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welcome to the tale of me trying to bake focaccia: first i read the recipe wrong and put too much honey in the yeast - so i’m starting over :) this time the yeast and honey was right but then i miscalculated the amount of water (BC AMERICAN MEASUREMENTS SUCK OK) so there was too little water when i added the flour then i noticed the problem with the water, put more water in but then i had to knead the water into the dough bc it was so tough (and this is a no knead recipe so i was so screwed) and i decided to start over AGAIN. well since i wasted so much of my flour and there wasn’t enough for the whole recipe i decided to only make ¼ of it and here we are waiting for it to rise :)) it’s midnight btw lol

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What’s Up in December 2020 – Skywatching Tips from NASA!

Catch the Geminids meteor shower as the peak coincides with darker skies during a new Moon. Plus, Jupiter and Saturn appear closer than in decades, and the winter solstice arrives. Check this out for when and where to observe!

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:

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So I’ve got a big family and we rarely travel anywhere especially not on a plane and I’ve never traveled by myself. To be honest I’m a little bit nervous because I know that I really want to travel but I do feel a little anxious on not knowing what I’m doing and maybe getting lost or something. When did you start traveling by yourself and do you have any tips and advice that you could offer? Thanks :)


I started travelling on my own when I was still a kid, to summer camps, to my grandparents (alone on the train) and eventually to language classes abroad when i was about 12/13. It wasn’t always easy since I got homesick quite a bit haha :’) But the more you do it, the easier it gets! 

Advice number one is to plan well. Whenever I fly somewhere new, I carry a binder with important info in it, my boarding pass, my passport etc. Also look into planning your transportation to the very end of your journey, i.e. how you get from the airport to the hotel. Book things in advance if you can. (I had my Oyster card topped up and shipped home before I went to London, for example.) You can even print or buy maps and take them with you, if that eases your fears of getting lost. Get everywhere earlier than you need to - last-minute stress is something you don’t need. 

Advice number two is to pack well. On a flight or train it’s you and your carry-on against the world. Essentials (for me) are chargers (super important, especially if you get delayed, worst case overnight - I always bring one of those portable battery things too), chewing gum, a pen and something to write on, headphones, your wallet, tissues, and menstrual products if you need them. Optionals (depending on length of journey) are books, laptop, magazines etc., and the allowed number of liquids in a bag. 

Advice number three is to focus less on the journey and more on the destination! What do you want to do there? What are you excited about? What do you want to see? I’m sure you have things in mind already since otherwise you wouldn’t have the idea to travel there in the first place, but I always follow the location’s tourism accounts on instagram and from there I check out other accounts that post stuff from around there as well. That always gets me excited about seeing new places and exploring the destination! 

The thing that eases my mind the most is that the “tourist” label can make things a lot easier. There are no dumb questions because other tourists have asked that same question before so everyone is used to it. If you’re overwhelmed and lost, go to a staff member/local person/tourist guide, make a sad face and ask for help. Most of the time they’ll help you. Sometimes there are other tourists who will help you too (when I was in Verona last year it felt like there were more German senior citizens than Italians there). You mostly don’t even have to do anything special to be recognised as a tourist - we don’t have that lowkey bored attitude that locals have and we move a lot slower, so we’re easy to spot (especially if you carry a camera like me lmao rip). 

You could start out slow - just visit a nearby city or place of interest. Plan your journey there alone, make yourself a little schedule, and see if it works out and what you can improve next time. With flying, you could start by visiting family or friends so you can have the flying part without worrying about the transport-from-the-airport and accommodation part. 

Personally, I love travelling alone! You can spend all day doing things you like without having to consider someone else’s opinion, which gives you a lot more freedom. Of course it also means you have to deal with problems etc. on your own, but I’ve found that I somehow always rose to the challenge because there’s literally no other choice, and I think it did a lot for my character development, for lack of a better term. It’s definitely very rewarding! Good luck x

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i really love learning not-quite-synonyms. i just learnt a list of six korean words that all mean “to wear”, but they’re used with different items of clothing or accessories. and i understand why these items are grouped that way and where the nuance in difference is between those verbs and yet even if i really try to find some obscure german verbs that correspond to those, i can’t. it’s something that i find really beautiful about language learning in general, you discover hidden nuances and new ways to look at things that you may have never considered before and it’s just really cool 

tell us the words op!!

here’s the instagram post that compiled and explained them! 

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thinking about all times i went through something or had a pivotal or even a mundane experience in my life then read a book or watched a movie or listened to an album and was so pleasantly surprised at how much i could resonate (almost at an alarming level) and how comforted it made me feel. it’s so lovely…….the timing of the universe and how it always offers you little pieces of art like books, movies, tv shows, songs and albums and slowly nudges it your way exactly when you need those things at a certain stage in your life, perhaps to make you understand your life and your experiences better and to sharpen the thoughts you already had, or clarify ones you didn’t even know you had

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winter studying challenge ❄️

3rd December - What is your least favourite thing about winter?

the stress!! december is always filled with exams and studying even though i just want to enjoy the christmas time:( and the sun setting so early, may be not the best thing for my overall mood lmao

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01.12.2020 | Some (much needed) ☕️ to start my study session today. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on due to the internship I did.

To start this blog, I am participating in the winter studying challenge!

Day 1: Do you like winter? YES! It’s my second favourite season after autumn.

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i’m slightly behind on my work and i really just want a break from school and just in general right now ,,,,, literally the only thing keeping me going are my friend’s league streams every weekend

| 201104

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good morning! 

  • seminar 
  • take a walk 
  • TTMIK 
  • winter studying challenge day 3 
  • clean kitchen 
  • korean class 

what are you up to today? x

ended up baking two batches of cookies so i’ll pass on TTMIK today, i’m cold and tired af. see you tomorrow! 

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athenastudying·a day agoAnswer

sorry if this is been asked before or i missed the post. Did you get an advent calender? I think you mentioned your dad makes them for you

yes he made one! it’s really sweet but i feel bad because it’s so much work 😅 (i got a christmas face mask today!) i also have one from ikea (just for the gift vouchers) and one with sweets from my grandma.

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03.12.2020 | Reading some Jane Austen and drinking coffee before the first lecture of the day.

Day 3 of the winter studying challenge. What is your least favourite thing about winter? The Christmas holidays probably. I do like Christmas, however I feel like everyone is stressing themselves out, instead of just having a chill get together and taking the time to relax.

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Winter Studying Challenge 

What is your favorite thing about winter?

My absolute favorite thing is the snow, I’m so glad snow came early this year. I also adore the holiday atmosphere and aesthetic. The combination of red and white decoration mixed in with plaid and flannel textures. Seeing all of the Christmas decoration in malls and downtown. Having a cozy day indoors by snuggling up with hot chocolate and a good book near the fireplace as the snow falls outside.

What is your least favorite thing about winter?

I hate it when it’s cold outside but there no snow on the ground, what’s the point of that. And when the wind gust is so high that it takes all of my energy to reach my car.

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spotify wrapped but it’s your bank showing you your 100 worst purchases of the year

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