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astaroth1357 · a day ago

Demigod MC Series: Ares

Demigod MC Series: Intro, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hades, Dionysus, Demeter, Athena, Hades Pt. 2, Poseidon, Ares


  • He cannot overstate what kind of damage this mortal was able to do in their first few seconds in the Devildom…
  • The instant they got to their feet, they had managed to incapacitate Satan and knock down Beel. Lucifer himself tried to get between them and Diavolo but…
  • If he hadn’t moved his head, if he was standing just ONE INCH to the left… he wouldn’t have a head anymore. Barbatos was there to intervene, but had he not they could have probably taken out the Avatar of Pride and done critical damage to the Demon Prince himself in one strike…
  • Frankly, Lucifer prefers not to dwell on that moment… He’s sure Ares must be proud of this one…
  • He pretty much treats the mortal like a live bomb afterward, if he can get away with not interacting with them at all, that’s what he’ll do.
  • He’s NOT scared of them… much… It’s just that they have a bullish and uncooperative attitude at best and since they know they can take any of them, they don’t even consider him - Lucifer, the eldest demon brother - a threat…
  • But you know what the most frustrating thing is? They won’t give him an inch of respect, but they’ll always listen to Levi! Levi!!
  • Look, Lucifer knows he may not hold a rank among the Hell’s army and he might not have been a major player in the Celestial/Demonic wars of the day, but he’s still the strongest demons here, dammit!! 😡
  • Lucifer finds nothing is more embarrassing than having to ask Levi of all people to keep the mortal in line because he can’t… Oh, the humiliation… He hopes they leave soon…


  • At first, he thought they were scary. But in time he thought they were scary… and also pretty damn awkward.
  • Mammon wasn’t there when they more or less wiped out the majority of his brothers in the Conference Hall but when he finally showed up he’d never seen Lucifer look so pale… If THAT doesn’t make you shit your pants, he doesn’t know what will.
  • Naturally, he kind of toned it down on the “stupid human” stuff real quick after seeing that…
  • But here’s the thing. After the two made a pact together, Mammon started to notice that the MC wasn’t all that mean, they were just… violent?
  • He legitimately thought that they couldn’t stand him for a while until one day a guy on the street called him a dirtbag. The MC threw a punch right there! No questions asked, they just decked that guy!!
  • It was kind of touching… and messy. Very messy. Did he mention that they’re terrifying yet? 😥
  • As it turns out, the MC has apparently spent a lot of their life just fighting things and being asked to fight things so they’re not very used to showing non-violent affection… 
  • It took him awhile, but he realized that their way of saying, “I like you,” is, “I will attack your enemies.” So now all he does when his brothers tease him is say, “I’m telling MC!” and they’ll stop immediately. It’s great!! 😁
  • Considers them to be his bodyguard when he goes out to gamble in some… shadier places. Most of the time not even the bouncers want to take on the MC, ain’t nobody getting paid enough to lose that many teeth…


  • Okay, so. It’s not very obvious anymore, but he USED to be on the front lines of the war against demons in the Celestial Realm. He was in charge of battle strategies, he led armies, and even now he still holds the highest rank of the royal navy!
  • So leave it to the kid of a war god to sniff all that out about him, huh…? They appeared to know all about his record the instant they saw him and they actually seemed to respect him for it!
  • For context, this mortal tells pretty much everybody to shove off but any time he’s around they call him “Admiral” or “sir” and actually pay attention to what he says! He can tell it drives Lucifer insane, but honestly? It’s a bit of an ego boost. 😌
  • It’s sort of cute when they come to him asking for tactical advice… They get just as into it as he does with his anime and any time he points out something that they haven’t seen before they get so excited it’s like they’re a kid watching a magic trick. HUGE ego boost. 😏
  • Speaking of anime, it’s hit or miss whether or not they can watch any of it. Anything with good fight scenes (and let’s be honest, not that much talking) they’re on board for. But if the hero and the villain talk to each other for like an episode before throwing punches then the MC will just rant…
  • MC: “The enemy is distracted… Why aren’t they attacking yet??”
  • Levi: “Because the villain killed the hero’s best friend and they’re-”
  • MC: “They could avenge their friend right now if they ended things right here!”
  • Levi: “MC, we’ve been over this… That’s not how plot works.”
  • MC: “And now he got away!! See?? They should have killed him when they had the chance!”
  • Levi: “*sigh*… Let’s just play some CoD.”


  • The last thing he remembered when the “human” hopped out of the portal was a sharp pain to the side of the temple and Asmo wailing as he fell unconscious…
  • Yeeeeah, not great. And unfortunately for the mortal the Avatar of Wrath tends to hold a grudge… 
  • For a comparatively brief moment in time, all of Satan’s considerable ire had shifted away from Lucifer and to their new housemate. They found their bed, clothes, pillows, food, and even their toothbrush cursed!
  • … But Ares kids must be built from some strong stuff, because half of what he employed didn’t even faze them! He even put an explosive spell on their backpack and not only did they tank the blast, it didn’t hurt them at all!! It was like they’re damn near immortal!
  • Annnnd they kind of are. Apparently the MC had taken a dip in the River Styx at some point before and became nigh invulnerable…
  • Was it maybe a little terrifying to know that they had kidnapped a nearly invincible demigod on the level of Achilles? Yes. Did that also mean that they must have had a weakness too? In theory….
  • Satan honestly devoted a depressing amount of time trying to uncover the “Achilles’ Heel” of his new sworn enemy… until…
  • The MC was walking with him and Asmo to RAD one morning when they passed by a group of lesser demons harassing a small puppy. Now Satan may be more of a cat man, but NO ONE fucks with animals while he’s around.
  • He was right about to go over and rip those demons a new one but the MC actually beat him to it! Apparently, the second that they realized what was happening, they launched themselves forward and started bashing the abusers’ heads into a wall!
  • … Live by violence, forgive by violence because in that very moment Satan decided they weren’t so bad after all. He even joined in!
  • Oh, Asmo gave them both shit all day for the bloodstains on their uniforms and the scratches on their… everywhere, but it’s not like either of them cared. Righteous justice had been served and it was glorious!!
  • 100% would team up with the MC in some kind of vigilante “punish-all-animal-abusers” gig. They have but to ask. 😌


  • Oh they TERRIFIED Asmo when they first showed up! How else was he supposed to react?? They brought down his brothers like they were made of cardboard!!
  • Though he had to admit that the confident, battle-ready look they had about them was sexy as hell, he knew better than to go bear poking! 😣 He avoided them like plague until they finally asked him for a pact.
  • And then he discovered something… something very unexpected….
  • They’re actually adorable!!!
  • Okay, like, not in appearance (they look like they could pile drive Cerberus for Pete’s sake!) but he discovered that they have NO CLUE how to handle physical affection. Like zero!!
  • The first time Asmo actually got the courage to try and hug them he expected them to toss him off, but instead they just stood there like a malfunctioning doll, all flustered and confused… It was so cute!!! 🥰
  • From that point on, Asmo would take every chance he could to wrap his arms around them or kiss their cheeks just to watch them try and fail to handle it. It’s more fun than picking on Levi!!
  • It took two months for them to finally attempt any kind of reciprocation and even that was adorable! They pecked him on the forehead without thinking about it then nearly passed out from the realization. Apparently, they had never felt like kissing anyone before so he was quite honored!
  • The brothers know that if the MC’s looking too mad to listen to Levi, they just need to call Asmo. A nigh invincible warrior becomes a LOT less scary after you’ve cuddled them into submission! 🤭


  • Beel didn’t like them one bit, at least not at the beginning. They had managed to get past him and actually attack Lucifer which was NOT a great first impression on their part…
  • He honestly saw them as a threat for a while, but unlike the rest of his brothers he didn’t avoid them. He just kept an eye on them…. constantly….
  • Look. Beel is a big guy. Stealth is not his strong suit… If he’s tailing you, you’re probably going to know about it because there’s a six-foot something behemoth in orange following you around while pounding down bags of chips. He’s not very subtle…
  • That being said, after following them around for a while the two finally got to talking and he realized that they didn’t want to hurt anybody or anything. They were just acting on instinct before.
  • After making the MC promise not to hurt any of his family, they got on much better terms. Hell, he actually got them into fangol!
  • Beel’s sport of choice is pretty much just ultra-violent American football so the MC took a liking to it instantly! After enough begging, the coach let them try out and they got onto his team immediately.
  • He likes having them as a teammate! They’re very good at the game, uh… even if they take it a little too seriously…
  • They once tried to convince his teammates to decorate the team bus with “the helmets of their fallen foes.” They’re REALLY into the sport… But hey, they haven’t lost a game since they’ve joined. It’ll be fine!… Probably.


  • Hahaha… He’s in danger… 😥
  • It took one look at this mortal to make him rethink the whole, “Trick the Human” plan… Since when have humans looked like that?? They could crush his skull under their heel!!
  • It took all he had in him to play it cool when they first met because his internal monologue was nothing but screaming… THIS was the “human” he had to use to get him out of there?? How in the WORLD was he going to kill them?!
  • Admittedly, he had to think about it for a while. Belphie’s a clever guy… and a demon. So who needs an honorable fight, anyway? If he can’t win one-on-one, then he’ll cheat!
  • He waited until the MC got the door open and didn’t attempt a frontal assault… No laughter, no gloating. He just waited for them to turn their back, claws ready to dig out their heart, and then-!
  • MC: “Do you really want to try that?”
  • The MC must have had some kind of danger sense, because they didn’t even have to turn around to know what Belphie was doing…
  • MC: “Look. I like Beel and you’re his twin brother… So I’m willing to let this slide. But if you really want to try me…”
  • MC: *looks over their shoulder with the glare of a bona fide killer* “I won’t hold back.”
  • That was… very persuasive.
  • The MC brought Belphie down to the others peacefully with his tail between his legs and honestly Lucifer was more relieved that he wasn’t a bloodstain on the floor than he was mad… They could have killed him sooo easily… 
  • They did, indeed, forgive and forget about the whole “attempted murder” thing, though Belphie was never quite able to shake off how frightening they were in that moment… He had nightmares for a while.
  • Thankfully, Asmo clued him in that the MC would melt into a harmless puddle of fluff if they got even the slightest bit of physical affection… Oh, the sweet payback he could dish out… It’s cuddle time. 😏
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astaroth1357 · 2 days ago


*what seems like an average day in the brothers’ human world mansion is anything but… Out in the backyard, all seven Lords of Hell are all crowded around the pieces of a poorly constructed outdoor shed, shouting at each other*

Levi: *pulls his screwdriver out of the corner wall, having been attempting to put in the same screw for ages now* Satan, it won’t fit! Are you sure I’m supposed to use the NN screws?

Lucifer: *looks over from trying to jam a portion of the roof into the proper slots with Beel* What screws did you tell him to use, Satan? I thought NN were for the roof.

Satan: *holding a packet of instructions as thick as a novella and glaring at the diagrams like they’re heilographics* Look, I can’t make heads or tails of these directions!

Asmo: *calls out from inside the half built shed, trying to fix the bolts in the walls* Guys, the walls are coming apart!!

Beel: *repositions himself so he can jam the roof down with gusto, but it’s ineffective* Lucifer, I think we need more weight on top…

Lucifer: *sighs* Very well… Someone throw Mammon onto the roof.

Mammon: *digging through the piles and piles of bags filled with nuts, bolts, and Devil knows what else* Hey, not now!! I can’t find the damn washers! Use Belphie, he’s dead weight right now anyway!

Belphie: *laying in the middle of the shed floor, clutching a mallet and napping since he gave up hours ago* ZzzzZzzZzz-shuddupMammon-zzZzzZzzzz….

Levi: But if we throw someone on top right now, won’t the whole thing fall apart anyway…?

Lucifer: *starts grinding his teeth some as the roof pops out again, about ready to start punching the roof into place with his fists* Then someone find us some rope!

Asmo: I have some~!! 😘

Lucifer: Not that kind of rope…

Satan: *starts wandering around the outside of the shed, muttering to himself* If corner F is here then bolt BBB goes… Wait! I think I understand!! I know what it wants us to!-Uh…! Hold on… Never mind, no, I don’t….

Levi: *pulls out his cellphone* I think we just call MC…

Lucifer: Absolutely not.

Beel: *pulls the mix-matched piece of roof up and sighs* I’m getting hungry…

Asmo: *squeals and covers his face* Beel!! Put the roof back on! I’ve already been in the sun for hours and it’s going to destroy my beautiful skin!! 😫

Mammon: *comes running to the group carrying a single washer* Guys, guys!! I found one!!

Levi: One?! We needed twelve!

Satan: *about to enter full Wrath-mode and tear the instructions in half* HOW IN THE WORLD DO HUMANS READ THESE!?!

Asmo: 😨 Satan, no! That’s our only booklet!!!

Levi: Okay, I’m calling MC. *lifts up his phone*

Lucifer: Don’t you dare! I refuse to be bested by a piece of plastic!!!

Asmo: *steps out of the shed, shielding his eyes with his hand* Well then I’m going back inside, if anyone wants to join me.

Mammon: *tosses the washer over his shoulder* Best idea we’ve had all day!

Levi: *puts his phone down, shrugging* Works for me.

Beel: Mm… Ice cream… *drops the roof piece while Lucifer’s eyes practically glow in rage*

Lucifer: If you three think that I’d allow you to-

*Lucifer’s oncoming rant gets cut off by the sound of snapping coming from inside the shed as the bolts fail and the whole structure collapses in on itself… wasting half a day’s worth of work along with it*

Everyone: ….

Lucifer: … Never mind…

*there’s a collective cheer among the brothers left standing but as they turn to race back inside, Levi hangs back for a moment…*

Levi: Wait… I think we’re forgetting something…

*the plastic pieces all get pushed up as Belphie starts to crawl his way to the top of the mess*

Belphie: Uh… hello???


All: 😨


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astaroth1357 · 3 days ago

How the Brothers Would Feel About the MC Crushing On the (Un)Dateables 


Diavolo- This man is so conflicted… He really, really wants to tell Diavolo to back off but like… it’s Diavolo. It’s not like he can actually do that… The best he can do is work his ass off and hope the MC comes to their senses soon enough…

Barbatos- Oh. This one hurts a little. If there’s a single person in the Devildom that breathes capability more than Lucifer, it’s Barbs, so essentially losing out on MC for being just slightly not good enough is going to sting. Competitive mode engaged, he now needs to master EVERYTHING (including them) to prove he’s worth their love.

Simeon- If Barbs stings, then this is personal. NO. He’d rather they’d date Mamm-actually that’s too extreme-Levi! He’d be less angry at Levi… He will glare daggers at Simeon any time he’s around and don’t think you’ll be spared either MC. This is betrayal of the highest caliber…

Solomon- Solomon is annoying, the MC liking Solomon is annoying, their relationship as a whole is going to be annoying… And now he’s paranoid that the MC may try to leverage him into a pact with that irritating sorcerer… Devil spare him…


Diavolo- *immediate financial insecurity* Look, babe, he can’t give ya a castle but there’s better things other than Grimm! Right? Right?? Please don’t go with him, how in the world is he going to compete?!?

Barbatos- Oh come on! Barbs is like Lucifer, but somehow even more boring!! They can do so much better if they don’t saddle themselves to the butler!! 😠

Simeon- Okay, what does that guy have that he doesn’t?? An award-winning multimedia fantasy series? Angel wings?? Good shoulders?!-Wait hold on, what was that first thing? Is Simeon actually loaded??? One second, MC. OI SIMEON, BUDDY-!! 😁

Solomon- Hate to break it to ya, MC, but Solomon is bad news and you shouldn’t date him. Period. Done. End of discussion. But dating the Great Mammon on the other hand-! 😏


Diavolo- His worst nightmare has been realized… Not Diavolo, anyone but Diavolo!! Even against MAMMON he has a shot, how in the world can he do better than royalty?!? It’s not fair, IT’S NOT FAIR!!! 😫

Barbatos- Not his second worst nightmare too!!! 😭 Not even Lucifer could win against that guy!! Just throw in the towel and put him out of misery why don’t you??

Simeon- As the lifetime president of the TSL fanclub, he must say!!!- Yeah, he kind of gets this one. I mean, he’s not happy but Simeon is THE Christopher Puegot!! He’s pretty much unassailable at this point. 🤷‍♀️

Solomon- He likes Solomon enough thanks to TSL, but like… Are you sure MC? His morning breakfast is a lethal weapon… 1,000 damage at least… And he’ll make it every day… His bedtub doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? 😌


Diavolo- He can see the logic of marrying into royalty… Certainly for a human. When you have such a short life, why not spend it in luxury? Don’t think he’s giving up, though, because for every content but stagnant royal, there’s a dashing rogue to sweep them off their feet… 😏

Barbatos- Again, solid choice, MC. Would say no to having someone as capable as Barbs on an everyday basis? But you know, he’s pretty capable too! Just… you know… Give him a century or so to catch up…

Simeon- Hold on, since when was the competition this serious?? Can he go back to just trying to beat out his brothers? There’s hardly a chink in Simeon’s armor, how is he supposed to get around that??

Solomon- Now okay, this might be a bit rich coming from him of all people, but you can’t know what Solomon’s thinking most of the time, MC… You shouldn’t trust him. And even if you did, he’d poison you on accident…


Diavolo- Strong arms, barrel chest, fantastic physique… Nice taste, MC~! 🤭 Oh, there’s no point in being jealous of royalty, but have you really thought about your choices here? Why be with a Prince when you can be with the most beautiful creature in the universe?? Really! Just think about it!

Barbatos- Oh, oh!! 😃 It’s just like old times again! Asmo, Barbatos, and Solomon (now MC!) tearing up the town!!… Huh? What do you mean he’s not invited?? Well, we’ll just see about that… 😤

Simeon- Oooo~! Who could blame you, MC?? He’d love to take a bite out of that angel any day… But he is an angel, you know. You can only have so much fun there… Not like you could with him, anyway~ 😘

Solomon- Yeeessss! He’s in full support of his two favorite humans coming together as an item! Oh the fun they can all have together!! (Ssshhhh! Not now, Solomon! It’ll be great! He’ll be on his best behavior, don’t worry… 😏)


Diavolo- They can eat at the Demon Lord’s Castle… everyday?? Yeah, he totally gets it!-Hm? You mean they’re not with Diavolo for his food?? … Are they sure? It’s really good food…

Barbatos- Gets it in a heartbeat. I mean, if HE could eat Barbs’ cooking everyday he’d marry the guy too-Huh? They aren’t interested in his cooking either? … Do they understand who they’re talking about though?? That has to matter! Right??

Simeon- Mmmm…. BLTs…. 🤤 Don’t tell him… No?!? MC, he’s very concerned about your priorities… 😥

Solomon- No. He will not allow it. He’s lost Lilith already, he’s not going to lose MC too to Death by Tuna Surprise… Either MC moves on or he’s taking Solomon’s hands. Not his kitchen, just his hands. It’s the only way to keep them safe… 😔


Diavolo- No. They can pick anyone else, but not Diavolo. Lucifer already licks the guy’s boots and he’s not going to lose MC to him too… Prepare for whiny Brat Mode in full force. 😒

Barbatos- I mean, sure, if you want to be with someone who’s always super busy and will never have time for you… Barbs is a good choice. But if you want someone you can actually be with, you should stay with him - you know? Throwing it out there… 🤷‍♀️

Simeon- The angel? Really? I guess you want the man upstairs breathing down your neck then he’s great. 🙄 What? He’s just saying… 

Solomon- Why would you want to be annoyed to death?? If Solomon isn’t being frustrating, then he’s probably going to kill them with a ham sandwich. Think about it, then get back to him - he’ll bring the blankets this time. 😏

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astaroth1357 · 3 days ago

MC: Anytime I’m watching a show and I see a problematic character that I shouldn’t be attracted to, yet am - I say, “Hello, Bad Decisions, how are you?”

Belphegor: *walks in room*

MC: ‘Sup, Bad Choices? How’re you hanging? 😁

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astaroth1357 · 4 days ago

Who I Am + Blog Updates

This is just going to be me rambling about myself for a hot second. If you’re only interested in what’s happening to the blog, read below the cut.


First, I’d like to say to anyone worried that I’m doing much better. My appetite is returning steadily and I’ve been able to eat again. The nausea has died down so things are all staying down like they should.

In my time away from Tumblr, I’ve had a lot of time to think, dissect what happened, and parse out my feelings… It’s been enough time for me to build up the courage to say some things about who I am and why all of this hurt me so much more than I think it should have…

I mentioned here before that I have a degree in Religion, which is true, but my second degree is in Political Science. I minored in Legal Studies as well as Peace and Conflict. I’m gearing my life towards combating the use of the judicial system to mandate matters of religious belief. I feel such attempts have been unfairly targeted at the LGBT+ community and are also a miscarriage of free practice to the thousands of non-religious people or people of different faiths in my country.

But I also don’t wish to be hostile to religion. Though I don’t often agree with the issues they raise, I understand that the religious feel their concerns genuinely. I want to be able to mediate their fears with the social reality of the world around them so that maybe they can find less harmful or exclusionary ways to still maintain their beliefs and their strive for their ideal afterlife.

This last point is very difficult, but I think is important. So much demonization gets thrown around everywhere now and that approach is unproductive… Change happens best and is more lasting when primed with empathy and understanding. I’ve read the research behind this and seen it to be true with my own eyes. But you don’t get there without knowledge, compassion, and trust…

This is who I am and who I want to continue to be. These past few days have been a real challenge to that… It felt like some in the very community that I want to defend had turned on me and it hurt far deeper than I would have expected it to… I’ve made mistakes that I deeply regret and wish that I could take back, but I’ve also held to my convictions. In the end, I think I would be betraying far more than just myself if I went back on those. And after much thought, I’ve made peace with that… I don’t hold any ill will against anyone and I will continue on my path to do what I think is right.

Going Forward:

What this has taught me, though, is that I think I need to disengage from the community… for mental health’s sake. I saw things being said about me, some by creators that I deeply respect and still admire, and I won’t lie that it hurt quite a lot… I’ve rarely felt as powerless as I did then… It felt like my actual thoughts weren’t cared about and it put some things into perspective for me…

I’m here to write. That’s what I started this blog for, at the end of the day that’s all this blog needs to be. That can continue without “me” there, if that makes sense. It was an experiment for me to try to be more open and engage with others to start with, and in all honesty, it’s never felt all that natural anyway…

I’ll continue to write and post my HCs here through my queue but my actual personal engagement will decrease quite a bit. I’ll keep the ask box on for right now, but it will only function in a suggestion capacity. No Q&A, requests, or responses. You’ll also likely see a lot less of me posting about my life, thoughts, and experiences or responding to others. My blog is still mine, there’ll just be a lot less “me” in it.

I don’t take this as a sad thing. In actuality, it’s like a missing aspect of my creativity has come back to me! I feel as if I’m writing without an audience again, which was the happiest point I’d ever been while creating content here… Just letting my ideas flow freely, no schedule or pressure to make it enjoyable to anyone but myself. That’s all this needs to be and I’m glad to be returning to it.

Don’t worry, the content will still be there and more will come in the future, but now I go at my own pace and follow whatever ideas that I want to do. I want to thank everyone for the love they’ve given me, parting even partially is still bittersweet, but I’m excited for what may come in the future.

Thank you all. Truly. 😊

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astaroth1357 · 6 days ago

How u doing deary?

I guess I owe y'all an update… In all honesty, not all that well. My body has kind of turned against me and I haven’t been able to eat for a few days. Don’t worry, I’m not in any pain. I’m either just too nauseous or not hungry at all. A side effect of stress or how I’m feeling I would assume…

I’m getting a lot of sleep, I’m not sure if it’s helping but it’s a little solace if nothing else. I’m trying to play my comfort games too to get my mind off things but I get distracted… I want to start writing again soon enough when my creativity comes back to me, but I’m a little hesitant… I’m sure I’ll get over it with time.

It been getting a little better everyday, so I think I can rebound after a little while. There may be some changes to the blog upon my return, though. Thank you for your concern…

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astaroth1357 · 8 days ago

This is going to be my last post on this subject, I would appreciate if you hear me out…

First, I want to say unequivocally that I am sorry. I’m sorry to anyone that I’ve hurt, I’m sorry to anyone that I disappointed, I’m sorry to anyone who felt marginalized or hurt by my handling of the situation. It was wrong of me, I see that now, and I accept responsibility…

Secondly, I want to reiterate what I said in my original post. I care for the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, what have you. And I do what I can to not cherry pick this principle (minority or majority, I always try to approach every individual as that, a person, with a unique perspective, thoughts, and feelings to share with me if they’re willing). My blog is a reflection of me and my stance on this. I do have people of several backgrounds as my friends, family, and colleagues and though I don’t claim to perfect at always knowing how to address what troubles them, if it involves my behavior I always try to make an effort to correct myself and not let it happen again. They are who I think the most about when approaching the things I know that matter…

Thirdly, transphobia is a big deal. It is not something to be taken lightly. It effects the wellbeing of trans individuals everywhere and I never meant to downplay that. I know what hate feels like. I had to be careful of which friends I visited in my hometown because their neighbors would shout and threaten to shoot me for the color of my skin. I don’t wish that feeling on anyone… I’m so sorry if I’ve made you feel unheard… It was never my intention.

Fourthly, a short background on me… I study Comparative Religion at the academic level (had it not been for COVID I would be going for my Masters right now). I was raised Unitarian Universalist and though I don’t follow as much any more, its principles of unity and respect are still ingrained in my soul (if I were to have one). That is to say that I’ve been personally exposed to multiple practices, faiths, personalities, and viewpoints.

The first thing you learn when you’ve had that much exposure is everyone, and I mean everyone, believes differently. They may use the same book, but have different interpretations. Merely saying it is or is not in the scripture means almost nothing when the words themselves could be interpreted 5 different ways by 5 different people (including yours and my own). To anyone who says that by subscribing to a religion you must subscribe to all its views, I’m sorry but I believe that in practice that view wholly incorrect. Belief is individual and should be regarded as such.

I am personally friendly to religion, I have to be, it’s my area of study. I think it’s a beautiful expression of culture… But that doesn’t mean that I hold any of the views they apposed or agree with everything I hear. It took me years to learn for myself that tolerance is not acceptance, because if asked for my opinion I’m not afraid to speak it if it differs. I’m quiet with my opposition, but that’s because outright denounce things left and right only ends a conversation before it can start.

The difference in my approach to some people’s is that I don’t shut out different beliefs, nor do I assume that a person of faith can’t be spoken to. As I’ve said, the same book can have a million interpretations. Sometimes it just takes respectful discourse to see things a different way. A way more true to who the person wants to be, while still maintaining their goal of salvation. It takes a while, a long while, but it never starts with me shutting them out completely.

You are not me. You’re free to disagree with my approach, you’re free to disagree my beliefs, you’re free to hate me or how I have handled this, but I think it’s important that I at least share where it is that I’m coming from… I understand that my situation is different from others and I have the privilege to make this kind of decision. I’m so sorry to anyone I’ve hurt…

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astaroth1357 · 8 days ago

Girl I hope none of the trans friends you claim to have sees your answers, they'd be your ex friends immediately. Also dismissing transphobia as drama? You really looked at the screen and went "Yes, that's a valid answer." Hats off to the clownery 🤠

My apologies… I don’t want to hurt anyone…

I think I need a break for a few days…

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astaroth1357 · 8 days ago

Oheyfox literally said that being trans is a sin according to their religion??? How is this political in any way???

I’m only highlighting this comment because I’d like to explain something as someone who has had these conversations many, many times before… Divorce this from the oheyfox situation, this is broader than them.

Someone may tell you the tenets of their religion says that something is a sin or should be condemned and mean that in a “The Book Says” way. I mean that as in to say, by scripture or by teaching, they are accurately summing up what their practice believes on a certain matter. “The Book” doesn’t change (most of the time).

But people are not their scripture. They may ascribe to a certain religion, but they can disagree with things about it. Beliefs are not so black-and-white… The stereotype of fundamentally religious people is that they never question anything, but that’s not an accurate portrayal. Some people question everything. Others are okay with most parts, but have serious doubts about others. Some people may ignore entire tenets completely, but still identify as their religion because they “keep the important parts.”

The fact of the matter is, you never know what a person actually believes or how they’ll act/treat people until you ask or see them do so personally. Assume nothing based on tenet or scripture, belief is personal. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Also, I consider this more drama than a political situation. I just had to express some of my more political views to get my point across (though I’m not sure why considering it political would make it any less important… Maybe because I live my life in politics, everything is politics to me anyway. 🤷‍♀️ I’m not joking, politics and anime are all I talk about. I’m a very boring person.)

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astaroth1357 · 9 days ago

Ohey fox is transphobic....

Ah. Well. This is certainly awkward… If this is true, I did not know. I’d like to give @oheyfox a chance to speak for themselves on the subject, they may do so privately to me if they find it prudent. I would like to make my own judgements on the situation based on more information…

I had honestly been dreading something like this occurring, which is why I don’t interact with people very often… Puts you in sticky situations sometimes… Please bear with me for a moment, I think before I engage this topic there are some things you need to know about me and who I am.

I would first like to make clear that I personally support trans-people and trans rights on this blog and in real life. Those are my deeply held beliefs and they will not change. Many important people in my life are trans and though I admit I’m not the most educated, I try to put their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing first however I can. That goes for all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national creed, political party, etc.

Where things are bound to get controversial and where I know people will disagree with me is how I personally approach people with views or beliefs that disagree with my own. I’ve grown up as a mixed race, blue-blooded liberal in a white-bread deep red state. I’m very used to disagreement or views that I fundamentally can’t support. However, I’ve found the “just cut them out” approach very unproductive…

Shunning people doesn’t really sway their opinions any, nor does give my own a rightful challenge. I can’t stand echo chambers. I don’t want to be fed information I already believe is right and I believe that learning to speak to, discuss, and - yes - (respectfully) debate people who think differently is the healthiest approach to dissent going forward. If you believe in your ideals to be just, your reasoning to be sound, and have faith in your ability to convey those things honestly and with respect, then you should have nothing to fear when speaking to someone who disagrees.

I’m one of those people who believes that, fundamentally, most everyone wants to live as a good person. They don’t go out seeking to actively hurt anyone and if they do, it’s because they feel they are just in doing so. In those cases, it’s just a matter of presenting them reasons why they’re mistaken - which is best done with patience and empathy. Some of my best friends have had radically different beliefs than I had when I first met them, but with patience, understanding, and a lot of long conversations that really isn’t the case anymore.

If oheyfox is indeed transphobic (which, again, I’d like their word on that) then I will not be promoting them on my blog anymore. Regardless of my personal stance on dissent, this is still my platform. It is as much a reflection of me as it is a dumping ground for my ideas and that is not a view I wish to reflect. I’d encourage oheyfox to talk to me, if they’re so willing, because I’d like to know what it is they believe for myself.

So sorry for the long post, but this was important enough to me to address… And I’m really sorry if I come off as overly preachy, it’s the Political Science, Philosophy, and Peace and Conflict mix in me coming out… ^^“ I know not everyone is going to agree with me and I’m prepared for that.

Thank you and please have a wonderful day/night.

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Headcanon Quickie:

Barbatos’ fear of rats all stems from discovering the mother-of-all “Rat Kings” in the Castle Dungeons centuries ago… Now every time he sees a rat, he jumps onto the nearest surface and screams for a broom.

He’s very reluctant to go into the Dungeons by himself and usually asks Lucifer to come with him. If he even so much as hears a squeak, Lucifer has to bridal carry him out of there like a panicking 50s housewife.

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“Mummy. Mummy. I love my new bed!!”

I’m glad you do, sweetheart. It’s just…

It might be a little big for you….

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astaroth1357 · 9 days ago

MC Falls Out of Bed

May or may not have been inspired by true events.


  • Groans at their clumsiness, but gets up to make sure they’re okay. Tucks them in extra tight afterward so they can’t move at all before going back to bed… There. Safe.


  • Gets pulled out of the bed too and lands on top of them… is whining now… Someone push him off…


  • I… uh… How? How did you fall out of a bathtub?? Helps them up only after he’s done being confused and laughing his ass off… 😒


  • Panics for like half a second then helps them up and tends to any injuries. Later on, he texts about the incident to the others so they can all have a good laugh…


  • Panics for a lot longer than a second and scrambles to help them up. Insists that they have to sleep EXTRA close to him now so they won’t fall out again. 😏


  • Actually genuinely concerned about their wellbeing and acts like it. Is now paranoid that he pushed them out so he now sleeps on the very edge of the bed so they get double the space…


  • Either sleeps right through it or rolls over, snorts, then goes back to sleep like an asshole…


  • Laughs, because it’s funny, but helps them back into bed. Has servants put fluffy pillows on their side every night just in case it happens again.


  • Very concerned and insists on giving them a check up before letting them back into the bed. Humans are very fragile, after all… Chuckles about it to himself later though.


  • You’d think they were a baby. Man scrambles out of bed to go check on them then straight sighs in relief when they’re alright… Makes a few light jokes at their expense later (because again, it’s pretty funny 🤭).


  • Points and laughs at them before helping them back in. Enchants the bed so that the blankets catch them if they ever fall out again.
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Okay guys! One last Valentine’s Day hurrah from me and I figured now would be the best time to show some sorely needed appreciation to fellow creators on the site! Consider this a shout out to some of my favorites! Though I may not be able to read or browse y’alls content as much as I used to (and even if you’re not that active) I think you’re wicked talented anyway and wish you a Happy Valentines Day!! Go look at their things!!!


@obae-me (@marajordyn)- I would be remise not to include Mara at the very top, I honestly owe you so much, you don’t even know. So much of my early writing was either inspired or modeled after what you were doing and wouldn’t be anywhere near the writer that am I today without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 😊

@sevendeadlymorons- I’ve mentioned Xander before, but I’ll plug him again because he’s just that good. I love his characterization and I think he knocks it out of the park! (Plus he’s pretty good at writing the saucy stuff if you know what I’m saying… 😏). Check him out!!

@apparentlyaswarmofbees- Such a feel good blog for me and such a sweet person who runs it… The amount of genuinely amazing content they’re able to put out there puts me to shame every time I check. A must read, truly.

@princessozera- I think it should be fairly obvious by now that I like crazy, weird ideas. And, lordy, if there isn’t someone out there after my own quirky heart… If there’s any blog out there that makes me go, “Damn, that’s such a cute/fun/hilarious idea! I wish I thought of that!!” then they’re doing something, right. Keep it up, Ozera 😊

@obeyme-kaidii-writes- This blog is on hiatus, but the content is still among some the most enjoyable I’ve ever found on this site. My heart breaks for your situation, Kaidii… I understand how paralyzing anxiety can be and I sincerely hope that you’ll find peace soon… Take all the time you need. Even if you leave us, the quality of your work speaks for itself and you will be dearly missed.

@devildomqueen- If ever I were to bow to a superior writer, this is them. There hasn’t been one thing I’ve read from them were I haven’t come away grinning like an idiot or laughing my ass off. If they actually write books, it shows. If they don’t, why aren’t they? I would read them. The quality is off the charts (just watch out for spoilers! 😅)

@diavolosthots- A mention for this blog, of course! I genuinely would not be writing today if not for her. I was a fan for about a month before finally working up the courage to start a blog of my own and it’s been such fun ride ever since. Thank you!! 😄


@cosmic-whorror- So, I meant to mention this before, but never got around to it. You can thank this blog as pretty much the entire inspiration for writing Leviathan’s Odyssey. Their designs for Admiral/Naga Levi are a lot darker and almost gritty and I wanted to bring that beauty and menace to a canon for Levi becoming the Grand Admiral. You can guarantee that as I was writing Parts 6-9, I was imagining it in their art-style. So if you read this, thank you so much…

@pon-ee- Though you’ve defected to the Solomon-camp Ponee (don’t worry, I kid xP), your art is some of the most expressive and unique I’ve found here. Plus, how can I possibly look past how you made my little sea-monster loving heart flutter?? I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

@hhhany82- There are VERY FEW people on this site that I want to shake by the shoulders and shout, “How do you do that?!?” but this is one of them. Their art is beyond comparison, it’s honestly better than the stuff we see in game. So crispy, colorful, and faithful, I just love it!! I do doubletakes sometimes. 😅 A genuine talent and I wish them nothing but success!

@oheyfox- Their Mammon is my Mammon… Does that make any sense? Okay, how about the way that they draw Mammon is so fucking cute, it’s the only Mammon I accept and usually the style I imagine when writing the guy? There we go. Also, I love their rats (sorry Barbs… (not that Barbs 😅😂))

People I Just Really, Really Like in General

@levisnormie- Not sure how much more explanation this needs other than just, she’s awesome? Like. I don’t know who wouldn’t like Ley, but I wouldn’t like to meet them if that’s the case. We Levi/Barbs stans need to find solidarity together, after all.

@yandereskies- I could explain why Sky’s here, but no one else would have any other context for it so… Fear Lucifer’s Togepi. (But really, you got me through a pretty dark and uncertain part of my life so thank you… I hope you’re feeling better!)

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Satan: MC… We talked it out and my brothers and I have agreed that we’re splitting you for Valentines Day.

Solomon: *nods considerately* There shouldn’t be a bad piece as long as you cut horizontally…


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My lovely Charlie would like to wish y'all a Happy Valentines Day!

(That’s a lie, she has no concept of dates, but I’d like to so I’m using her as a proxy. Happy Love Day, y'all!)

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astaroth1357 · 10 days ago

If this isnt too much trouble when u get a chance could u perhaphs update ur masterlist please? 😅

Yeeeeaaah I haven’t done that in a billion years have I? 😅 I used to be on top of it, but ever since I had to split it in two it’s just felt tedious… I’ll get it done by the end of the day, thanks for the reminder!

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More Small Relationship Habits of the Obey Me Cast

Happy Valentines Day? It probably should be something bigger, but I’m bad at dates and didn’t plan. 😣


  • Often laces fingers with them while they sleep, he likes the feeling of their delicate human hand locked with his. It’s a quiet but indisputable sign of their connection…


  • Has tried on numerous occasions to write them love letters but he never likes how they sound so he scraps them… But since his room is so filthy, the MC can occasionally come across a tossed draft or two on the ground.


  • Takes the time to put little soft nubes over the sharp tips of his horns if he naps with MC because he’s terrified of poking their eyes out while they sleep…


  • Keeps a private collection of books with characters that remind him of MC. He’ll sometimes quote lines from their love interests to see if they work on the real thing…


  • If Asmo can’t get out to the club, then he’ll just want to dance with the MC wherever they’re at. He’ll put their favorite love song on and pull them into a slow dance in the middle of the House if need be.


  • This man loves hugs, but if he’s happy enough he’ll even scoop up the MC in his arms so he can kiss their forehead without bending over.


  • Does that thing where it looks like he’s about to go in for a kiss, but then just sidesteps them or rolls over instead. Jerk-ish as it is, it makes his actual kisses all the more surprising.


  • Lap sitting. Dia loves it when the MC sits in his lap - anytime, anywhere. He loves to sit in their lap even more, but then again so do some HUGE dogs and the effects are about the same.


  • Leaves little notes for them everywhere. In their pockets, by their bed, in their textbooks, etc. The notes are usually compliments, words of love, or reminders to stay healthy. The MC has no idea how he manages to hide them so sneakily…


  • Simeon yearns for their touch, but since he’s an angel he’s sometimes too nervous to initiate… So he’ll just hover around them constantly like a desperate puppy and hope they get the idea.


  • Surprise dates that are only surprises because Solomon doesn’t tell them where they’re going or that it’s even a date until they’ve been there for an hour… Fucking bastard…
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Sister: Happy Valentines Day!!!

Me: Dates are just a numerical device we use to contextualize our planet’s rotations around the Sun and a futile attempt to give the our lives the veener of control and agency against the apathetic flow of time. The significance we give to any one number in particular I need not concern myself with.

Sister: …. You forgot again, didn’t you?

Me: Yes, but I remembered your birthday this year. Cut me some slack.

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Demigod MC Series: Poseidon

Fishy fishy fishy… I honestly could write 100 more things for Poseidon MC and Levi. I just love the dynamic between an insecure, otaku shut-in and a chill California surfer dead set on becoming his friend.

Demigod MC Series: Intro, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hades, Dionysus, Demeter, Athena, Hades Pt. 2, Poseidon 

For anyone unaware, Poseidon is also the god of horses. I know it’s a weird combo, but I didn’t write the mythos.


  • …..
  • They came out of the portal….
  • On a horse….
  • They brought the mortal down to the Devildom…
  • On a goddamn horse….
  • There’s a demigod on a live horse brandishing a weapon and doing laps around the Student Council Room…
  • Congratulations, he already wants to pull his hair out!!
  • Honestly, it would have been preferable to pluck them out of the sea. At least then they’d just need a towel! What the hell were they going to do with an entire horse!?
  • And his nightmare didn’t stop there. Poseidon is a notoriously mercurial god, prone to bouts of anger and spitefulness for reasons far less grievous than kidnapping his children… 
  • Their apology was swift and (seemingly) effective, though the tide waters around the Devildom did rise by several feet for some time…
  • As for the MC… uh… Well, they’re an energetic one to say the least…
  • Lucifer hasn’t met a more active individual since Mammon. They horseback ride, swim, surf, skateboard, and probably do ten other things - the point is, they Hardly. Keep. Still! 
  • They’re also annoyingly easygoing… He can’t count the number of times they’ve told him to, “Just chill out,” or, “Hang loose…” What does that even mean??
  • Between having to order a stable made for their horse and just trying to keep up with them, Lucifer already thinks this mortal has caused him more trouble than they’re worth… At least they keep Mammon busy…


  • Upon first meeting them atop their horse, Sunset, his first thought was of course:
  • “I wonder if I sell that…?”
  • After that, they nearly fed him to sharks for trying to take their beloved steed on same night. Safe to say, he never touched a hair on its head again…
  • These two had a rocky start, but their relationship mended fairly quickly. As it turns out, the MC is literally one of those “go with the flow” types. You can say it was water under the bridge soon enough.
  • Mammon actually thinks the MC is a hell of a lot of fun, even if they’re super laid-back. Most of the time, they won’t take his drive for money (or fear of his bills) all that seriously and tell him that he’s worrying too much, but they’ll still lend a hand if its on their way.
  • He finds their ability to control water pretty cool as well. Levi has it to some extent, but the MC can make a whole-ass whirlpool or use water like a whip! 
  • He once begged them to call up some rare fish for him to sell, but they got all pseudo-philosophical on him about how “trading life for material wealth” is “not cool, dude…”
  • He also made the mistake of challenging them to a splash fight only once…. They managed to drench the whole family with a single wave….
  • The only thing that bothers him is their weird insistence on being Levi’s “Best Buddy…” Why would someone like them even bother with a shut in??
  • Is it the water? … Probably water. Levi, that lucky bastard…


  • Thinks they’re a big normie, no scratch that, a HUGE normie! The biggest normie he’s ever met!! They skateboard and horseback ride for Devil’s sake!!
  • …But they’re also, undoubtedly, the best friend he could’ve ever asked for.
  • To be fair to Levi, their friendship was sort of forced upon him. The MC took one look at him, his aquatic-themed room, and his pet goldfish then declared their new friendship status at that moment. 
  • Unfortunately for him, though, they’re energetic, extroverted, and generally have little understanding of personal space… aka, an introvert’s worst nightmare…
  • The next month could accurately be described as the MC doing everything in their power to make their stubborn “senpai” like them.
  • They would drag him out to the aquarium, beach, or pool; they befriended Henry so he could put in a good word for them; and they’d even bring him little gifts or trinkets they’d find on the ocean floor. Pretty shells and stuff like a cat bringing its master a dead mouse.
  • After he finally began to accept them as a persistent fixture in his life, he introduced them to gaming and anime and started accepting them little by little…
  • By the end of their stay, these two were practically inseparable. Not just because they like spending time together, but because they figured out they could have a telepathic link due to Levi being part sea serpent. 
  • No matter how far they are, they can always have a chat! (That no one else can hear so people think they’re just crazy…)


  • Satan honestly isn’t the MC’s biggest fan, he generally finds them too loud and gregarious for his liking. But their horse…?
  • He never really thought that he’d be a horse man… Yet it didn’t really take long for Satan to adore Sunset, their beautiful golden-maned mare. Apparently she’s not their only horse, but by far their favorite traveling companion.
  • Sunset is a wonderful horse - brave, strong, and well-trained. It only took a few weeks before he was regularly sneaking out to the stables to brush her fur or feed her apples…
  • After the MC taught him how to ride, that was it. All other forms of transportation were inferior to him now.
  • Satan would ride Sunset everywhere and he looked damn good doing it! It takes all that fairytale Prince Charming thing he has going on and puts it through the roof.
  • It’s a good thing too, because when I say everywhere, I do mean everywhere. Lucifer had to put seals on the House doors to keep Satan from riding Sunset through the hallways…
  • Of course, he’ll always let the MC have Sunset back when they need her!… with a little complaining but nothing terrible.
  • The MC doesn’t mind much because Sunset likes him and they know he takes good care of her, but the rest of the House is slightly unnerved at how quickly he went horse crazy… What if they brought a giant crab instead?? No one wants to deal with crab-Satan…


  • Their body is just scrumptious. Oh, how he could look at their swimsuit-clad figure all day!! 😩
  • Between the swimming and the fighting, their form is toned to all hell and he can’t get enough of it! Yes baby, yes!! Take those clothes off again!!! He’ll help~! 😘
  • When he’s not staring at them “totally respectfully,” then he’s inviting them out to pool parties or begging them to take him riding…
  • There are parts of horseback riding he doesn’t like, the smell and the jostling specifically, but there is a kind of… romance to it, no?
  • He loves having the chance to snuggle up to the MC as they trot around the Devildom! It’s so romantic, like they’re his knight in shining armor! (Or his demigod in a damp swimsuit, either works. 😏)
  • His Devilgram is just full of selfies of him and MC riding on the back of Sunset or sitting by the edge of the pool or them in the middle of a swim meet…
  • Yeah his Devilgram is now a one part him and one part MC-Appreciation account.
  • After the pact he’ll eventually cool down some and stop staring at them like a sex-object, but even then he’ll be at every swim meet. Don’t you worry~


  • He actually really likes them! It’s great to finally have another athlete in the House. 😊
  • The MC joined the RAD swim team just as soon the coach was able to convince Diavolo that having the child of a water god wasn’t completely cheating… 
  • Since swim and fangol practice ends at about the same time, they walk home together a lot and complain about… sports things… (Forgive me, I don’t know sports. Uhm… Rival teams? Coaches? That one drill everyone hates? Stuff like that.)
  • Beel also can surf, skate, and snowboard so the two have a healthy competition going. They’re about on equal footing so they tie often (except in surfing but Beel doesn’t think that should count cause they’re probably cheating).
  • The only thing that he has to watch out for is Sunset… As in, he has to watch himself around Sunset because he absolutely could eat her on accident… 
  • Look, he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t even like horse meat that much, but even he has to admit there are times he gets hungry enough to consider it…
  • Of course, he knows that if he ever did Satan would rip him limb from limb then the MC would drown the rest so he really, really tries to control himself… but still… She’s a very healthy horse…
  • At least he didn’t try to sell her like Mammon. The MC hung him over a shark tank for that stunt… He’d feel bad, but Mammon kind of had it coming.


  • The first time they met, the MC smelled like beach water and called him “dude-bro…” He didn’t like his prospects.
  • For a while, he genuinely thought that they had a lump of sand where their brain was. They were just too chill!! Here he was saying that he’s being held captive and they were like, “Well that sucks, man… I’ll help ya, but I’ve got practice tomorrow. You can wait, right?”
  • It’s not like he expected them to jump on top of it, but some urgency would have been nice…
  • When they eventually got around to helping him, he was actually looking forward to choking the life out of them for the extra wait. Unfortunately, they apparently had a horse…
  • Yeah, Belphie found out just a bit too late that the MC could summon their steed to them whenever they wanted and ended up with Sunset’s hooves firmly bucking into his back for his trouble…
  • What followed was Belphegor running circles around the attic from the weapon-totting MC riding their terrifying murder horse until Lucifer finally intervened….
  • Thank the gods he wasn’t near any water….
  • As it would turn out later, as long as he’s not being held captive in an attic Belphie kind of vibes with their laid-backness… They say they approach life “one wave at a time” or something.
  • He could care less about what that actually means, but what it translates to is “Stop stressing out and just keep chill” which he’s all about.
  • Everybody should just chill out!… dude…. Nah, he’ll let them stick to the “dude”-thing, it feels weird…
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