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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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One thing that gets me about mag 169 as a political metaphor is that killing Jude Perry did not help her victims at all. As long as the system is not changed, they are still stuck in the building suffering. What I wanna say is… Johnny Sims really did say fuck capitalism this week huh

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For people experiencing depression and anxiety for the first time, or realizing you have developed other mental problems, due to the COVID19 pandemic:

You are not broken, it is not hopeless, there is not something wrong with you.

The human brain responds to stress like the flighty prey animal it evolved in. Long term or even intense short term trauma and stressors will make you respond in different ways.

One of those ways is a constant fight or flight, anxiety. Another is a response to the stress not going away, a change in brain chemistry that leads to depression.

If you had mild forms of these, or were good at managing them without being diagnosed, these times may make things worse. It might well be the first time symptoms crop up at all.

Do not be ashamed. Of the situation you’re now in, or of seeking help.

Most places are closed to physical appointments, but many mental health offices have crisis lines if you need them and offer phone appointments. Get help sooner rather than later. It’s easier to keep leveled out when someone offers you a hand.

For those in the US, here is a text site to contact someone to talk to while in crisis or just to discuss how you’re feeling about the pandemic:

Crisis Text Line

For people outside of the US:

Where We Are - Crisis Text Line

They don’t cover everywhere, so if you have local lines that can help out, please add them on the reblogs.

Remember, your brain is trying to keep you alive, but it is in fact several pounds of meat jelly throwing chemicals around. It gets it wrong sometimes, and sometimes talking helps even it out.

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as much as i love isabelle & the cute little resident services office there’s something charming & nostalgic about the tent

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sometimes i forget that the saws they use for bone in butcher shops are just like. Band saws. like the tables are bigger and you have to order a certain kind of blade to avoid any chipping. and the hand saws they use are just. saws. 

i always called the band saw the bone saw bc i just… assumed it was a saw… specifically for bones…

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I made gijinkas out of my AC Villagers!! These were a lotta fun, makes me all the more attached to them all 😭💕

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“I wonder what Captain Kirk is doing nowadays?”

“Probably this”


“hey you kinda look like that kirk fellow!”

“i am ‘that kirk fellow’”



what if after the five year mission, people treat captain kirk like they treat tony hawk?

like people don’t recognize tony hawk unless he has a skateboard, and people don’t recognize kirk unless he’s in uniform

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Upon reflection its probably good that, like myself, April doesn’t drink because if they did they would have died of alcohol poisoning at age 16

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these gays are literally doing the apocalypse version of “i’m hungry” “okay, where do you wanna eat?” “idk where do YOU wanna eat?” “you’re the one who said they were hungry–

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jon, internally as they’re leaving the end: okay martin was kind of bummed we didn’t get to smite someone in the last domain, so i’ll just hang a left and steer us where we can Definitely do some smiting.

martin, staring at the raging inferno of the desolation in front of them: i… don’t want to go in there, jon.



jon: well i’m all out of ideas so

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Sometimes when writers block happens, you just have to sit there and make yourself write by imagining what would be said to piss you the fuck off if you were in the characters situation. 

Then sometimes you just kinda have to put words down as you think them so there’s something there and then you get mad at it and write what you actually want.

Basically i’m saying i break writers block by sheer spite, which feels kinda on brand.

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Hello everyone, this is Mok coming to you at 5:55pm in Eastern Washington.

The current weather is 96F/35.5C. In May. 
In eastern washington. At 1400 feet above sea level. 

In may

I am currently melting to death. 

This has been the Mok Update.

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