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azuchi-princess·11 days agoText

Kenshin’s daughter: Mom where did I come from?

*mc blushing*: Huh?!..Umm… are a gift from God O///O

Kenshin’s daughter: But that doesn’t answer my question!

mc: listen honey, when the God wants to create you, he puts you inside of me, until you’re ready to meet your mommy and daddy.

*sasuke from no where*: god of war to be more specific.

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azuchi-princess·21 days agoText

Last years I showed you some tips about glamour events

& now I will show you some tips and secrets you can use it in the collection events

I know that some players know alot about those tips but also there are player are not, & I will be happy to help them.

I will talk about advice for free & new player

& there is will be another advice for rich player or who planning to use alot of money on specific collection event..

Let’s start

Free players tips:

Save your every single ticket

Don’t use them for anything else expect this event, I will tell u why next :)

Every time you do love challenge you will get 3 + 5 hearts

in the first five chapter of every route you choose there will be love challenge, so every day you change the route during the event you will get 8 hearts daily, and that will increase more during love story challenge

So in the big collection event ( 3X lucky story time) you will get 24 hearts, after that change the route and use 5 tickets u saved before so u can repeat the love challenge again and take other 24 hearts,

Buy hearts with gold

It’s will cost u about 2000 gold for 1 heart, you can buy just 10 hearts daily

So make sure to buy it every day

Note: you can collect gold from greeting friends and from castle gacha

You can use 10 free tickets in aday for lucky story time

Remember that cybird release 5 free tickets at 11 am pst, so in the LST ( lucky story time) use your free tickets before 11 am and after 11 am pst they will give you another 5 free tickets, use them before the LST end

and that how u get more hearts

Don’t forget to Set ur alarm according to ur time zone

U can do Princess lesson every 5 hours so make sure ur princess lesson is full before lucky lesson start and set ur alarm after 5 hour so u can do it again before lucky lesson ended.

Rich player tips:

Buy all the value sets, experts the one with 500 coins,

Purchase the rest ( u can use every one for 3 times , expert 100 coins just for one time)

If you wamt to be in ranking, u have to focus on two things - chapter tickets - coins hearts -

Listen carefully I have secrets can change ur life XD.

As I tald before use tickets in LST

for u as ranking player, it’s will take time to finish 5 ch, between 1.30 - 2 minutes every ch.

There is app can help u called auto click

It’s will save ur poor finger from becoming red after pressing very hard XD

It’s can can make u finish 1 ch in one minute,

This app have nothing related to hack

It’s just can be ur super fast finger, nothing more,

when u use it u dont take anything from cybird,,

u pay for everything (u pay for tickets, value sets, hearts, coins…) & trust me, the more u use this app the more u spend more money on cybird

U can find the app on app store it’s have other differences names, make sure to find the one that match ur phone bc some of it can make the game pause if ur phone have alot of used space

Some of phones can freeze for minutes if u use app to hight for ur phone, so make sure to chose the number of milliseconds can match ur device, not too slow and not too fast, it’s will take time to know the best one for u, or u can pay for premiums, it’s better

Every time u change the route make sure not to choose the routes that have sasuke explain to u how to play the game,, that will take time from u, and remember every second is important

Also choose the routes that be shorter

Be aware that click assistant can’t help u in every thing,, it’s will help u just to finish route

U have to put attention on ur internet speed, for me I used my phone data instead of wifi during the LST time, so I can move fast and don’t have problems with loading every time I press a button.

If there is a collection event that give attire for ranking 1# and u would die to take it, just listen carefully..

Don’t let the competitors know how many hearts you have

Just buy hearts and hide it’s in your present box, don’t use alot of hearts on ur warlord to make player 1# feel save about his amount of hearts

And then before 10 minutes from the event end

PAAAM surprise them all and use every heart u save, the other player will not have the time to reach ur number bc it’s the last 10 minutes

That’s my evil plan OwO



Just be careful and don’t do my mistake, I remember one day I bought every heart I could, to save it to the last 10 minutes

I set my alarm to that, so before 10 minutes from the event end I have checked my phone and there was no internet, it was an error

I was like O.o, sadly the company tooks half an hour to fix the,problem, it’s was too late for the event and I lost my hearts QAQ

From that day I learned to use my saving hearts first every time I set my alarm for LST, then I start to use my tickets, so if every think happened during LST I’ll have the time to do something about it.

Just be careful as well, it might happen to u as will, and facing other problem before the event end.

Also u can collect hearts from love challenge and don’t use them on ur warlord right away



If u plan to use more than 5k hearts and u want to save it to the last make sure to use it before the last 10 minutes bc it’s will take time to use them all and I’m afraid that 10 minutes would be not enough for u specially if ur internet is slow sometimes..

Why it’s always 10 minutes??

bc the game make updates to the ranking member every 10 minutes,, and ur rival can see the mount u spend, so she can be a stip ahead of u,,




If u was busy with ur job or school or business like me and really want to rank in the event but don’t have the time to play daily,

choose the the biggest lucky story time and spend every thing on it..

& pray that no one will take ur place at ranking XD..




sorry for my typo,, English is not my first language :(

the last thing is I want to share my experiences with you :D

last year when I was playing the event and suddenly the game pause in the time I was in the event page,, every time I press something the game was giving me hearts,, I was like what the heck XD, I deleted the game and download it again but still doesn’t work, the most bad thing that I couldn’t play the routes it’s just pause, I wrote to cybird about that error, happily the game fixed after the update but the route that I was in restart itself XD

So if anything happened in the game during the events or not,, remember it’s not ur fault it’s cybird fault OwO, and it’s will be fixed the next updated,

That was all my advices for u I hope it’s be helpful for u

if u have tips I didn’t mention or any experiences u want to share pls comment below so u could help the other players,

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azuchi-princess·a month agoText

mc: mmm, nobunaga that’s sweet, I want more.

nobunaga: be quit fireball someone might hear your.

mc: I don’t care, just give it to me

*nobunaga smirk*: show me how good girl you are, then I’ll think about giving you more.


* hideyoshi suddenly open the door*

hideyoshi: god damnit, are you stealing the candy again?

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azuchi-princess·a month agoText

I have a question

What did you call someone watch all your social media accounts sense birth

and talking about something u did from two years ago

Do I need to change my address *sweat* ¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯

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azuchi-princess·a month agoAnswer

Hi how are you

I want to say that I love you

you're beatifull person with sweet heart

good luck with your business

No, you are more sweetness 😍😍

Thanks you ❤

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azuchi-princess·a month agoAnswer

girls there are people who are jealous of you also you make better memes than them. maybe they should learn from you instead of the shitties things they into


Is It’s ok to use that word?

U make ma laugh 😂😂😂

Any way I don’t care about what other do or make

I’m busy to be a millionaire *smug*

I know I said that alot but this is my goal for the two years from now

So I don’t have the time to make memes like before QAQ

alot of ppl think that the person who is on the way to be rich is always busy until the last day in his life, that not true

this happens in the time they build their business and after their companies run itself, they will have all the time to do what they love.

So just wait me for two years and I will run two trips every year, one to Dubai and one to Japan

I’ll take five of my otome’s close friends and the rest will be through the lottery

Don’t worry about the costs, leave everything on me,,

I know it’s too early to say that

But I’m so excited to make otome club and go on trips with people who share my interests..

Just wish for me the luck on my way ❤

& thank u for ur massage 😍

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