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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

axniserroxin·32 minutes agoText

So we’ve established a few things about Hilda, my aarakocra battle smith artificer:

1. She relentlessly persues the Satire Bard teacher throughout the campus to tell him her horrible jokes in an attempt to make him laugh and get back into the satire bard course. She is 5 ft taller than them.

2. Her battle smith companion looks like a biblically accurate angel, lots of flames and eyes and wheels of swords. They cannot fly so they just roll around on their swords like wheels going ting ting ting ting ting. .

3. If you are ftm and want a flatter chest and you encounter Hilda she will make it her mission to make you toast every morning bc her dad, Burlail, a cleric of the god Toast, explained to her “Toast cut my titties off for me”. Because she grew up on campus and knows all the teachers and all the cleric students she makes a ridiculous amount of toast each morning and flies it out to all the ftm students saying “Toast is good. Eat more toast. Will cut off titties.” She also thinks her lack of them is due to eating toast for breakfast every morning, but it is really because she is a bird. It is also likely that when this fails to yield results she may try to fashion a sword out of toast.

4. She demands apple slices regularly. A side effect of aarakocra being so so rare that her dad had no idea she would be an adult at three.

5. Living in a divine household “Be Not [insert word]” is just a casual part of her speech. “Be Not Afraid” gets regular use as she an 8ft tall muscular bird who speaks in monotone.

6. She is well educated about intimacy and sexuality, less so on the topic of Common. This leads to her using ‘horny’ as an adjective to describe Tieflings and anyone else with horns. It is likely when this is cleared up she will say “Ah, we are talking about sex, yes? Be not ashamed.”

7. She fears nothing and no one bc she has the confidence of a very big toddler.

I love her so much and I’m gonna have so much fun playing this disaster owl.

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axniserroxin·5 days agoText

Tfw the entire DnD party is aspec and has an adoptive parent trying to stop them setting things on fire per member. There are two members.

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axniserroxin·6 days agoText


oh yea just throwing it out there but. if u are a beginning digital artist PLEASE i am BEGGING you to experiment with different methods of making your drawings because i see so many of yall suffering for no reason using what you’re taught because you don’t know to try a different way. like SO MANY PEOPLE people make jokes about how much worse their lineart looks from their sketch and how much of a pain it is to do lineart… if that’s you, then, don’t do lineart! just clean up your sketch a bit, or keep the bits from the sketch that you like the most and only do a separate layer for the things that really need fixing, or just paint right onto it!! endless possibilities. if u keep having troubles trouble with layers? u don’t need them, just merge them and keep going. better at sketching traditionally than digitally? take a picture of ur sketch and draw on top of it. there is no One Right Way to do anything in art except what’s fun and satisfying for you. be free

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axniserroxin·6 days agoText

Tumblr. Why. Why must you scramble my pictures?

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