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Considering how this is all going I think the end of the fourth book will be a long satisfying orgasm since they'll finally explain and we'll finally understand all the things that happened in the previous books
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ataraxianne · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That's GOTTA be Harrow's body, right??? The HELLA long black hair, the shoulders about six inches wide??? She's SMILING and has black eyes??? what am i supposed to do with this information, i wasn't going to speculate but i'm so confused
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Okay so I've been thinking about the Valkyrie friendship between Nesta, Emerie, and Gwyn. I'm adding a trigger warning for mentions of sexual assault.
I know it's weirdly popular to dunk on these characters but these three are the literary equivalent of confiding in your friends you were sexually assaulted after years of agonizing that you were the only person this happened to....
...only for the room to get quiet and all your friends to confess it's happened to them too. I don't think it's an accident every person I met my undergrad year of college, every person I became close friends with, experienced the same thing I did. And you can argue that this is too common and that's why but, like Gwyn and Nesta and Emerie, who is talking about it? Did your friends even know after it happened? Or did you keep it a tight secret terrified people might not like you or believe you or think you're a bad person?
Maybe everyone knew it happened, like Emerie with her clipped wings and maybe some people guessed, like Gwyn in the library, or maybe you just swallowed it and tried to forget, like Nesta with Tomas. The experiences are different but somehow the same, an induction into a club you never once asked to join but pay membership dues to all the same.
And I'm tired of people talking shit "they won the blood rite after only six months of training" when Feyre killed a massive, supernatural worm, underfed and with no magical ability in squelching, miserable mud and Elain stabbed the King of Hybern, effectively killing him with no training or skill when even the most powerful High Lord in history could not. Believable, these acts of individual heroism but three women take on the same patriarchal structures that have been harming them TOGETHER, climb the mountain, a metaphor for all they've overcome both individually and collectively, and suddenly we care about realism. Suddenly they never should have been able to do it, survive against the sexual, too-gendered violence that has been harming them their whole lives.
The opening message in ACOSF is "for every Nesta, climb that mountain" what mountain do you think she's talking about? You climb it every day you decide you're going to wake up even when you don't want to, when you text your friend "can I tell you something?" when you check in on each other just to make sure everyone is as okay as they can be.
The best part of ACOSF was Nesta learning she could trust people not to hurt her. She could trust people with her secrets. That people loved her at her worst
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small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress and in her hair - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
One day ill have the time and energy to do go loud, the bath scene, battery gideon, we do bones or any of the other actually insightful, dynamic, dramatic moments but for now take the shit posts
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"Look alive" and there's literally a skull there
*Just to let you know how long I've been waiting for this and the third book*
Tumblr media
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Notice how both daughters had three children probably pushed by Abuela cause since she had triplets now her children must have three babies too to follow that path of perfection and rightness she started, and that could be another reason why Antonio is so young compared to his siblings and cousins, Abuela might have used the three-children-story as an excuse too to convince Pepa to have another child and not Julieta so they could prove the miracle was still active and not risking the child to be as "defective" as Mirabel
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emerie is criminally underrated i love her so much i just WISH this fandom gave her the same hype as they do the other valkyries. they couldn’t have done shit without her
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Character A: *fucking roasts them and then leaves*
Character B: *starts hearing wedding bells*
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Okay but now you can tell a serial reader lives in the House of Wind. Cassian finds books everywhere, they're next to the fireplace, hidden under the sofa's cushions, in the kitchen, sometimes you find them in the bathroom too and everyone knows not to move them or try to put them "in the right place" otherwise Nesta will freak out and turn upside down the room she left them in until she finds them
One day Cassian comes back home after work and finds her going around the House as a mad woman rambling about the book and he understand he made a terrible mistake putting it back in the library
After that he doesn't touch her book anymore but if someone else tries put them in order the House quickly puts them back where they were because it knows too she will panic again
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I would move the mountains
Tumblr media
Make new trees and flowers grow
Tumblr media
I would heal what's broken
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Show this family something new
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who I am inside
Tumblr media
She did it
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i'm convinced the one e/riel who is always in the gwyn and pro gwyn tags is trying to start shit. this is a part of their post and it's honestly really fucking gross.
Gwyn herself has shown no interest in being in a relationship. None at all. She has also shown no interest in any male.
Also anon, Gwyns trauma is different from Elain's. Any therapist will advise a SA survivor to wait for a few years to be in a relationship. First, to come out and heal. And they will defintley be against a SA survivor falling in love with her saviour. That is a big NO.
If Gwyn was given another year or so, and acosf didn't end with her leaving the library, I have no problems with gwynriel. Since to me its a pure crackship. If Gwyn was to have the last book (which she can't but hypothetically) I would have no problem at all with her in a relationship since it would have been a few years. But we know that's impossible, since Gwynriels have theorised that Gwyn will be with azriel (theres no other potential LI for her) and clearly Azriel is having the next book so It doesn't give her time to heal. And that's where my problem stems from.
did anyone make this point about rhys, nesta and lucien? did they argue rhys need a few years to recover from amarantha before getting together with feyre? feyre technically saved everyone from amarantha, so did rhys fall for his savior? or nesta having a few years to recover from tomas before mating with cassian? or lucien's recovery from ianthe before supposedly falling for vassa? no, they only use the "SA survivors need to heal" argument with gwyn. i am so fucking tired of them using gwyn's SA as some sort of justification for why e/riel is healthier or better.
I’ll start by saying that the people who say things like that are absolutely full of it and don’t deserve an ounce of attention. They do the same thing with eluciens, try to shame us by making out Lucien as a predator because Elain was uNcOmFy. It’s not genuine, at all.
It is unseemly to try and claim they know what a therapist(or apparently, all therapists) would advise Gwyn to do in her situation.
But let’s get into a hypothetical and say this person is right, there is one way to heal and everyone is the same so Gwyn needs three years. It’s already been two(without Azriel present, I might add). Acosf was nine months after acofas. Who knows what the time jump will be for the next book and what Gwyn could have worked on in that time.
They’re also conveniently ignoring the fact that Gwyn has already made progress. She’s had counseling, gotten comfortable with smut & asked about sex, trained, left the library for Nesta and even managed to win the blood rite without completely losing it. Basically, they aren’t giving Gwyn any credit on past or future hearing, for being so concerned about her.
Here are some reminders:
“Do you want to stay over at the House with me tonight?” She motioned to the archway. “Have a read-in or something?” Gwyn blinked, considering. She had not set foot outside of the library save to come to these lessons or to use the practice ring to hack at that ribbon. But she said, “I’ll ask Clotho.”
“Cassian and Azriel warned me that we’d be watched by males today, but didn’t specify why. I had no idea it was the Blood Rite Qualifier.” Her eyes shown bright above the dirt smudged on her face.
Emerie was the one to say to Gwyn, “I can’t believe you left the library.” Gwyn stroked Nesta’s head. “Some things are more important than fear.” She cleared her throat. “But please don’t remind me too much. I’m so nervous I really might vomit.”
“I have been broken once before,” Gwyn said, her voice clear. “I survived it. And I will not be broken again—not even by this mountain”
“The first five months I was at the library, I barely spoke. I didn’t sing. I went to the priestess who counsels all of us, and sometimes I just sat there and cried, or screamed, or said nothing. And then I began working with Merrill, upon Clotho’s request, and the work focused me. Motivated me to get out of bed each morning. I started singing during the evening service…”
“You’re the one who’s been in a library for two years,” Emerie said. Gwyn didn’t flinch. “I have. And I’m tired of it.”
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Her favorite rose (part 1)
Yay, I did it! Long story short, I just had this name pop up in my head and all I could think of was how perfect would it be if it was the name of Isa's girlfriend.
So here it is, a little (not so much) first part of a fic about Isabela and her girlfriend Rosabel (I still haven't figured out Rosabel's surname and whole design to be honest, but I'll get there sooner or later😅). Briefly how they met ('cause it seems I can't write a proper first meeting without it getting boring) and their interactions through all the movie. The usual basically😅😂 I just really wanted to get this out of my chest.
It was getting pretty long, so I decided to split it in 2 parts.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to my beta reader @ataraxianne for helping me through this madness🤣💕 there would be no fic if it wasn't for her.
Friendly reminder that english is not my first language and neither is spanish, so let me know for any mistakes or typos and I'll try fixing them. I also apologize if you find any of the characters to be "off character" (except for Rosabel of course). I tried my best to keep them all "in character" as much as possible.
It's nothing special, but I hope you enjoy!
Isabela was not having a good day.
It was sunny and warm outside, you'd think with a weather like this, who could be having a bad day? Well, that would be señorita perfecta Isabela, since nothing could take her mind off the conversation she had with her abuela that morning.
Abuela just broke the news that she has been discussing her betrothal to Mariano Guzman after he asked her permission to marry Isabela, a real blessing for the family as she called it.
Isabela didn't see it that way. She didn't want to marry him, but she didn't want to disappoint abuela either and make the family unhappy. She was cornered. Her only option would be to carry on with it, for the family.
And... well, she also had another reason why she didn't want to marry him. You see, Isabela was already in love with someone else.
She would never forget that day in the Encanto's plaza, when she first met the love of her life...
Two months before Antonio's gift ceremony
Isabela was wandering in the plaza, making beautiful roses bloom whenever she was kindly asked by the people of Encanto.
After finishing another patch of roses, Isabela didn't notice a cracked tile while standing up, so she tripped and landed on her butt. Perfect señorita-perfecta-Isabela style indeed.
"Are you alright?" a girl rushed to her side, offering her hand to Isabela.
"Oh, gracias." Isabela replied a little flushed, taking the girl's hand to get up "I'm okay, don't worry." she said with a tiny smile.
"That's good. You scared me for a second there." the girl responded to Isabela's smile with a crooked grin.
Isabela could see a pair of beautiful green eyes shining bright in the sunlight. That shade of green in particular reminded her of summer leaves.
"I'm Rosabel, by the way." the girl offered her hand once more, this time to shake.
"I'm Isabela." she shook her hand in return "Uhm, I really like your name." 'and not only that' Isabela thought.
"I can see why." Rosabel smirked looking to the side at the roses that bloomed just minutes ago thanks to the beautiful girl in front of her.
Isabela blushed and tried to hide some flowers that grew on her head from Rosabel's sight, unsuccessfully. She was so screwed.
Present day
A magical meeting you could say, really.
And now, Isabela might have to say goodbye to her forever, even though she absolutely didn't want to. But how could she even hope to escape her fate? Going against abuela's wishes... it terrified her.
Isabela saw her lover in the distance putting on a wagon some boxes full of decorations for Antonio's party. Then, as Rosabel went back into her house to retrieve another box, Isabela sneaked in too.
She found Rosabel with her back turned, so she got closer and hugged her from behind. Rosabel didn't even flinch, recognizing immediately the smaller body against hers.
"Hola, mi vida." greeted Isabela. It came out a little muffled since her face was buried in her lover's back.
"Hola, mi flor." Rosabel turned to plant a light kiss on Isabela's forehead, but just for a second. As if remembering something, the taller girl retracted from the sweet moment a lil too quickly to go unnoticed by the eldest Madrigal.
"So... how is your day going?" asked Isabela.
"Pretty busy. All the preparations for your little cousin's ceremony take a lot of energy."
Rosabel sighed, not meeting Isabela's eyes. The eldest Madrigal noticed that something was off with her girlfriend. And she probably knew what was bothering her.
"You know already, don't you?" Isabela guessed.
"I heard your abuela talking to the Guzmans. They were talking so loudly, I think everyone knows at this point." she was still avoiding her gaze.
"Abuela told me this morning. But Rosa, that doesn't have to change anything-"
"The whole Encanto knows about your imminent engagement, Isa. It's pointless pretending nothing is going to change between us."
Rosabel was now face to face with Isabela, light green eyes shining in the daylight, but her voice gentle as if trying not to upset Isabela more than she already was. Isabela really wanted to find a solution, one with her and Rosa together at the end. But at the same time she feared there was none. That her destiny was sealed and not by her own choice.
"But I want to be with you, I don't want to leave you!" Isa protested.
"I know, mi princesa. Me too. So much." Rosabel brought their foreheads together. "But you know as much as I do that your abuela already decided and there is no turning back." Rosa spoke softly, almost defeated.
"I know... I just... I wish there was another way." Isabela sniffed.
It was too painful. Isabela's eyes begin to fill with tears. Rosabel wrapped her arms around Isabela, letting her vent against her chest, not caring for her shirt getting a bit wet.
"It's going to be alright, mi amor, no te preocupes. Everything will work out in the end, I'm sure of it." Rosabel said, caressing Isabela's back up and down to soothe her sobs and hugging her tighter, never wanting to let her go.
"I hope you're right, Rosa." thought Isabela.
Rosabel was planning to keep her distance from Isabela for the whole party, considering that the Madrigals didn't know about her. Well, maybe Dolores knew, but luckily never told anything to anyone. Much to Isabela's surprise, since she knew her prima wasn't the best at keeping secrets.
Rosabel also had the opportunity to watch first hand the act of señorita perfecta that Isabela was putting on to reach abuela's expectations. Which was simply exhausting for the poor girl, Rosabel could tell. She wanted so much to relieve Isabela's mind a little from all of that, to cheer her up and to make her smile, but she restricted herself, at least for now. There were too many people around.
Rosabel watched from afar Isabela dancing, surrounded by a little crowd of people while showering them with petals-like-confetti. Out of the corner of her eye, Rosabel spotted Mariano staring at Isabela too. She felt a tug of jealousy in her heart. That big dumb hunk would marry Isabela in a matter of weeks and there was nothing she could do. Let's be clear, she would have certainly done something by now, anything... but she could not risk to jeopardize Isabela's future and relationship with her family. She loved her enough to let her go... but that didn't mean she was also strong enough to take the pain that came with it.
Rosabel cursed under her breath. They were in the same place, and yet she missed her like crazy. She's down bad for her.
Her thoughts got interrupted while everyone was gathering for abuela's speech.
Rosabel was fuming.
She was currently in Antonio's room with everyone else, leaning against the massive tree, not joining the dance. She was happy for the youngest Madrigal and the gift he received, of course she was. Her enraged state was caused by the sight of Isabela dancing with Mariano!
Rosabel was also glaring at him and not in a subtle way, but luckily for her everyone was too caught up dancing and partying to notice. In the meantime, Isabela was talking with Mariano, smiling and laughing at whatever he was telling her. Rosabel wished to be the reason of those smiles so bad...
Obviously, she knew she shouldn't be so jealous of him, but she honestly couldn't help it. He would have by his side the most amazing woman she had ever known, potentially forever. And Rosabel would be the biggest liar ever, if she said that it didn't irritated her beyond measure.
Suddenly Mirabel rushed to abuela out of breath, interrupting the party and the music and, therefore, the dance.
Rosabel discretely bumped her fist.
The young girl with glasses talked about cracks on Casita and how the candle almost went out. Many followed Mirabel and abuela out to check what was wrong, but found nothing. Soon the music filled the air once again and everyone got back in the room.
Isa and Rosa have been exchanging glances all night. So when Isabela walked past her, flashing a longing look in her direction, Rosabel could see how her expression saddened from not being able to be together even for a few minutes.
Rosa felt the same. She felt the need to be near Isa and to adore her more than Mariano, more than anyone in Encanto, more than anyone in the entire world!
The urge got so strong that she threw carefulness out the window and silently approached her. The people around them were too distracted or wasted anyway.
Rosa got close enough to Isa to touch her arm to get her attention. When she turned and saw her lover, Isabela's eyes went wide with surprise, along with a bit of amusement too. Rosa nudged Isa to go to a secluded place to have some privacy.
The pair looked around to make sure no one, especially abuela, was watching as they sneaked out the room. Away from prying eyes and ears.
Crossing above the kitchen, Isabela recognized the voices of her mamá and Mirabel talking.
In a matter of seconds the two lovers got to Isabela's room. Casita even opened and closed the door for them as quietly as possible.
"Thank you, Casita." smiled Isabela.
Once inside Isabela hugged tightly Rosabel, hiding her face in the crock of her neck. That way she could smell the relaxing scent of her girlfriend.
Rosabel welcomed her with open arms. After she's been enduring not being able to touch Isabela the whole night, now she would take her time to enjoy her company.
Isabela created a giant cotton flower with her and Rosa on top of it. So that even if someone were to burg in the room, they would be out of sight, giving them all the time and privacy they needed.
The couple relaxed as they laid down on the soft cotton, face to face.
"Perdóname for stealing you like that. I couldn't go another second without you in my arms." Rosa said, kissing Isa's nose and stroking her flushed cheek with the thumb of her right hand. Isabela places her left hand on top of Rosabel's, smiling fondly. A few red petunia flowers grew on Isa's head.
"I'm glad you did actually, I think you took the perfect chance. I wanted to be alone with you too." Isabela scooched in for more physical contact. Head on Rosabel's shoulder and arms around her torso. The other girl wrapped her left arm around her.
They stayed like that for a couple of minutes, enjoying the silence and the warmth of each other's bodies.
"Do you- uhm... I mean, would you consider the idea of..." Isabela broke the silence, not looking at Rosabel "like, hypothetically, running away... with me?" her voice almost a whisper at this point.
Rosabel was too stunned to speak. Isabela started panicking for the loss of words of her lover.
"Forget I ever asked you th-"
"No no! I'm sorry, I was just processing your question in my mind and of course I would be on board with the idea of running away with you!" Rosabel reassured her "But only if that's what you really want, Isa. I love you and I was ready- well not ready, but kind of, to let you go. If that's what had to be done. I don't want you to leave your family because of me... I just... I don't feel worth the trouble."
"Don't say that!" Isa sat up, looking at Rosa with a serious expression on her face. "I can't even begin to explain how much you mean to me, Rosa. I love you and-" her voice cracked a little. "I can't accept a life without you. It'd feel... lonely and empty."
"I understand what you mean. My life wouldn't be complete without you neither. Eres mi media naranja, Isa."
They shared a long embrace.
"I have a question though... How do you plan to get over the huge mountains?" Rosabel asked.
Now it was Isabela's turn to remain speechless. Yeah, she didn't thought about that.
"I might have forgotten about that problem." she admitted.
And with that the prospective of a getaway together blown off.
"Hey, that's okay. We'll just meet in town and spend time together, like we always did. I could introduce myself to your family as your best friend or something and no one would suspect a thing!" joked Rosa.
"My really close best friend." Isa followed in the fun, making both of them laugh.
As the laughs died down, the cotton flower descended to the floor.
"I think it's time we get back to the party, people will start noticing our absence soon." Isabela declared.
"You're right."
Rosabel took both Isabela's hands in her own, giving a soft kiss at the knuckles.
"Do you mind if I just leave through the window? I wouldn't want to get you in trouble if we run into someone on the way out."
"Oh, sure." Isa agreed. It was a little high up from the ground, but nothing some climbing plants wouldn't fix. She made them grow right away and payed farewell to her girlfriend with a kiss on the cheek, which Rosa reciprocated.
Rosabel slowly started climbing down the plant. She was a little bit more than halfway down when it could be heard a knock on Isabela's room door. Not even the time to answer that it swing open, revealing Julieta.
"Oh Isabela, here you are!" Julieta headed towards Isabela and the open window.
Rosabel in a rush of panic to not get caught, jumped from the vine, landing with a dull thud on the grass covered ground.
Isabela resisted the urge to check on her girlfriend and made the climbing plant disappear with a wave of her hand.
"Mamá! I was just taking a minute to rest from all the dance and music, what is it?"
"Nothing, mi hija. I was just worried because I couldn't find you anywhere at the party."
Isabela appreciated her mother's concern.
"I'll get back in a couple of minutes, okay?"
"Alright, let me know if you need anything."
Isabela nodded and waved to her mother until she was out of the room. Then she turned to the window and called out to Rosabel.
"Rosa, are you okay?!" she yelled worryingly.
Rosabel, face on the ground, gave her a thumbs up.
End part 1
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ataraxianne · 11 days ago
There are a lot of behaviours related to mental illness that y'all criticise about Nesta and it brings me physical pain because I've had many of them
I'm not excusing them, I'm not saying they should be justified, but it's fucking painful to think that after years of depression trauma and ptsd and other years of trying to overcome them and become a better person for my own sake and of those who are around me, someone could still call me or think of me of an insensitive cold bitch who deserves to stay and rot alone and would be better off for everyone else to leave her alone cause it's pointless being nice
Because that's how you make me feel
And I'm tired of entering this social and ending up feeling like this every day
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ataraxianne · 11 days ago
Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I’ve got a few posts from my side blog I’ll be reblogging here tonight, but tomorrow I probably won’t talk to much about it. It pains my heart.
The effects of this overthrow and later annexation have stained my home with blood. They’ve stained my own life.
I cannot afford live on my own sacred land. My people cannot afford to live on their own scared land. And the worst part?
Hawaii was overthrown to keep sugar tax low.
My people die for sugar.
My people, my ‘ohana, we suffer and die because Americans were so greedy for sugar. And in the end? Taxes went up anyway. Sugar got more expensive.
It pains me in ways I cannot even express.
Please reblog posts relating to Hawai’i, please keep Hawai’i and my people in your thoughts. Please support us and please listen.
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ataraxianne · 12 days ago
I'd like to think that Dolores isn't actually the type who would gossip all the time, but she started it only to cover up her Tio
She was 12 when Bruno left, she was still a kid, so she probably thought that if she started spilling secrets left and right no one would think she could be hiding something
She always tells everything to everyone, if something was up she would know it and tell everybody.
If anyone lived in Casita's walls you'd know that by now thanks to the chatty unreliable Dolores, right?
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Headcanon that even tho the House of Wind can magically bring any book to them no matter how high it is, Cassian builds a library ladder for Nesta because he knows she'd die for it
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