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((Ask Blog for Hetaoni!Italy. I am Ask-P2Italy on here already and this is actually a side blog to it. I didn't want to make another account in case this fell through. Heh heh. So go ahead! Ask the poor dear anything!))

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ask-hetaoni-italy·6 years agoText

((Holy crap on a sandwich! There’s so many asks in my ask box– And they keep COMING. AHHH.

Not that that’s a bad thing, but if I’m going to get through them in the next century, I’m going to have to close the ask box for a while. Sorry, guys 8D;;

But at least I’m updating again! Yayy! 8D And it’ll be more than one ask this time, I promise.

Also, may I point out THIS?:

WHAT… IN THE WORLD?! How do you people keep finding this place?! X’D Oh my god– I don’t understand X’D

Either way, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay u v u I hope my slowness hasn’t made you hate me yet. *BRICK’D*))

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ask-hetaoni-italy·6 years agoPhoto

… many times. They wouldn’t listen to me. They just thought that I was getting scared and making up excuses to leave. Only later did they realize that I was telling the truth… sometimes, too late. So after a while, I decided to give up on warning them and instead focused on trying to get everyone out alive. That’s what’s important right now.

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoText

At last, it is time to announce the winners for my 400+ followers giveaway!

First Place: yes-this-is-mamas-blog
Second Place: fufflebutt
Third Place: ask-thebrokenamerican

Congrats, everyone! 8D Sorry to those who didn’t win. Don’t worry, though! There will be future opportunities!

Remember! If I don’t get a response within Two (2) Days, I will draw for your place again. Okay?

Until next time, my friends<3

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoPhoto

As thanks for you lovely people following me, I’m going to do a “400+ Followers” giveaway! Yay!~ This will be my first giveaway thing ever, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Since I don’t really have anything to physically giveaway, I shall be doing an art giveaway! Essentially, free commissions! 8D


  • 1st Place: A fully colored picture (including shading and (optional) detailed background) of up to three (3) characters AND two (2) separate, shaded, single-character busts* (simple/no background).
  • 2nd Place: A flat color picture with (optional) simple background of up to two (2) characters AND one (1) flat color, single-character bust* (simple/no background).
  • 3rd Place: A black and white picture with no background of one (1) character AND one (1) single-character bust sketch*.

*Can be substituted for chibis instead.


  • 1 Like and 1 Reblog per person only. Any reblogs after one will not count.
  • You don’t have to be following me to participate, but it would be nice 8D;;
  • Your inbox MUST be open by the time the giveaway ends. I will need to contact you, after all!
  • The winners will be picked on 18 January, 2014. This gives you three weeks from now! Once chosen, I will message you. If you don’t get back to me within Two (2) Days, I will draw again for your spot. The only exception would be if I see on your blog that you’ll be away for the weekend or what-have-you. If you’re on a long hiatus, though, (like two weeks or whatever) I will draw again. I want to try to be fair to everyone since I understand that people have lives.
  • I might take a while on the prizes (since I can be slow), so I apologize in advance X’D
  • If you aren’t quite sure where your request falls or if what you have in mind exceeds the limit I have stated, but is that way for a reason (for example, if you got first place and you really wanted a picture of the Pre-Scratch Kids from Homestuck (John, Dave, Rose, and Jade) or something like that), feel free to ask me about it. I’ll try my best to be flexible with your request.


  • NSFW (some skin is okay, but no full exposure or sex, okay? Keep it PG-16, at least)
  • Mechas (some mechanics are okay, but no full robots, please–)
  • Wow, that’s it. X’D

I hope that all made sense. Haha. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor– *SHOT*

Remember, the giveaway ENDS on 18 January, 2014. Don’t forget!~

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoAnswer
Is this blog still running/active? *crosses fingers and whispers* Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes!

((Haha, yes, dear. It’s still running. Sorry for being so inactive. I’m jumping back and forth between my other blogs as well as trying to keep up with school, so sometimes I get quiet. XD That’s the only reason I haven’t been updating regularly. Sorry if I worried some people<3 And thank you sweetie for checking up on me. That was nice u v u))

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoText

*Just gets online and is looking through things* Tra la la la la~

*Gets to Tumblr*

Hang on a second…

Is that….?

300 FREAKING FOLLOWERS? XD Oh my god, are you kidding me?!

How is that even possible? Where did you people come from? XDDD I swear I was just at 200 just a moment ago–

*Cries forever* I love you guys. I really do q u q 

Goodness gracious. That means another “Thanks for #+ Followers” picture!~ 8D ThoughIstillhavetodoonefor200+ 

So what shall it be this time? Is there a particular picture that anyone wants me to draw or shall I decide and make it a surprise?

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoPhoto

… the others start to fall like dominoes. It’s like.. a trigger effect or-a something. I’m not quite sure. S-So, instead of trying to help get the others out and risking anyone else’s life, I run to turn back time as quickly as I can so they won’t have to suffer any more deaths…

I know.. that sounds a little mean, but I want everyone to get out of here. I’m not leaving anyone behind, ve…

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoLink
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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoPhoto

I mean… it seems that every time we enter this place and that Thing shows up for the first time… he ends up screaming and running away. That’s what’s expected of me, not him! Being trapped here with a monster like that.. really must terrify him. He still tries to hide it, but still…

I-I don’t think he’ll go crazy, though. No. He’s stronger than that. If I can do it, he surely can! I know it!

Ve… if he ever found out it was my fault for all of this mess, though, he would be really angry with me. I think he may end up more angry than scared at that point! Heh.. eh..

I hope he’d be able to forgive me.


Sorry~ I got a little off topic there~

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoPhoto

Ve… Unfortunately, we already tried doing that. To doors, walls, windows, anything we could think of! But when we actually do break something, the hole seems to magically fix itself before we can do anything at all! America almost got his arm stuck in a wall once! It was-a really scary…

Grazie for the support, though, signorina! It-a really helps~ ^ v ^)b

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ask-hetaoni-italy·7 years agoPhoto

England can’t turn back time. Even if he knew how, I don’t think he has enough magic to do it, ve.. He said it was weak, si?

((Nobody remembers that instance when England turned back time when Italy couldn’t. Everyone’s memory is reset when they go back in time in general (except Italy, of course), but since Italy died in that loop, he doesn’t remember that loop. Does that make sense?))

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