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I found a way to make memes 😈😈😈
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I think about this regularly, too, and dang this was good.
**All credit to original author
More than Seconds
Tumblr media
I’m on bachata tiktok and all I can think of is Camilo and the reader dancing happily in each other’s arms, gazing at one another like they were the only thing in each other’s world. Swaying their bodies against the music in one of the Madrigal parties and just being so in love with one another. Feel free to listen to the music above!
masterlist !!
Tumblr media
If there was one thing that Camilo Madrigal loved more than food, it was you. It had been months since you’ve officially started seeing one another. Most couples would be well over the honeymoon stage of a relationship but not you two and he promised to keep it that way. Who said proving your love for your significant other ended once you accepted him as your beloved?
“For as long as we shall live, I will court and prove my love to you every single day, mi vida.” That was what he told you when you asked him why he was always so sweet and loving to you, questioned if he got tired of being so loving.
And Camilo kept his word. There was not a day that he made you doubt his love for you. Each day better than the last.
Tonight wasn’t an exception to that either.
Music and lively chatter blared from outside Camilo’s door as a gathering hosted by his family for the New Year’s occured. You had sneaked off with one another, holding each other’s hand as he led you to his room to escape the hustle and bustle of the liveliness downstairs. You placed your head on his shoulder, a soft smile adorning your features as you both gazed at the night sky from his window, Camilo’s lips would form a sweet smile on his face, finding himself staring at you instead of the night sky, admiring you. In awe of how he’s managed to be able to love you and be loved by you.
“It’s beautiful, isn’t it, Camilo?” You breathed out, eyes fluttering close as the cold winds tousled your hair. Camilo smiled.
“Very beautiful, mi vida.” Though you felt his gaze on you and you knew he wasn’t talking about the deep inky sky. You can only smile, averting your gaze as you bumped your shoulder against his. “Pay attention, ‘Milo.”
Sure, one can argue that he should be out there, being the life of the party and making everybody happy with his usual antics but moments like this with you? No party can make him happier than he was now. Though he had perked up when he heard a familiar tune being played by the band downstairs. Recognizing it as one of the songs that his mamá and papá would dance to and the band would play in the village square.
And with a smile, he slowly stood up, holding out a hand for you.
“¿Me concede este baile, mi vida?”
Suppressing a dorky smile on your face, you can only nod, placing your hand in his and letting him pull you up. He twirled you around in his arms as you giggle, dress fluttering with you and following your fluid movements.
Camilo leaned in close as he held you in his arms, hands on your waist while your arms were around his neck. Nose to nose, you gazed at one another lovingly as you held one another, bodies swaying with the music, letting Camilo guide the two of you as you both smiled like dorks.
As midnight came closer, so did the cheers of the citizens of Encanto, the music slowly dying down. The townspeople counted down the last seconds of the year until only a few seconds remained.
He leaned closer and pressed a gentle kiss on your lips at the same time fireworks were launched, vibrant colors that would resemble his cousin Isabela’s flowers bloomed and decorated the star filled sky.
“Te Quiero, mi vida. I love you more than seconds.” He stifles a chuckle which you would roll your eyes but a loving smile still graced your lips.
“And I you, mi amado. More than seconds.”
Tumblr media
Happy new year my little oroguitas! I hope you all had a wonderful new years. Here’s a little short something for you to celebrate with. ✨
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You know what would be a fun part of dating Camilo?
When he sends Antonio over with messages.
He doesn’t necessarily love to use his brother as a method of communication but when you’re too far apart to talk to each other, he does it as a way of reminding you he cherishes and cares about you.
They’re all sweet and stuff and Antonio’s little voice makes them all the more cute.
“Camilo says you look pretty/handsome today.”
“Camilo told me to tell you that he likes your dress/outfit/suit.”
“Camilo told me to say that he likes your hair.”
And you can tell him sweet things back or smile at him from wherever you’re standing. Or you can tease him.
“They say staring is rude and you need to get back to work.”
“They said your ruana has a stain.”
“They asked if their hair didn’t look good yesterday.”
Camilo will look at you, surprised, until he sees your smirk and/or wink. Then he relaxes and smiles back, probably letting out a relieved chuckle.
Then, sometimes, Camilo will be talking with Antonio and he says something about you but it wasn’t meant to be a message but little Toñito is used to relaying messages for you two so he disappears to tell you what Camilo just said.
One second Antonio is there, listening innocently, then the next he’s just gone. And when Camilo finally spots him, the boy is with you. You’re bent over or holding Antonio so he can whisper into you ear, or just so that you can hear him better.
“Camilo says he loves you.”
When Antonio is finished, you look at Camilo (who’s shocked, worried, and panicking) with a politely surprised expression that turns into a smile. You look back at Antonio (who’s proud and beaming innocently) and whisper a response into his ear.
Camilo has forgotten all about whatever chore he was doing and is just standing there, frozen, with his mouth dangling open. When you’ve finished with your reply, Antonio’s face lights up and he giggles and runs back to Camilo.
“They said that they love you, too … but close your mouth because you’re gonna catch flies.”
During Antonio’s slight pause, Camilo looked up at you and things seemed to slow down. Relief crashed over him like a tidal wave, affection bursted in his chest, and butterflies erupted in his stomach. Oh and his face - that was on fire.
Then he was pulled back into reality by the second part. He snaps his jaw shut and stands straight, probably dropping something in the process. He rubs the back of his head and smiles nervously as he bends down to pick up the stuff he just dropped.
Your cheeks are bright red, too, but you aren’t sure if it’s from laughing or being flustered.
Afterwards, when chores are done and you and Camilo have a chance to talk, you just joke around and talk about your days until the incident comes up. Camilo goes silent and looks down at his lap or hands and asks if you meant it.
You’re confused at first but when he clarifies you say “of course I meant it, Milo” then there’s a pause before you ask “did … you mean it?”
He seems just as surprised as you were at the question. But he assures you that he meant it with all of his heart, despite it being a mistake, but he would have rather told you himself if he’s being honest.
You share a little laugh then it gets quiet again. You break it first with “Hey, corazón?”
“Sí, mi vida?”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
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Me: *thinking about being a thot for Bucky*
Jefferson: *bursts into my bedroom* Who the hell is Bucky?
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*scrolling thru Pinterest*
*accidentally taps on a post*
*panics and tries to exit*
*realizes it’s a picture of Camilo*
*calms and admires picture*
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Hell yea I want my soup blessed
reblog for a soup blessing in 2022
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Betty White and a bear stop what you’re doing and reblog
Betty White: First Lady of Television (Netflix)
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Camilo Cuddling (pt. 3)
Ok so in pt 2 I said that I would talk about Camilo being riled up and wanting to cuddle. Now, just to make things clear, when I say ‘riled up’ I mean he’s full of energy and excited, not angry.
Anyways, when Camilo is full of energy, he’s really smiley and has this overall excited energy aura thing that I can’t quite explain. But it’s fun! He’ll be playing with the little kids, annoying his older primas, pulling you into dances, etc.
But even with all this energy Camilo will eventually want to hold you close and cuddle. And when he does he’ll give you this goofy, mischievous grin, run over to you if you’re far away, and pick you up, spin you around, and plop down on the nearest couch/bed/fluffy chair with you still in his arms. Don’t worry, he’ll make sure you don’t get hurt!
Then when you both are seated or laying down together, and you both have gotten all your giggles out, he’d look you in the eyes with the sweetest smile, brush a strand of hair out of your face with feather-light touches, and then his smile would widen and turn mischievous again and he’d tickle you until you were crying laughing and/or begging him to stop.
Camilo would pull you in for a kiss before you had even stopped laughing, peppering them all over your face, and maybe down your neck so he could get in closer. You would take his face in your hands and kiss him properly, long and sweet. And then you both would scoot in closer, as if reading the other’s mind. You would rest against each other and calm down and hold each other, both of you smiling and content with the other and their company.
Links to other parts:
Pt. 1 - https://awkwardtortilla.tumblr.com/post/672511418473627648/camilo-cuddling-pt-1
Pt. 2 - https://awkwardtortilla.tumblr.com/post/672557075553992704/camilo-cuddling-pt2
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Camilo Cuddling (pt.2)
Ok so in pt 1 I said that Camilo would leave you alone if it was an inconvenient time. But I kinda take that back bc when one or both of you is doing chores he’d still want to be close. Like, in the same room if you’re both busy, and if it’s an option. (Not if it’s super hot tho bc that’s uncomfy & not if you say no bc he respect u and ur personal space)
If you’re the one with chores he’ll hang out with you, chilling out nearby, chatting with you. Or he’ll come up behind you, wrap his hands around your middle, and rest his forehead against the back of your head, or his chin on your shoulder. Depending on his mood and the situation, he’d tilt his head and settle into the crook of your neck, watching you work from over your shoulder. Or he would litter the side/back of your neck with kisses, making your head spin and his grin widen. Or he’d just stand there with you, enjoying your company, or whispering sweet nothings into your ear, or talking quietly about your day. But, again, there is NO gap between your bodies.
If multitasking wasn’t an option he’d help you to hurry the process along so he could cuddle with you sooner.
Then if Camilo was the one busy with chores he’d L O V E it if you did the same thing!!!! If you held him from behind as he worked the boy would just fall in love all over again. He’d freaking MELT if you started playing with his hair, then COMBUST if you whispered to him. And if you did it in Spanish??
Anyways idk Camilo just gives me clingy bf vibes but in a cute and gentle way … except for when he’s riled up. I’ll do another post on that later
Links to other parts:
Pt. 1 - https://awkwardtortilla.tumblr.com/post/672511418473627648/camilo-cuddling-pt-1
Pt. 3 - https://awkwardtortilla.tumblr.com/post/672571192684724224/camilo-cuddling-pt-3
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Holy crap you put my thoughts into comprehensible words
When people discuss Abuela, they're missing a very important line: "To earn the miracle that somehow found us." That is why Abuela puts so much pressure on herself and her family. She doesn't know why the miracle occurred and she feels like she has to constantly earn it. If there are too many imperfections, the miracle may fade. So, the family has to do everything they can to prove themselves worthy. It doesn't excuse the way Abuela acted but it does explain it. And her feeling pressure to be worthy of the magic parallels and leads to the generational trauma of her family feeling pressure to be worthy of her love. That's what makes the story so nuanced and beautiful.
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Finally got around to watch Encanto and I’ve come to the conclusion that Camilo smiles like knife cat
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Do you see this shit, casita—
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Camilo Cuddling (pt. 1)
If you and Camilo were dating he would want to be close to you a lot of the time. Like not when you, him, or both of you are busy, or when it’s hot out, etc. but like when you’re winding down or just hanging out.
He’d want to cuddle with you and be CLOSE. Like, there’s NO gap. You could just be chilling on the couch or his bed reading a book and next thing you know Camilo’s head of fluffy curls is in your lap. Or, if he knows you’re cool with it, he’d flop on top of you (making sure not to hurt you ofc). Or he’d flop down next to you, turn over to face you, and wrap his arms around you and pull you in really close.
Camilo just wants to be close to you. He wants to breathe in your wonderful scent. He wants to hold you in his arms. He wants to feel your warmth, your heart beat, the way you nuzzle into the crook of his neck, your smile against his skin.
His own grin wouldn’t leave his face. Not even when he falls asleep.
Idk why but something about Camilo says this is what he would be like
Links to other parts:
Pt. 2 - https://awkwardtortilla.tumblr.com/post/672557075553992704/camilo-cuddling-pt2
Pt. 3 - https://awkwardtortilla.tumblr.com/post/672571192684724224/camilo-cuddling-pt-3
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Tumblr media
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me: I'm probably going to like bruno or luisa the most, maybe mirabel
a chaotic nonbinary shapeshifter: *has next to zero importance in the film except for a few sarcastic lines and exists purely as a comic relief*
Tumblr media
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Me, scrolling thru Disney+ : welp I don’t really have anything better to do so ig I could watch Encanto
Me, after watching Encanto: ….meh. It was good. Not great. Could use some work.
Me, the next day watching Encanto for the 4th time: SEVEN 7️⃣ FOOT 🦶 FRAME 🖼 RATS 🐀 ALONG ➡️ HIS 🧔🏽‍♂️ BACK 🎒—
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Anybody else frustrated with the lack of Aris content on here?
Well here’s some anyways
So you’ve survived the trials and made it to the Safe Haven
You and Aris have finished today’s tasks and chores, and are now lying together on your sleeping bags in your hut
You’re holding each other close and tight; arms around each other; burrowing your faces in the crook of the other’s neck; your legs entangled
Aris is running his fingers through your hair as you trace shapes on his back
Sometimes one of you whispers something sweet, sometimes it’s small talk
You’re mostly just breathing in the other’s scent and enjoying each other’s company and being grateful that you both survived up to this point
There’s an occasional kiss pressed to the collarbone, or multiple, feathery kisses peppered along the neck or across the shoulder
When you start to get sleepy you tilt your head back and brush your lips across Aris’s
It lasts for a minute, both of you smiling into the sweet, tender kiss
Then you nuzzle back into each other and drift off
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“This is a croquembouche. Much like your cream puffs, but more impressive.” - A.P. Bio s01e03
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