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I just had to tell you how much i enjoyed reading your gojo story. It’s one of the best ones i’ve read and I can’t wait to see what else you come out with.
Thank you so much!!!!… I don’t think you know how much this message means to me❤️❤️
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Something to Consider
Chapter One | Sometime In 2007
Tumblr media
Chapters| One Two Three Four Five
Synopsis| Having a special technique that hasn’t been passed down in over a 100 years, you’ve been amongst the strongest since birth but with no clan of your own to clam this technique. It causes the Clans to offer arranged marriages left and right. Overwhelmed parents turn to your aunt’s clan and the Zenin’s are happy to step in, in hopes you will pass down the technique down to them.
Whole story contains themes| arranged marriage, angst, violence, death, swearing? sexual harassments(nothing crazy) and of course SMUT. 
Authors note| This is about the road to marrying Gojo, it’s gonna be long and filled with angst because I’m mean. This story starts with the reader being around 11ish. Has a little bit of manga spoilers from vol.8 because it has Toji. Hope you like it. This is written for my two whore best friends. :)
Sitting in the back of a black sedan, the rain and some random talk radio station playing softly. The sounds of the rain on the roof made you sleepy. You let out a sigh, pressing your head against the window, watching as the water droplets race. You had just gotten out of school when you heard your mothers fussing through the thick wood of the front door. Not even getting the chance to greet her, she was already on you about changing into something nice; tossing clothes around in a hurry. Your father on the other hand was calm, casually chatting with you while your mother rushed around in a tizzy.
You didn’t have the time to ask what this was about or why you needed to hurry before your mother pushed you into the car with Suzuki. Suzuki was your personal driver and bodyguard appointed by the Zenin clan. She was always so kind and patient, putting up with your snappy comments and pre-teen attitude. Even when you were being difficult she never got upset with you. You never understood why she was appointed to such a low grade job. She was incredibly strong. What was all the fuss about you and your technique anyway?
Suzuki taking you to the Zenin Estate after school was a common occurrence, usually it was for training but today it seemed more important than just that. You were your parents’ prized possession because the Zenin clan convinced them of it. Your parents weren’t sorcerers but your mothers family was long ago. They possessed The Divine Panther, it hadn’t been passed down in over 100 years and by some miracle you got it. The Zenin’s took the opportunity, hoping you would pass it down into their clan but that wasn’t completely up to them. Not like they treated you like you were special. Pushing you so hard to master your technique while most of them looked down upon you. Most likely because your cursed energy was “weird” as Noaya said. Most of the youth are scared to train with you. So why train when everyone is already scared of you in the first place? The Zenin’s didn’t even fully understand your technique or so they say but they knew you were strong. Special grade strong, up there with the six eyes. “But just appearing strong isn’t the same as being strong.” Noaya would always say to you. I’m sure someone older and wiser than him told him that. Those words are far too sophisticated for a boy like him. 
“Where are we even going, Suzuki-san?” you ask, moving your head from the window. 
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Something to Consider
Chapter 2 | Crushing on Satoru 
Tumblr media
Chapters| One  Two   Three   Four   Five 
Synopsis| Having a special technique that hasn’t been passed down in over a 100 years, you’ve been amongst the strongest since birth but with no clan of your own to clam this technique. It causes the Clans to offer arranged marriages left and right. Overwhelmed parents turn to your aunt’s clan and the Zenin’s are happy to step in, in hopes you will pass down the technique down to them.
Whole story contains themes| arranged marriage, angst, violence, death, swearing? sexual harassment(nothing crazy) and of course SMUT.(Will tag when chapter has smut) Authors note| This is about the road to marrying Gojo, it’s gonna be long and filled with angst because I’m mean. This story starts with the reader being around 11ish. Has a little bit of manga spoilers from vol.8 because it has Toji. Hope you like it. This is written for my two whore best friends. :)
A few weeks have passed since the first time you met Gojo Satoru. The thought of him lingered in the back of your head. Even as you crawl into bed, the thought of him comes to you. Why? He was annoying, maybe he was a little cute? No, but he sure did leave a lasting impression in the most irritating way. Or was it just a schoolgirl crush?
Your days were filled with school and training with the Zenin Clan. It wasn’t fun, they wanted so bad for you to master your gift as they called it. Always on about how you were so ‘special’ and ‘strong’ but the reality is they just wanted to use your gift as a symbol of status. They didn’t care about you as long as you filled your roll and looked pretty while doing it, they were happy. 
So, when your uncle Yuto offered to take you to the race track instead of your usual training you jumped at the offer. He promised the higher ups there would be some work for your break day. Saying he would first take you to go visit Jujitsu High School for some “training” meaning he would show you around and do some paperwork before going to the horse racing. He played off to your mother like it was you who wanted to see the pretty horses and not him wanting to go gamble. You said once when you were six that you like horses and he’s used that as an excuse every time he wants to go. Which is fine, he always buys you food and something you want if you agree to go with him. 
He was currently showing you the school, slowly showing you the way to his office. He was excited as he pointed out every little artwork or classroom along with the story behind it.
“Oh! Here, this way.” He said as he pushed you out an exit door, it opened to a large concrete staircase overlooking a big field. Large trees framed the well maintained grass along with beautiful flowers and bushes. It looked so welcoming with the warm sun casting through the trees. “I’m going,” You laughed, stumbling forward slightly into the warmth of the sun.
“Sorry, I’m excited.” 
“I can tell.” 
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Chapter Three| A Race Track is No Place For Little Girls
Tumblr media
Chapters| one, two, three
Synopsis| Having a special technique that hasn’t been passed down in over a 100 years, you’ve been amongst the strongest since birth but with no clan of your own to clam this technique. It causes the Clans to offer arranged marriages left and right. Overwhelmed parents turn to your aunt's clan and the Zenin’s are happy to step in, in hopes you will pass down the technique down to them
Whole story contains themes| arranged marriage, angst, violence, death, swearing? sexual harassments(nothing crazy) and of course SMUT (my smut writing abilities are probably no good tbh). 
This chapter contains detailed descriptions of blood and death. Implied SA(not descriptions of the actions just implied.
Minors DNI! Ageless blogs will be blocked!
Authors note| This is about the road to marrying Gojo, it’s gonna be long and filled with angst because I'm mean. This story starts with the reader being around 11ish. Has a little bit of manga spoilers from vol.8 because it has Toji. Hope you like it. This is written for my two whore best friends. :)
If only you had listened to your intuition, and the many clear signs from the universe that you shouldn’t be here at this racetrack. You wouldn’t be in this situation, you wouldn’t feel this bone-chilling fear as your wrist is held above your head. Frozen in like a deer in headlights. You would like to think you’re tuff that you would react with the years of skills drilled into your head but when it came down to it you froze, heartbeat thumping against your chest with all its might.
The man who has you in his grip is menacing. Tall and muscular, like he could take on Zeus and win. The scar across his mouth only added to his murderous presence. Even if you had a knife, it wouldn't do any good. I don't think stabbing this man would even hurt him.
"What are you doing back here?" His gravelly voice sent a chill up your arms. He eyes you up and down before pulling you a little closer.
“I-Uhm.” You grimace, twisting your wrist as you look away from him.
He tsks. His large callus hand grabs your chin making you look up at him. You squeeze your eyes shut, hoping that if you squeeze your eyes shut hard enough he will somehow disappear and this will all be a bad dream.
“Open your eyes.” He says.
You shake your head, tears rolling over your squished cheeks.
“I promise, I’m not gonna hurt you.” He says, swaying your head back and forth slightly. You swallow the lump in your throat before your teary eyes flutter open.
His green eyes lock with yours, “See?” He smiles, “I told you I wouldn't hurt you.” He says as he studies your face, his thumb swiping away a tear. He seems to ponder for a moment before he speaks up again.
“What’s your name?”
You attempt to pull away from his grasp but it's no use, he could hold a grown man by the wrist and they wouldn't be able to get away. He almost looked amused as you struggled in his grip for a moment. With a weak grunt you swung your free arm, slapping his face as hard as you could. You let out a shaky breath as you look up at the man, the look on his face grim as he stared off into the distance– it made your stomach drop.
“I’m sorry,” you blurt out.
He doesn’t respond, not even an eye twitch.
“I- I’m sorry.” You repeat, reaching for his face. His unresponsiveness is making you spiral. You would do anything to appease him at this moment.
“My name is (y/n).”
His eyes shift down to you and you pull your hand away from his face.
“I’m Toji.” He lets go of your chin. “That was awfully rude of you.”
You give a shaky nod. “I know, I'm sorry.”
He leans forward. “I promise I won't hurt you if you don’t make a scene.”
You squeeze your eyes shut your whole body trembling. Your body feels heavy and your knees buckle. “Please don’t kill me after. I won't tell anyone, I'll keep it a secret.”
A choked sob leaves your mouth. You feel like you’re going to vomit. If this was your fate, you might as well accept it. It's not like you could fight him.
Toji’s eyes squint in disbelief, you miss understand his motives here. Toji’s a sick bastard but he’s not that sick, that is the one line you don't cross.
“You’ve got the wrong idea.” Toji squats down so you're at eye level. “I’m not that kind of guy. But, I do need you to come with me though.”
You lift your head, “Why?” You say, looking at this grim man you normally wouldn’t think to question him but the word just pops out of your mouth and you shake your head. “I didn’t mean to question you.”
Toji chuckles, “I need the set of skills you possess.”
So with that, Toji took you. It had been a week since the racetrack and nothing felt real. The Zenin clan had every person they could spare out searching for you. They chose not to involve the police, believing it would cause more trouble than need be.
The more time you spent with Toji the more memories deep hidden away surfaced. Toji was a Zenin. You remember his wife, you remember when Megumi was born. Most of all you remember he wasn’t well liked among his clan. Then one day, he was gone and you forgot about him.
Most days Toji would leave you at his house with Megumi. “Don’t open the door for anyone and if you leave i'll know.” he would say, closing the door behind him. You could never tell if he was bluffing but your not stupid enough to test it. Megumi made this experience less traumatic in a way. He distracted you from your reality, forcing you to understand pokemon and making you play cards with him. It was fun, until it ended when you realized why Toji took you in the first place.
“Your cursed technique, you can make a portal. Right?” He says casually, lighting a cigarette.
“Well, I guess in a way.” You shug. He’s asked you about your technique before, if it got you home faster you were willing to tell him whatever he wanted. He was standing behind the couch where you and Megumi sat on either end. Pokemon cards spread over the middle cushion.
“You can pull shit through your little shadow dimension, yeah.” he says, taking a drag of his cigarette.
You nod, watching the smoke he breathes out swirl upwards in a cloud of gray. Whats he getting at?
“You think you could pull a person through?” He says, looking at the elaborate card game on the couch.
“I’ve never tried.”
“Megumi,” Toji says, making the boy look up at him. He lets out a sigh, he has an idea of where this is going. “Yeah?” Megumi says.
“Go to the bathroom and see if she can portal you back here.” Toji grins, tapping the ash of his cigarette into an empty glass sitting on the side table.
With a roll of his eyes Megumi gets up, walking to the bathroom. You look up at Toji bewildered, what was he thinking? He raises his eyebrows. “Go on,” Toji says with a flick of his wrist.
“What if I hurt him?”
“You won't.” Toji shrugs.
Reluctantly, you stand up. Hands clasping together to make a symbol, concentrating on the bathroom where Megumi is. You hold the image of him in your mind as you crouch down. Your hand dips into the floor as if it was liquid. You hear Megumi in the bathroom say ‘ew’ as you grasp his arm. A circle of shimmery slug appears around your arm as you pull him up. You're standing by the time you pull the rest of his body through.
Megumi lets out a cough. “That was awful, it felt like you pulled me through a bubbling mud pit.” he says with a frown. Toji lets out a laugh. Now, his plan was set in motion and your the perfect acomplice.
After that day Toji made you pull things from everywhere, until it was second nature. Toji taught you more in the weeks he’s kept you, than the Zen’in clan ever did in the five years you’ve had to train.
“Again.” He says, a cigarette between his lips.
“I’m tired.”
“Tuff shit,”
You huff, turning your attention back to your task. You hadn’t done this before–ever. You didn’t know what you where doing, and the amount of energy you had to focus just to try an make it apear was agonizing.
“This isn’t working,” You stomp your foot. “What does it matter anyway? Everyone is already scared of me.”
Toji laughs. “Everyone? I’m sure as shit not scared of you. Ya’ know what kid?”
“Just appearing strong isn't the same as being strong. And if i remember correctly, your not very strong. What’s gonna happen the next time some big bad man takes a hold of you? You just gonna’ roll over and die?”
You glare at him, he’s right, and you hate that he’s right. You hate that your becoming stronger in the hands of your kidnapper. Wouldn’t it be less trouble just to sell you? You kick at the ground in frustration.
“How do you even know this stuff?” You question.
“Stop stalling and focus.”
You roll your eyes, focus your cursed energy into your hand. Part of your cursed technique is creating cursed tools. He watches you practically stare a hole into your hand.
“Don’t think of it as trying to make something new, it's already there. ”
A few moments go by and just as you're ready to give up–it happens. A cursed tool starts taking shape, it's made out of the same shimmery goo that's in your portals as it shifts around. By the time it's done taking shape it has turned a normal color. It's just a small dagger. you examine it, flipping it over in your palm.
Toji’s cigarette drops from his mouth. “Incredible.”
You understand now, the fuss over your technique. It all becomes too real–the true magnitude of your technique. Why you had a bodyguard, that you will most likely have ten when this is over. That if you die, this technique is most likely lost forever. You release the cursed energy, the dagger turning to shimmery shadow.
You look up at the seemingly never ending stairs of Jujutsu high. Red trellises as far as the eye could see.
You lean towards Toji, “This isn’t some sick joke? I can go?”
“Just like that?”
“Just like that.” He repeats.
You look at Toji and then at the stairs, taking a hesitant first step. “Go or i'll change my mind,” He flicks the ash off his cigarette. Slowly you take a few more steps, looking back at him again. Surely this is a trick. He rolls his eyes.
“Why’re you so stubborn?” He says under his breath. “You got ten minutes to get up those steps or I'll kill you, is that better?”
“You being serious?”
He tips his head to the side. “Always,”
Swivel around and sprint. You should have kept your mouth shut.
The stairs are never ending and your legs are already tired. You make it halfway up before you have to stop. Sucking in air so harshly your lungs burn and your knees wobble. The thought of dying makes you start running again.
You feel a familiar energy as you make it up the last steps. It was Gojo, and Geto along with two people you didn’t recognize. They all turn to you as you trip and fall up the last step. You’re harshly taking in breaths as you slowly stand up. They all stare at you wildly.
“I’m okay,” you pant, one hand on your knee as you try to catch your breath.
“You don’t look like it.” Gojo says.
“Gee thanks,” You scoff.
“I-” Gojo gets cut off by a sword being plunged through his back.
It’s Toji.
You’re frozen. You hear Gojo say something but you don’t comprehend the words. Someone grabs you and you squeeze your eyes shut. You feel weightless as they hold onto you. Panic floods your veins when you open your eyes, you're fifteen feet in the air.
Toji held you by your waist, your arms and legs dangling on either side of his arm. You clamp onto his arm. Wide eyes staring at the ground below you.
“I’m surprised, you made it up here in eight minutes.”
You're too scared to come up with any kind of response. You just fist his shirt as he moves around.
A bright flash of light makes your flinch.
Then a rush of energy fills the air. It’s like static as it dissipates. A dull ache blooms. You’re no longer draped over Toji’s arm like a ragdoll. You’re laying on the stairs below the trellis you were just on top of. Looking up, the trellis had a chunk taken out of it. You move down a few steps as pieces of it fall to the ground.
You flinch again as a loud crack whips through the air, a violent gust of energy filled wind makes you lean down.
The snapping and crumbling of wood and rock shakes the ground. You put your hands over your head as some of the debris hits you. The stair shields you from most of the rocks and chunks of building flying around. It’s gone as quick as it came. There's silence but you don’t move.
No more than a few seconds later, the buzzing of fly heads erupts from lower down on the stairs. Then they are all around you. You can't hear or see anything as they buzz around. You keep your head down as it keeps going and going– until suddenly it completely stops. It’s quiet.
It's almost too quiet.
You slowly bring your head up, peeking over the step you were hiding behind. The body in the middle of the destroyed courtyard makes you freeze.
It’s Gojo.
You scramble to your feet, tripping over debris as you run towards him. “No, no, no” You say as you run, he’s bleeding and it’s pooling around him.
You scrape your knees at the speed you drop down. Shaky hands hovering over him. The blood oozing out around him wets your knees as it soaks through your pants. He lets out a gurgled cough.
Without thinking you press your hand to the wound on his neck. The blood doesn’t stop, it just spills over your fingers in warm streams. He twitches a few times, each time less than the last. You try to control your breathing but you can’t, you’re watching him die.
“I’m sorry, It’s-it’s gonna be okay.”
Tears stream down your face and all you can do is say your sorry as the blood pools around the both of you. He's stopped moving but the blood still oozes out of his neck. A metallic scent fills the air. “I’m so sorry.” you whimper.
You can’t seem to shake the thought that this is your fault. If you didn’t run from Toji. If you kept your cool and not panicked as you ran up the steps. If you would have kept your guard up even after you reached so-called safety.
If. If. If.
“Stop your moanin’ you didn’t kill him. Did you?” You flinch at Toji's voice.
“I can still be sorry,” You pick up Gojo’s cold hand.
“Look at me,” Toji demands. You turn and look at him, he’s also covered in blood—most likely not his own.
“Do you remember the Star Religious Group building I showed you?”
You nod, starting to catch on to what he wants.
“Make me a portal.”
You gently set Gojo’s hand down, turning so you can summon your portal. Trying to hold the image of the building he showed you earlier in your mind. It’s hard to do when the image of Gojo’s bloody face keeps flashing behind your eyelids. More tears stream down your face as You squeeze your eyes shut. Toji crouches down in front of you. He scans your face. It’s like he became human again—just for the briefest moment.
You flinch when he wipes your tears away.. You hate that it comforts you. He did this, he made this happen. Gojo would be alive if it wasn’t for him. You turn your head away in disgust.
“I’m sorry it had to be this way.” He says before disappearing through the portal.
When you turn to Gojo, the sight of him is almost unbearable. You wrap both of your hands around his, pressing it to your heart. You lean forward and rest your head on his chest.
“This wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m so sorry.” Your voice wavers as a sob shakes you. You stay like this for a while, pressed against his chest. You feel his chest contract almost like a hiccup and suddenly He doesn’t feel the same, it’s the weirdest thing. It feels like no one is home.
“I’m sorry.” You whisper. Tears stream down your face and now you can’t help but feel as though this truly is your fault.
Gojo’s hand twitches in yours.
If you just didn’t run from Toji. If you chose to be more stubborn and not go up those steps, Gojo would still be alive.
His large hand squeezes your smaller ones tightly, and you jerk up in surprise. The stab wound on his neck was no longer bleeding. In fact it wasn’t there anymore. You just watched him die, you felt it. He died. What the hell is going on?
You feel like throwing up, in fact you might. This can’t be real, you felt it. He definitely died.
He hums, blood soaked lashes fluttering open. He looks you up and down for a moment as his eyes focus. The events that just occurred are coming back to him. A horrible feeling forms in the pit of his stomach. The sound of your panicked breath as you hold his neck and the way your sobs vibrated against his ribs as you apologized run through his mind as he looks up at your puffy face. You move away from him to vomit.
“It’s okay, I’m okay.” He says, weakly rubbing your back. “Are you hurt?”
You shake your head as you wipe your mouth.
“I’m just happy to know you would cry over my death.” He gives you a lazy smile. You let out a choked laugh, Tears drip down your chin as you suck in a shaky breath.
“That’s not funny.”
“You're right,” he says, dropping his hand.
You watch him for a moment as he takes deep breaths. This can’t be real. You have this nagging feeling you need to touch him—just to make sure he’s real.
“Can I hug you?”
”Yes,” He smiles, turning his head to look at you. “Please.”
You crawl towards him, hugging onto him like he will disappear. He cradles your head as you hug him tighter.
“You sure you’re okay?” He asks.
“You came back from the dead and you're asking if I'm okay? Are you okay?”
He chuckles. “I don’t think I've ever been okay.”
You give him a sad look.
The last thing you remember is gravity somehow feeling too heavy to withstand and your head feeling fuzzy. A day later you woke up in the Zenin infirmary.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/mattecashew32/status/1537490263358185472
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
minors dni ! will be blocking + checking ages !
cw: 1.6k wc. fem!dom!reader, sub!armin, lots of cum! mommy kink, overstim, pussyjob, finger sucking, nipple play, orgasm denial/control — whiny, needy boys, my specialty !! happy birthday @myarlert !! i love you bells !
armin arlert hasn’t been a good boy lately.
he’s gotten too impatient… too needy for you to come over here and fuck him! he’s always been a good boy, such a good boy for you. not once has he slipped up and done something wrong, not once has he touched himself despite wanting to fuck himself into oblivion after seeing you in a see-through shirt straight out of the shower. no, not once has he gotten punished because he’s always been your good boy.
but today seemed to be hopeless for him. his balls have gotten so heavy over the past couple of days without you, he wakes up with the most tender, dripping tip known to man… he just misses you so much — no words can explain but you could say his cock counts as one example.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
OFF THE TABLE ┊ ꒰ gojo satoru x female reader ft. nanami kento ꒱ content ༄ kinkshame gojo? gojo’s kink is being kinkshamed, exhibitionism, voyeurism, public sex, humiliation, fingering, dirty talk, spit kink, mild degradation, panty stuffing, three’s a party not a crowd, nanami is there to watch, edging, spit kink w.c ༄ est. 6.2k synopsis ༄ “gojo satoru’s guidebook to public sex, rule #1: getting caught will not stop me from busting a nut.” note from satorhime ༄ staring at gojo’s pretty fingers will do this to you, i swear. i’ve been so excited to write a bit of gojo so i hope you all enjoy this guy being a public menace, don’t call the police aha. i plan on making this a tiny series with two parts to conclude the spice if this one is loved so as always, reblogs and comments = kisses and hugs!!!!  ♡   
Tumblr media
gojo satoru had deactivated his infinity.
no one else noticed, of course. they didn’t notice the subtle shift in the atmosphere. didn’t feel the tiny rift in the fabric of space being snapped back into place. or the defeated howl of an enemy of the six eyes kicking rocks because they’d missed the opportunity to clobber the insufferable idiot over the head. most would only realize it if they tried to strike him and the blow landed, or if he gave one of his enthusiastically unwanted hugs and you felt the warmth of his biceps enveloping you.
though you’d need a top university professor to understand even the basic science behind his inherited, limitless powers, you could never miss it.
you, an empath, also knew this meant trouble. gojo usually wore the technique like one would a warm fur coat during a blizzard. a second skin, if you may.
so yes, this definitely meant trouble.
but for who?
all sorcerers ( excluding beloved students )  operating from the tokyo and kyoto campuses have been summoned to a secure location for a meeting of utmost importance. the meeting of utmost importance? principle gakuganji’s birthday dinner at a michelin star, rooftop restaurant. you have to admit, the paid night off from exorcising curses is nice and the place is exquisitely beautiful. romantic, warm lighting illuminates dark oak tables and lush zen gardens. minimalistic, artful plates are served at a price that would make your credit card read the check and weep tears of debt.
the setting is pleasant and quiet with sorcerers you could almost call friends drinking responsibly and chatting comfortably. or it would’ve been quiet, if not for your boyfriend laughing himself hoarse at the thought of the higher-ups bribing sorcerers with a night off just to get someone to attend a party for the unlikable principle of the kyoto campus. he laughed himself into the other sorcerers ignoring him completely, so now his attention is completely on you. 
needless to say, you’ve been feeling wary the entire time. you know that when he didn’t have something to stimulate that big brain of his— especially during events like this— he’s a complete hellion to society. and society, in this scenario, is always you.
oh, no.
it’s funny how you already know what he’s up to. it’s even funnier how, at first, he kept you at an arm’s length, in fear of you orbiting too close and seeing too much. now, you know things about him. sickeningly sweet details like his favorite dessert, his greatest fear, the brand of shampoo he uses.
and most importantly, his nastiest fucking kink.
gojo satoru’s guidebook to public sex, rule #1:
getting caught will not stop me from busting a nut.
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Tumblr media
gojo satoru, often referred to as the most powerful sorcerer of his time, feels his palms start to sweat because he knows he’s coming home past curfew.
so he does what any man fearing his partner's wrath would do. sneak in and deal with the consequences in the morning.
he closes the door behind him as quietly as possible, slips his shoes off and places them neatly beside yours, and tries his best to tiptoe through the darkness without bumping into anything.
he makes it two steps when the kitchen light is flicked on, and he's greeted by your wary expression.
plan a has failed, so he quickly switches gears to plan b, pulling the limp bouquet of roses from behind his back.
but you've never been so easily wooed, hardly sparing his apology gift a glance and not reciprocating the kiss her presses to your lips as you state, "you're almost an hour past curfew."
gojo sighs, glancing around. he's on the lookout for a broom-wielding megumi. "i know, i'm sorry-"
"this is the third time this week."
but you're not done, arms crossed over your chest as gojo follows you into the living room, taking a seat on the couch. "what were you doing?"
the truth is the only way to placate you, it seems. "there's this curse that the higher-ups want me to exorcise. special grade."
"did you do it?"
"i can't," he insists, like he has been for the past week since he'd been given the assignment.
"then i'll help you," you shrug. "you've obviously done a lot of scouting, so tomorrow after we drop megumi off at school--"
"i can't do it because it's attached to a kid!" he admits, his voice raised a little more than he'd prefer. "i don't think he even knows about curses or the one that's clinging to him."
you curse quietly, shaking your head slightly and asking, "how old is he?"
"a few years older than megumi."
you're looking past him at the kid's rooms. at megumi's, and tsumiki's empty one. he takes a seat beside you, taking your hand and squeezing gently.
"so what are we going to do?"
"take him in," gojo proposes. "teach him how to use it. control it. he seems like a bright kid, i think he can learn. but...i need your help convincing the higher ups.
you turn to face him, sighing, "you know i'm always on your side."
gojo satoru isn't sure of a lot of things in this world, but that is one of them.
"we'll go talk to them in the morning. and on the way, we're going to discuss your habit of bringing home weird sidekicks," you scoff, rolling your eyes. but gojo catches a hint of a smile on your lips as he presses a kiss to your temple.
"ah, you love it," he teases, and to no one's surprise, you don't argue.
"you came home late again," megumi says over breakfast. "that's three times."
"i was working. the roof over your head? the cereal you're eating? i paid for with my blood, sweat, and tears," gojo quips.
you clear your throat loudly, shooting him a glare.
"we paid for," he corrects. but when you turn your attention back to your book, gojo points at himself, mouthing, all me.
megumi rolls his eyes, and gojo gasps at the blatant disrespect. "you were still late. you slowing down or something, old man?"
of all the low blows he could be dealt, this one always hurt the most. who the hell raised this kid? "i am not old! how dare you insinuate such a thing!"
but megumi isn't done, because when do moody teenagers ever pull their punches? "maybe you should start taking your blindfold off more often. you obviously need all the help you can get."
gojo looks to you for help, but you don't even spare him a glance. "be nice. or i'll ground you both."
gojo just huffs, muttering under his breath. "next time we do groceries, i'm leaving you at the checkout. i'll just walk out."
"do it," megumi shrugs. "then i can walk home instead of sitting in your old car and listening to your old people music."
"it's a vintage car!" gojo argues, pointing a spoon in the kid's direction a little threateningly. "and you're the one whose favourite song is 'island in the sun!' that song is older than you are."
megumi doesn't miss a beat. "not older than you, i bet."
gojo's even more offended when you laugh, high-fiving megumi and saying, "hopefully the next one is nicer to you."
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
sex is hot but having your fictional faves cum inside you? even better! — letting him cum inside you for the first time
ft. toji, satoru, yuuji, megumi, geto
cw: 18+ only. fem!reader. unprotected sex, creampie, implied overstimulation, breeding kink, dirty talk, praise, slight body worship, profanities, use of princess, angel, mention of f!oral
an: decided to try writing for jjk! likes and reblogs help a lot and are appreciated!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
your wet cheeks are plush against the softness of the pillow. your vision blurry as you sobbed with half lidded eyes. “you’re so pretty like this,” toji coos, lifting himself from between your thighs. his face leans down to press soft kisses on your bare back. his hands are so large as they wrap around your waist, holding you in place as he pushes the head of his cock past your slippery folds.
“hah—” every touch, every little sensation of his skin against yours is thrilling. your legs twitch, and you can feel your sweet slick pooling on the mattress beneath. toji’s lips are wet with your arousal, lips lifting into a smirk as he pondered the taste of your sweet slit. “you like how i fuck you don’t you? want me to fill you up?”
he can feel your skin heating up from the sinful words that leave his lips. the feeling of his cock dragging inside your walls feels so sweet, your sweaty palms clutch onto the bed sheets. “oh fuck—” he groans, losing his composure with a low whimper. “didn’t ya hear me?” he asks, gently biting the tender skin on your neck.
“y-yes! fill me—” you’re interrupted by toji’s fast thrusts, hips moving with no mercy. “let’s fill you up, princess.” your body trembles, eyes crossing together in ecstasy. your whines and moans are the sweetest as they reach his ears.
his hands are restless, wandering every inch of your skin before settling on the curve of your ass. “sh-shit, hah- toji—” so lost in the feeling, you don’t realize your high coming down on you, your stomach churning and swelling. his breaths are heavy, fanning against your shoulders.
with a final stroke, his balls rest against your clit as white spurts paint your velvet walls. his touch is grounding. his calloused hands tilting your head to sink his lips on yours with so much passion, it leaves you breathless.
Tumblr media
you’ve tried everything with your boyfriend. everything that laces with the word intimacy with satoru. everything except let him cum inside you. there isn’t any particular reason as to why you both haven’t done it yet. but maybe today, as satoru’s kisses last a little longer than usual, his touch burning against your skin as your slick coats his cock that’s already buried deep inside your velvet walls — you think he might be onto something.
you gasp, breathless when he pulls away from his passionate kiss with his tongue sticking out. a thin thread of saliva connects your mouth to his and you’re feeling light-headed. “so pretty,” he lets out, lost in your curious eyes before his lips lift with a smirk. “you know what would be prettier?”
“what?” your back hits the softness of your bed as he leans down. burying his face in the crook of your neck, his nose digs on your skin as he whispers, “your face when i cum inside you.” his words are so shameless, you couldn’t help but let a moan escape. “satoru—”
“shhh, let me take care of you tonight,” he coos as he slowly drags his girth out, only to thrust deeper in. “hah—” you moan at the heightened pleasure. your back arched back as your nails clawed at his broad shoulders.
satoru’s cock is perfectly shaped, curved just enough to hit that sweet spot inside you with each relentless thrust of his hips. “satoru! it— feels so g-good—” your chock on syllables, the pleasure filling your senses. your body starts to tense with his hands coming to grab your thighs, spreading them further apart to hear your loud whimpers and moans.
“you like that?” he nibbles your earlobes, his hot breath fanning your skin that heats up under him. “y-yes. do whatever you want to me,” you let out between your whines. “oh fuck.” he groans. it makes him go crazy when your walls clench so shamelessly around him.
the pace of his hips becomes faster, his heavy balls hitting your ass with each drag of his cock inside your clenching walls. “you’re so tight. sh-shit,” he grunts, sapphire eyes finding yours that spill of love. you feel your abdomen clenching as you let the euphoric feeling fill your mind. your eyes rolling back sinfully in ecstasy as satoru buries his cock deep inside you.
“ ‘so good,” he sighs, letting his seed spill inside you. and as satoru feels your walls fill with his spilled seed, he thinks it’s the best kind of intimacy he's had with you. “so fuckin’ good for me.”
Tumblr media
“no more, please. i can’t— cum again,” yuuji gasps, his face furrowed as you slide down his cock again. your cunt is still slippery from your orgasm, your heart still beating at an irregular pace. “you can! please,” you whine as you sink on his length, your ass plush against his heavy balls.
and how could your sweet boyfriend say no to you when you whine so pretty, face glowing with so much beauty, it has him love struck. but yuuji’s eyes are wide as he realizes that he’s out of condoms. “baby, we’re out of—”
“i don’t care,” you shake your head, batting your eyelashes as you bury your face in the crook of his neck, the closeness only making you dizzy. “just fuck me, yuuji.” the words that leave your lips has his mind in chaos, such beautiful chaos and he can’t hold back. his hands are firm on your hips.
you lift yourself from his lap just enough to slide down again, bouncing on his girth that stretches your walls so perfectly it has you letting out the sweetest moans. each stroke has your cunt clenching tighter and tighter and it feels like heaven on earth. “angel, you feel so good- fuck!” yuuji grunts, squelching sounds filling your ears.
he’s close, and he knows you’re close too with how your muscles tense, the movement of your hips becoming sloppier. pleasure writes all over your face as yuuji inches your face closer, attaching his lips on yours with so much fervor, it makes you breathless. a chain of whimpers leaves your throat, and you can feel him twitch inside you.
“oh baby, sh-shit,” he grunts as his seeds fill your walls so well, so fucking well that your face contorts into euphoric pleasures. “ah! yuuji—” whines are all you let out at the tight grasp of his calloused hands on your hips, so tight that it’s bruising.
but you don’t care, not when you’re lost in the feeling of his sweet essence that oozes out of your aching cunt and down your inner thighs. yuuji is gasping, finding air in his lungs as he jerks his hips forward, fucking his seed back in you. because yuujis is greedy when it comes to you.
Tumblr media
it’s intense as megumi grabs your plush thighs, his rough hands sinking on your flesh, almost bruising it. it’s too intense when your heart beats erratically as he slides the material of your panties to the side. with one hand he spreads your folds to push his pulsating cock inside your cunt that coats with your sweet arousal.
“oh f-fuck—” he stammer, breath hitching in his chest as he pulls your body closer to him. it’s so slow, he’s relivishing the way your cunt flutters so shamelessly around his girth. his length fills you up just enough, just enough to have you whimpering at the relentless pace of his hips snapping against yours.
“angel, you feel so fuckin’ good, i’m—” your mind is hazy, mouth parted and you feel salty beads of tears forming in the corners of your eyes. “gonna fill you up so well.” a low groan reverberates out of his chest. your hands hold onto megumi's sturdy shoulders, your nails leaving crescent marks on his pale skin.
“it feels so good— s-so good!—” you choke between your sobs. your velvet walls are clenching around his shaft so well, he’s not sure if he can hold out much longer. incoherent babbles leave your mouth as you both lose yourself in the euphoric feeling of each other’s skin.
the sounds of his balls slapping against your flesh fills your ears. it feels so heavenly. “megumi—”
“i’m close. oh sh-shit. i’m gonna cum, angel,” he manages to let out. his mouth parts to take in your perked nipples, and oh so sweetly he wraps his tongue around your bud, sucking it with passion. it heightens the feeling in your stomach, and your thighs starts to tremble.
“please,” you start with quivering lips. “please cum in me.” megumi’s mind goes blank, lust filling his dark orbs as he peers in between your thighs, where you’re both connected. fireworks explode on your heated skin as you feel the tight rope in your abdomen rip, your orgasm crashing down on your high.
“hah— i’m gonna—” it only takes a few deep strokes before he spurts his essence inside your clamping walls. his skin is sweat sheened as you feel him fill you to the brim, so fucking well that it’s seeping out to your thighs.
Tumblr media
geto has his head buried in the crook of your neck, bruising it with sweet love bites and kisses. a shudder runs down your spine as his cold fingers curve inside your cunt to nudge that sweet spot inside you. you’re a moaning mess, legs shivering, and you can feel your high washing over you.
“there, there,” he breathes out. peering through his eyelashes, he can see the tears that bead your eyes, heavy breaths leaving your parted lips. he stares, so lost in your beauty before hooking his cock in your slippery cunt. “you’re so pretty like this, baby.” a low groan leaves his chest.
his girth is perfect, stretching your walls so fucking well, you can only cry out in pleasure. “sh-shit!” your soft walls are sucking him in. his dark orbs gaze at you as his hips snap against yours, moving in a circular motion that has you losing your goddamn mind.
“sugu— i can’t. i’m—”
“i know baby. cum for me, okay?” your words come muffled as a moan escapes your luscious lips. his thrusts are deep and fast, so good and you feel your abdomen clenching. “fuck, i’m there, i’m close. fuck, pretty, i’m gonna—” your chest heaves up and down, your hands holding on to his shoulders so hard that it starts to ache. but it doesn’t matter.
geto’s eyes are losing focus, grunts leaving his chest. just as he’s about to pull out, your trembling legs wrap around his waist. your heels dig his back, locking him in between your thighs and you pull him closer, so close that your body curves against his. “baby, we can’t—”
“please, want you to cum in me.” your stare is intense, it makes him go crazy, eyes filling with so much lust and love as he buries his cock as deep as he can. warm spurts of his essence fill your cunt.
it feels so good that it leaves you wanting more. “geto,” you gasp as his lips sink on yours. as the closeness feels lovely, he hums into your mouth, and geto have no intention of pulling out yet.
Tumblr media
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all rights reserved © etheralyonn ; do not repost my works anywhere!
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
taking what’s mine–
tags: toji x megumi’s gf!fem reader (reader is of age), 18+  smut MDNI, **DUBCON manipulation/coercion, big dick daddy toji, hair pulling, slight dacryphilia, praise, cheating, unprotected sex, size kink, soft dom toji. no beta ignore typos<3
wc; 2.3k
you wanted to surprise megumi by meeting him home after he had been away training, you didnt think anything of it as you spent plenty of time at his place without him being here. though, the first person to arrive home was not your boyfriend, but his father who you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting before.
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
i’m sorry but if u don’t look at least a little bit weird u can’t be hot. if ur just cut and dry good looking ur not hot ur in the mcu
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
changing your sheets is the hardest thing in the whole world who the fuck cares about sisyphus and his stupid rock i have to take the sheets off my bed and then put new ones on and then in a little bit? ill have to do it again
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
call geto ru. he hates it <3
Tumblr media
tags: college au!, suggestive comments, i characterized him how i wanted to idc
notes: in that case i’ll call him that just to make him mad <3
Tumblr media
“don’t call me that,” geto huffs quietly, rolling his eyes as you snort from your spot on his chest. the television is simply background music at this point, and you don’t think either of you has paid attention in the last fifteen minutes to the movie playing—but you think you have other things you’re rather be watching right now. like the pout that’s slowly tugging at geto’s lips.
“what’s wrong with it?” you raise a brow, eyes laced with amusement as he grunts.
“sounds stupid,” he mutters quietly.
“i think it’s cute,” you insist, “a cute little nickname for my cute little boyfriend.” you lean up to peck his jaw with a giggle, and even despite the clear unhappiness sprawled across his features, he tightens his arm around your waist.
“i am not little,” he says firmly, and he almost sounds insulted that you’d make such an untrue claim, “i think i’ve shown you that more than once.”
“okay, maybe not little,” you hum in agreement, “but you’re definitely cute.”
at first glance, geto is not cute—he’s trouble. he’s got piercings lining his ears and tattoos littering his arms, and on most days, despite your incessant protests, he’s got a cigarette between his lips. he speeds when he drives and skips class when he wants and picks fights when he shouldn't. he’s bad news if you’ve ever seen it, but all things considered, you think he’s rather beautiful.
there’s beauty in the way geto isn’t a perfect picture, in the way he isn’t painted with careful brush strokes through deliberate thought. he’s shattered glass, each piece picked up and laid out until he’s built himself to be a mosaic of colors that leave you awestruck—and, when he’s lounging in gray sweats and a faded pacman t-shirt, you think there’s an air of innocence to him that no one else but you gets to witness. and it’s adorable, and you think you should remind him—even if he’s not the biggest fan of said reminder.
“don’t call me that stupid nick—”
“but it’s so cute,” you pout, “and suguru is long. ru is nice and short.”
“it’s so fucking dumb.”
“aw, but i love you, ru,” you emphasize the last part as you giggle loudly, leaning up to plant a wet kiss on his cheek. he pauses, turns his face to glare at you harshly—though it’s never really harsh if it’s at you—and scoffs, turning his attention back to the movie.
he doesn’t even know what’s happening anymore, not when he’s missed everything in the last twenty minutes, but he pretends to be deeply transfixed as you poke his chest repeatedly.
“you have to say it back,” you protest, whining when he doesn’t spare you a glance. “ru, you have to say it back when i—”
“‘m not saying it until you call me by my real name.”
“but it’s not as cute,” you huff, furrowing your brows, “quit being so bitter. satoru lets me call him toru all the time, he never—”
“wait, you have a nickname for satoru?” he interrupts, suddenly very interested in you once more. his head whips to look at you in shock, like your words are cold water splashed on his skin—and he thinks you might as well just drown him while you’re at it. “why does satoru have a nickname before me?”
“i call you babe,” you roll your eyes, “i don’t call him babe.”
“so is that the only privilege i get?” geto raises a brow as he questions you dryly. you fight back a smile, but it tugs at the corners of your lips anyway, making him flick your forehead as he fights his own grin.
“you’ve seen me naked,” you point out, “that’s a rather generous privilege.”
the smile wins, and it tugs at his lips this time as he chuckles lowly, pulling you closer as his hand sneaks up your shirt to rub your bare back. “true,” he grins widely, “seeing you naked is quite the privilege.”
and this is the geto the world doesn't quite understand—the one they don’t have the pleasure of seeing. the one whose smile is gentle and as warm as the sun on your face and soft as the grass under your feet, whose eyes are deep enough that you could fall headfirst. except falling is not falling with geto—you don’t even make it close to the bottom when his arms tug you into his chest and his nose digs into your neck and you feel the world pressed into your palms as he surrenders himself to you.
the shards of glass he’s rearranged aren’t as jagged at the edges as they seem when you look up close, and he doesn’t slice your skin open with his touch. and when he glitters under the rays of light that peak in through the curtains every morning, when the colors seem just a tad bit more vivid today than they did yesterday, you know your geto isn’t the geto the rest of the world knows.
your geto isn’t the stone-faced man whose name is a fearful whisper—he’s the boy in your grasp that pouts at the nickname you give him, the one whose skin flushes red as blush dances across his cheeks under your fingertips.
“is that all you’re here for? just to see me without any clothes?” you scowl, flicking his forehead. his hand grabs your retreating one, tugging it to his lips as he presses a chaste kiss to your wrist.
“don’t act like you’re not here for the same,” he snorts. “but you really call him toru? does he like it when you do?” by now, his voice adopts an edge to it, and the sudden realization makes his eyes narrow, “that asshole. i’ll knock him out next time i see him.”
“well at least he’s appreciative of my nicknames, unlike some people,” you glare at him, and geto thinks this is what everyone means when they say true love is sacrifice—he sacrifices his pride and quite possibly his dignity as he sighs deeply and caves.
“okay, you can call me that,” he grumbles, cringing at the way your eyes light up and then glint with mischief. something tells him you’d have called him that either way—but this, the permission, it makes it all the more dangerous.
“i knew you loved it,” you tease, pinching his cheek with a chuckle. “you’re too easy to read.”
“i hate it,” he scrunches his face in distaste. but truth be told, there’s a small part of him that can’t deny he’s almost giddy that he’s more than just suguru in your eyes.
“you love it. now say it back.”
“i hate it,” he insists stubbornly, but there’s a smile that pulls at his lips as he pecks your forehead, “but i guess i love you, though.”
and when your fingertips reach to trace over his skin, and love pours from your touch like a dripping faucet he never wants to fix, it fills into the cracks of the shattered pieces, building him whole and new.
Tumblr media
i’m in writers block this short ass drabble took me hours to write sobsobsob i’m struggling yall. terribly so.
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
got a pussy like an ashtray
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
no thoughts just bodyguard!toji
thats so hottt omgg!! sorry it took too long, but here’s a 1.3k words drabble of bodyguard toji in a yakuza au because the brainrot goes hardd
also, this certainly ended up very differently than what i started with but i hope you’ll like it <333
A smirk slides on your lips, curling your indifferent mask into something so conniving. Something so manipulative, it had Naoya’s hackles rising.
But just as quick as the surprise came, it sizzled back into a blank slate. You cannot help but commend him for how quick he was able to school his expression as he forced his tensed shoulders to sag, feigning callousness and detachment. Your eyes slide to his clenched fists where his nails dig into his silk hakama — silent in his anger, controlling the output. Really, he deserves the praise. But you hold your tongue, eyes narrowing in interest.
You wait, unwilling to be the one to break the stand-off. You have never liked the silence, having always needed any white noise to filter your thoughts to deprive them from spiralling. But in this choking room with Naoya? You can wait in silence for eons long.
You have never met the heir of the Zenin clan, but rumours speak louder and they go around faster. From the south, whispered by the plush lips of the Inumakis, they spoke of Zenin Naoya’s impatience; how his sharp mind is overshadowed by his tenuous humility. From the east, rumbled from the archaic drawl of the Kamos was the brat’s brashness; how, while some of his actions are backed by his successes, he has more faults. Why, from the north, exclaimed by the supreme Gojos themselves are Naoya’s countless defeats; how, despite the admiration that he is showered with by the Zenins, he could never come close to the Gojo Satoru. 
And now, it seems, he’s finally found his way to you. Uninvited. Unprompted. Unwanted.
So you wait, unwilling to bow down before the brat.
Naoya breaks.
“Why’s he here?!” He asks, voice rising into a wavering hiss, almost like he is overwhelmed by his anger. Befitting his reputation, the brat stands and points a finger to the man hovering behind you.
You do not even need to look to know who Naoya is talking about. After all, you made sure that he would be present during your meetup with the Zenin heir. 
You hum, leaning forward to pluck your yunomi from the table. The tea has long gone cold, but you raise a dismissing hand toward the maid who stepped forward to replace your cup for a warmer one, after all, you are only drinking to consume time. She bowed before sliding back into the shadows, her green kimono meshing well with the fusuma. 
Naoya is shaking in his anger as he watches you take a leisure sip, a quiet hum purring from your throat in exaggerated delight. You place your cup back down, still smiling even as sharp brown eyes track your movements.
Then, as if taking your free mouth as a signal to go on, Naoya asks once again. “What’s Toji-kun doing here, with you?”
“Well now, that’s just rude,” you tut. “I’m an amazing company. Just ask him.” You smile, this one downright mean, as you tip your head towards Toji. 
Naoya starts, fury melting into nervousness and anticipation and respect, mixing together seamlessly and leaving the Zenin heir to look too young and too naive. You bark out a laugh, shaking your head incredulously.
“Are you serious?” 
Naoya blinks at the sudden rage in your voice. You have only been patronizing, if not outright malicious, as though he was not worth your wrath. But this tone, this one that had Toji straightening behind you, made Naoya nervous. 
It made him feel weak.
“You kicked out Toji from your clan because you felt threatened by him–”
“I didn’t–”
“Don’t interrupt me, boy,” you spat out, levelling Naoya with a hard glare, your eyes glinting under the pale lights. 
Naoya sews his lips shut, teeth gritting and jaw locking. The familiar coiling of shame bursts in his stomach, licking up along his veins until he is flushed.
“You’re too spoiled, is what you are. Satoru already warned you about your loose tongue, and yet here you are, forgetting your place again.” You sigh, shaking your head. 
“You had Toji removed from the clan when you noticed that he was gaining independence, in fear that he could very well overthrow your ‘right.’ I just so happen to pick up the pieces.”
Almost instantly, a yunomi shatters as Naoya slams his hands on the table, mop of dyed hair creating shadows over his bright eyes. “Bullshit! What makes you think that I’ll believe you, huh? For all I know, you made this happen! Maybe you were the one who’s been funding his–”
A resonating slap echoes in the room, cutting off Naoya’s tangent. His trembling hand comes up to feel his swollen cheek, eyes wide in shock as he looks at you with a swarm of emotions bypassing the rings of his irises. You pull your hand back to your being, ignoring the faint stinging of your palm.
“How dare you,” Naoya seethes. His men draw closer, pulling out their guns and pointing them at you. You watch, calm even with the heightened tension, before raising a hand and dismissing the cocked out guns of your own men. There was a moment of silent protests, but ultimately, they holster them back. 
“Naoya,” you begin, sitting back down. “What makes you think I owe you any more explanation?”
He sputters. 
“Toji-kun’s one of us! What else do you need?!”
“This conversation’s going nowhere.” You chuckle, shaking your head in fake amusement. “I’ve already told you that I picked him up when he was disowned, so tell me, is he still really a Zenin?”
Naoya grows silent, not willing to say the answer that is already out in the open. Nevertheless, you no longer have any interest in hearing more from him. You rise from your seat, intent on leaving and walking away.
But things happened too fast, too messily.
Upon seeing your back turned to him, the Zenin brat lunges at you. There is an onslaught of shouts before warning shots are fired as bodies rush to pull you away from Naoya’s claws. You struggled, heady from being pinned to the tatami floors, before turning and seeing a body slam into Naoya, sending him onto the space beside you.
You are pulled from the chaos, the flurry of serving maids and lower-ranked guards forming a circle around you as the others push the fusuma apart to create an exit. 
Blinking bleary eyes, you turn to see Toji pinning the smaller body of Naoya on the tatami, rough palm pushing at the boy’s nape and the other trapping the boy’s thin arms in a grip. Naoya’s legs continue to flounder, but Toji continues to press him down, silently forcing the boy to heel. You turn to Naoya’s men only to see them subdued and tied down by yours, and pride blooms in you.
Finally, Naoya stops wiggling, ending up as a heaving mess whose sharp eyes find yours. They shoot you a glare, and you level him with an unimpressed look.
“A brat’s still a brat, huh, Nao-kun?” Toji asks, voice gruff. You turn to him and Naoya’s attention zips back to Toji. “Your old man knows you goin’ around bein’ a scumbag to clan heads?”
Naoya stills. Toji clicks his tongue.
“Thought so.” Then, he bends down, lips hovering over Naoya’s pierced ears. “Leave before you create more conflict. Need I remind you that an heir has no place here. Not with my lady, and especially not with me here to protect her.” Toji looks at you as he says this, scarred lips pressed together, eyes shining as they convey the depths of his words.
Your lungs burn at seeing his reverence.
. . . . . . . .
(Naoya’s little temper tantrum spreads and, two days later, with the backing of multiple anonymous powers, the old Zenin family crumbles.
From the ashes, Maki Zenin rises.)
yunomi - teacup with no handles
fusuma - sliding panels that are used as walls/doors
tatami floors - mat floors traditionally made of rice straw
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athena-simpingforanimemen · 2 months ago
okay but toji calling you “kid/kiddo” bc of the age and size difference between you two 😮‍💨
ive read a few fics where he does this and its the hottest thing ever 😵‍💫
YES! i always go feral whenever i see fics of toji just casually dropping "kid." like? the visuals are so strong, i cantt. and ur so right! it perfectly encapsulates the age and size difference between you two 💞💕💖💓💗💕
that said, my brain went brr and i sped through these little snippets of toji calling you "kid." hope u like it bb <33333
Sleepy mornings:
You pad downstairs, rubbing your eye with your fist, trying to rouse from the sleepiness. It’s not even that early anymore, and yet you still feel so exhausted, trudging about until you reach the kitchen. You beeline towards the already-filled coffee pot, mumbling a quick good morning to the familiar silhouette in the kitchen who is watching you stumble about with vague amusement.
He huffs a fond laugh when you bumped into the counter, and it makes you smile a bit even as you grumble in pain.
With shaky fingers, you reach for the coffee pot only to have it snatched away by Toji. You turn to him, a look of betrayal overcoming your sleepy features.
“Wha? Toji, whu?” You ask, words slurring, eyes still squinted in exhaustion. You can barely see Toji’s face but going by the fact that he’s taken your coffee, he’s either frowning or grinning. Maybe even a bit of both.
“Nah, kid, no coffee today,” Toji replies, placing the pot on the counter behind him. “How about we just sleep in again?”
That makes you perk up, a small smile replacing your pout. “Mkay,” you say before walking out of the kitchen and climbing up the stairs to your shared room. Toji hovers behind you, watching over your fumbling steps, your feet slowly shuffling about until it misses the landing. Toji curses before completely snatching you up and carrying you.
“Careful,” he whispers, worried face peering down at you. “You coulda been hurt.” You blink, feeling more awake as your heart thuds loudly in your chest, awareness slamming in you the moment you lost your balance and ended up in Toji’s arms.
“M’sorry,” you whisper, voice quiet. Then, you smile. “But thanks, hero.”
You clamp down on a squeal at the sight of tan skin blossoming into a flush.
“Whatever,” Toji grumbles, shyly looking away. But with the way his ears and neck flush, staining his skin redder, nothing was able to wipe away the fondness in your eyes.
. . . . . . . . .
Toji shifts to stand in front of you, pulling at your wrist until you are fully hidden by his back. There’s a tense silence between the two of them, and despite the comfort that Toji brought with him, you still tremble in fear, skin cold as dread continues to spread through the webs of your veins.
“Whatever,” the thug finally grouches after the heavy stare-down. Toji huffs, fist still tight around your wrist. He doesn’t move until the echoing footsteps fade into silence, completely leaving you in the comfort of Toji.
You do not even notice your erratic breathing or the way tears trickled from the corner of your eyes, focused on nothing but the warmth of Toji’s hand. But you feel him let go and a whine bubbles from your throat, locked knees buckling as you pitch forward to chase him.
“C’mere,” Toji whispers, gentle as he pulls you in his embrace. You fumble with your steps, before collapsing on his chest, head ducking underneath his chin. Your eyes flutter when you feel his warm palm rubbing soothing circles on your back, careful as they slide down your spine as if chasing away the thug’s awful touch.
Toji presses a kiss on the crown of your head. He says, “You’re safe now, kid,” his voice still quiet and tender. “I promise you that.”
And you believe him completely.
. . . . . . . . .
Subsequently, its sibling, “brat”:
You squeak, ducking to the other side of the table as Toji rounds towards the opposite where you were just hovering at. He’s dripping wet, having been doused with soda after you sat on his lap, popped open a can which proceeded to explode on his face.
“It was an accident, Toji-san, I swear!” You say, jolting away when Toji almost got too close.
“No it wasn’t,” Toji responds, hissing and eyes narrowing in accusation. “I saw you shake the damn can.”
You gasp dramatically, pressing your palm flat on your chest. “I did no such thing!”
Toji rolls his eyes but his scarred lips quirk in a small smile, eyes sparkling in amusement. Your heart flutters in your chest, feeling giddy.
A blink and then Toji is swooping you off your feet, hoisting you over his shoulder like a sack of rice. You squeal, legs thrashing and accidentally kicking Toji’s stomach. A grunt escapes his lips and you start, stilling, your bottom lip trapped in between your teeth as you cringed in guilt.
“Caught you, you brat,” Toji says, voice still winded.
“Sorryyy,” you reply even though you can only see his toned back, your voice drawling out and not really sounding apologetic. He smacks your ass in response.
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