sequar atris ignibus absens

when Ovid wrote "qui non est hodie cras minus aptus erit" he was vagueposting about me

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[ID: At the top, text reads “Looking at ways I can casually mention that I’m asexual like”. Below is the Lisa Simpson plate meme. Lisa Simpson looks down at an empty plate. End ID]

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knuckle tats say FOUC AULT

knuck tats saying POST, and on the other hand, having transcended the limitations of the form, STRUCTURALIST

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NYC Data Stories: Allyship

For when people say they’re sick of seeing gay stuff everywhere. Suck it up. 4 years. 4 years. And that’s just on the books, it’s legal. It doesn’t stop shitty attitudes, actions, or straight up violence.

4 years only covers being legally allowed to exist and marry

There are still 17 states that have no workplace protection for LGBT+ employees, and 10 state that only have protection if you’re a government employee. That means over half of the states in the U.S. still legally allow LGBT+ discrimination at almost every workplace

You can legally get married in those states and the next day you could legally be fired

For all of my LGBT friends, appreciate the struggle that went into getting where we are and realize that it can and will be taken away if we don’t continue to fight.

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this is what we call “propganda.” bernie sanders suspends his campaign AKA he wont spend money advertising himself anymore (bc he wants to help with the pandemic) but he’s still in the race. news sources JUMP on the fact that he’s stopped campaigning to tell everyone “WHOOPS he dropped out! better go vote biden! no other option bc bernie dropped out of the race :/” when he fucking didnt!

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*sees the icon of a mutual I literally never talk to* oh look it’s my Friend

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well i fucked up with google calendar so looks like i won’t be discussing my paper proposal with the prof tonight ✌️

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please stop spreading misinformation and hopelessness because so, so many people are misunderstanding what bernie did today

bernie suspended his campaign because he has more important things to focus on such as dealing with the pandemic

he is still on the ballot and if your state hasn’t had a primary yet you can still vote for him to earn him delegates

there is some cause for concern that everyone reporting that he’s dropped out altogether can affect voter turnout, and we need to counteract this by spreading the word on what’s actually happening.

the fight is far from over. don’t give up.

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yes, we’ve had enough of ecofascism


can we stop with the “coronavirus is a blessing, actually” narrative

it’s not solving our “overpopulation” problem, because that was never our problem in the first place!! the problem is the overuse and inequitable distribution of resources

COVID-19 is not “nature taking it’s revenge”, it’s killing the vulnerable, not the corporations and billionaires responsible for the climate crisis

and the whole idea that it’s “bringing us closer together” may be true for the upper middle class getting to work from home, but it’s absolute bullshit for frontline workers, people who still have to go in to work, and people who can’t afford to live now that they aren’t allowed to work

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this quarantine, we’re bringing tumblr back! I’ve tried the other social media platforms, and I hate them! they make me use my real name! they’re always trying to sell me things! here, the mean users are random antis or racist bone thieves. on twitter, it’s the actual president of the united states. don’t you miss reading 1800 word rants about the way two characters looked at each other in a three second scene? wouldn’t you rather be looking at a gifset of katara right now? fuck instagram. I’m crawling back to my hovel.

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Bernie dropped out, Broadway’s closed till June… i don’t like this morning’s news cycle

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