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angiestown·3 hours agoPhoto

aside from every single building being in the wrong spot, I think I’ve finished the layout for the bottom two layers. now I just gotta figure out how I want to place the last three houses and the museum up top. since the ramps are two spaces wide and the museum is 7 spaces wide, I can’t have it centred above that middle path, so I’ll have to do something asymmetrical 

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angiestown·14 hours agoText

so I spent like 14 hours fiddling with terraforming my town yesterday and I really wanted to avoid making my town symmetrical but I think I can only include all the stuff I want if I make it symmetrical. 

also it’s really hard to plan shit out with trees everywhere lmao I chewed through all the fruit in my town + the fruit I had in storage in preparation for this + my excess of wood, sky and water eggs moving trees around so later today I think I’m gonna ask to buy like two or three stacks of 100 turnips off a stalk market person

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angiestown·a day agoPhoto

it’s getting there sorta. still not totally positive on what I wanna do, especially with the shops and the right hand river exit

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angiestown·a day agoVideo

I didn’t know you could jump across cliffs and I also didn’t know that holding down the screenshot button takes a recording of what you just did :o

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angiestown·a day agoText

man I didn’t realize just how important cliff walls are to that AC feeling. I’m walking around the crowded area at the bottom of my map and now that I’ve pulled that cliff forward it feels so much more like a classic animal crossing town

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angiestown·a day agoAnswer
I thought you didn't invite Norma to your island?

no I invited norma. when I said too bad I couldn’t bring anyone, I meant human players who could take the other 40 or so hybrids that were on the island

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angiestown·2 days agoText

I’ve seen a lot of critiques on NH and some I agree with and some I don’t, but the one I do not understand is when people say this game is so much slower at the start than NL. do you guys not remember having literally nothing to do at the start of NL because it took several days to become mayor and there were hardly any shops yet and you could lock yourself out of a fishing rod or net if you answered isabelle wrong so you had to wait for the second one to show up in the shop and it didn’t always appear the next day??? day one of NL I got bored in like 45 minutes and was worried I wasn’t gonna like the game after all lmao

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angiestown·2 days agoPhoto


Alternative outfits for Porter, Rover, Katie and Blanca

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angiestown·3 days agoPhoto

finally got around to making Steadyport’s flag the other day. may or may not change it, I was just tired of looking at the default flag

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angiestown·4 days agoAnswer
What about Zipper T. Bunny? Or is that like a mall Santa of the animal world?

zipper is 100% mall santa equivalent he does not enjoy himself

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