Man, 2020 was so rough, Billie Joe Armstrong actually kinda started looking his age a little bit. 
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Buddie AU
I can’t stop thinking about cute little tanned, bleach-blonde Buck bar-tending in Peru and meeting a hot, dark haired young Latina man who’s there on vacation. It’s during the very beginning stages of Eddie and Shannon’s relationship, and he’s one of Buck’s regulars. They flirt and connect over neither of them being natives, and it becomes a habit that Eddie stays after closing to hang out with Buck while the latter cleans up. Buck talks to Eddie about how aimless in life he feels, and Eddie confides his doubts about this new relationship and going into the military. 
They genuinely enjoy this new friendship, the easiness and comfort of it, but there’s something else, too, brimming just below the surface of Buck’s shy smile and Eddie’s blue eyes. It comes to a head on Eddie’s final night in Peru, before he goes back home to become a soldier, and surprisingly, a father. 
“I’m gonna miss you,” Eddie whispers into his drink. 
They make eye contact and Buck’s heart skips a beat. They head up to Buck’s small apartment above the bar and Eddie slips out quietly before the sun comes up. Buck wakes up to an empty bed and a shark tooth necklace Eddie must have left behind. For the rest of his time in Peru, Buck can’t help but search crowds of vacationers, and in a different part of the world, Eddie tells his bunkmates all of Buck’s stupid jokes and hides a wry smile. 
Years later, at a firehouse in Los Angeles, Buck’s not quite as tan and his hair is a dark strawberry blonde, but Eddie knows that smile. 
Buck draws in a breath as soon as it registers when Bobby introduces them. They stare at each other in disbelief and awkward recognition, until Buck clumsily takes a necklace out from where it’s tucked under his shirt. 
“Uh, I think this is yours?” 
Eddie blinks, his forehead wrinkling as he examines the artifact from, God, a lifetime ago. The smell of the ocean, sunkissed skin and coconut rum at a bar. 
He beams at Buck and closes his hand over the necklace. 
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“On today’s More, watch us...eat ice. Yep, This is the epitome of creativity here, folks.”
Seriously what is happening to GMM??:-( Ya’ll have a whole company of writers and a creative team and this is what you come up with??
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Issues with S5
A list of things I’m confused about or have issues with this season: 
-The whole Jeffrey arc, including poorly executed plot and how OOC everyone was
-So is Eddie just magically not having panic attacks or emotional issues anymore?? Breaking up with Ana cured him? Ana wasn’t the source or reason for his panic attacks, it was what she represented to Eddie that had him panicked; that’s not magically resolved just because she’s gone
-What is happening with Hen’s medical school plotline?
-I feel like we got to see them and Athena do their jobs more often in earlier seasons
-They are butchering this whole Claudette thing, in what workplace is her behavior acceptable, no matter what her reasoning is??
-Things overall feeling rushed, clumsily put together, and anti-climactic
-Pacing is off, filler episodes are not connecting well to the main overall plots 
-I don’t feel like Hen would just stand by and let Buck treat Ravi like that without saying anything to Buck
Idk, overall I’m definitely still enjoying the show and individual characters, but this is a really off season for me. 
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Is this season just a little...off to anyone else? Some of the plot lines (ahem, Jeffrey) don’t seem well thought-out, and everyone is acting really OOC so far, in a disjointed way that raises more questions than answers. And I love exploring the characters’ emotions and lives as much as the next person, but the show is called 9-1-1 and maybe a more appropirate title as of late should be “9-1-1: Sometimes We’re Firefighters.” I just feel like we got to see them and Athena interact with their jobs a lot more in the earlier seasons? 
Idk, just overall, seems like they’re adjusting the characters to fit their writing instead of adjusting their writing to fit the characters. And a lot of filler this season, like they don’t know how to fill space between bigger plot heavy episodes. 
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It’s super interesting to me that Maddie and Buck’s instinct is to run/leave, because they didn’t grow up in a home that encouraged learning how to deal with your emotions.
I can’t wait to see how this plays out the rest of the season. I can’t help but speculate about how it comes up in the hostage situation. I’d love for a situation where Buck is absolutely shocked if Eddie says “I do not want or need you to die or get hurt for me” and mean it.
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Taylor: *Breathes* 
Buddie fandom: “oH mY gOD can you not??” 
(Lol i’m kidding but only barely. There was nothing she said that was wrong, but I have a feeling Taylor is not going to be able to do anything right.)
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Lol I love how Eddie had basically no reaction to Buck’s transfer announcement because he knows Buck’s ass ain’t going anywhere. 
“Yes dear, I heard you, transfer, now do you want salad or not?”
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They actually did the one thing with Claudette I said I’d really hate.
“I ride you so hard because I know you can be great!” And then May had to be pushy to get her to “respect” her, even though that shouldn’t be required. 
Claudette is an older woman bullying and demeaning a younger coworker in a place of work. Despite what Claudette thinks, they are coworkers and both adults, this needs to be addressed and not normalized in workplace culture, I’m so pissed:/
I also liked what Taylor said to Buck; they feel like they can be honest with each other, even if it’s not what the other wants to hear. Very different from Eddie and Ana’s relationship but I like that. 
And I’m glad they didn’t normalize Athena hitting Harry!
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Just got caught up. 
Welp, good-bye, Gen Q. I gave you a shot and genuinely wanted this to work out. 
But I cannot continue to watch Bette destroy relationships and hurt people and still get what she wants in the end. Her and Tina truly deserve each other. 
This was the Jodi Lerner plotline all over again and lazy writing. This is not romantic, this is toxic and predictable. 
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Sometimes it seems like the ages of The L Word’s characters exist on some kind of floating timeline. We know it’s canon that Shane is 40. But the age gaps between some of the couples--at least based on their actors’ ages--has ranged from 10-15 years, which is fine, but I’m just a bit confused at how old everyone is supposed to be? And then others in their 30s they portray as being in their 20s? Again, not really an issue but their maturity and life circumstances/situations make it hard to figure it out. 
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For the record, I actually won’t consider it queerbaiting if Buck and Eddie don’t end up together. I don’t think we’re being queerbaited. I think that term gets thrown around way too loosely. I do believe them to be in love, but their interactions are not meaningless or any less loving if they don’t go canon. 
That being said, there’s so much I don’t understand if buddie isn’t where they’re going with all this. Are they going to have Eddie go through ANOTHER woman? Make us watch as he tediously gets to know someone else, spend months doing all that again? Same with Buck if he and Taylor don’t work out, it would be so repetitive. 
These are deliberate choices the writers are making; we didn’t say Ana wasn’t going to work out, the writers told us that and then did it. Why?
Really interested to see where they’re going with the idea of getting your fantasy and finding out it’s not what you want. 
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For the crowd who is worried to death about Buddie going canon ruining the concept of male friendships, may I suggest:
Turk and JD (Scrubs)
Buck and Chim (911)
Eddie and Chim (911)
Bobby and Michael (911)
Bobby and Buck (911)
Shawn and Gus (Psych)
Derek and Spencer (Criminal Minds)
Scott and Stiles (Teen Wolf)
Steve and Dustin (Stranger Things)
Mike and Will (Stranger Things)
Sam and Castiel (Supernatural)
That’s 11 that I was able to come up with off the top of my head without googling. We all know it’s actually way more than that. I dare these people to come up with 11 examples of canon same sex representation without having to look it up.
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I really hope this whole May and Claudette thing doesn’t culminate into Claudette saying something like “I push you because you remind me of a young me” or some other cheesy bullshit. Or May “earning” Claudette’s respect by standing up to her or doing a really good job on a tough dispatch call. May doesn’t have to prove anything to Claudette and this is such a common real life issue, I hope they handle it well.
Sometime’s people are just jerks and female characters are not immune to that, so I really hope they’re not doing that “she’s a bitch but she has a good reason” trope, I hate that crap.
This is terrible workplace behavior that does NOT need to be normalized or excused, especially towards young women in professional roles. Unless they subvert the trope and have Claudette get told off and corrected.
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I love how the Buddie scene they gave us was completely unnecessary to the narrative. 
Writer 1: “Crap, we forgot to add a Buck/Eddie scene.” 
Writer 2: “I don’t think we need one, the story is fine this week without focusing on them.” 
Writer 1: “Nah, we need Buck to have an epiphany about his place in Chim and Maddie’s situation after getting punched.” 
Writer 2: “Okay, well how about Buck processes his emotions with his literal romantic partner, Taylor?”
Writer 1: “Who?” 
Writer 2: “Okay how about we throw in a scene at the end where Eddie comes over to...put ice in a bag for Buck?” 
Writer 1: “Hmm, maybe. Buck knows how to treat a black eye, though. Give them some beers and set it on Buck’s balcony. Have Eddie call Buck “bud” and then I think we can make it work.” 
Writer 2: “You’re a genius.” 
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Completely unrelated to the ep, but is Hen still in med school? Am I crazy or have I not heard her talk about it or anyone mention it in a long time?? 
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One more thing, why wasn’t Taylor the one Buck was talking to about all this?? Like, this would have been a great opportunity to expand on the maturity and depth of their relationship, by having her emotionally support Buck and give him advice during a difficult time. Yet they had him go to Eddie, the same way they gave us a Buck/Eddie scene in the hospital when it would have made more sense for Ana to be there. I straight up forgot Buck has a girlfriend during this episode.  
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