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tag game

Tagged by @lacefuneral​

Rules: answer 17 questions and tag 17 people you want to get to know better

Nickname: Domi (my full name is Dominica but i aint like that shit)

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5’6

Hogwarts House: slytherin???? or hufflepuff???? idk

Last thing I googled: something to do with french renaissance shoes probably

Song stuck in my head: it’s currently fluctuating between how are u today by n.flying and god help the outcasts (im obsessed w isa briones’ cover)

Following: 55 followers: 25

Amount I sleep: Damn Idk like anywhere between 4-7 hours.

Lucky numbers: 7

Dream job: Voice actor: holy SHIT dude more than anything I wanna be a voice actor. Alternatively a personal stylist.

Wearing: ( pls excuse my messy room and my dirty mirror )


Favorite songs: it literally changes every day??? but dont fear the reaper by blue oyster cult is one of my current favs

Favorite instrument: I can’t play any instrument but I just love guitars, there’s so many different ways to use it and I love that. Also didgeridoo.. bro…didgerifuckindoo.

Random fact about me: (my friend told me i had to do this one) im a manager at a store at the ripe age of 20

Favorite authors: Asimov, Tolkien, Ray Bradbury (same as the person who tagged me lol), and when I was a kid I loved Eoin Colfer and Derek Landy so their work is still near and dear to me.

Favorite animal noises: talking birds!!!!! I love when they talk it’s so precious

Aesthetic: awh shit uhm… my friend’s always say cottage core, like vintage/nature mixed

I tag (no pressure/feel free to ignore if you’ve already done this one): @sparklecharmer@r0b0c4t@korinabavelyn@you-do-know-shes-gay-right@captainrandomstranger18​ 

nickname: don’t have one i guess

zodiac sign: aries

height: 4'11 / 150cm :((((

hogwarts house: ravenclaw

last thing i googled: arena star trek soundtrack (i was trying to find the name of this particular dramatic piece)

song stuck in my head: self control by frank ocean

following: 657

followers: 196

amount i sleep: maybe 7 or 8 very restless hours

lucky numbers: don’t have any, although i like the number 16 for some reason

dream job: invent warp drive go to space clap alien cheeks

wearing: pyjamas

favourite song: i really can’t choose! a few are demolition lovers (mcr), summertime (mcr), the kids aren’t alright (fall out boy), blue skies (isa briones’s cover) ( :) ), black butterflies and deja vu (the maine) (i’m planning to use it for a fic which i’ll uhh finish sometime in the foreseeable future), russians (sting), and space oddity.

favourite instrument: bass! guitar comes in second. i also think the violin is a beautiful instrument.

random fact about me: i’m growing my hair out again, after 3 years of having it short it’s quite boring really

favourite authors: roald dahl, tolkien, piers anthony, douglas adams, other than that i haven’t read anything other than fics in a long time really :/ and i don’t have any favourite fic authors yet

favourite animal noises: i.. don’t have any :/

aesthetic: grainy muted pastel shots, oil studies of eyes and hands, the way light looks in water, vanilla and sandalwood, 1980s comic book ads for those fascinating cheap little toys, growing sleepy on a drive home at night, the smell of old books, the evening sun turning dizzy golden the face of a friend who doesn’t love you back, earl grey and lavender tea, bloodstained hands, watching the twinkling golden lights of a new city grow closer and closer in the dark, watercolour dappled on white paper.

(that was A Lot i am very extra sorry)

i tag: @giiinasfs, @sticker-time, @prayer-for-the-dying, @pikaperish, @kyrri0, @wouldyoubemylittle-quarantine, @yourterritory, @marlinspirkhall and anyone else who wants to do it

:) best way to procrastinate, thank you. 

nickname: nic and paigie waigie 

zodiac sign: aries (sun) ayyyyyyy, taurus (rising), and gemini (moon)

height: 5′5″ (hahahahaha)

Hogwarts house: gryffindor

last thing I googled: well, my stupid computer changed it’s default search engine to bing, but last thing I searched was how to spell gryffindor. 

song stuck in my head: the weekend by sza, and you’ll be fine by palaye royale

following: 98

followers: 161

amount of sleep: about six hours every night. 

lucky numbers: 3, 13

dream job: I just want to create art when Im older. ig being in a band is the goal, but I also want to write books, and act. 

wearing: baggy jeans that with the best pockets ever, and a beige and blue striped shirt, I’ll add a photo later. 

favorite song: ahhhhhhh. ummmm. right now it’s between where did the party go (fob), lying is the most fun… live in Denver (panic!), safer space (forever emerald), and goodbye honeymoon phase (kitten)

favorite instruments: guitar and bass. 

random fact about me: I got my ears pierced the day before I turned 10. 

favorite authors: nina lacour and George orwell. 

favorite animal noises: a purring cat. but I hate bird chirps. 

aesthetic: stepped on cherry blossoms. fog in the summer. turtlenecks or leather jackets. cold, but not enough. sitting on roofs. comfortable silence. basically san francisco. 

imma tag @1-800-hallelujah @get-me-out-of-my-mind @makeupisfuckinggreatforaguy @asthmatic-demon @sing-it-for-the-gays @angry-alt-boy @anyone else who this looks interesting too!

Nickname; liz and sometimes bean

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Height: 4′7

Hogwarts house: not into harry pooter

Last thing i googled: The Dirt

Songs stuck in my head: animal by missao, looks that kill, girls girls girls by motley crue and a few more.

Following: 5,000

Followers: 825

Amount of sleep: it varies so i guess 10 or 9.

Lucky numbers: 666, 34, and 13.

Dream job: create space/galaxy painting representing our emotions and future.

Wearing: black leggings, and red long sleeve skull shirt also a skull choker.

Favorite song: there’s a lot so but here’s one looks that kill by motley crue.

Favorite instruments: drums and piano

Random fact about me: i despise live action disney/video games movies and the sonic one(it’s a abomination). sometime reboots.

Favorite authors: none

Favorite animal noises: none

Aesthetic: neon, pastels, goth, uuuuhhhh, much more


Tagging: @venus-doe @darkrae13 @freezeflame-official @friku8706 @satanfruit-draws @mscryptic @best-idiot @losertale @tinynightmaresakura @m-e-l-v-i-n-b-o-r-g @the-silver-blueberry @discopanda81116 @shusha-doodles @forgottenpetal @starlightz4lifexkatekun @strangememegoth @creativewritingpracticestudio  @headoverhiddles @skin-slave and anyone else can do it!


Nickname: Kaka (my sisters, parents and maid call me that)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5

Hogwarts house: Harry Potter isn’t really my thing

Last Thing I Googled: Sausage Party Mr. Grits

Songs Stuck in my Head: Other Friends

Following: 290

Followers: 249

Amount of Sleep: idk ┐( ˘_˘)┌

Lucky Numbers: 658 and 46

Dream Job: Animator

Wearing: Red shirt and checkerboard pants

Favorite Song: Happily Ever After from “Steven Universe: The Movie” (NateWantsToBattle Cover), Other Friends, Bubblegum B*tch, Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen

Favorite Instruments: I don’t really play them, but my favorite one is the electric guitar

Random Fact About Me: I love to imagine my favorite characters in a music video when I listen to music that are so catchy

Favorite Authors: None

Favorite Animal Noises: Cats’ meow, and the peacocks’ squawk

Aesthetic: Light blue UwU

Ima tag @ilhamiman, @justanartdork, @cupheadgirl843, @nightsoulvixen, @askstuff-forstella-andfriends, @artsmith04 and others. :3

Nickname: Janny.

Zodiac sign: Aries

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor (Still not a Harry Potter fan)

Height: 5'6"

Last Thing I googled: The definiton of Simp-

Song stuck in my head: Uncrowned, and Fears, both by CG5

Following: Ten thousand something.

Followers: Last I checked, 131

Amount of Sleep: What’s sleep-

Lucky numbers: Numbers with the same number in them, 3, and 7

Dream Job: Character Designer/Show Creator/Animator.

Wearing: An auqa T shirt and some gray sweatpants

Favorite Song(s): Addict, Build our Machine, Instruments of Cyanide, Meet thy Maker, Gospel of Dismay, I am me, All Eyes on Me, Alice’s Tango, Masterpiece, Uncrowned, Absolutely Anything, Fears, The Chalice, United We Stand, Left Behind, Unfixable, Kings and Queens, As the lights go out, Another Date(Remastered), Here Comes the Ladies, Brothers in arms, Greedy, Cuphead Rap, You signed a contract, Roll or Die, Alice Vs Boris Rap, etc.

Favorite Instruments: Guitar, Violin, and French Horn

Random Fact about me: I like art. A lot.

Favorite Authors: Rick Riordan

Aesthetic: Black, Dark purples, and purplish pinks

@shinnystar2003 @manncheez @breezy-bru @artistic-marie @cal-leandros-fan001 @flowerrose14 @artsmith04

Nickname: Marie or Artistic

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw the best one

Height: 5'4ft I’m smoll–

Last thing I googled: Baby pigeons

Song stuck in my head: Revenge party

Following: 38

Followers: 66

Amount of sleep: Not enough

Lucky numbers: 5? How do you even know your lucky number wth

Dream job: History teacher or art teacher

Wearing: My pyjamas, it’s quarantine what did you expect?

Favorite song(s): Primadona and Kiss the go-goat

Favorite instrument: Piano?

Random facts about me: I come from the land of maple sirup and moose

Favorite author: Idk I barely read lmAO

Aesthetic: Soft? I’m not good with aesthetic. I really like cottagecore

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artistic-marie·2 days agoText

Name: Aiden and Nadia

Age: Aldult

Gender: Aiden is male and Nadia is a trans female

Species: Snake

Height: 7ft tall

Personality: Aiden is pretty nice and childish, while Nadia is pretty cold an serious.

Short Bio: The twins are hellborns. Probably got buyed by the cats at some point. Idk-

Any other interesting info: They are both extremly venomous, so if you get bitten, good luck buddy. They are also a guard in the castle.

• • •

And now 2 more dumbasses to ad to the list of my dumbasses–

Anyways the royal cats belong to @akis-wonderland and @shinnystar2003 💛

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artistic-marie·2 days agoVideo


(if you can’t see it just tell me)

Part 10 is finally here…and this might be the last one for a while

Mariposa belongs to @bloomingsoulflower

Aspen belongs to drama-ostrich on deviantArt

Phantom and Azzerin belong to @gimmieasmile (not really active on here though)

Cath belongs to @scribble-hearts

Blu belongs to @space-thot-monto-430

Sawyer, Sheila (who’s song got the video copyrighted so she’s sadly silent) Juliet, Bianca, Hallie, Varanus, Roxxie and Crestina all belong to @thatnicedeerdemon

Lauren and Kayla belong to @artistic-marie

Kaoru belongs to @cal-leandros-fan001

Eira, Tallie and Pellagra belong to @dreamer-from-elm-street

Diana belongs to paraiy

Davy and Pacifica belong to @valkyriexpandora

Death, Philip, Bellatrix, Winter, Clareice, Argayn and Phobia belong to @thebonemummy

Dalisay belongs to @littletarsier

and finally, Carrie and Maya belong to @abi-sain

Hope you all enjoy!


Look at all these babs 💜💜💜

These songs go way too well with my 2 babs

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artistic-marie·3 days agoPhoto


❚❙✨🔥 Fire 🔥✨ ❙❚

Daiki: This insatiable thirst it’s like a blue flame…


💦*Cries in panish* 💦 💝❤💟💞✨💖💖🌹🌹 ahjajajdhaha!! made this draw was a fucking kick in the ass as always!!! X’D But what can I say? I’m feeling happy to have taken this challenge and finish it as good as I could! TWT  🔥💓  I don’t know if the water and the Japanese arch is good;;;⛩ BUT I TRIED MY BEST! >8′U)9 ✨✨🔥💖💖

Also, I love the flames, and the pose… and the arch, to be my first time I think the result is good :’D)9 YEY!  ✨✨✨ Daiki is demon inside that simple appearence EUE  👌👀💦🔥💖✨💕💕

And yes, the song is from Dororo’s opening, that was my inspiration each time I heard that song I imagined my baby boy Daiki I love it IT FITS PERFECTLY!!! >D,,<  😩🎶💘💘

PLS Support me with your like and reblog you will help me a lot!  (︶ω,,︶) 💕



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Or well, some of the baddies for Hallow’s Orphanage xp
Spark belongs to @littlespooksaskblog, Dr. Edward belongs to @differentmusicsketchmug, Bonelle belongs to @justanartdork, Persephone and Lance belong to @akis-wonderland, Kayla belongs to @artistic-marie, Lisa belongs to @shinnystar2003 aaaand Mononym belongs to @edgealiedoodles!

So many baddies, I loVE THEM ALL!! x’3

Eyyyy it’s everyone’s favorite bastards!!

All of these doodles are amazing as always UwU

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artistic-marie·7 days agoPhoto


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Generation 3!

Lex and Zuma have already been reserved, but everyone else is up for grabs! if one of your ocs wishes to adopt one of these babies, just message me and we’ll take it from there xp


I’m not sure if I’ll get one so it’s a maybe-

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artistic-marie·8 days agoPhoto



WOO! They’re finally here, ladies and gentlemen! The refs for all the kids will go up tomorrow and offiically be up for adoption! As a reminder, Hallow’s Orphanage is an in-world thing, so you’ll have to have one of your Ocs adopt them, if one catches your eye xp

Shappa belongs to @cal-leandros-fan001! Thank you for giving me this idea lmAo xp


Hit me with the new babs!!

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artistic-marie·14 days agoAnswer

Send this to the 12 nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get 5 back you must be pretty awesome. ❤️❤️❤️

Hhhhhhh, thank you so much! Ok so…12 people…i can do this, probably

@thatspectacularpigeon @that-crazy-australian @what-username-where @bean-of-cheese @emo-est-slinky @adorkablecatnamedkyoko (don’t think you were getting left out here) @definitely-a-living-human @qackydontus @linkwantstobeawinchester @ihassheepquake @jiamplify @remusthedukeofdeodorant

Aaaaaaahhhh I’m terrible at tagging and I feel bad for missing people out. Yallre all so nice. I love yall

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