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ask-survivor-bane-ann·20 days agoPhoto


Greetings everyone. I’m Edgar Valden, a highly renowned artist. I was not planning to be answering questions as I am very busy creating masterpieces, but my apprentice Galatea has decided that we both will run this account. Though I’m quite annoyed that she decided this on her own, I will accept the challenge.

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ask-survivor-bane-ann·2 months agoPhoto


Because i had a really bad week and need to vent on it a bit. People keep asking me for a new expression meme sheet and here you go after all those years. You can use it or not use it as you like QwQ just pls credit me. Thanks :3

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ask-survivor-bane-ann·3 months agoText


“Ah, hi! I’m the new hunter of this manor, call me Galatea! Show me around, alright?”

[Ask box for Galatea, The sculptor is open!]

[Hi, this is mun, I love my precious sweetheart so I made a blog for her :D]

[This is only my second time doing this the first time failed horribly please dont hurt me :3c]

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ask-survivor-bane-ann·5 months agoAnswer

Parasite tilted his head, feeling Lucifurr's judgemental stare shooting right through his soul. "Miss Ann I know you're more of a cat person but.. Spare some sypmathy for the mutt?"

“I have much sympathy and love for all of God’s children. You needn’t worry about that….though…. you might want to watch out for Lucifurr when you walk. He might trip you.”

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ask-survivor-bane-ann·6 months agoAnswer


This is probably not the kind of love you were asking for but I did hold some familial love for someone who wasn’t an animal and coming from a home where it was only me, I enjoyed it. During a exploration, I had found a kid that was hurt and needed some assistance and he had stayed with me for at least half a year until his family was able to find him. That time, I saw him as a little brother or son and it was a very nice feeling. I never knew I could have such a raw feeling of familial love for someone who wasn’t blood related or an animal.

I should have kept that kid though…because if I did then I might have been able to stop the next series of events and I could have saved that sweet kid that I thought of as a son… Sometime love hurts more when you least expect it.

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ask-survivor-bane-ann·7 months agoAnswer

Ann: A story about stars? Well, I do remember a lot of nights when I was at the church and I would always be the one with a very late shift to take down left over sheets that other sisters wouldn’t get. It was honestly very relaxing, I rather do enjoy being able to take such a task. The air was always fresh and it was peaceful, no noises besides the sleeping creatures of the night. Sometimes, I would stay outside longer and wonder what kind of life I would live, what greater things would there be for me if I had become a normal woman rather than a nun… I dont regret it.

Bane: Night time was the time I worked best at. Most people would always be stupif enough to go to the manor at night, unaware of traps laid out and sometimes I would catch some stupid kids stuck in a tree or God forbid them caught in a bear trap. You’d think the keep out signs would stop them, it never did. Even so, nights could be peaceful. I rather enjoyed whenever the forest was silent and my deer companion visited, looking up into the sky, knowing that everything would be OK. As a resident and the grounds keeper of the manor, it was my job to make sure everything was ok. It was something i can control and that eased my worry and concern for my wild friends.

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ask-survivor-bane-ann·7 months agoVideo


From @triumphant_teagan: “Your day just got exponentially cuter… you’re welcome! ❤️⁣ …⁣ Baby kittens in homemade sock onesies are beyond cute, but please remember these tiny kittens are wearing sock onesies to help prevent serious suckling injuries. Kittens are born with a natural desire to suckle ( it’s how they survive) but orphaned kittens have no mother to suckle on. This means they will root around and aim for anything that protrudes. Sadly, that often means their litter mate’s genitalia. Inappropriate suckling for kittens this small can lead to infections and even severe injuries. They’ve already lost their mother, so sock onesies help to keep the kittens protected and together with their litter mates for as long as possible. Sock onesies primarily work best on kittens 0-3 ½ weeks old. Once they begin using a litter box on their own, hopefully the suckling behavior has been curbed or even stopped completely.” #twitterweek #catsofinstagram

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Send a symbol, and my muse will tell a personal story about…

👻 - A paranormal encounter

🎁 - A creative gift they received

🐱 - A time they found a stray animal

😇 - Faith. Does not have to be religious

😈 - A time they played Devil’s advocate

🎃 - Carving pumpkins with their family

⭐️ - The stars

🌙 - The moon

⚡️ - Lightning

🌨 - Being snowed in

🌪 - Dangerous weather conditions

⛄️ - Building a snowman with a friend or loved one

🌊 - Swimming in the ocean

🤢 - Being sick

😷 - Being sick and forced to go to work/school

😰 - Taking care of someone who’s sick

🎤 - Singing

🎬 - Acting 

 🎼 - Dancing

🎲 - Betting or gambling

🎪 - A circus

🏖 - The beach

✈️ - Flying

🚂 - Trains

🕯 - Power outage

🗡 - Swords

🔮 - Fortune telling

🚨 - Emergency

⏰ - Alarm clock

❤️ - Love

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