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eshden·3 hours agoText

are you ever in public and you have to think about something but you can’t because people are looking at you and you are too focused on having to think to actually think, because same

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eshden·3 hours agoText


Bumbleby in 2014: school girl crushes, bunk beds, quick glances in class, sneaking into empty classrooms, dance formals, loving it when she’s feisty, sharing secrets, sitting next to each other at lunch, awkward flirting

Bumbleby in 2020: abandonment issues, overcoming emotional abuse, suffering grevious bodily harm, the fear of weakness, melodramatic ghosting, antifacism, murder dates, unauthorized disclosure of classified information dates, regular dates, impending annihilation, and awkward flirting

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eshden·3 hours agoPhoto


Familiarity in separation Quick something because I took a break and need to get back into it

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eshden·3 hours agoAnswer

Ruby's call isn't going through because Blake's never-ending call with Yang is hanging the connection.

blake’s like “oh my god we need to get amity up in the air” and everybody’s like “wow she’s so dedicated to our cause” but really she’s thinking of the twenty six voicemails she’s left yang that never got through 

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eshden·6 hours agoText


i love that yang just tosses out ‘do you… think she thinks less of me,’ like she’s so desperate to talk about blake but still nervous enough about it that she uses a pronoun instead of blake’s name. it’s like a test (not for jaune, but for herself), and when jaune takes ‘she’ to mean ruby, yang’s just like,,,, ‘okay, nope, can’t do this now, reeling these gay feelings back in.’ i also just love how yang’s face is animated just before she says ‘yeah…. ruby….’ like there’s a moment where it looks like she might even correct jaune, but she just can’t push herself to go there, to be so openly vulnerable about her feelings for blake. not yet. but it’s really coming to a boil now.

ughghghghgh these pining bees are so GOOD. like yang and blake right now are both bursting at the seams, like they just need to talk about each other, but there’s still a hesitation to cross that line. even speaking it aloud to other people feels like it could potentially be a step too far. that said, they’re both edging closer to that line, like they’re just pulled to it. like at this point i really think they’re going to tell other people–maybe even each other–this volume. like after this episode i feel like the chances that i’m beclowning myself over this possibility has shrunk significantly. it’s not zero. but like,,,, it’s right there now.

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eshden·13 hours agoText


This episode did great things for my opinion on Ren’s character arc, actually. It contextualized his willingness to go along with Ironwood not as wholehearted agreements but rather his immense fear that none of the main gang are ready to make decisions that affect the entire world.

The way their journey has progressed has gradually gotten bigger and bigger until Ren has a realization that it’s gotten too big. At first it was help Ruby get the Mistral and protect Haven Academy, then it was transport the relic to Atlas, then it was finding out that they’ve stumbled upon something way bigger than just fighting Grimm and protecting people, then it was show up at Atlas and begin making these choices about who to trust and what to do about the evil immortal woman that wants all of humanity to die, and now it’s this.

Ren isn’t wanting to side with Ironwood because he thinks Atlas should take priority, he’s siding with Ironwood because he’s scared. Ironwood may not be the best option but at least he has a plan, at least he isn’t like them, who just kind of stumbled their way into this mess the second they leave their first year of training school. He’s scared of them being the ones that hold millions of lives in their hands when he has no idea what he’s doing and neither does anyone else.

It’s actually a very easy mindset to understand. He’s not a leader, he doesn’t want to make these kinds of big decisions, so he latches on to the only person that is willing and capable of doing that in his place. He trusts Ruby, but in his mind Ruby is just like him. She’s a child that’s in way over her head.

In summation, don’t be mean to Ren he’s really going through it.

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eshden·13 hours agoText


“Will she think less of me” is such a specific expression, and it tells us a lot about Yang and her relationship with Blake. In the past, Yang has worried: 1) that Blake didn’t trust her (volume 3) ; 2) that Blake didn’t care for Yang as much as Yang does for her (volume 5) ; and 3) that Blake didn’t understand Yang and what Yang needs from her (volume 6). 

It’s always been about Blake’s feelings towards Yang though. This latest instance is different, in that Yang wonders what Blake thinks. It’s a facet of Yang we’ve never seemed before: Yang has never been concerned about what other people think of her. But she certainly cares about Blake’s opinion, and she’s self-conscious about it, which is fascinating to me.

Yang has grown into her own these past volumes, but here I think we’re touching on a newfound, deeper insecurity: she’s found herself, she’s found her purpose, but what if that person is not enough? Yang isn’t like Blake, who thinks about the big picture, the state of the world, systems of oppression and civil rights movements. Blake, a political activist, a leader of her people. 

Yang is smart, and strong, and a skilled Huntress, but what if Blake needs more from her? What if she finds her wanting? Will she think less of Yang, if their priorities don’t always align, and Yang chooses the more practical, immediate course of action? Will she think less of Yang, if Yang is a Huntress first, and not someone whose goal is to change the whole damn world?

Of course Blake doesn’t think less of her at all - but it makes so much sense, given where they both are in their personal journeys, given that they’re closer than ever before but haven’t explicitly labelled their relationship, that Yang would harbor these very realistic concerns. I hope we get to see them talk about all of this soon - it will be a pivotal conversation.

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eshden·13 hours agoPhoto


I got a lil invested in yang’s face

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eshden·13 hours agoText


Yang: *sees the color purple*

Yang: Does my wife still love me or is our 3 year marriage a lie

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eshden·13 hours agoPhoto


Bees canon when, gimmiiee 🤲

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eshden·13 hours agoPhoto


I finally catch up on Rwby Vol 8 and dang I ship these two so hard!!

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eshden·13 hours agoText

can we talk about how sad that moment with Qrow was? this man believes that it’s his fault Summer died, that Raven left and their team fell apart, and when he finally found someone to share the burden with, they die too.

And then to realize he resents a part of his soul, would rather be alone than watch loved ones die because of him

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eshden·14 hours agoText

i spotted three scenes of the trailer in this episode, so are there any left?

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