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hi, im Ray (or Pika if u want), welcome!! 馃樅馃専 im 17 years old, i use they/them pronouns, im pan, white, i have asd, c-ptsd and general anxiety disorder, and lastly im basically an irl pikachu and lilo and stitch are my best friends xP. this is basically my personal blog even though its a sideblog! some posts will be a bit negative or contain sensitive content please send an ask if you need anything tagged!! i follow from @pocketpikachus! (oh yeah, title is a joke xD) 馃専馃専馃専 (extended info on me) my special interests change a lot but are often within the category of cartoons and video games! pokemon is a neverending si for me and i mostly just find comfort in the world of pokemon although im not very good at the games Dx i also love lilo and stitch, mostly just the first movie but i also like stitch has a glitch and the series! stitch is a huge comfort character for me 馃挋 i wanna work in the animation industry when i get older! preferably id love to be a storyboard artist but id be happy to just be a part of the process at all! 馃専馃専馃専 just a disclaimer, i am an ace exclusionist? i just dont think ace/aro are immedietly LGBT+ identities (im not! saying aces/aros cant also be lgbt!), and thats it. i dont block inclusionists and i Definitely dont block aces/aros, but i will probably block you if you rudely argue with me. im not down with being called a reg/aphobe... pls dont! also i block people that excuse pedophilia/incest (yea even if its "fictional" u creep!) and i block terfs and idk... shitty people? idk just dont be a butthole and i wont block u :^o 馃専馃専馃専 i have a Ton of sideblogs! and a main blog as ive already stated up above! my other blogs are @stimmypika (personal visual stim blog!), @kandipikachuz (nu scene/eyestrainy blog!), @bigbirdslittleworld (age regression and big bird kin aesthetic blog!) and @blankiechu (my main age regression therapy blog!) i know im cringey, send me hate i dont care dude 馃専馃専馃専 i have trust issues from past experiences and also limited social energy, but if ya wanna be my friend please dont be shy!!! i love all my mutuals and friends so much! honestly, even if you tagged me in a picture of pikachu one time you have a special place in my heart 馃挋馃挋

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autisticpika3 years agoText

just letting my followers know that this blog is basically abandoned in favor of my main blog. if ur going through this blog bc you like my content im flattered, but i cant help but feel like im being stalked since this blog is inactive and someone is going through rly old posts, pls leave me alone if ur doin it to make fun of me or something

anyways i hope my followers have a nice day! sorry i wont post here anymore probably

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autisticpika3 years agoText

okay so just an update! i cant send messages through this blog or any of my sideblogs! if you wish to send me a message, do so at @raychus!

its a longish story but im not able to message through any of my sideblogs xD bummer!

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autisticpika3 years agoText



im a lesbian and i only trust ranch

According to the notes, preferring honey mustard sauce correlates strongly with bisexuality.

I鈥檇 like to claim I鈥檓 surprised, and yet.

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autisticpika3 years agoAnswer
Hey!!! I've been going through your blog because it's rrrrreal good y'know????? I just realized thought I've been liking a lot of your stuff in the process!!! So like I wanted to apologise and all for the spam and ask if it's ok if I go through your blog like that :'DD I just rrrrreeaaally like your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there's any issue I'll stop!!!! Have a great day!!!!

THANK U PAL!!! its not a problem at all im super flattered honestly :“’D im glad you enjoy my dorky content pal, i sincerely mean it!!!!!馃挍

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autisticpika3 years agoAnswer
HI sorry just popping in to say I just found your blog and I love it???? You'll probably see me in your notifications reblogging a lot just now so sorry if that's weird but I really! Like your stuff! It's also nice to see another autistic person around and I like your regression blog too because I do that too! I also LOVE Pokemon too! Have a really good day!

OMG THANK YOU FRIEND!!!? that makes me so so so happy thabk you im glad you like my blog(s)!!! it means a lot that people enjoy my blogs :“3 i hope you have an awesome day, friend!! thanks for the super kind message 馃挍馃挍馃挍馃挍 also dont worry i dont think its weird thanks for letting me know though!!!

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autisticpika3 years agoText

u know in the futurama episode Fun on a Bun when everyone thinks fry died all up in benders sausage maker and leela gets her memories of fry like…not erased but temporarily disconnected from her thoughts?

anyways God i wish that were me!

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autisticpika3 years agoText



tbh ace discourse is so distressing to me bc like. i highly doubt inclusionists even understand what the lgbt community is all about?聽

like ive seen inclusionists legit ask what resources cishet aro/ace people and cis aroace people could ~~supposedly~~ steal and like. do you know why there are lgbt homeless shelters? like has it even crossed your mind why lgbt people cant go to standard shelters? its bc wed get kicked out in the best case scenario and get assaulted or murdered in the worst case. who is gonna kick someone out of an homeless shelter bc they dont feel sexual attraction?

the same goes for lgbt scholarships, hotlines and so on. we need these resources bc cishets either dont give a shit about us or they want us dead.

and the lgbt community and the ace community also have extremely different goals. i support the ace community. i think we should make people aware of informed consent, we should talk about the sexualization found in our society, about how sex and romance arent the only things that make us human and people can live a happy life without them. but the lgbt community isnt the place where to do it.

listen. for lgbt people sex is often a demonized aspect of their lifes. homophobic sexual jokes; 鈥榩redatory gay man/lesbian/trans person鈥 stereotypes; 聽equating gay relationships with sexual intercourse; 聽sexual harassment suffered especially by wlw鈥 the slut shaming suffered by bi, pan and poly people; corrective rape; 鈥榣ove the sinner hate the sin鈥 mentality, are all things the lgbt community is supposed to be free of. now i hope you understand why, for someone struggling to see their sexual attraction as something good and normal, in the only safe haven they have, having somebody preach that聽鈥榥ot feeling sexual attraction is ok!鈥, is downright disrespectful and hurtful, even tho its a valid statement.

the lgbt community and the ace community can be allied, but we cannot be united, and thats not hate speech, thats just me caring for my own.

OP: Makes this beautiful post about how the ace and LGBT community can work together, but not be joined in a well thought out and understanding manner.

Hellsite Ace Cryptids crawling out from a sewer gutter and into the notes of this post: 鈥淏ad post OP!! Cishet aces are LGBT!!!!!鈥

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autisticpika3 years agoText


-Body stims
-More hyposensitive (sensory seeking)
-Huge meltdowns

-Publicly stims because f*ck you
-Weird/鈥渂ad鈥 special interests
-lacks empathy but will do anything for their friends

-Makes animal noises to stim
-鈥淐hildish鈥 special interests

-Visual stims
-Nerdy special interests
-More likely to shutdown

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autisticpika3 years agoText


Okay so I was watching Lilo & Stitch and the credits came and


does it remind you of anything ? oh yes


like.. it鈥檚 a monstera leaf in both cases, there鈥檚 a turtle rescue going on here aND there is the same sea shell next to Stitch than the ones Moana picks up when the ocean meets her for the first time like

I know what you鈥檙e gonna say like come on Julie it鈥檚 just a fucking leaf and turtles on the beach and a goddamn sea shell bUT

it鈥檚 enough to prove that Moana is Lilo鈥檚 ancestor (yES IT IS ENOUGH)that鈥檚 itgoodbye
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autisticpika3 years agoText





takes a deep breath

rebecca has addressed the racist depiction in the art book and apologized and now i feel like i can breathe easier

id also like to add lamar abrams has addressed this as well聽

can we all agree its still fine for people to not be happy with that apology or if theyre more comfortable dropping the show ??聽

Yes, absolutely. If you don鈥檛 want to support the show anymore, that makes sense and I can鈥檛 blame you especially after what happened.

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autisticpika3 years agoText






yes its so funny when cishet gay men call me (panseuxal) a homophobe for calling out their privilege and then BLOCK ME SO I CANT REPLY, ESSENTIALLY SILENCING ME.聽


I wrote this post

cishet gay men??????????

cisgendered (not transgendered) heterosexual gay men! if u were wondering what my abbreviations meant ;p聽

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