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aomine-ryo·2 days agoAnswer

Heyo I was wondering if I could request a scenario with murasakibara and his gf cuddling but he's had a really rough day and he's the lil spoon for a change??

I hope you enjoy this :))

Scenario: Murasakibara being the little spoon

As someone who finds comfort in things remaining consistent, any minor changes could easily put Murasakibara off. For starters, the cafe he’d usually stop by before school was out of stock of his usual order of a chocolate frosted donut so he had to settle for a plain glazed one, which wasn’t bad, but it was no where near as good as the chocolate. Then just as he left the cafe, it began to drizzle.

Thinking that he could make it to school without an umbrella because it was very light, he decided not to stop by the convenience store to buy one. Luck was clearly not in his favour that day because halfway through his journey, it began raining cats and dogs and he eventually got to school with dripping wet hair and soaked clothes.

After changing into his PE uniform, which he now had to wear for the rest of the day, he finally plopped down at his desk, thinking that was the end of his struggles. Unfortunately for him though, his teacher decided to change the class seating arrangement, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if he didn’t absolutely despise most of the people in his class. Furthermore, his current seat was right next to Himuro, who was the only person in class he liked talking to, but now the two of them were separated to pretty much the opposite ends of the classroom.

He also ended up missing most of his lunch break because he was being lectured by his teacher for not finishing his homework on time. So along with getting to the canteen late when all the good snacks were sold out, he also didn’t get to spend time with you during recess like he usually would.

Eventually, this hell of a school day finally came to an end and it was finally time to go home. However, it was still raining heavily outside, so he waited by the school entrance for you.

“Oh hey Atsushi,” you smiled when you spotted him. “What’s with the PE uniform?”

“I forgot my umbrella this morning,” Murasakibara explained with a heavy sigh as he recounted the mess of the day he had.

“Oh we can share an umbrella then. Do you want to come over to mine for some hot chocolate or something?” you offered, noticing how exhausted your boyfriend seemed to be as you picked your umbrella from the stand and handed it to him.

“That would be nice,” he nodded, a faint smile appearing on the agitated face of his.

Around you, Murasakibara finally let his guard down. Chatting to you about his day as you walked hand in hand on the pavement, huddling close together to fit underneath the umbrella. You were a few blocks away from your house and Murasakibara’s mood had improved ever so slightly after seeing your face and hearing your voice again. However, this momentary bliss was soon interrupted by a car zooming past you two, splashing a dirty puddle of water all over Murasakibara, who chose to walk on the roadside.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He groaned, wanting to scream in frustration.

“Oh God. Come on, let’s get you inside,” you said quickly before Murasakibara could go on a rampage.

The two of you entered your house and you handed him a towel so that he could go shower, along with a fresh set of clothes consisting of a hoodie you had stolen from him and a pair of sweatpants he’d left over once.

Once he got out of the warm shower, which admittedly relaxed him a bit, he headed to the kitchen where you had just finished making him a mug of hot chocolate like you had promised.

“Oh you got out. Here I made this for you,” you beamed, handing him the cup. “With whipped cream and four marshmallows— just how you like it.”

Murasakibara felt his heart melt at the gesture. His eyes softened for a moment before he took the steaming drink from your hand and placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Thank you, Y/N-chin.”

It didn’t take him long to finish that hot chocolate because it tasted so good. He may have also burned his tongue ever so slightly because he was impatient, however he didn’t mind it because it was delicious regardless.

“Do you need anything else Atsushi? Maybe some food? I can make you some rice or—“

“No no, its alright. Don’t overexert yourself,” Murasakibara said calmly before letting out a big yawn. He was exhausted. “Actually, on second thought, could we just cuddle?”

You smiled and nodded, “Of course.”

The two of you then headed to your bedroom, where Murasakibara dove into your bed with a relieved sigh. To him, there was no place more comforting than being in your bedroom with you. The moment he sank into the soft mattress, he felt as though he could doze off instantly. As you climbed onto the bed, the taller boy rolled over, getting ready to wrap his arms around you like he usually would.

“Why don’t I be the big spoon for a change?” you suggested, gaining a confused look from him.

“Can you really be a big spoon if you’re ten times smaller than me?” he joked with a straight face, making you lightly hit him with a pillow.

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes, your annoyance at the comment garnering a small chuckle from the purple haired boy.

“Alright alright, sorry. You can be the big spoon,” he said, shifting over to give you some space.

Murasakibara rolled to the side as one of your arms snaked around him, pulling his body closer to yours to the point where there was barely any space between you two. It felt strange to him at first. He wasn’t used to being held like this. He was always used to being the one doing the protecting that he barely knew what it was like to feel protected. He felt his heart swell at the pure love and care you gave him.

“Hey Atsushi, does this feel okay? I’m probably not as good at this as you are. My arms aren’t the longest,” you mumbled into his back.

Murasakibara took a hold of your hand that clung onto his chest and kissed it. “You’re perfect,” he said softly. “Thank you for taking care of me, Y/N-chin.”

“Of course, that’s what I’m here for,” you replied, touched at the word of thanks.

The two of you continued to lie down like that in silence, doing nothing but appreciating each other’s touch. Murasakibara soon felt himself beginning to drift off into a slumber. He couldn’t help it. He was just so comfortable. Furthermore, after an entire day where he had to watch out for yet another thing that could possibly go wrong, he was completely knackered. However, as the smell of your perfume wafted into his nose and the sound of your steady breathing behind him filled his ears, he couldn’t help but finally feel relaxed. To Murasakibara, the feeling of being embraced by you was like floating around on clouds of cotton candy while nothing but love filled his heart. He was definitely going to ask to be little spoon more often.

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aomine-ryo·3 days agoText


2020 really said let’s kick you back into anime hell like it’s 2016

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aomine-ryo·5 days agoAnswer

♥ Aokise

Aomine Daiki x Kise Ryota

Request; Fluff/crack/lemon

Gom have a movie night (or any kind of get together)and Aokise (especially Ao) do a lot of PDA.....

Hehe..pls consider this too whenever possible.. U Hv been posting regularly n u Hv amazing skill and art.. I know and seriously appreciate ur hard work and creativity.... So whenever possible pls write this idea too.... Can be sfw or nsfw.. Ur choice.. Juicyyy

(Umm.. U know I kinda have a fantasy where gom + kagami visit aomine's place and are greeted by a Aomine in boxers or pyjamas and kise comes from behind clad in only aomine's large shirt with hickeys all along his collar bone to neck ( cuz they met after a week and were making up for lost time if u know what I mean !!!)

Ah.. So as u like it.. Cuddly aokise.... Making out aokise.... etc >_<


Thanku author~san♥


I loved writing this so much ahsjdj thank you for this ask!! I hope you enjoy it!! xx

Scenario: Aomine and Kise at a movie night with the GOM (aokise)

It had been a while since all the Generation of Miracles and Kagami had hung out together, so Kise decided to host a movie night at his place, which may not have been the best suggestion because half of them couldn’t sit still for more than ten minutes, but it was happening nonetheless. Aomine definitely wasn’t one to be early to any get together, but him and Kise had planned for him to get there a few hours beforehand so that they could spend some time alone together, since they hadn’t been able to hang out in a while.

As promised, Aomine made it there first, ringing the doorbell and standing at the front door impatiently. The moment the door opened and revealed his effortlessly gorgeous boyfriend, Aomine’s face lit up in excitement.

“Aominecchi! Come in—“

Kise was immediately cut off by Aomine pouncing onto him and pushing his lips against his. Kise would be lying if he said that he wasn’t expecting Aomine to be all over him, considering that they hadn’t been able to see each other in a while. However, the blonde was hoping to have him come in and chat for a while before things got heated. In hindsight, that was a stupid assumption since it was Aomine he was dealing with after all.

Before he knew it, Aomine had carried him into his bedroom and tossed him onto the mattress, nothing but hunger and desperation in his dark blue eyes. “You know, a ‘hello’ would’ve been nice,” Kise said breathlessly as Aomine climbed on top of him.

“Hello,” Aomine mumbled with a grin as his face inched closer to Kise once again.

“Well, there’s no point saying it now,” Kise giggled, looking up and into his boyfriend’s eyes with adoration as a hand softly caressed his cheek.

“Is it just me or did you get hotter?” Aomine asked, squinting at his boyfriend to figure out why he found him more attractive than usual.

“Probably just that idiot brain of yours,” Kise grinned, causing Aomine to narrow his eyes at him.

“Shut up,” Aomine sighed, smiling like an absolute dork at this point because he was just so glad to be with Kise again.

“Make me,” Kise challenged with a devious look in his amber eyes that make Aomine go wild.

In an instant, Aomine’s lips were reconnected with Kise’s, except the kiss was filled with much more force than earlier. As their tongues found their way into each other’s mouths, clothes were quickly discarded and things quickly escalated. Aomine’s lips moved lower and lower, and the room was soon filled with gasps and groans as the two of them melted into each other’s touch.

Losing themselves in rounds and rounds of making up for missed time, the movie night with their friends managed to slip their minds. So when the doorbell rang as they were catching their breaths from their third round, both of their minds were filled with confusion because they were practically on their last braincells at this point. “Aominecchi, go get the door,” Kise groaned, looking over his boyfriend, whose tan skin was glistening with sweat.

“Huh? Why me? It’s your house,” Aomine scoffed, not wanting to move.

Equally as determined to not move, Kise’s mind worked quickly to ensure that it wasn’t him going to answer the door. His pink swollen lips leaned in close to Aomine’s ear with a a soft smirk, “Yeah but I can’t move too much because someone destroyed my insides.”

Cheeks flushing red as his ego was inflated, the navy haired boy sighed as he pulled the sheets off and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. “God you’re so annoying,” Aomine rolled his eyes as he looked around for the boxers he tossed away. Finally spotting it by the door to the bedroom (how did it even get there?), the taller boy dragged himself over and pulled them on, glaring at his boyfriend who just sat on the bed batting his lashes and looking pretty.

“Thank you Aominecchi,” he sang as Aomine began to head out, making sure to raise a middle finger at him out of spite. “I love you too!” Kise called out sarcastically.

Aomine finally opened the front door in nothing but his boxers, and was stupidly surprised to find his friends there. “Eh? What are you idiots doing here?” He mumbled, running his fingers through his messy hair as he leaned against the door.

“We’re meant to be having a movie night dumbass,” Midorima said, beginning to wonder if it was too late to go back home.

“Oh yeah that. Uh, come in I guess,” Aomine shrugged, opening the door wider to let them in.

“Where the fuck are your pants??” Kagami yelled, eyes being drawn to the boxers with the evident bulge.

“Oi, eyes up here Bakagami. I have a boyfriend,” Aomine snapped, only making Kagami more agitated.

“That’s not what—“

“Aomine-kun can you please put some pants on,” Kuroko intervened before Kagami could absolutely lose it.

“Yeah, there in Kise’s room somewhere, I’ll go get them eventually,” Aomine said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Kise-chin! Where’d you keep the snacks?” Murasakibara yelled, seemingly unfazed by Aomine’s appearance as he began to raid Kise’s fridge.

Just as he said that, Kise emerged from his room, also shirtless, though he was wearing a pair of sweatpants. “Oh it’s you guys,” Kise said as he tied the strings on the waistband. “There are chips in the top right cabinet Murasakibaracchi!” Kise called out.

While Murasakibara scrambled around the kitchen, everyone just stared at Kise in awe. There were red marks all over his torso and Aomine just stood there with his arms on his hips and a proud smirk like an artist admiring his artwork.

“Kise, your chest— you know what, I won’t even bother to ask,” Midorima sighed as he plopped down on the couch in frustration.

“Oh, oops sorry about that,” Kise said, looking down at his skin and back up at Aomine with a smile.

“Okay, why don’t the two of you go put some clothes on, and Tetsuya and I will get things set up. Alright?” Akashi suggested, wanting to move on from this mess of a greeting.

To his relief, Aomine and Kise did as they were told and no more back and forths were exchanged. After about ten minutes, everyone was finally fully clothed and sitting on the couch, ready to get the movie started.

Of course, Aomine and Kise’s disruptions didn’t end there. Since they didn’t get their opportunity to cuddle after they had finished, they decided to do so during the movie. They kept muttering things to each other and sneaking in kisses here and there, much to Kagami’s, who was forced to sit next to them, dismay.

At some point, they were fully making out as the movie played and Kagami finally reached his limit. “Oh my god can you please not make out right next to me?” Kagami yelled, causing everyone to turn their heads to Kise and Aomine who finally pulled away from each other.

“Yeah actually, those sounds are kinda disgusting, Mine-chin and Kise-chin,” Murasakibara added, though he didn’t seem as bothered by it.

Akashi shared an exhausted look with Kuroko as they just watched things unfold.

“Geez, Kagami stop watching us, you perv,” Aomine replied, with a smug grin.

“Are you jealous, Kagamicchi? I can give you a kiss too, come here,” Kise joked, leaning towards Kagami who just shoved him away immediately, sending both Aomine and Kise into fits of giggles.

“Can you guys just shut up and watch the damn movie?” Midorima snapped.

“Alright alright we’ll stop,” Aomine sighed, all of them finally simmering down after that. Well, for a few minutes at least.

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aomine-ryo·5 days agoAnswer

Okay this is just a question for when you do open your requests again, would you consider doing Riko Aida x fem reader? BDBDJSBSI if not it’s fine I was just wondering

I’m still working on the requests in my inbox now so I’ll probably open it again when I’m done with those. I’ll make a post informing everyone when they’re open so yeah.

Also yeah of course, I don’t mind writing for Aida!! I’ll look forward to that request when they’re open again :) 💙

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aomine-ryo·7 days agoAnswer

Hi! Found your blog and I’m so happy! Love your writing. Can I request a scenario of Murasakibara x reader, where they’re kind of starting the make out and reader bites Atsushi? If its nsfw or not is up to you!

Aww I’m happy that you like my blog! It means a lot :) This one is kinda short, but I hope you enjoy!! xx

Scenario: Biting Murasakibara while making out

It’s hard to not accidentally bite Murasakibara’s lips whenever you kiss him because they always tasted absolutely delicious. With the sheer amount of snacks he constantly munches, there is always a hint of whatever he ate last left behind. This one particular day though, you couldn’t help yourself.

The two of you had put on a movie but it wasn’t exactly very interesting. Instead, you found yourself just talking to each other with the tv on in the back. “Y/N-chin, why’d you suggest this movie; it’s awful,” Murasakibara asked you as his fingers absentmindedly played with your hair.

“Momoi was the one who suggested it— don’t blame me,” you defended, turning your head up slightly from against his chest to look at him.

“Let’s do something else,” he hummed, twirling a piece of your hair around his finger.

“Like what?”

“C’mere, gimme a kiss,” he said lazily, pulling your body closer to him as you let out a small giggle.

With your body now laying on top of his, Murasakibara leaned in and pressed his soft, sweet lips against yours. You couldn’t help but smile as the chocolatey flavour of the Pocky he was previously eating made its way into your mouth. Naturally, your tongue swiped along his bottom lip in attempts to get more of that taste, your hunger for him growing more and more.

Getting lost in the sweetness of it all, your teeth sank into him and you felt him flinch for a moment. Hoping to act as if nothing happened and move on, your lips continued moving in sync with his, though you could feel his smile against you for a moment before he pulled away from you.

“You hungry there, Y/N?” he joked as your face flushed red.

“I’m sorry, you just taste like Pocky,” you pouted, placing a palm on his cheek apologetically.

“No, I liked it,” he said, meeting your eyes to give you an encouraging look. “You should keep going.”

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you gave him a puzzled look. “Have I just uncovered a kink of yours?” you smiled, half-joking.

“Just shut up and kiss me dummy,” he sighed as he pulled you into a kiss once again.

Your fingers began to run through his long lavender hair as you deepened the kiss further; your tongues soon making their ways into each other’s mouths. You began to lightly tug on his hair to allow yourself easier access to his lips, leaving small bites every now and then, just like he’d asked for.

The bites didn’t stop there though. As your hips began to eagerly move against him, your lips slowly made its way down to his neck. Being soft and light at first, you slowly began to get rougher with your kisses, not hesitating to suck and gnaw by his collarbones and nape, leaving bright red marks and eliciting soft groans from the taller boy.

Not wanting to be restricted by the space above his collar, you tugged at the hem of his shirt, which he quickly pulled off and tossed to the side, revealing his lean torso and his smooth, soft skin which seemed to be begging you to leave marks all over. And without a second thought, you did exactly that. Your lips found themselves moving all over his body, desperate for more and more of him because somehow, even his skin tasted sweet.

Your plans were cut short though, by Murasakibara suddenly pulling you back up and reconnecting his lips with yours. He wanted to repay the favour. Next think you knew, the purple-eyed boy was gnawing at your already swollen lips, garnering moans from you as he too slowly made his way down to your neck. He couldn’t get enough of you. He was on a mission to cover your neck with marks as well, so that the two of you could match later on. Walking the fine line between pain and pleasure every time his teeth sank into your skin, you couldn’t help but feel utter euphoria as your body ached for more and more of him. And don’t worry, he was going to give it to you.

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aomine-ryo·8 days agoAnswer

GoM going w their s/o to an attraction park and her wanting to ride all the highest, fastest rides OwO

I hope you like this!! xx

Headcanons: GOM going to an attraction park with their s/o


  • He surprisingly loves the thrill of a good, fast rollercoaster
  • So he’d totally be ready to join you on those
  • You were also looking forward to hearing some type of frightened scream, but strangely enough, he would just giggle like a baby whenever there was a huge drop
  • “Why were you laughing up there, you weirdo?” you asked him when you got off the ride
  • “I don’t know, I just found your screams really cute,” he shrugged, trying to fix the mess of hair on his head, though it was useless because it seemed to do as it pleased
  • Whilst he did love rollercoasters, he absolutely despised the types of rides that would spin you around or flip you in some sort of way
  • They just made him nauseous and dizzy
  • But of course, you were immediately drawn to those types of rides as well
  • “Y/N, I will actually throw up if I go on that ride,” he told you
  • “Don’t be over dramatic, you haven’t even eaten anything today,” you insisted, dragging him along with you
  • Unlike the giggles on the rollercoasters, Kuroko was eerily silent throughout this ride that flipped you upside down
  • He was gripping onto your hand for dear life
  • As promised, once you got off the ride, Kuroko beelined for the nearest trash can where he began to throw up
  • “Oh my god Tetsu! You really weren’t kidding, huh?” you said, softly chuckling as you rubbed his back
  • “I warned you,” he said hoarsely once he felt like he got it all out of his system
  • “Okay okay, I learned my lesson. Let’s just take it slow for some time alright?” You suggested, running your fingers through his hair in attempt to comfort him and simultaneously fix the mess
  • After about an hour of going on the slower and more tame rides, which was fun because it allowed you two to cuddle up together, you returned to the speedy rollercoasters
  • It was a 10/10 experience though, minus the part where Kuroko threw up (though it was kinda funny)


  • When you suggested a date at a theme park, Kise assumed that you wanted to relax on all the calm and slow rides
  • However, once you got there, you immediately pointed at the highest and biggest rollercoaster with an eager look in your eyes
  • “Let’s go there first!” you said excitedly, grabbing onto Kise’s hand to take him there
  • Kise just stared at it wide-eyed, “Y/N-cchi, that looks pretty fast. Are you sure you’re not scared?” he asked, hoping that you’d reconsider going on it
  • “I wanna go on it because it’s fast, dummy. Come on,” you replied, pulling him along with you
  • He put up a brave front whilst in line for the ride
  • But the moment he got into the seat, he was practically shitting himself
  • As the rollercoaster slowly made its way up to its highest point, Kise’s grip on your hand tightened to the point where you felt like he was gonna crush it
  • “Oh my god oh my god Y/N-cchi we’re gonna die,” he muttered frantically
  • “Ryouta we’re not gonna die,” you laughed, finding the way he clung onto you kind of cute
  • “No no, we will,” he said, barely able to keep his eyes open as the rollercoaster came to a halt at the top, “I just want you to know that I love you and I’m glad that I met you,” he blabbered, making you laugh even more
  • It seemed like he was going to say more, but then it dropped, and all you heard was his deafening screams
  • After a few more loops and drops where Kise hung onto you for dear life, the ride finally ended
  • “That wasn’t that bad,” Kise exhaled when you exited the ride
  • “Ryouta, you screamed so much that I think my left ear has gone deaf,” you glared at him
  • “I was just screaming for fun- not out of fear,” he lied
  • “Well, I guess you don’t mind going on more rides like that then,” you shrugged, grinning at him
  • He took a nervous gulp before nodding, “Yeah totally.”
  • The two of you ended up going on more rides after that, and Kise continued to act tough after each ride after screaming like a child in every one
  • “Pfft, that one wasn’t even scary.”
  • “Babe, you’re literally still hugging me.”


  • Listen, he just wants a relaxing afternoon where you two walk around, eat some overpriced food and go on a few pleasant rides
  • But that wasn’t gonna happen on your watch
  • “We’re going on all the rides!” you said excitedly as you waited in the queue to enter the park
  • “Even the fast ones?” Midorima asked, slightly worried
  • Especially the fast ones!” you beamed
  • His horoscope wasn’t particularly bad that day so it didn’t take too much convincing to get him on the rides because he just put his faith in the fortune
  • You can’t die if your horoscope is good that day right?
  • He wasn’t sure if he should be glad that he was meant to be taking his glasses off or more worried
  • Needless to say, he gripped onto your hand as tight as he could
  • He was surprisingly very silent during the ride
  • Granted, all he could see was a blur
  • But turns out that his silence was a result of the fear he felt
  • “See, that wasn’t that bad, you didn’t even scream once,” you said cheerily when you walked out of the ride
  • “Well that was probably because I couldn’t see anything,” he said, not letting go of your hand for a second, even after he regained his vision
  • In the end, the two of you ended up going on all the rides, but only revisite the slower ones because you didn’t cause any more distress to your poor boyfriend
  • Besides, it was much nicer holding his hand when he wasn’t crushing all its bones


  • This boy would put up this tough front the entire car ride there, but you saw right through him
  • “I probably drive faster than those rollercoasters- I don’t see why people are so scared,” he scoffed
  • You just replied with a condescending hum, knowing that the second the ride starts, he’d be screaming his ass off
  • “Y/N, if you’re scared you can hold my hand, I’ll protect you,” he said smugly as he buckled up
  • “I feel like I should be the one telling you that,” you responded, getting more and more impatient for the ride to start so that you can watch him eat his words
  • Just like you predicted, he did not react well to the speed of the ride
  • But it was so much funnier than you could ever expect
  • The ride was slow at first as it inched towards its peak and Aomine grew more nervous the higher it went, but he didn’t show it
  • Well, that was until it dropped
  • “OH MY FUCKING GOD WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!!” he screamed, and you were sure the entire park heard him
  • Poor kids down below were horrified by the use of the profanities
  • Meanwhile, you could barely breathe because you were laughing so much
  • You couldn’t even see much because Aomine was clung onto you and his big head was all up in your face
  • Once you finally got off the ride that was Aomine’s hell on Earth, he was completely silent and you just stared at him, waiting for some sort of explanation before you began to tease him
  • “Hey, remember before the ride, when you said ‘I don’t see why people are so scared’?” you started, grinning wider than ever, “I’m inclined to believe that you see why now; it’s just a hunch though.”
  • Aomine glared at you as he groaned, “Shut up Y/N.”
  • You didn’t shut up
  • You managed to get him to go on a few more of those kinds of rides though, and he still tried to act tough every time
  • And he’d always end up screaming
  • And of course, you didn’t fail to bully him over it for the longest time after that


  • Whilst he might complain about the excessive walking, he loves attraction parks
  • Churros, rollercoasters and spending time with you? It was pretty much the ideal way to spend his day
  • Furthermore, he has the mind of a child so all the rides and attractions sparked this tremendous excitement within him
  • He definitely prefers the more relaxing rides though because it gives him a chance to unwind and cuddle up next to you
  • But he also likes the faster rides too, so you didn’t need to do too much convincing to get him on them
  • He often has to tie his hair up before he goes on them though because it always just ends up getting in his eyes
  • (And yes he looks extremely hot when he does so)
  • He’s actually really unbothered by the speed and height of most of the rides
  • He’s the kind of guy that would try to have a conversation with you during the ride because he’s just not fazed by it at all
  • “Y/N-chin, it’s quite windy today isn’t it?” he says calmly as everyone around him hollers in terror
  • So most of the time it was you screaming and clinging onto his arm out of fear
  • Which he didn’t mind at all; he found it cute
  • Towards the end of the day, your feet were exhausted so the two of you decided to just sit on a bench and people-watch as you munched on some crepes
  • And when he took the first bit of that sweet delicacy, he literally could not get any happier than he was in that very moment


  • Okay so, he kinda lacked a proper childhood so going to the attraction park with you would probably be his first time there
  • So you suggested going on the faster rides first and he didn’t seem to be opposed to it
  • He didn’t exactly know what to expect though
  • “They’re just fast moving trains, how fun could they be?”
  • He would hold your hand the entire time without even realising it out of the nervousness of not knowing what would happen
  • It was definitely strange to see Akashi Seijuro acting so vulnerable but it was still very precious
  • However, what was even stranger was to see him begin to holler in excitement during the ride
  • It took you by surprise because it was so out of character that you could barely even pay attention to the ride
  • Hearing Akashi’s normal firm and calm voice let out a cheery “Wooooh” was an experience
  • “Sounded like you really enjoyed that, Sei,” you giggled once the rollercoaster came to a halt
  • “Yes, it was actually extremely thrilling. Can we go on more rides like that?” he said, eyes full of a child-like excitement
  • “Of course we can,” you replied, feeling your heart warm up at how happy he seemed to be
  • And so, the two of you made sure to visit every single ride in the park so that Akashi could get the full experience
  • He even dragged you along to revisit some of his favourites as well
  • He was truly grateful that you suggested coming here because it was like he was catching up on an amazing experience he missed out on as a child
  • After that day, you two made it a priority to visit an attraction park at least once every few months and it became a kind of cute tradition that you always looked forward to
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aomine-ryo·12 days agoAnswer

Hi❤️ can I get a scenario where Aomine’s girlfriend accidentally gets some cream on her dress while putting the final touches to the cake and Aomine says it’s a familiar look 👀😏. Everything is happening in front of gom and their girlfriends/wives.

It’s kinda short, but so chaotic lmao, hope you like it!! xx

Scenario: Aomine’s s/o accidentally getting icing on her dress

It was Kise’s birthday and everyone decided to gather together for a party at his house. You were in charge of making the cake since you liked to bake and you were just doing a few touch ups after you had arrived since Aomine’s reckless driving caused a few imperfections in the icing. Getting a bit caught up in your work, you didn’t notice the cream getting onto your dress until Murasakibara’s girlfriend pointed it out.

“Y/N, you’ve got some icing on your dress,” she informed you from her seat on the couch, wrapped in Murasakibara’s long arms.

You looked down and spotted the white stain on the hem of your dress. “Oh thanks for telling me,” you mumbled, pulling the skirt up slightly to wipe it off.

Aomine looked up from his phone and saw you licking the icing off your fingers, causing his mind to run wild. “Well that looks familiar,” he thought out loud with a smirk on his face, not really caring if all his friends heard him.

Everyone let out a groan of disgust and disappointment at the sound of those words, sparking a chatter of tsks and tuts.


“Aominecchi!” Kise scolded with you in unison, slapping his arm for the unapologetic crudeness.

“What?” Aomine said defensively, slapping Kise’s arm back as if he did nothing wrong.

“That’s disgusting, Mine-chin,” Murasakibara tutted, shaking his head in disappointment.

“You really have no manners, do you?” Midorima sighed, rubbing his temples.

“You guys are my friends, why do I need to have manners around you?” Aomine scoffed, unable to grasp why everyone was so outraged as he stood up from his seat.

“While that might be true, there are women here, Aomine,” Akashi lectured.

“You really need to control that mouth of yours, Aomine-kun,” Kuroko said, pulling his girlfriend closer to him, feeling second-hand embarrassment for her having to hear those words.

“Oh trust me, my mouth has plenty of control, don’t you agree, Y/N?” Aomine smirked, snaking his arms around your waist from behind you as a second wave of disgusted groans filled the room, though Kise did his best to hold back a chuckle this time.

Now it was your turn to slap your boyfriend’s arm. “Don’t drag me into your filthy mess,” you scolded as he simply rested his head on your shoulder, unbothered.

“You guys act like you’ve never had sex before,” Aomine sighed, rolling his eyes at everyone’s dramatic reactions.

“Y/N-cchi, I’m so sorry you have to date someone so immature,” Kise said, giving you a sympathetic look.

“Oi, I saw you laughing back there Kise, don’t act like you’re better than me,” Aomine barked, leading to Kise to stick his tongue out at him in response.

Eventually, everyone moved on and Aomine remained clung onto you, not wanting to move from the comfort of your warm body.

“Did you really have to say that back then?” you said softly so that only he could hear.

“The opportunity was right there, how could I not?” Aomine replied.

“You’re such an idiot,” you chuckled. No matter how disgusted you were initially, you did find it kind of funny.

“Well, this idiot would like to see you lick some more white stuff off your fingers. What do you say?” Aomine grinned, voice low and husky.

“You’re despicable,” you sighed, though you couldn’t help but get a bit flustered at the way he whispered in your ear. “Save it for when we get back home. Deal?”

Aomine looked at you with an evil glint in his eyes. You could tell that he was already playing out every single detail in his dirty mind. “Deal.”

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aomine-ryo·12 days agoAnswer

Hii there!! How r you doing ?'s been a while we interacted but m always following Ur posts since u are one of my most Favourites 💖💕😘🥰

Amazing blog as always( ˘ ³˘)💖 ... beautiful fics and scenarios💛💙...thanku for ur continuously contributing to knb fandom ....

Loads of love to ya..keep up the good work !!!!💕💕

xoxo 😘(っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ💕💕

Awww this made me feel so warm and happy 🥰 thank you so much for the support!! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading everything as much as I enjoy writing it! xx 😭❤️

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aomine-ryo·14 days agoAnswer

Do you write for Yukio? If so, could you please write how he would react/be with a girlfriend who really loves videogames? ☺️☺️

Of course!! I hope you like it xx

Headcanons: Kasamatsu Yukio with an s/o that likes video games

  • He didn’t know that you liked video games until he invited you to play an online game with his friends once
  • You were so good at the game that he was actually kind of embarrassed by his own skills because you were way better than him
  • Sometimes, when you were really invested in a game, you’d often forget to check your phone and respond to his texts
  • However, he lived fairly close to you so he’d just come over to your house with a few snacks to check up on you
  • He liked to just hang out in your room while you played and made sure that you were staying hydrated and taking enough breaks
  • These ‘breaks’ mainly consisted of him pulling you away from the screen and smothering you with kisses and talking to you about anything and everything
  • He’d also invite you to his house for little video game dates sometimes
  • While it was all cutesy and cuddly at first, the two of you would always end up getting extremely competitive
  • You were able to maintain your excitement and frustration to some degree, but Kasamatsu was none the wiser
  • “No no NO! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” He’d bellow when he lost
  • His reactions would never fail to make you laugh, “Babe sit down, we can play again if you want.”
  • He would let out a heavy sigh and get back to his seat next to you, burying his head in the crook of your neck before beginning to sulk
  • “How are you so much better than me? It’s not fair,” he groaned
  • “It’s just practice I guess. We can play a game where we have to work together rather against each other. How does that sound?” you suggested, running your fingers through his hair in attempt to calm him down
  • “Hm, in a few minutes,” he hums, melting into your touch
  • At this point, you’d put the controller down and just console (pun unintended) him with cuddles
  • It often ended with him falling asleep on your shoulder like a child after an emotional outburst
  • And it made your heart melt every time
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aomine-ryo·14 days agoText



I will never not squeal when Aomine comes on screen that’s just how it is 🤷🏻‍♀️

why tf are his hands so hott akndkcndn 🥴🥴

Exactly !!

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aomine-ryo·15 days agoText



knb fandom: *exists*

me: 💕💖💞💓💘💓💝💕💞💖💘💝💓💓💕💖💘💝💞💓💓

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aomine-ryo·16 days agoAnswer

Haiii I was wondering if you could write a neck kisses hc with murasakibara, takao, shintaro and himuro?

Yes ofc!! Ahh I love takao sm this was such a cute request. Hope you like it xx

Headcanons: neck kisses with Himuro, Takao, Murasakibara and Midorima


  • Literally the king of neck kisses change my mind
  • His favourite hobby is sneaking up behind you and smothering you with neck kisses
  • They’re usually so soft and ticklish that you always end up giggling
  • His neck kisses are often accompanied by a sweet little compliment as well
  • “What’re you doing, gorgeous?” he’d whisper in your ear
  • “Tatsuya, that tickles,” you giggle, turning your head slightly to smile at him
  • “You want me to stop?” he asks, his dark eyes looking into yours with nothing but love and consideration
  • “Of course not,” you reply, shaking your head slightly
  • After placing a quick peck on your lips, Himuro would wrap his arms around your waist and proceed to leave soft kisses on your neck
  • Whether it was out in public or in the bedroom, Himuro’s go-to place is your neck
  • So it was no surprise that your neck was often covered in his marks


  • Okay Takao’s neck kisses have two extremes
  • He’s either extremely light and soft with you or he is absolutely devouring your neck
  • The soft ones usually come in the mornings
  • Whenever he wakes up before you do, he likes to just lean over and leave light and wet kisses on your neck until you wake up
  • It pretty much guaranteed that you’d wake up with a smile on your face
  • “Good morning dummy. I was wondering how many more kisses it’d take until you woke up,” he’d grin, voice still raspy
  • “I’m still asleep. Keep going,” you reply, closing your eyes and exposing your neck to him
  • And of course, he didn’t fail to comply
  • On the other hand, when things got more heated, these neck kisses became deadly
  • It was hard to believe that it was the same person because of how rough he’d get
  • You’d often hear him groan against your neck as well, sending shivers through your body
  • You found yourself having to buy a lot of makeup for yourself because he never failed to leave an abundance of marks on your neck whenever things got frisky


  • Lazy afternoons are his neck kisses’ time to shine
  • When the two of you were cuddled up together watching a movie or something, he’d often absentmindedly kiss your neck
  • Sometimes he wouldn’t even realise that he’s doing it until you start to giggle at he feel of his soft lips brushing against your skin
  • The smell of your skin was so sweet that he couldn’t resist leaving a few nibbles here and there
  • “Hm Y/N-chin, you smell really nice,” he’d hum against your neck
  • “Thanks Atsushi, but I don’t think you should be trying to actually eat me with those bites of yours,” you chuckle
  • “But you taste so good…”
  • Eventually, he’d get addicted to it and he literally will not let you go
  • His arms will be wrapped around you tightly as he went to town on your neck
  • So whenever Murasakibara begins to kiss your neck, you know that you’re not getting any work done that day
  • He also low-key really likes it when you cling onto him and give him neck kisses too


  • He rarely ever kisses your neck
  • He tends to go for your lips and your cheeks in casual settings
  • But he definitely has a thing for kissing your collarbones and shoulders
  • However, when the two of you are alone, his kisses will sometimes make their way up to your neck and it’s absolutely amazing
  • He just somehow knows how to have the perfect mixture of soft and rough with his kisses and it’s heavenly
  • “Hm, Shintaro, that feels nice. Why don’t you do this more often?” you murmured, making his lips stop to look up at you
  • “Not sure, but I don’t mind doing it more if you’d like?”
  • “I’d love that,” you smiled sweetly at him before his lips reconnected with your neck
  • He’d try to kiss your neck more after that, but it was still quite rare because he was always drawn to the other parts of you
  • It eventually managed to make its way into your day to day lives though
  • He used to kiss just the top of your head whenever he greeted you from behind, but now he’d kiss the top of your head and leave a few kisses on your neck too
  • Sometimes, when you’d sit on his lap, he ends up kissing your neck without even realising it
  • And for that reason alone, you started finding ways to sit on his lap more often
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aomine-ryo·17 days agoAnswer

Can you write a scenario where Aomine asks help from Momoi or maybe it's her own idea to ask his crush out as the crush happens to be Momoi's friend. Thanks!

This was really fun to write, thanks for the request! I hope you like it xx

Scenario: Aomine asking Momoi for help with asking his crush out

You had gotten quite close to Aomine and Momoi since the start of your first year in Touou, to the point where the three of you had pretty much become a trio. Whilst having you as a friend was amazing, Aomine soon found himself catching feelings for you and he had no idea what to do. He tried suppressing it for as long as he could, thinking that if he ignored it, it’ll just go away. That wasn’t the case though, because he swore that every time he heard your voice or looked into your eyes his heart would skip a beat.

If you were any other girl, Aomine wouldn’t have hesitated to ask you out. However, since you were now one of his and Momoi’s closest friends, he was afraid that you wouldn’t see him the same way.

Unable to come up with a solution himself, he settled for his last resort: asking Momoi for advice. Now, Momoi was his best friend and she often had great advice and knew him better than anyone, but he definitely wasn’t looking forward to telling her about his feelings because she tends to be a bit… dramatic. To be completely honest, he expected her to pick up on the fact that he liked you by now and confront him about it herself. However, it seemed like Aomine was pretty good at hiding his feelings this time round.

For a lack of better timing due to the fact that the three of you were always together, Aomine decided to bring it up to Momoi after practice before they met up with you when your club practice was over. “Yo Satsuki, can I talk to you real quick?” Aomine said as he approached her.

“Yeah sure, what’s wrong?” she replied, putting down her files on a nearby bench before looking at Aomine intently.

“Why do you assume something’s wrong?”

“Because you never say “can I talk to you” unless there’s something wrong. You usually just say things,” she shrugged. “Anyway, what happened?”

“Well, I kind of need your advice,” Aomine said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously as his eyes wandered around the court.


“Um, I might like someone and I don’t know what to do,” he answered vaguely, unable to muster up enough courage to admit it to someone that wasn’t himself.

“Just ask them out. Why’s that an issue? It’s not like you’ve never asked someone out before,” Momoi said, slightly underwhelmed by his problem as she thought it’d be far worse.

“Yeah, but this time the person I like is Y/N,” he muttered, finally looking at Momoi to see how she’d react.

“Y/N??” Momoi repeated, loud enough for her voice to echo around the court and cause a few heads to turn their way.

“Oi, quiet down dumbass,” Aomine hushed, getting more nervous as he felt everyone’s eyes on him.

“Wait, you actually like Y/N?” Momoi asked, voice returning to its normal volume.

“Yeah I do,” Aomine nodded.

“You like-like them? Or do you just want to mess around with them?” Momoi questioned. “Because, I swear to God Dai-chan, if you ruin this friend group just because you want to bed Y/N, I will kill you.”

“No no, geez calm down,” Aomine said, backing away slightly as he put his arms up innocently. “Yes Y/N is hot as fuck, but I also genuinely have feelings for them.”

Momoi let out a heavy sigh as she put her hands on her hips. She did her best to suppress a smile because she had a similar conversation with you the other day. Minus the whole, having to confirm things because you weren’t as thick as Aomine when it came to honest feelings. She was totally ready to play Cupid. “In that case, I guess you should just ask them out and see what they say.”

“But what if they turn me down? Won’t things be weird?” Aomine questioned, slightly surprised that Momoi was actually on board with it.

“Y/N is pretty understanding. You don’t have to worry about it,” Momoi reassured.

Aomine nodded and began to think things over while he waited for Momoi to pack her things to leave. Just as the two of them stepped out of the gym, they spotted you walking their way and you and Momoi exchanged a cheery wave.

“Hey guys,” you smiled. “Ready to go?”

“Actually, I kind of have to help the coach out with some of this data for the next game, so you two can go without me,” Momoi lied, causing Aomine to give her a glare as he saw right through it.

“Oh, we can wait for you if you like,” you suggested, a bit nervous to be alone with Aomine because you were worried that you might accidentally confess to him.

“No no, it’s okay! Another friend of mine is here late too, I’ll just walk with them,” Momoi said.

“Alright then, see you!” you said to her.

Momoi waved at the two of you as you began to head in opposite directions. However, she did manage to give Aomine a look that screamed, “Here’s your chance, don’t mess it up,” just before she left, making Aomine curse her in his head. He wasn’t planning on doing this right away, but he was also aware that if he didn’t say it now, Momoi would probably end up blabbing it to you.

“So, how was practice?” you asked him, trying to fill the silence between you two.

“Eh, same old, same old,” Aomine shrugged. “I’m starting to miss my afternoon naps on the roof actually.”

“Oh no, please don’t go back to doing that. It was practically impossible to get you to move from there,” you pleaded, gaining a small chuckle from him.

“Alright alright, I won’t. Just for you though,” Aomine replied, a gentle smile on his face as he looked over at you. He could feel himself melt at the way your eyes sparkled in the bright city lights. He could look at you all day.

“How considerate of you. Thanks,” you said sarcastically.

A silence came between you once again as you looked around at the zooming cars and nearby stores in search of something to say to him. It wasn’t that the silence was uncomfortable, you just liked hearing him speak to you.

“Hey, um, I was wondering,” Aomine spoke suddenly, causing you to look up to him. It was faint, but you noticed him getting a bit flustered as he searched for the words to say. “Would you maybe like to go out sometime?”

“Yeah sure. I’m free this weekend, and I think Momoi is too—“

“No, not like that,” Aomine cut you off, letting out his initial excitement with a sigh.

“Huh? Then what do you mean?”

“I mean like, alone. Just you and I,” Aomine paused for a moment as he braced himself to say the next few words, “Like, a date.”

You couldn’t believe your ears. He has to be kidding, you thought. “Are you serious? Did Momoi tell you anything?” you questioned, panicking slightly.

“Yeah I’m serious. And what’s this about Momoi?” Aomine confirmed, nervousness building up within him as he waited for a proper response.

“Oh, um, I kind of told Momoi that I liked you and I needed some advice,” you answered, looking away from him to avoid the embarrassment.

“Wait, no way! Stupid Satsuki. So you like me too?” Aomine asked, heart beating as fast as ever.

“Of course I do,” you mumbled before looking back up at him with a stupid grin on your reddened face. “I’m convinced that you’re playing some sort of prank on me right now.”

“Why is it so hard to believe that I have feelings for you? First Satsuki, now you,” Aomine groaned.

“I’m sorry, I’m kind of just blown away right now,” you apologised, chuckling lightly.

“So, can I take you on a date this weekend or what?” he asked, unable to stop smiling when looking at how happy you seemed next to him.

“Of course you can, stupid.”

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