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arcticguk · a month ago
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arcticguk · a month ago
me immediately after logging on for the first time in a while: i need to make a post about how much i love @cutiepieguk
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arcticguk · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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arcticguk · a month ago
Tumblr media
fic recommendation list <3
hey, here is a list of my fav fanfics i read on tumblr. i just wanna have all my recommendations in one place so it’s easier to find them. have fun reading! 💘
(and i try to keep updating it lol)
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arcticguk · a month ago
do you have any mutuals that you adore?
literally all of them!!! I know once I start listing them out I’ll forget someone and I’ll feel awful but I really do love all of them. Like if I follow you, I love you. But because I want them to know specifically that I love them: 
[some of them I talk to daily (even off this site), some I interact with a lot, and some I admire and appreciate from afar. But they all have my heart 🧡like truly, I fucking love these people] 
@stayjimin, @holdinbacksecrets, @honeytae, @arcticguk, @babeejeon, @fitmydaydream, @bubmyg, @thatredwine, @gisan, @stainofpaint, @bangtantaegi, @team-wang-puppy, @jhopetodream, @oreomonsterhunter, @idkijustlovebts, @bulletproof-eternally, @bookslovingfangirlyy24, @tokyohobi, @hoodie-cinnamon-girl, @photographic-girl, @jenjensworld, @yslkook, @gl-assh0le, @outrkth, @miss-laura-t, @ihavetitanium, @close-our-eyes-pretend-to-fly, @icklemissmayhem, @kookscrescent, @bangtan-madi, @seokjinniewaifu, @margeors, @casualxexistence, @iwasyourghost, @crescent-fuv, @taeken-my-heart, @heytheee
And then @aurorassadprosee and @chloefran, but like we hardly even interact with each other on tumblr anymore, we just text each other on the daily because they’re the loves of my life 
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arcticguk · a month ago
Fic Recs | Fluff and Angst (sfw) Part 2: Jungkook
Based on ask received for non-smut fic recs (Taehyung and Jungkook)
▶  Part 1: Recommended Authors for non-smut fics
didn’t include their fics in this 👇 post anymore since their recommended works are already linked in Part 1
▶  Part 2: Fic Recs (my reblogs + other recs):
Taehyung | Jungkook
Tumblr media
Jungkook Fic Recs (Fluff/Angst)
Tumblr media
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arcticguk · a month ago
hi pretty ! I don’t know if it’s still sleepover weekend haha, but I was wondering if you have an fluff fics recommendations for jimin?
it’s okay if you don’t tho!! I hope everything is well with you and that you are taking care of yourself! :))
as always, love you <3
hi lovey!! i absolutely do, here’s some of my faves :)
“I don’t love you just because of your ass.” by @taetaespeaches
taking care by @arcticguk
so far away by @stayjimin
zero o’ clock by @rookiegukie
study-buddy by @krreader
these are just a few that come to mind, but if anyone else has some fics to recommend then please do!!!
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arcticguk · a month ago
do you have any soft jimin fics? just soft and fluffy 🥺
hi, hon 💕 these are a few that come to mind—no angst or smut here (though there may be some suggestive content!)
something new by @arcticguk
deck the halls by arcticguk
sweet dreams by arcticguk
this winter drabble by @breadoffoxy
game night by @arizonapoppy
heartbreak insurance by @jimlingss
deli diaries by @jimlingss
baby mochi by @honeytae
confessions by @kookscrescent
baby fever by kookscrescent
hold me tight by @v-hope
just a little bit of love (is all you need) by @gukyi
sunshiney!jimin x grumpy!yn by @jungshookz
ta!jimin x student!yn by jungshookz
cordially, jimin by @kpopfanfictrash
i hope you find something you enjoy 💘💕💘 lots of love!!
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arcticguk · a month ago
Tumblr media
a compilation of the fics that i’ve read this month - hope you enjoy!
100 Ways to Say “I Love You” by @stayjimin
[ ot7 | series | fluff ]
Buttering Up by @jimlingss
[ yoongi | chef au | fluff ] 2.2k
“Does It Look Pretty?” by @taetaespeaches​
[ jimin | established relationship au | fluff ] 519
The Fakeation by @theunknowncryptid
[ hoseok | chaptered | fake dating au | smau | fluff ]
Game Night by @tteokggukk
[ jimin | best friends to lovers au | fluff ] 2.9k
Going Up by @honeymoonjin
[ namjoon | president au | fluff ] 1.6k
Heart in Your Hands by @arcticguk
[ yoongi | college au | slice of life au | fluff ] 1.2k
High Fructose Corn Syrup by @btsmosphere
[ yoongi | friends to lovers au | idol au | humor ] 596
“I Love You, Okay? I Love You!” by @v-hope
[ taehyung | friends to lovers au | fluff ] 1.5k
“I Might Have to Kiss You Right Now” by @taetaespeaches
[ jimin | fluff | friends to lovers au ] 1.8k
I’ll Give You My Heart by @gukyi
[ yoongi | christmas au | friends to lovers au | fluff ] 6k
Jungkook Picks Y/N Up From Class & All Eyes Are on Him by @jungshookz
[ jungkook | bad boy au | college au | fluff ] 1.6k
The Leather Loafers by @jimlingss
[ seokjin | cinderella au | fluff | humor ] 11.2k
Live & Love by @eleventoes​
[ jungkook | meet cute au | fluff ] 1.4k
Love Bites by @jungukiee
[ taehyung | chaptered | supernatural au | smau | fluff | crack ]
The Need for Speed(dating) by @jungshookz
[ jimin | speed dating au | fluff ] 5.7k
One Step by @cutechim
[ seokjin | pediatrician au | fluff ] 2.9k
Reacting to a Kiss on the Cheek When He Thought It Was a Kiss on the Mouth by @snackhobi
[ yoongi | fluff ] 1.1k
Sanctuary by @solastia
[ jungkook | chaptered | idol au ] 2.5k
Skate a Little Piece of My Heart by @jungshookz
[ jungkook | roller skating instructor au | fluff ] 6.3k
Sweeter than Strawberries by @cinnaminsvga
[ jungkook | bakery au | strangers to lovers au | fluff ]
Taming of the Bridezilla by @cinnaminsvga
[ seokjin | fake dating au | idiots to lovers au | humor | crack | fluff ] 6.3k
The Third & Sixth by @jimlingss
[ yoongi | third wheel au | fluff ] 7.9k
Three Years Later and Yoongi is Still Very Much in Love with Y/N by @jungshookz
[ yoongi | ceo au | fluff ] 1.4k
Trookie by @firebettercallnct​
[ seokjin | chaptered | baker au | smau | crack ]
Welcome to My YouTube Channel by @tteokggukk
[ taehyung | idol au | strangers to lovers au | fluff ] 2.9k
Wildflower by @jungukiee
[ namjoon | chaptered | environmentalist au | smau | fluff | crack ]
these have all been added to the library. browse the collection if you want to read more!
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arcticguk · a month ago
Tumblr media
hello loves!! this is part of my 1k celebration (yay!), which you can find here!! i love you all endlessly and i thank you with my whole heart for being so kind and welcoming to me!
[ mutuals that i love with my whole heart ]
♡ @honeytae​ ♡ @taetaespeaches​ ♡ @taepioka​ ♡ @cherryjk​ ♡ @cutiepieguk​ ♡ @arcticguk​ ♡ @inaffiare​ ♡ @ughdangs​ ♡ @ccypher3​ ♡ @moominyg​ ♡
[ mutuals that i love from a far ]
♡ @strawberryjimi ♡ @lovetrivia ♡ @jinbestboy ♡ @r-m ♡ @jinbestboy ♡ @bangtantaegi ♡ @bubmyg ♡ @yoongistics ♡ @yoongisshadow ♡ @kimtaehyunq ♡ @ppersonna ♡ @oreomonsterhunter ♡ @kookie-chimchim ♡ @writtenwhalien ♡ @artaefact ♡ @cutechim ♡ @flowerkth ♡ @luvsjoon ♡ @nuditeh ♡ @honeyj00ns ♡ @papillonsgf ♡ @pjmsdior ♡ @sketchguk ♡ @taegi ♡ @vhyunjin ♡ @jimini ♡ @taegularities ♡ @jimindelune ♡ @mainvocaljin ♡ @moon-write ♡ @hobeah ♡ @jiminza ♡ @kithtaehyung ♡ @mykrokosmos ♡ @artsyjoons​ ♡ @joonni​ ♡ @adoratae​ ♡ @floraljimin​ ♡ @daechwitas​ ♡ @rapgodmyg ♡ @ttaechwita​ ♡ @sopecore​ ♡ @lomlkook​ ♡ @bratkook​ ♡ @stardustyoongi​ ♡ @daechwita​ ♡ @bluengrey​ ♡ @marvelousbangtan​ ♡ @hobifinity​ ♡ @monvante​ ♡ @rosebowl​ ♡ @baepsaesbae​ ♡ @yeojaa​ ♡
[ non-mutuals whose blogs i adore ]
♡ @v-hope​ ♡ @suhdays​ ♡ @flipthatjacketjiminie​ ♡ @jiminswn​ ♡ @noteguk​ ♡ @sugajimin​ ♡ @joenns​ ♡ @jimimon​​ ♡ @snackhobi​​ ♡ @duckjinnie​​​ ♡
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arcticguk · a month ago
Tumblr media
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arcticguk · a month ago
Link to donate to KhalsaAid
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arcticguk · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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arcticguk · a month ago
night changes | pjm
Tumblr media
| pairing: park jimin x reader
| genre: college au, ex-best friends to lovers, semi-enemies to lovers
| warnings: food mentions, alcohol consumption, swearing, very vague throw up mention, angst, little fluff, crying lol
| précis: jimin comes back into your life and you’re not sure how to feel about it
| word count: 6,198
| a/n: maybe the title is based on a 1d song…also @stayjimin​ helped me w the writing process…thanks beb i love u
Tumblr media
Jimin stares across the playground, spotting a lonely girl playing in the sandbox by herself. His heart goes out to her, all too familiar with having no one to play with at recess. Thankfully, he’s come out of his shell a little bit in the past year and he has a nice little group to spend recess and snack time with.
Today is different though. Today he wanders from his friends towards the sandbox, stopping a couple feet away from you.
“Hi.” He says shyly, eyes glued to the ground.
“Hi,” You whisper, setting down your sand shovel.
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arcticguk · a month ago
night changes | pjm
Tumblr media
| pairing: park jimin x reader
| genre: college au, ex-best friends to lovers, semi-enemies to lovers
| warnings: food mentions, alcohol consumption, swearing, very vague throw up mention, angst, little fluff, crying lol
| précis: jimin comes back into your life and you’re not sure how to feel about it
| word count: 6,198
| a/n: maybe the title is based on a 1d song…also @stayjimin​ helped me w the writing process…thanks beb i love u
Tumblr media
Jimin stares across the playground, spotting a lonely girl playing in the sandbox by herself. His heart goes out to her, all too familiar with having no one to play with at recess. Thankfully, he’s come out of his shell a little bit in the past year and he has a nice little group to spend recess and snack time with.
Today is different though. Today he wanders from his friends towards the sandbox, stopping a couple feet away from you.
“Hi.” He says shyly, eyes glued to the ground.
“Hi,” You whisper, setting down your sand shovel.
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arcticguk · a month ago
night changes | pjm
Tumblr media
| pairing: park jimin x reader
| genre: college au, ex-best friends to lovers, semi-enemies to lovers
| warnings: food mentions, alcohol consumption, swearing, very vague throw up mention, angst, little fluff, crying lol
| précis: jimin comes back into your life and you’re not sure how to feel about it
| word count: 6,198
| a/n: maybe the title is based on a 1d song...also @stayjimin​ helped me w the writing process...thanks beb i love u
Tumblr media
Jimin stares across the playground, spotting a lonely girl playing in the sandbox by herself. His heart goes out to her, all too familiar with having no one to play with at recess. Thankfully, he’s come out of his shell a little bit in the past year and he has a nice little group to spend recess and snack time with.
Today is different though. Today he wanders from his friends towards the sandbox, stopping a couple feet away from you.
“Hi.” He says shyly, eyes glued to the ground.
“Hi,” You whisper, setting down your sand shovel.
“Can I play with you?”
You nod, scooting over to make space in the tiny sandbox. He sits next to you, picking up a blue bucket that you aren’t using, his little fingers grabbing handfuls of sand to fill the bucket with.
Not a word passes between the two of you, but Jimin holds your hand on the way back to class, and from that day forward, you always have someone to talk to, sit with, and play with.
Tumblr media
“You open it first.” You whisper.
Jimin shakes his head. “You first.”
“One, two, three,” You murmur, the sound of paper ripping when you get to the last number.
“I got in,” You breathe, your eyes sparkling with excitement.
“So, did I!”
Tumblr media
“I’m sorry, who else did you say would be at the party?” You wonder, jaw dropping slightly.
“Park Jimin.” Your roommate says, shooting you a strange look. “Why?”
“No reason.” You swallow a grimace, focusing your attention back to the pizza you’re in the process of ordering.
“So, would you wanna come with me?”
“Not really.” You cringe at how harsh your tone is, jumping to explain when you see the hurt look on your friend’s face. “Not because of you babe,” You rush. “It’s just, spending the evening at a frat party doesn’t sound very appealing to me.”
She groans, throwing her head back against the sofa. “Please? Taemin asked me to the party, but apparently Jimin said I can’t come unless I bring you with me.” Your head snaps up, eyes widening slightly. “Something about, Taemin doesn’t get to make decisions like that since he just joined last year, which is really stupid but…” You don’t hear the rest of Chaewon’s words, too busy pondering. You won’t allow yourself to be pulled back to old memories, sweeping it out of your mind as quickly as you shake your head.
“That’s a stupid rule.” You say dumbly. “But I’m sorry Chae, I really don’t wanna go.”
Her mouth drops into a pout, eyes pleading. “Please ___, please do this for me, your best friend, the best roommate ever—”
You shake your head again, giggles tumbling out of your mouth. “Please Chae! I have better things to go to a party infested with drunk boys who can’t keep it in their pants.”
Chaewon glares, arms crossed across her chest. “They’re not all like that.”
“You’re right,” You smirk. “The only good one is waiting for you to show up.” She huffs.
“You know what?” You wonder. “I bet you could just sneak in. Do you know how many people will be there? There’s no way anyone will notice if you just, go in.”
“You think so?” She pipes up, her grumpy demeanor replaced with cheerful energy.
You nod.
She squeals, leaving you, to go change into something more fit for a party.
Tumblr media
“So, it turns out you were right.” She smiles the next morning. “No one even noticed that I came in. Other than Taemin of course…” She trails off, a sunny smile on her face.
You smile, sipping from your mug of coffee. You’d figured that she made it into the party okay when you went to bed and she still hadn’t arrived home.
“You know what’s funny though?” She pipes up and you raise an eyebrow, urging her to go on. “Jimin actually found us. He was asking about you.”
“Was he?” You wonder, feigning nonchalance.
She nods. “When I told him you weren’t there, he just kind of disappeared, and no one saw him the rest of the night.”
“Ooh!” Chaewon squeaks. “I bet he’s got a crush on you.”
Tumblr media
“Then he asked if I wanted to hang out again this weekend!” Chaewon giggles, leaning into you as she recounts her latest conversation with Taemin.
“That’s great babe,” You smile. “Are you gonna see him again?”
“Yeah I think I am!” She grins. “I really like him and—” Her abrupt stop grabs your attention, neck snapping up to see whatever caused her to stop mid-sentence.
Park Jimin.
“What the hell?” You whisper under your breath. You quickly glance away before he looks at you, rushing out your coffee order when it’s your turn at the counter.
When you and Chaewon get your coffee’s, you grab her arm, tugging her out of the small shop as quickly as possible.
“Okay, what the hell is going on?” Chaewon demands, stopping in front of the boutique next store, not daring to walk any farther until you supply her with information.
“N-nothing,” You fret. “I just, I’m gonna be late and—”
She raises an eyebrow, hands settling on her hips. “Bullshit. Tell me what’s going on. Something with you and Jimin, you haven’t been acting yourself since the other night.”
You sigh, defeated. “Can we talk about this at home?” You wonder, glancing nervously in the direction of the café.
“Only if you promise you’ll tell me what’s going on.”
You nod frantically.
Tumblr media
You’re not even all the way through the door before Chaewon shoves you towards the couch, settling in the armchair across from you.
“Spill. Now.”
You and Jimin grew up together. You were inseparable in high school, applying to the same school—and later getting accepted together. You’d been close all the way up until the first semester of college. At first, you and Jimin stuck close, both of you scared out of your minds for what college would bring.
You and Jimin both found your way fairly soon. You found comfort in your studies and running club, whereas Jimin joined the dance team and rushed at his favorite fraternity. It hadn’t been the first time you’d each had your own interests and it didn’t harm your friendship. But this time was different, it pulled you apart. You both made new friends, but it seemed like Jimin never had time for you anymore.
As first semester went on, you saw less and less of each other. Second year you’d seen him a total of three times—when you’d bumped into him at the campus rec center, when he glanced at you during a party you were both at, and your families’ shared Thanksgiving dinner.
Now, you hadn’t seen him or thought about him until this week.
“Damn.” Chaewon sighs, leaning back against the couch. “That’s a lot.”
“Hmm,” You hum in affirmation, nodding your head slightly.
“How can he do that?” She wonders, suddenly angry. “You were best friends all your life and he just drops you?”
“Chae,” You laugh, but there’s no humor in it. “It’s okay, I’m fine. I just don’t want him dredging up old memories after the radio silence I’ve gotten from him”
She gets up and stands behind you, wrapping her arms around your shoulders.
“I love you.” She murmurs. “You’ll always have me.”
“Thank you babe, that means a lot.”
Tumblr media
“No, you can’t change your mind now.” Chaewon murmurs, tongue between her lips, focused gaze on your face. Your eyes are closed as Chaewon delicately drags an eyeshadow brush in the crease of your eyelid. She’d convinced you to go with her to a party—not at Jimin’s frat—and you agreed only after she promised he wouldn’t be there.
“Why would he be there, it’s Friday night, he’ll probably be at his own party?” She’d said.
“We don’t have to stay late.” She reminds you, clicking her tongue when you try to open an eye. “Not yet.”
When she finally finishes, she hands you a small mirror, reveling in the way your face lights up. “Chae!” You squeal. “It looks so good!”
She hums happily, setting the brushes away.
“And this outfit, it’s okay?” You wonder, smoothing your hands over your dress.
“Yes!” She screeches. “Do not even think about changing. You look hot.”
“Okay, okay,” You laugh, stepping into the heels that Chaewon also picked out for you.
“Damn, it’s just a sorority thing right?” You wonder. “Do we have to get this dressed up?”
Chaewon shakes her head. “We don’t have to. But it’s fun isn’t it?” She wonders, twirling around in her own dress.
“Yeah.” You giggle. You can’t remember the last time you went to a party, much less got dolled up.
“Come on angel,” Chaewon says, capping the lid to her lip gloss. “No one’s gonna see how good you look, when you’re standing in here.”
Tumblr media
You and Chaewon aren’t members of the sorority. But the particular one you were going to didn’t give two fucks about who was in Greek life and who wasn’t. Everyone was invited.
The two of you go in together, filling your own cups from the keg before gathering near some other people you’re familiar with. You and Chaewon find yourselves in a conversation with a girl who’s in the same Calculus class as the two of you. She chatters excitedly, and you giggle, endeared by her excitement when a pair of arms wraps around Chaewon’s waist, eliciting a squeal from her.
“Taemin!” She whines, smacking his arm. He just smiles, planting a loud kiss to her cheek.
“I didn’t think you’d be here.” She says, turning to him. They talk quietly for a few moments, before Taemin says something that makes Chaewon giggle, and he tugs lightly on a strand of her hair.
“Hey ___.” He greets, looking at you.
“Hi!” You smile, waving a little.
“Do you mind if I steal Chaewon for a little bit?” He wonders, a sly smile gracing his lips.
“Not at all.” You smile, taking another sip from your drink.
“Sweet.” He furrows his brows for a second, as if trying to remember something else. “Oh yeah, by the way, a few other guys from Sigma came with me. Jimin, I think he knows you and--.”
He’s sharply cut off by Chaewon’s elbow digging into his ribs.
You nod, swallowing heavily.
“Taemin!” You hear Chaewon scold, lightly swatting at his chest. He apologizes as he tugs her away and you’re left with the group you’re talking to. Except most of them have dispersed into the large group of people dancing in the living room, all the couches and chairs pushed to the sides of the room.
You sigh, looking down at your cup, still significantly full and knock your cup back, draining the contents of the cup in one gulp. You see a girl you somewhat recognize from your running team, and you make a beeline for her, feeling awkward standing by yourself.
She greets you cheerily, linking her arm in yours as the two of you search for another drink.
You’re angry at yourself when you toss back a shot of something cinnamon—Fire Ball?—and it burns as it makes its way down your throat. You shouldn’t be having this visceral a reaction to someone you haven’t spoken to in two years. Someone who surely hasn’t thought of you for two years, up until recently.
You knock back another shot. Fuck being angry at yourself. When your friend tugs you away to a group of people you know, you let her, allowing yourself to get caught up in their disorganized dance circle. You don’t want to think about him anymore, so you decide to give your brain a couple of hours off; little thinking was necessary for tipsily stumbling around.
Tumblr media
Getting hammered when your best friend is nowhere to be found, is admittedly, a terrible idea. You aren’t comfortable with anyone at this party, not enough to trust them to get you back to your apartment. You fumble in your bag for your phone, but your brain is fuzzy and before you know it, you forget what you were even looking for.
“Fuck.” You mumble aloud. You push your way through a few people, before you’re leaning against a wall, planning on continuing your search for your phone.
“I think you dropped this.” A voice says. You can barely hear it over the music, thrumming so loud your ears pound.
“Thanks.” You reach for it and nearly fall forward, the mystery person scrambling to catch you before you faceplant on the floor.
Even after you’ve stabilized your balance, this person’s arms remain on your waist, ensuring you aren’t going to fall again.
“I’m fine.” You tell. “You can let go of me now.”
Their grip loosens. “You sure you’re okay?”
Your heart falters, breath hitching in your lungs. “What? Yeah, now get off me.”
You shove at the chest, your suspicions confirmed when you meet eyes with this person.
“____ it’s me. It’s Jimin.”
“I know.” You growl. “Why are you even here?”
He frowns, inhaling sharply. He knows you haven’t spoken in a while, but that felt like a punch to the gut.
“Some of the guys were coming and I—”
“No, why are you here?” You ask harshly, motioning to yourself. Your anger seems to cut right through all the alcohol, giving you temporary somewhat-sobriety.
“I saw you by yourself. You looked like you needed help.”
You scoff. “Since when do you care if I need help or not?”
Hurt flashes in his eyes. “I just wanted to—”
You flutter your hand, effectively cutting him off. “I don’t care.” When you try to walk away, you stumble again, your heels digging painfully into your ankles at your almost-fall.
“At least let me drive you home.” He pleads. “I don’t know if you came with anyone else, but you’re in no state to drive right now.”
“I came with my roommate,” You say softly, looking around the room as if just realizing she was gone. “She’s with a guy.”
Jimin frowns. “I drove my car here. And I haven’t had a drop of alcohol. I promise.” You look into his dark eyes, remembering the trust and comfort you used to find in them.
“Okay.” You say coldly. You follow him through a horde of people and to his car. He doesn’t touch you or lead you, but he does keep a close eye on you, making sure you don’t disappear.
Once you’re safely in the passenger seat of his car, he helps you with your seatbelt. You’re overwhelmed with a rush of nostalgia when you lean back in your seat, sweeping your eyes over the interior of the car.
“You still have your car.” You observe softly, running your hand along the dashboard, as if to check if it’s real.
Jimin nods, jaw clenching. He remembers all the time you spent together in this car; driving to and from school, late nights with a playlist on, and the mini road rip you’d taken the summer before college started.
You’re able to give him the address of your building before you pass out, cheek against your seatbelt. The next ten minutes are spent in silence, only your light snores and the radio to fill the car.
When Jimin pulls up to the complex, he parks and turns the car off before turning to gently shake you. You open one eye, glaring at him.
“Why’d you wake me up?”
“We’re at your apartment.” He explains, a blush rising on his cheeks. He feels embarrassed under your scrutinizing gaze.
You get out of the car and Jimin’s quick at your side, hoisting you up so there’s no chance of you falling.
“What floor do you live on?” He wonders softly, after you’ve successfully made it to the lobby.
He doesn’t even consider the stairs, opting for the elevator. Once the two of you are on the fifth floor, it’s like your brain is on autopilot, as you head straight for your front door. Jimin helps you with the keys and then you’re standing in the foyer.
It makes you sad how foreign he feels in your apartment, knowing that if things were different, he would probably be over all the time.
“Thank you, I—” You’re cut off by the wave of nausea that passes over you and you practically sprint towards the bathroom, lifting the lid of the toilet and emptying your stomach.
Jimin’s right behind you, holding back your hair, soothing words leaving his lips.
“It’s okay,” He murmurs. “It’s alright, get it all out.”
Once you have, you pull away, pushing down the silver handle and leaning back against the wall. You’re shivering, trembling as you curl into yourself. Jimin remembers how you get when you drink and his heart aches.
And just as he expected, there’s already tears pooling in your eyes. If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since high school, it’s how much of a cry baby you are when you’re drunk.
You sniffle, looking up at him through your watery eyelashes, mascara tears dripping down your cheeks. A whimper slides through your lips and you’re pouting. You look so sad and Jimin knows he shouldn’t, but he opens his arms up and you immediately crawl into his embrace.
You find solace in familiar arms, comforted by his presence and the scent of mint and eucalypts from his favorite lotion. Your nose is in the crook of his neck and you’re shaking, breathing heavily against his skin.
His hand pats your back soothingly. He doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but you’re also upset, and he wants to help.
“____, it’s okay.” He coos. You’re shaking your head, a tiny sob escaping you.
“No, it’s not.” You cry. “You didn’t even know where I live. You don’t know anything about me.”
He frowns. He doesn’t have a rebuttal; you’re right.
“I missed you Jimin.” You whimper. “I miss you.” You cling onto him, almost as if you don’t realize he’s the one you’re talking about. Or maybe you do. Maybe you just miss his embrace, his presence.
Jimin doesn’t say anything, just lets you lay in his lap and cry.
Tumblr media
Your throat is dry when you first wake up. Your head pounding and your neck is oddly uncomfortable. It takes you a moment to realized you’re in your bathroom—specifically, the bathroom floor.
And you aren’t alone. There’s a grown from the person you’re lying on top of (??) and you spring up as quickly as you can, nearly knocking your head into the corner of the sink.
“Hey…what?” The man croaks, looking around.
“Jimin!” You hiss. “What the fuck are you doing here!?”
He stretches his neck, eliciting a loud pop of his joints and you grimace. “You were drunk last night,” He starts slowly, ruffling his hair.
You cross your arms across your chest, raising an eyebrow expectantly.
“And you were all by yourself.” He frowns. “You said your roommate was gone?”
“God damn it Chae.” You mutter under your breath.
“____, you could barely stand. I wasn’t gonna leave you there.”
“Gee thanks!” You comment sarcastically. “What ever would I do without you?”
He rolls his eyes.
“That doesn’t answer everything.” You snap, bringing his gaze back up to your face. “Why are you here?”
Jimin swallows, an uncomfortable look on his face.
“Spit it out for fuck’s sake!” You bark. You know you’re being nasty, but all this drama coupled with your hangover did not make for a good mood.
“You started crying.” He says, looking you right in the eye. “You were crying okay? And you were upset, and you hugged me.” His voice lowers at the last part, eyes falling down to his lap. “I wasn’t gonna push you off of me.” He murmurs.
“And we fell asleep like that?” You finish and he nods.
“Great.” You mumble, angrier at yourself then you are at him. “Well thanks I guess.”
You stalk out of the bathroom, heading straight towards the coffee machine and brewing a pot. Jimin follows behind you, standing a few feet away when he says your name.
“What Jimin?” Your voice is softer now, gone is the harsh tone you were using to speak to him just a few minutes ago.
“Can we talk?”
Your eyes well with emotion. “No. We can’t.”
“Please ____?” He begs. You don’t even have to look at him to know that he’s flashing his puppy eyes, lower lips sliding out just a bit.
“No Jimin.” You shakily pour yourself a mug of coffee, taking a big, sip, and it’s hot and bitter as it slides down your throat.
“I just want to—”
“I said no!” Your voice cracks with emotion and tears drip down your face once again. “I’d like you to leave.”
He nods dejectedly, turning to open your front door. He leaves without another word and once you hear the resounding click of the door, you fall apart. You slide to the ground, tears flowing freely now that there’s no one around to see them.
You didn’t think that seeing him again would cause this much of a reaction, but your heart aches when you think about how close you used to be.
Tumblr media
“Hey, hey, hey! What’s wrong?” Chaewon gasps when she comes through the front door.
You look up at her, squinting. You fell back asleep after you told Jimin to leave, only after moving to the couch. Your head just hurts more now and you’re still in the dress from the night before.
“Chae,” You whimper, practically falling into her arms when she gets close enough. Her eyes widen and she flops to the floor, letting you curl up in her lap.
“What happened baby?” She wonders softly, brushing some of your hair behind your ear. She feels guilty for ditching you to be with Taemin last night, but she saw some of your cross-country friends, so she assumed you would stay with them and they would look out for you. Next party, she’s not letting you out of her sight.
You find yourself recounting everything that had happened once the two of you split up. Chaewon listens the whole time, stroking your hair while you talk. You sigh heavily when you’re finished, your posture slumping in exhaustion.
“Wait a minute.” Chaewon murmurs softly.
“If you miss him, why did you make him leave?”
You wish you could answer her.
Tumblr media
Jimin respects your wishes. After all, he was the one that cut you out of his life, so he’s in no place to be making demands. He doesn’t try to speak to you or approach you, but every time he sees you on campus, his heart aches with the need to talk to you, make sure you know how important you still are to him.
A week passes and you haven’t stopped thinking about Jimin. You’ve moped around your apartment and your classes.
You decide you want to see him. You’ve run over the options a million times in your head, weighing the outcomes of each choice. You can choose to never speak to Jimin again, and that’d be okay. But if you never talk to him, you’ll never know why he walked away from your friendship, because if you agree to talk with him, you’re sure as hell making sure he tells you why. It’s been eating at you since the weekend.
After a quick search on your university’s website, you find that dance practice ends at eight pm. Due to your extensive knowledge on the campus frats, you remember how to get to Jimin’s fraternity house, and you leave the apartment a little before eight so that you can get there when he arrives home.
You’re taking deep breaths as you take the stairs down to where your car is parked. You could walk, but it’s already dark outside and your apartment is off campus.
You make the short drive and park in front of the house. There’s enough cars lining the street that you don’t stand out, but not so many that you have to park far away. The minutes tick by painfully slow until you see Jimin’s car pull into the narrow driveway.
You inhale, turning your car off and forcing yourself out of the door.
“Jimin!” You call weakly, throwing your hand up in the air. He whips around, disbelief swirling in his eyes.
“____?” He asks, astound.
“Hi.” You greet softly. “I was wondering if maybe we could talk?”
His face lights up. “You’re serious?”
He blinks a few times, as if he’s waiting for you to tell him you’re lying. When you don’t, he refocuses.
“Do you want to come inside?” He wonders. You nod. You follow him inside the house, noticing how different it looks when there’s not a party going on. Jimin sweeps the room, finding none of his housemates around.
“We can sit down here?” He offers. “Or we can go up to my room if you want more privacy.”
“Your room’s fine.” You say. He nods and leads you up the stairs. He stops at what you presume is his room and opens the door.
He sits on his bed and you sit on the desk chair, facing him.
You shift awkwardly, crossing your legs. Jimin clears his throat, looking anywhere but you.
“You have to tell me why.” You demand.
“Why, what?”
“Don’t what me.” You snap. “Why’d you ditch me? We were friends for almost eighteen years and then suddenly you decide you don’t want to be anymore?” You ask, indignation in your voice.
He rubs the back of his neck uncomfortably, swallowing.
“Jimin.” You grit your teeth. “You wanted to talk. If you aren’t going to say anything. I’ll leave. I didn’t come all the way over just to—”
“Because I was in love with you!” He exclaims, eyes wide at his own confession.
Your heart feels like it’s stopped for just a second, your voice faltering.
“I—” You breathe. “What?”
“I’m in love with you.” He murmurs.
“Was or are?” You wonder, teeth digging into your bottom lip.
“I swear if this is just an excuse for me to forgive you about what happened…” You trail off, raising an eyebrow.
“It’s not.” He says quickly. “Come on ____, you can tell when I’m lying.”
He’s right. And he’s telling the truth.
“Why didn’t you say anything before?”
“Because I was afraid.” He sighs. “Of ruining our friendship. But I couldn’t live with not telling you how I felt—feel so I just cut myself out of your life.”
“You didn’t even tell me.” You murmur. “How did you know what I would’ve wanted?”
“I didn’t know.” He whispers.
Your eyes well up with tears. You close your eyes, hard, trying to keep them at bay.
“I just wish you would’ve told me.” You sigh. “I would’ve rather had you in my life even if things were awkward between us. We could’ve worked through it.”
“We can still work through it now.” He croaks.
“I don’t know.” You bite your lip. “And why tell me now?” You wonder. “Why didn’t you just stay quiet?”
He opens his mouth to speak but closes it again.
“I’d already gotten over my best friend ditching me,” You whimper. “And now all this old shit is getting brought back up.”
“I’m sorry ____, I really am. But I had to say something.” His voice breaks. “I couldn’t hold it in any longer.”
You groan, allowing yourself to cry the tears that were pooling in the corners of your eyes.
“I know it was stupid.” He falters. “I didn’t know what else to do.”
You swallow thickly, mouth set in a straight line.
“I don’t know what you were expecting me to say.” You point out. “This is a lot to take in.”
“I know.”
“You hurt me a lot.”
He winces. “I know.”
You rise to stand, brushing your hands off on your leggings. His teary gaze catches on your movement, mouth opening to protest.
“I need time Jimin.” You speak firmly. “You telling me this isn’t going to change things right away. I need to think about all this.”
“I understand.”
“Do you?” You wonder. “I wanted closure, to know if I had done something wrong. But instead you spring this love confession on me?!” You sigh. “I don’t know what to think.”
“I’m sorry.”
Tumblr media
  You can’t focus. You can’t read, you can’t study—can’t do anything without Jimin floating into your mind. It’s been a week since his confession and the more time that goes on, you wish he hadn’t said anything in the first place. Maybe it would’ve been better to continue the way things were, maybe you didn’t need closure, because going on thinking you’d done something wrong had to be better than your constant stream of thoughts. You don’t know how to fully digest what Jimin has told you. On one hand, you’re happy that he wasn’t angry with you, but on the other, you’re upset with the way that he handled the situation and his feelings.
Why the hell didn’t he just tell you? It wouldn’t have changed much. Or would it? What would you have done in his situation?
Your head hurts. You’ve been thinking about this way too much. You compartmentalize.
Tumblr media
With every turn in bed, your heart aches, pressing against your chest and keeping you awake. Your sleep has been spotty at best, and now, at six in the morning, you’re giving up on decent rest.
You know if you say the words, Jimin will leave you alone forever. Forever. It sounds like an awfully long time. The thought of Jimin not being in your life anymore after recently floating back into it, terrifies you.
You love him! Holy shit, you love him!
You always have, really, the love for a best friend. But now you’re realizing that that could blossom into romantic love. And you want to try that with Jimin. He’s been the piece missing in your life these past few years and now you have the chance to get it back.
Fuck. You just had an epiphany. Is that what this is called? With possibly more confusion than before, you slide out of bed, shoving your feet into the slides you’d abandoned near the bathroom. You fumble for your keys and yank your phone away from the white cord of the charger.
It’s barely six am when you push the button on your dashboard, your engine firing up, way too loud for this time of day.
You make the drive to Jimin’s fraternity, angling your car on the street. You’ve had better park jobs, but that’s the least of your worries at this moment.
You decide against ringing the doorbell, how embarrassing would it be if the rest of his housemates woke up, when you only need him. You don’t want an audience for this.
Four calls to Jimin (unanswered), later, and you’re sweating. You shove your phone into the pocket of your hoodie and settle your hands on your hips.
Oh! You think you remember where Jimin’s room is on the top floor. You shuffle towards the back of the house, craning your neck. You wish you’d looked to see if Jimin had curtains because two of the windows do, and two have nothing.
You slowly breath in, holding before exhaling. Here goes nothing. There’s nothing on the ground or in the grass you can use to throw at the window, so you settle for one of the hair ties on your wrist, slinging it back and launching it at the first window. It thumps lightly against the glass before falling back down. Luckily, you see where it lands so you can fling it again. And you do. Nothing.
“Fuck, come on Jimin.” You murmur under your breath. He’s always been a light sleeper except for the one night you need him to wake up apparently. You try again and your heart stops when your ears catch the sound of the window being open.
You exhale in anticipated excitement until someone’s face pops outside the window. Someone who is not Jimin.
“____?” The voice calls.
It’s Jeon Jeongguk. An underclassmen who runs cross country with you. You knew he was in a frat, but you didn’t know which one.
“Fuck. Hi Jeongguk!” You call up, face burning. “Um, is, I was trying to find Jimin’s room. He wouldn’t answer his phone.”
“Is something wrong?”
“Yeah—well no! Nothing’s wrong I just really need to talk to him.”
“Okay, I can wake him up. His room is next door.” Shit.
“Thank you Jeongguk!” You sigh in relief, wiping sweat from your forehead. “I’m sorry for waking you up.”
“You didn’t.” He assures. “I uh, I haven’t gone to bed yet.” You laugh, shaking your head in disbelief. When Jeongguk disappears from the window, your nerves come back, swooping like a butterfly in your stomach.
“____?” It’s Jimin this time and you almost cry in relief. “What’s wrong?”
You can hear Jeongguk’s voice and see Jimin nod.
Jimin’s head sticks through the window again. “Are you okay?”
“Yes. Can you just come down here please?” You wonder. He nods, yanking his head back inside the window so fast it worries you.
Jeongguk smiles and waves at you before shutting the window, hopefully on his way to bed.
Jimin’s at your side in less than a minute and you’re nervous again.
“What’s going on?” He wonders, voice more awake and alert than when he’d first popped through the window.
“I’ve been thinking.” You start and his eyebrows furrow in confusion. “I can’t stop thinking about what you told me and about…us.”
You nod. “Not having you in my life sucked. I was missing my best friend, my person.” Jimin smiles sadly and you see a single tear collecting on his lash line. “I want you back in it.”
“But I hurt you.” He says softly, eyes trained on the ground.
“Yeah you did.” You say, reaching for one of his hands. “But I know you Jimin and I know you didn’t mean to.”
“I didn’t.” He says. “And I’ll try my very best to never hurt you again.”
You smile softly, taking his other hand in yours. “I know you will.” He smiles now too.
“Can we be friends again?” He wonders, his eyes sparking with hope.
“Yes!” You beam. “And maybe someday…more than that?”
His eyes widen with understanding. “I’d love that.”
Tumblr media
“Park Jimin, I swear if we’re late…” You look at him warningly, no real malice in your gaze.
He fluffs out his honey hued bangs in the mirror, bottom lip in between his teeth in deep concentration.
“Baby!” You whine, looking at the time on your phone again. “I told Chaewon we’d be there at four-thirty.” You look at him pointedly.
He turns from the mirror, spinning to face you. “I’m ready,” He leans forward to kiss the tip of your nose. “Promise, let’s go.”
You shake your head, linking hands with him. “You know this wouldn’t have happened if you just woke up when I did.”
“You were in my dream,” He grins. “I didn’t ever wanna wake up.”
“Nice try.”
He plants a kiss to your check before grabbing his keys from a hook on the wall. His arm stretches around your shoulders for the short walk to his car.
Once you’re both settled in, Jimin waves the aux cord in your face temptingly. You smile, plugging it into your phone and opening your music app. Jimin taps his fingers against the steering wheel. It’s easy to see yourselves in this very same position many years ago. Although Jimin has a new car now, you’re still hit with nostalgia every time you’re in the car together, flooded with memories from late nights and early mornings, music playing no matter what.
Jimin and you worked hard to rebuild your relationship, and now here you are, a couple. You don’t care how cheesy it is—you’re happy. You toss your phone aside and climb over the center console to straddle Jimin’s lap.
“Whatcha doing pretty girl?” He looks up with you, a look in his eyes that everyone dreams about.
“I just,” You sigh sweetly, cupping his face in your hands. “Love you. I love you so much.” His lips pull into the tiniest of pouts, putting his own hands on top of yours.
“I love you too,” He cranes his neck ever so slightly so that his lips can meet yours. The kiss is soft and gentle, full of promise. “I love you forever pretty girl.”
You bury your face into his neck, cheeks heating and radiating warmth against his skin. He wraps his arms loosely around your curled form, lips pressing to your hair.
“Now, who’s the one making us late?”
Tumblr media
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Ma'Khia Bryant, a 15 year old Black girl, was fucking murdered by a cop in Columbus, Ohio, after calling the police for help because she was being jumped by another group of teenage girls, she had a knife on her that she had for self-defense and the fucker rolled up and shot her 4 times, apparently without telling her to drop the knife according to bystanders, and this happened roughly 20 minutes before Chauvin's verdict in court for the murder of George Floyd
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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