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Gemsphere / Masterlist
Tumblr media
Season: Autumn
Writer: Yuumasu
Proofread by: nazunyan + ciel
Rough Diamond: 
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
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Gemsphere / Rough Diamond - 3
Tumblr media
Season: Autumn
Writer: Yuumasu
Background: TV Station Set Backstage
Mitsuru: ♪~♪~♪
Tetora: Looks like Tenma-kun’s in a good mood~
Mitsuru: It’s all thanks to the bread Anzu-nee-chan gave me! Bread always puts me in such a good mood ☆
Here-here! Teto-chan should eat some too! 
Tetora: I’m good. I’ve already eaten a ton, so go ahead and help yourself to the rest.
This is the first time I’ve seen so much bread at once. It’s like a month’s worth of bread.
Mitsuru: Really? For me, this is less than a week’s worth.
Shinobu: Mitsuru-kun probably prefers bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Though I suppose bread can be part of all three of them too.
Mitsuru: Fufun. I’ll always have room for bread ♪
Nazuna: Bread’s pretty great, isn’t it? It’s easy to carry around with ya.
Watching Mitsuru-chin eat made me pretty hungry too. I might stop by a convenience store to buy ice cream.
Tetora: Can I come with you? Apparently they’re selling limited-time kalbi rice balls.
Shinobu: I shall follow you too! Convenience stores are always changing up their products so it’s always a lotta fun to visit one.
Mitsuru: Ooh, I’ll come too! I’m kinda thirsty so I wanna buy myself a drink~
Tetora: Eh? We still got a lot of stuff here, are you really planning to buy more?
Mitsuru: Duh! And you can never have enough bread~!
...Eh? I think someone was knocking just now.
Nazuna: Ah—that must be Anzu.
Heeeeeey~ Anzuuu~ Everyone’s already finished changing, so you can come in now. 
Good work, Anzu. How’s the thing we talked about going? ...Oh, you’ve contacted the client already?
I can keep the box for a week as long as I don’t break it… Thank god.
Shinobu: The box… break it… Are you perhaps talking about the secret box earlier? 
Nazuna: Yup. I wanted to see what was inside it so I asked permission to investigate. 
I gotta give this to my professor as soon as possible. I hope I can meet them tomorrow. 
Tetora: Umyu… I’m also curious about what’s inside, but why would you go to such lengths just for that?
The staff couldn’t open it, either. It’s definitely gonna give you a hard time, y’know. 
Nazuna: Yeah, I know but… I just can’t help myself. 
When we introduced each treasure, we read the letters that came with them aloud, right?
I was the one who read out the letter about the secret box, and it's been lingering in my mind since then. They said they inherited this box from their grandmother. 
“Inherited”, implying that their grandmother has most likely passed away. She probably left this behind as a momento. 
Even if it’s for a TV program segment, it was still appraised by an expert. If we don’t find out what’s inside now, it may remain unknown forever... 
Whenever I think about it, I can’t stand the idea of giving up. I wanted to do something for them, so I asked Anzu if she could negotiate.
...Hm? You were also interested in what’s inside, so you were glad that I asked?
Shinobu: Nito-dono, I also feel the same way. I’d like to help even if my contribution won’t be much.
Mitsuru: Me too! If we all work together, I’m sure we can open this!
Tetora: How about we all work together to force this thing open?
If we do that, I’m confident it’ll open. Like chopping roof tiles―
Nazuna: No way, we can’t do that! I only got to borrow it on the condition that I wouldn’t break it.
Tetora: Ahaha, I’m kiddin’. This box looks pretty sturdy, so I’m not actually planning on it.
Nazuna: All right then, let’s get going. Anzu, I’m going to the convenience store with everyone, wanna come?
Tetora: ...Eh? You still have work to do? You sure are hard-working, huh… 
Mitsuru: I got this from you, but here’s some bread! 
Eat this and feel better! Woo~ Woo~ Anzu-nee-chan ♪
Tumblr media
A few days later, after the day of the shooting
Background: Nazuna’s University
Nazuna: Heeeyyy, Anzu! Over here!!
Sorry for making you wait. One of the guys from my class got a hold of me.
...You feel bad for asking me to come and meet you all of a sudden? Don’t worry about that. You came here to give me stuff I need for work, right?
Thank you for taking the time to come all the way here. I’ll read through this before our meeting. 
...Did I find out anything about the secret box?
Nope, not at all. My professor was quite shocked since it was his first time encountering such a mechanism. They tried whatever they could but it still wouldn’t open... 
My professor suggested that I should take it for a CT scan(1) and requested it to a reliable laboratory, but I declined their offer since it’d take a month to finish. 
I’m looking through books from the library about crafts at the moment. I’ve borrowed a buncha books from our university’s library, so I might be able to find something...
Tumblr media
Nazuna: I’ve only got a few days left until I have to return this secret box, so I’m gonna try to do everything I can to open it. The other three are also working hard to open it.
Since I’m the oldest, I can’t go throwing in the towel just yet!
...I’m reliable? Haha, of course I am. I’m ‘Nii~chan’ after all ♪
You’ve grown into a brilliant producer, but you’re still probably going to run into trouble from time to time.
And whenever that happens, you can always rely on your Nii~chan. I’ll always be there to help you… 
A computerized tomography scan (CT or CAT scan) uses computers and rotating X-ray machines to create cross-sectional images of the body.
Proofread by: nazunyan + ciel
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Gemsphere / Rough Diamond - 2
Tumblr media
Season: Autumn
Writer: Yuumasu
Background: TV Station Set Backstage
Shinobu: “―and the estimated price for this traditional Japanese doll is… five million yen~!”
Mitsuru: “Ooh~ In their letter they said they bought it for a thousand yen, so that means… whoa, it’s worth five thousand times more than that!”
“Five thousand’s huge! I can't even eat five thousand pieces of bread in one go!”
“But why’d we price it for five million yen? Is it an old doll?”
Tetora: “Yeah, but I don’t think it’s worth that much just ‘cause it’s old.”
“This doll was apparently made by a famous artist, but the artist hid the doll away from the public so it was never actually shown to the world.”
“An incredibly rare posthumous work like this is only gonna increase in value as time goes on. Seems like the person who appraised this doll also wanted it for themself.”
Nazuna: “No way, that’s how amazing it is? Now that’s what I call a bargain!” 
“Thank you to the person who sent this for the appraisal request. Coming across a doll like this is a once in a lifetime experience, so please continue to cherish it ♪”
“Okay then, it’s finally time for us to say our goodbyes. How did everyone feel about the ‘Treasure Appraisal’ segment?”
Mitsuru: “I’m still not satisfied! I wanna see more and more treasures!!”
“If you guys found this interesting, please leave a comment on the program’s website! If we get a lotta responses, we might come back to do this again!” 
Shinobu: “Next week’s theme is, ‘Doki Doki Ruins’. It still hasn’t been revealed which idols are gonna be hosting it, so keep an eye on this show’s social media for any announcements... ☆”
Tetora: “Alrighty then, See ya!”
Nazuna: “Bye-bye~♪”
...All right, good work today, guys!
Mitsuru: I’m kinda hungry cause I kept talkin’ during the show.
...Anzu-nee-chan, ya brought some bread for me? Ehehe, thank you!
Chomp-chomp, munch-munch ♪ Bread after a long day of work is delish~!
Tetora: It’s a pretty good snack~♪
Anzu-anego, you got a minute? It’s about the time we spent filming… 
We got kind of carried away and took longer than usual episodes. Is that fine with the program?
Shinobu: ...Ooh. You're always on top of things, Anzu-dono! You've consulted with the staff already?
Tetora: The length’s fine since they’re still gonna edit it…? Whadda relief...
Shinobu: I wonder what the finished product will look like~ I’m looking forward to the day this gets broadcasted… ♪
Nazuna: Edited... Hm? What’s up, Anzu?
The program’s producer praised my performance as the MC? I actually hadn’t given it that much thought, but I’m glad to hear it!
It’s probably thanks to my experience with leading Ra*bits and being part of the broadcasting committee ♪
...Hey, Anzu. Do you remember the “secret box” we couldn’t open during the program?
Yeah, that. We had no idea how to open it, so what’s inside is still a mystery. I wonder if they’ll still broadcast that part.
...I see. They’ll probably edit that part out.
That makes sense. Since we have never found out what was inside of the box, the audience will probably just be disappointed by it.
…Hey, Anzu. Do you think I could borrow the secret box for a while? 
There’s a professor at my university that’s familiar with traditional crafts. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to open it, but they might know something about this if I asked them.
Even if this won’t be broadcasted in the show, I’d still like to do something for the client who sent this to us.
Proofread by: nazunyan + ciel
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Tumblr media
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Gemsphere / Rough Diamond - 1
Tumblr media
Season: Autumn
Writer: Yuumasu
Background: TV Station Set Backstage
Nazuna: “Welcome to the variety show that connects idols to viewers at home, Happiness Jam!”
“Good evening! I’ll be your host, Nazuna Nito from Ra*bits! Next up is一”
Mitsuru: “Yaay~! I’m Ra*bits’ proud superstar, Mitsuru Tenma~☆”
Tetora: “Ossu! Ryuseitai’s Tetora Nagumo here! Hope you’re ready for what we have in store for you today!!”
Shinobu: “From the same unit, Shinobu Sengoku of Ryuseitai! We four will be your guests for this episode!”
Nazuna: “As always, this program has a tradition to have a new theme depending on the guest idols. The theme for today’s episode is…!”
Mitsuru: “Tadaaah~! It’s ‘Treasure Appraisal’!”
“We’ll be takin’ it upon ourselves to appraise all of you guys’ treasures durin’ the show~!”
Shinobu: “The treasures we’re going to introduce today were recruited from this program’s website. Truly, thank you to everyone who submitted their treasure~”
Tetora: “We've got all sortsa treasures, all piled up and ready to be assessed! Please stick with us all the way to the end~☆”
Nazuna: “Alright then. The first treasure is… Well, before we get into that: Since we’re already here, we idols will be showing off the ‘treasures’ that we found within our own houses.”
“I can’t promise you guys anything as extravagant as silver or gold, but my personal treasure is this, right here ♪”
Tetora: “Hmm? A tiny li’l ring~?”
Nazuna: “It’s a ring made for babies called a baby ring. It’s a present that my parents gave to me when I was born.”
“Like the European legend that says children born with a silver spoon in their mouth will gain happiness in the future. Which is why people would often give their children silver spoons when they're born.”
“As time went by, the custom changed into giving them silver rings.”
Shinobu: “I see. Since it’s a ring, does that mean you can wear it?”
Mitsuru: “But if it’s that small, you can’t fit it on your finger, right?”
Nazuna: “Yup. That’s why I attach it to a chain to turn it into a necklace. But I rarely wear it since I don’t wanna lose it.”
Tetora: “A present given at birth is definitely treasure-worthy~”
“It’s my turn now, right? I’ve brought a mysterious DVD for mine!”
Mitsuru: “There’s no sticker on it, what’s the video about?”
Tetora: “I have no idea, which is why it’s called mysterious. The data was corrupted so I couldn’t check what’s in it一”
“However! The program’s staff hired a specialist to restore its data!”
“A never-before-seen mysterious DVD of the Nagumo family is about to be revealed! I haven’t watched it myself either so I’m looking forward to it~!”
Shinobu: “Wow… This seems to be filmed on a Sports Day. Judging by the atmosphere, is this in a primary school?”
Nazuna: “...Eh? Didn’t that kid just now look like Tetora-chin?”
Tetora: “Hm? Which one?”
Nazuna: “Uh… Ah, found ‘im. That kid wearing a red and white cap backwards.”
Mitsuru: “Now that ya mention it, they do look identical! It’s a tiny version of Tetsu-chan! Kya~kya ☆”
Tetora: .....
“I wonder when this was taken…”
Shinobu: “What do you mean when? It happened on your Sports Day, right?”
Tetora: “...Oh. Right, yeah.”
“My parents both work, so they never had the time to visit for school events at all.”
“I pretty much just took that as the norm. Which is why I thought they wouldn’t come during Sports Day either.”
Tumblr media
Tetora: “From the video, it looks like they left after watching me run the 50-meter race…”
“Back then, I didn’t notice the way they were cheering “Go, go, Tetora!” but now it’s like, hitting me right in the feels.”
“Ahaha… Seems like this DVD became a bigger treasure for me than I had imagined.”
Shinobu: “Nihihi. I’m happy for you, Tetora-kun… ♪”
Mitsuru: “The show’s only just started, but it feels like we’re at the climax already. I wanna show my treasure too!”
Tetora: “Sorry for getting too deep into it—Next up, Tenma-kun! You take the lead!”
Mitsuru: “Fufufu. The treasure I brought is a bread-shaped eraser!”
“This thing’s amazing! I bought it when I was still in middle school, and even now it smells like freshly baked bread~”
Nazuna: “Sniff-sniff… It’s true! Kinda brings me back~”
“I also had scented-erasers when I was younger. But I lost of them somewhere.”
Shinobu: “And I as well. Mitsuru-kun’s incredible with taking care of his things~”
Tetora: “But Shinobu-kun must be really good at taking care of his things. That scroll ya have there looks pretty old.”
Shinobu: “Mufufun. This is a hidden scroll of the Sengoku family, passed down from generation to generation一”
“I’d be happy if that were the case, but my family does not possess such a thing.”
“This is just a ninjutsu scroll I found at an old bookstore last year. The owner mentioned that it was from the Sengoku period but…”
“It doesn’t have a date anywhere on it so I’m not confident it’s true. That’s why I brought it with me, since I wanted an expert’s opinion.”
“The result of the appraisal is inside this envelope. Nito-dono, would you do the honors of reading it?”
Nazuna: “Yup, gotcha. Lemme see… The result of the appraisal is一”
“It’s apparently a replica, but this scroll is still a hundred years old.”
Tetora: “Umyu~ That’s too bad, Shinobu-kun.”
Shinobu: “Yeah, a little. But it’s still from the Taisho era. It was still a long time ago compared to when I was born, so I’d still consider it valuable.”
“I’ll continue to take care of it! Thank you for the appraisal ♪”
Mitsuru: “A baby ring, a DVD, an eraser, and a scroll were a~ll of our treasures! It’s so cool!”
Nazuna: “And none of it was about the price someone paid or its general worth.”
“Alright then, thank you for waiting this long. We will now reveal the treasures that has arrived in the program!”
Tetora: “Happiness Jam, starts now~!”
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Midnight Encounter
Tumblr media
Season: Summer
Writer: Yuumasu
Background: Seisou Hall Common Room
Tetora: (Whew.. That’s all for today’s quota!)
(Using a treadmill ain’t all bad, but it totally can’t beat outdoor running.)
(Running with all my might and feeling the wind against me feels amazing~ Not to mention, the continuous change of view.)
(But I’m kinda starving… Must be ‘cause I had my dinner early.)
(Uu~... I wanna eat something but I gotta endure it ‘till breakfast… I’m just gonna go back to my room and sleep right away.)
(Wasn’t there a rustling sound coming from the kitchen just now...)
(Ah. There it is again…)
(It’s too quiet for a person to be there… Umyu…)
(I think it’d be better if I check out what it is. At this rate, I won’t be able to go to sleep with this bugging my mind.)
Tumblr media
Background: Kitchen
Tetora: (As I thought, there’s no one here. Although, I do hear sounds from behind the counter…)
(Could it be a criminal…? No-no, the security in Starmony Dorm should be flawless…)
(I’m getting more and more curious! I’ll just check real qui―)
Kuro: Huh!?
Tumblr media
Tetora: T-Taishou...?
Kuro: Jeez, it was just you, Tetsu. Ya freaked me with your yell.
Tetora: I’m so sorry! A huge shadow came outta nowhere so I couldn’t help but...
Taishou, what’re you doing here in the first place?
Kuro: I’m just lookin’ for somethin’. I’m sure I put it on this shelf.
But it’s pretty tough to find ‘cause there’s a lotta people putting their things in here too. It’s part of the inconvenience of shared spaces.
Tetora: Taishou, what’re you trying to look for? I’ll help you look for it too.
Kuro: Nah, it‘s fine. it’s just cup ramen, two guys shouldn’t be looking for somethin’ like that.
I put my name on it properly, but... Did someone carelessly eat it or somethin’…?
Tetora: Cup ramen... Is it fine to eat that at this hour?
Kuro: Ya talkin’ about how ya’d get fat if ya sleep right after eating? If your metabolism’s fast enough, it won’t be a problem if ya do it once in a while.
But Hasumi will complain non-stop if he finds out ‘bout this. So keep quiet ‘bout this, ‘kay, Tetsu?
Tetora: Ossu, ‘course I will! I’ll carry this secret to my grave!
Kuro: Uh, I’m not demanding that kinda pledge.
...Oh, finally found it. Two of them even.
Come join me. Here’s yours.
Tetora: Woah… Oh! Thanks, Taishou.
But is it really fine to eat this now? I could just have it tomorrow morni―
Kuro: Your stomach’s growlin’ pretty loudly. You’re not foolin’ anyone, Tetsu.
Don't overdo yourself. Let’s go eat together ♪
Tetora: You’re right… Uu~ I feel kinda embarrassed…
Erm.. I’ll go prepare the hot water!
Kuro: Then I’ll get our ramen ready. Lemme just tear off the film and...
Tumblr media
Tetora: This should probably be enough water... Heheh, I’ve become a master at using kettles!
Kuro: Is that really somethin’ to be proud of? Ya just have to pour in water, press a button and there ya have it.
Tetora: Ah well, it was kinda hard for me. I was only able to learn how to use a kettle after practicing a lotta times.
You may not know about this but, I’ve actually once caused an explosion in an oven at Yumenosaki before.
Kuro: An oven? Didja make a bomb or somethin’?
Tetora: Nope, I was trying to make chocolates since it was Valentines’ Day.
Kuro: Wait a minute, the ingredients to make that are cream and cocoa powder, right? How were ya still able to make it explode? Did ya add gunpowder in it?
Tetora: I got no idea, it was just a mess. Cooking’s pretty hard, huh~
Kuro: I think it’s tough but probably not around that level…
Oh, looks like it’s boilin’.
I’ll pour the hot water. I’m worried you might burn yerself after hearing your story.
Tetora: Ossu! I’ll prepare the chopsticks in the meantime.
Thank you for the food! Mmm~ this ramen sure hits the spot~
But I still feel a lil’ guilty for eating this now…
Kuro: If you’re scared of getting fat, why don’t ya just stay up for a while? I don’t mind stayin’ up to talk to ya.
Tetora: Is that okay with you!?
Kuro: Yeah. It’s been a while since we last had a long conversation anyways.
Oh right, I was pretty worried ‘bout the karate club. How’s it been since then? Is it still as chill as ever?
Tetora: Yeah! Ever since you visited as an alumni, everyone’s been pumped up!
There are even members who’d practice early in the morning on their own.
I was able to learn a lot about handling my club juniors thanks to your visit, Taishou.
Now, I’m actually able to feel more like a Buchou!
Kuro: That so… Then how about next time, I come see how much your leadership skills have improved? ♪
Tetora: A-Are you talking about me!? I think I’ll be too nervous by your presence, but...
It’ll be great mental training for me, so feel free to visit anytime!
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Shining Sparkling Star
Tumblr media
Season: Autumn
Writer: Yuumasu
Background: Seisou Hall Common Room
Mitsuru: Look, my name is in the end credits! It’s amazing! 
Nazuna: Of course it is. You starred in that drama too~
Hajime: Fufu. This is the second time I’ve watched this drama but it was still entertaining.
Since I already know what happens in the story, I ended up discovering new details I hadn't noticed the first time. Those two hours surely went by so quickly ♪
Natsume: It was also entertaining for me as a first-time watchER. But I must sAY, no matter what Mitsuru-kun’s role iS, I still see him as an energetic boy who runs around anywhere and everywheRE..
It was quite the novel experience to see a completely new side to yOU. I didn't realize you could play the role of someone so coOL.
Arashi: I've heard the rumors, but it was still something else to see with my own two eyes! Even though I knew it was just Mitsuru-chan, my heart was still pounding... ♪
Especially that scene where you were asserting your dominance—I almost let out a squeal! 
That was so far away from the Mitsuru-chan that I know—it's almost as if you were a different person! How were you even able to pull off that role?
Mitsuru: They said I should be serious and cool and other stuff like that! Tomo-chan taught me how to act that way, so I did my very best!
Oh, and I had you in mind when it came to what sorta expressions I should make, Arashi-chan-senpai! What do you think? Was I cool?
Arashi: Oh my, me? Ufufu, that is such an honor. 
That’s right, you were very cool.. ♪
Mitsuru: Yaaayy! Arashi-chan-senpai praised me~♪
Hajime: Fufu. Isn't that great~? Because of this drama, it seems like people have been referring to Mitsuru-kun as an “ikemen”(1).
I’m often called “cute”, so I’m a little jealous of how people praise you for how "cool" you were ♪
Mitsuru: Ehem. Hajime-chan can also look cool if Tomo-chan teaches you how to act! I'm sure you can do it!
Hajime: You really think so? Tomoya-kun?
Tomoya: Mmm, I dunno. Considering it’s you and all, Hajime… You should try to imitate what Mitsuru did in the drama.
Hajime: Got it. ...There!
Tumblr media
Tomoya: Woah!? 
Hajime: “Don’t make a sound… It'll be a huge problem if we get caught.”
How was that? Was I also cool enough?
Tomoya: Hey, don’t push me down all of a sudden!
Hajime: Eh~? Even though you were the one who told me to imitate Mitsuru-kun... 
Nazuna: Haha. It was pretty amazing, but Hajime-chin will always be Hajime-chin. It was adorable.
Mitsuru: Lemme give you an example instead! ...Here!  
Tumblr media
Natsume: WaH… 
Mitsuru: “Don’t make a sound! It'll be a huge problem if we get caught!”
Natsume: And that earns you zero poinTS. Come oN, get off me alreaDY. 
Arashi: His acting just now felt like his usual self ♪
Tumblr media
Mitsuru: Ahaha. It’s hard to act all of a sudden~ Before we start shooting, I’d always dash around to get into the mood. 
Nazuna: Speaking of shooting, Keito-chin mentioned that he happened to see Mitsuru-chin on set.
“He’s grown up to be more diligent about his work,” he said. Even though he rarely ever compliments anyone ♪
Mitsuru: Really? I gotta thank him later then.
It was hard playing a role as an “ikemen”, but I really enjoyed myself during the shooting.
Plus, our location is always changing! So I’d be like: where are we gonna shoot today~? And get all excited and stuff—and that got me real pumped up!
One of the actors there who knows that I like bread would always bring a lotta bread for me to try!! So I also gave them bread in return! 
It’s really an amazing food that can help connect people~! Ehem! That’s bread for ya ☆
Hajime: Fufu. I see that Mitsuru-kun never changes even on set.
Tomoya: He's just always going at his own pace no matter where he is. Well, that’s probably Mitsuru’s strong point anyways. 
Natsume: AnywaYS, this is an interesting way to market yourseLF. Is this the direction your agency wants you to gO?
Mitsuru: Market myself?
Natsume: YeS. How “Mitsuru Tenma” is marketED. 
Your fans who are already familiar with you standing on stage as a member of Ra*bits will get to experience a whole new side of you through this draMA. 
On the other haND, fans who come to know you through the drama will be blown away when they see you perform on staGE.  
That kind of gap isn't something anyone can simply dO. If that isn’t something that wasn’t instructed or planned by you thENー
I think that is an amazing talent you posseSS. 
Mitsuru: I don’t really get what you mean, but I think I just got praised. I’m glad to be praised a lot! Being praised feels good~♪
Nazuna: Fufun. My kids’ potential is pretty amazing, huh~
Of course, it's not just Mitsuru-chin! Tomo-chin here does his best in theater and Hajime-chin keeps on sharpening up his cuteness skill!
Everyone is really growing to be wonderful~ Uuuuu!
Hajime: Wh-Whoa! Nii-chan, please don’t cry!
Arashi: Here, a handkerchief. 
Nazuna: Sniff-sniff. Thank you, Arashi-chin...
Arashi: He really does have an amazing talent… 
Hey, Mitsuru-chan, what kind of role do you want to act in next?
Mitsuru: Next? H~mm… 
Nah. It’s not like I’m plannin’ on becomin’ an actor so I can’t think of anything right away.
But I’ll still do my best with all the roles I’m given! Now that I can do both “cool” and “cute” roles, I can grow so much bigger! 
Because I’m Ra*bits’ proud superstar! I’ll continue to dash in the future with everything I've got!
Tomoya: In order to do that, you also gotta do your best in your studies. Hard work is also important, okay? 
Mitsuru: I’m not good at that kinda thing… Tomo-chan, you do it for me!
Tomoya: How would that even work? You should do it yourself~
Mitsuru: Wah! Then I’ll half-do my best!
Tomoya: The ratio isn’t the issue here! 
Arashi: Fufu. That sight surely puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to everyone’s future ♪
Mitsuru: Yup! Please look forward to it~☆
Ikemen is a term that’s used to reference good looking/handsome men, primarily younger men.
Proofread by: nazunyan + sophie
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