b0ne-thug · 2 days ago
Ahh I finally reached my new lw!!
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b0ne-thug · 3 days ago
I literally ate 400 calories today and did 1000 jumping jacks which apparently burns around 809 cals so istg if I don’t lose weight tomorrow ima kms
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b0ne-thug · 8 days ago
I need this rn
Tumblr media
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b0ne-thug · 11 days ago
Bruh binging and maintaining your weight the next morning is the best and worst feeling ever. Like you know you could’ve lost if you had eaten your normal amount but you’re also glad you didn’t gain.
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b0ne-thug · 12 days ago
Food log: January 12, 2022
Breakfast: coffee + 1tbs creamer = 36 cals
Lunch: carb balance mini tortilla = 35 cals
Dinner: 1 cul taco Mac and cheese + 1 caramel chocolate= 305 cals
Total = 400 cals
Ate a lot more then usual today and I feel sick and I rounded up the number cause I had a couple bites of some chicken salad. Hope to do a bit better tomorrow. Think ima just have coffee and a granola bar tomorrow
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b0ne-thug · 13 days ago
Food log: January 11, 2022
Breakfast: nothing = 0 cals
Lunch: warm steeped unsweetened tea = 0 cals
Dinner: broccoli cheddar soup 1 cup + 1 caramel chocolate + 1 stick gum = 190 cals
Total = 190 cals
Been doing really well these past couple days so I might allow myself another 35 cal Carmel chocolate but I’m saving it for later to decide. But am really proud of myself
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b0ne-thug · 14 days ago
Food log: January 10, 2022
Breakfast: monster zero ultra = 10 cals
Lunch: gum = 5 cals
Dinner = half a large apple + caramel chocolate and gum = 156 cals
Total = 171 cals
Did really well today, since Thursday I have been eating a lot more then I usually would cause I’ve been at a friends but I only gained 2 pounds which is less then I usually would have and it’ll only take me a couple days to get it off. Hope I can make it through the rest of this week as easily as I did today
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b0ne-thug · 17 days ago
Bitches be scared of drinking too much water because they think they’ll gain water weight. It’s me. I’m bitches
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b0ne-thug · 19 days ago
Anyone know how many calories 600 jumping jacks burn?
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b0ne-thug · 19 days ago
I saw this tiktok today and it said “2022 better be my year cause if not it’s gonna be my last.” And honestly I felt that
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b0ne-thug · 19 days ago
Breakfast: coffee + 1tbs creamer = 37 cal
Lunch: 2 sticks gum = 10 cal
Dinner: 1 cup broccoli cheddar soup + 2 candies = 240 cal
Total = 287 cals
Ate more today then I wanted to but I still stayed under my 300 cal limit. Kinda stressed for tomorrow cause I’m going to my friends house and I always eat a lot there but praying something either comes up and I can’t go or I can manage to eat as little as possible. I’ve done good this week and ion want all my progress down the drain.
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b0ne-thug · 20 days ago
What am I gonna do when I hit my gw? Like my only hobby is my ed lmao
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b0ne-thug · 20 days ago
Food log: January 4, 2022
Breakfast: coffee + 1tbs of creamer= 36
Lunch: gum = 5
Dinner: nature valley granola bar + gum = 175
Total = 216
Edit: had some Lipton tea (teabag) + zero cal sweetener + a Carmel chocolate = 35
New total= 251
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b0ne-thug · 21 days ago
Food log~ January 3rd, 2022
Breakfast: monster ultra + gum= 15 cals
Lunch: skipped
Dinner: 1 1/2 cup Apple = 103
Chupa Panza tea + zero cal sweetener = 0
Total = 118 calories
Hopefully ion end up binging later but if I don’t I did really good today :)
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b0ne-thug · 22 days ago
I’m gonna start posting meal logs and update my weight on here tomorrow <3
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b0ne-thug · 25 days ago
Changed my username from ssecret<3 feel like this one is more fitting. Just letting y’all know so you don’t get confused
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b0ne-thug · 26 days ago
The worst feeling is telling someone you’re struggling with something and them not really caring
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