes, and lips. 💓

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Princess Pamper Routine 💓

This is a little spa routine that I like to do everynight before bed. ✨

Exfoliating + Shaving 🌸

I love this smoothie scrub by Soap & Glory & I like to use five blade razors for a clean shave. It makes my legs super smooth. ( I do this every other day )

Cleansing 🌸

I used to only prefer body wash but I’m starting to enjoy dove bar soaps. Cleansing your body with a soft towel along with the bar helps with using as much soap as possible ( so it doesn’t get slippery too ). After using a bar soap, I like to use a shower gel that goes with my lotion & mist.

After care 🌸

After bathing, I will use a lotion & mist to finish off my routine ! I really recommend bath & body’s new scents.

( After this I will do my skincare + haircare routine )

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5 ways not to be used:

-believe patterns not apologies

-don’t fall in love with potential

-believe red flags

-know your worth

-don’t lower your standards

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i will begin to see an abundance of wealth flowing into my life.

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Can you do like a “Room Improvement” vision board? Like giving better organization or ways to improve your environment please?

Thank you and I absolutely adore your vlog 🤍

Hii love! i’m glad you love my blog 🥺

I would recommend AngelDiscovery’s: Having a Pretty Space guide! I love her blog so definitely check her out if you haven’t! Here are some of my tips though! <3

Clean up!

  • What I mean by this is to not just take out trash but take out what you don’t need/want anymore! This can be clothes, accessories, items, etc. Also don’t have a lot of clutter on your furniture, put some organizers in your drawers instead and it will look much better plus you will be able to find things better.

Surround yourself with love!

  • I love Sanrio/Plants so I have a bunch of plushies along with some fake plants (bc I can’t grow real ones 😣) in my room. So put things you love and enjoy in your room it will bring positive energy and you’ll enjoy being in there everyday! 🤎

Make a Moodboard!

  • This adds on to my second tip, make a moodboard on what kind of room you want and get some ideas from social media. Make sure you really love it and have some variety so you can see what you really like.
This would be my mini moodboard for my bedroom <3


  • Add some cute details that would make your room even cuter! Such as LED lights, pictures/paintings, etc. I recommend bath & body works wallflower plugs. They smell so good and you can pick out a cute plug. I also have LED lights from Ikea that can change colors and I always leave them on pink!

Finally make sure your room/environment brings you love. You will be there most of the time so it shouldn’t give you negative feelings. I hope this helped! <3

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charmmy kitty volume 1

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💗 pink airbrush nails 💗

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Self love is the highest frequency that attracts everything you want.

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this barbie pink jeep is everything. I need it.

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