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arvoze·18 days agoAnswer
Does knaveve cook for tepopo? Does he wear an apron for it or something?

i made SO many fucking images for this .

no. knaveve does not cook. knaveve is an extremely bad cook. he doesn’t know shit.

he grew up with shit being handed to him whenever. he didn’t learn how to do anything. leaving home was identical for a while but the majority of important meals have either been made for him (in later years it’s kuchichi’s job until tepopo gets involved) or just like. microwaved stuff

knaveve’s cooking tastes disgusting. it looks horrible. he has no idea what he’s doing but he think’s he’s the second best in the whole world (with the first being tepopo)  . nobody but tepopo tells him otherwise

the other 2 images i did are very good and i will post thm seperately :-) but tepopo is one of if not the chefs on my roster and actively enjoys cooking! its 1 of his fav hobbies. kuchichi can cook too but finds it more of a chore and is less experienced :-) she and tepopo cook together sometimes but i have a scene written somewhere with tepopo cooking w/ knaveve and nadede around him and knaveve helps him a little but not a lot. i cant get it cuz i gotta get in bed lol

knaveve enjoys baking though, and in the future he runs a bakery alongside froyoyo! (this is the period where he is married & has children, so its basically the “end” of his “”story””). so no, knaveve doesn’t cook for tepopo, not really, he can give it a go but it wont go down well, but tepopo will cook for knaveve, and does so a lot :-) tepopo wears an apron that knaveve got for him. aprons arent really needed

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arvoze·2 months agoPhoto

im holding an event in my server with 3 themes and 1 of the themes is “candle”. although i am hosting it i still wanted to draw what was on my mind associated with it

twitter is better i post there more ->

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arvoze·3 months agoText


oc asks that reveal more than you think

  1. Do they sleep with a stuffed animal? If they have multiple, who’s the favorite?
  2. Can they take care of a plant? What about a pet? What about a child?
  3. Ask them to describe their love interest.
  4. Do they look good in red?
  5. Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Will they give one, and what about?
  6. Who will they take advice from, no matter what it is? Who won’t they take advice from, no matter what it is?
  7. Describe them in three words. Now let them describe themself in three words.
  8. Do complex puzzles intrigue or frustrate them?
  9. Do they empathize with non-sentient things (dolls, plants, books…)?
  10. What age do they most want to be right now?
  11. They’ve won the lottery. Spend, or save?
  12. Do they like romance in the books they read (or in the book they’re in)?
  13. Name one thing their parents taught them.
  14. Would they agree with the term ‘guilty pleasure’? Do they have any?
  15. What would they consider a waste of time– other than school or work?
  16. If money wasn’t a limit, what would they wear?
  17. Do they like children?
  18. Kissing: tongue or no tongue?
  19. Do they study before tests? Practice before job interviews?
  20. What do they like that nobody else does?
  21. What would it take for them to break up with someone? What would be the last straw?
  22. Do they like being called pet names? Do they call other people pet names? What’s their go-to?
  23. Stability or novelty?
  24. Honesty or charity?
  25. Safety or possibility?
  26. Talent or effort?
  27. Forgiveness or vengeance (or…)?
  28. Would they date a fixer-upper?
  29. What recurring dreams do they have?
  30. What would they do if they knew it would be forgiven?
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arvoze·3 months agoText


knowing that someone actively ENJOYS the things you create.. is an absolutely wild feeling. like, my entire chest is just full of warmth rn because i was able to make someone’s day just a teensy bit better ya know? catch me in the corner, gently crying

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