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Tumblr media
Summary: your favourite hobby was driving Wanda crazy. Maybe she fucked you dumb so much that you forgot who do you belong to. Better teach you some manners, don’t you think?
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x reader
Words: +1.5k
Warning (+18): dark! stepmom! Wanda, fingering, choking, jealousy, spanking, blood, dumbification, cursing, possessiveness
A/N: MORNING BUNNIES!! You all can thank @ilovehotactresses because I woke up and saw this request and started writing as fast as I could. Thank you all for the support, I’ll keep getting better I promise but this is not proofread, so I’m sorry if there’s any typo or any mistake at all.
you don't have permission to translate/repost my work anywhere. Please be respectful. Likes, reblogs and comments are welcome and appreciated — Regina.
(Not my gif)
Tumblr media
You took a deep breath the moment you set foot in front of your dad’s house. You were in town because it was your dad’s birthday this weekend and you loved that man to nuts so of course you wouldn’t miss it. And you loved his wife even more.  
Last year, your beautiful stepmother got under your skin after a girls night. She needed a break from all the wifey stuff and you suggested to go out. Who would’ve thought that the two of you would end up wrapped around each other in that bar’s restroom moaning each other’s name. After that, every time you were in town, you made sure to have some fun with her.  
A door closed behind you and soon you felt a warm hand touching your waist.  
“So this is where you live, detka” Natasha’s raspy voice filled the air and you clenched your legs.  
Natasha was kind of your best friend. More like fuck buddies but you actually trusted her with your life. And she was there to meet your dad, since you are always talking about her being your rock when you are far from home – you also enjoy when your stepmother clenched her jaw every time you mentioned Nat’s name.  
“Expected something different?” you looked at her and she snorted.  
“Something bigger” she said and laughed when she saw your face “Kidding, detka. It’s cute, thank you for inviting me”  
“Well, apparently my dad thinks we are a couple. So thank you for coming even though my aunt Alice will eat you alive with a bunch of questions” you chuckled “But really, thank you” 
“Nonsense, detka. I know you would’ve done the same. Plus, I get to pretend we are a couple” she winked at you and your rolled your eyes.  
The main reason you two weren’t a thing, it was none other than your stepmom. You loved to fuck with Natasha but your body felt different every time Wanda touched you. Like you were meant to be and she ruined you the moment she decided to fuck you senseless in that restroom. And Nat knew about it, so she was more than fine with being fuck buddies. And that’s why she was pretending to be your girlfriend, so your dad would never notice.  
You walked hand by hand to the door and you rang the bell. Natasha was telling some jokes and you were sure you were about to pee yourself.  
“No, but really. I was there I opened the door and I found Tony with Steve and if it wasn’t for Tony…” she was smiling while you were laughing  
“Stop it, I can actually imagine Steve’s face” you laughed.  
“No, should’ve see his face the moment I was about to leave but Tony had to say wanna join Romanoff” you laughed louder and Natasha was chuckling.  
The door opened and you were met with a pair of angry green eyes.  
“(Y/N) you are late” that was all Wanda said, ignoring you and Natasha while walking away leaving the door opened.  
“Hello?” you said confused.  
“Honey, I think your family don’t like already” Natasha joked and you punched her shoulder “Ouch”  
You two walked in and you were giving Natasha a small house tour before going into the backyard, where you family was laughing, eating and drinking lots of beer.  
Natasha held your hand and squeezed it. You gave her a soft smile and walked up to your dad.  
“Look who’s here!!” your dad greeted you excited and with his arms opened “Come here, baby girl” he hugged you tightly “I missed you so much, baby”  
“I missed you too, dad. Happy birthday!” you kissed his forehead and then grabbed Nat’a hand “This is Natasha”  
“Oh wow, she’s quite beautiful isn’t she?” he is looked over his shoulder to your uncles and they agreed “Welcome, miss Romanoff”  
“You are too kind, sir” she smiled “I see where this sweetie got her beauty” she winked at you and you laughed.  
Wanda’s eyes met yours while you were looking around. She was fuming. You bit your lip and she walked to the house.  
“Why don’t you get along… I- if you excuse me?” you said without looking at them really. Nat looked over her shoulder and saw you tan after your stepmom.  
Wanda was in the kitchen drinking a glass of water when you came in. You smiled at her.  
“Hey, beautiful” you greeted her. Her eyes were full of anger when she left the glass over the table.  
She got closer to you without saying a word, she grabbed you by the wrist and dragged you to the guest bathroom.  
“Wanda what the fuck?” you asked confused while she locked the door.  
“Shut it, slut” she said looking at you “Why is she here?”  
A cocky smile appeared on your face and Wanda’s cheeks were blushed.  
“Are you jealous?” you asked sitting over the sink. Wanda snorted.  
“Don’t be dumb, princess” she said rolling her eyes. Her face got closer to yours and you instinctively licked your lips “I am mad that you brought her because she will think you are her plaything, when you actually belong to me” she whispered. She left a kiss in the corner of your lips and you closed you eyes at her touch “Such a dumb baby, whoring herself in front of me for what?”  
“I’m not whoring my-“ she grabbed your neck squeezing hard and you choked out of breath with both of your hands in her arm trying to push her but not really.  
“I said shut it” her eyes were darkened and she let you go when your face turned red “Given the fact you want to act like a whore, why don’t you show your family the type of slut you are” she turned you around, your meeting the mirror and Wanda lifting your dress behind you. 
“Wanda, they will hear us”  
She pulled down your panties, leaving them by your ankles and soon you felt your butt cheek burned when her hand met your skin.  
“So you better keep it quiet or at least give them a good show”  she grunted.  
She kept spanking you until your skin was red and some tears rolled down your cheeks. She pouted when her eyes met yours through the mirror.  
“Not so cocky now, right?” she chuckled “You are my plaything” she whispered in your ear “My dumb princess, my property” her hand played with your entrance while her lips barely touched your neck “Don’t you ever forget that” she filled you up with two fingers and you moaned, making Wanda muffle you with her other hand “The next time you think of bringing someone over my house, think again” her fingers were moving faster, your mouth was making a big O and your eyes were white enjoying every movement “Don’t be as dumb as today, slut. Next time I won’t be as fair as today” you felt your orgasm building up, clenching around Wanda’s fingers.  
She kissed your neck and stopped her movements just to turn you around and kiss you senseless. Your were legs wrapped around her waist while your arms were wrapped around her neck pulling her closer. You were desperate. You needed her so bad that you didn’t even care your dad was home. You just wanted to be hers.  
She filled you again while you played with your clit. The kisses were rough, she was biting your lip until you tasted your own blood. Then she made sure to leave marks on your neck, and you were moaning right into her ear driving her crazy.  
“Yes, mommy, right there” you pulled her hair.  
“I am the only one who can make you feel this way”  
“Yes, yes- fuck, yes” you were so close again.  
“Who do you belong to, slut?” she asked looking into your arms.  
“You, mommy. I’m yours, only yours” your breath was getting messier and heavier. You just wanted to cum but you knew better than doing it without Wanda’s permission.  
“Don’t you ever forget that, princess” and her thumb touch your clit you knew you were about to lose it.  
“I’m so close, mommy. Please don’t stop” you begged.  
Wanda smiled, moving faster and pressing harder. When she felt you were about to explode, she stopped pulling her fingers out. You looked at her open-mouthed and she could only look at you while licking her fingers.  
“What? You thought you would actually get to cum?” she snorted “I knew you were dumb but not this dumb” she laughed fixing her hair “If you behave maybe later I will help, but not right now” she leaned closer and licked your blood off your lip “Cute” she walked to the door “Dress up, slut” she unlocked it and said over her shoulder “And you better hurry cause I don’t feel like waiting”  
With that she left you alone. You fixed your clothed and your make up, noticing the huge marks on your neck and your bruised lip.  
How the hell will you cover that up? 
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Just go ahead and read the whole thing
The Blind Date - Series
gif creds: @lcufeysons
Tumblr media
Summary: Hilarity and a whirlwind adventure ensues when your best friend Sam sets you up on a blind date.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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Tumblr media
Schoolgirl fantasy |N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha has a reputation for being quite the player on campus. Her being the classic frat boy didn’t clash well with y/n’s all-round good behaviour. Natasha enjoys teasing her but takes it a little further once after class.
Pairing: g!p mean fuckboy!natasha x fem!reader (college AU)
Warnings: smut, g!p Natasha, unprotected sex, oral (both receiving), face-fucking, dirty talk, degrading, mocking, slapping, hair pulling, begging kink, size kink, belly bulge kink, innocence kink, slight form of masturbation, pet names (princess)
Word count: 2580
“Come on, y/n.” Carol smirked before taking a sip of her beer. “Don’t be a pussy.”
“I’m not participating.” I answered sternly.
“You’re at a party, let loose, have some fun.”
I sighed and rolled my eyes. “A drinking game doesn’t sound that fun considering we have class tomorrow.”
Natasha shook her head. “Just forget it, Danvers. Don’t waste your time on a goodie two-shoes.”
“Yes, excuse me for caring about my grades.” I said sarcastically.
“You’re also a tease, you know.” Natasha said while leaning back against the couch.
I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at her. “How am I a tease?”
She shrugged her shoulders before finishing off her drink. “You dress like a porn school girl but wont fuck anyone.”
“So I'm a tease for not letting someone get in my pants that easily?” I scoffed. “Bitch…”
She tilted her head a little while giving me a glare. “Wanna repeat that?”
I leaned forwards, returning her glare. “Bitch.”
She chuckled ironically while shaking her head. “That’s brave.”
“What? You gonna beat me up?” I smirked.
A hand laid on my shoulders and I turned around to look at who it was. Kate leaned down a little to speak into my ear. “Maybe we should head out.”
“Yeah, we wouldn't want your grades to suffer because you didn't get your sleepy time.” Natasha said in a baby voice while fake pouting.
I stared angrily before taking a deep breath, standing up to follow my friend out of the house. We started to walk over the campus to head to our dorms, the fresh air feeling soothing. The dark sky was almost relaxing, everything so peaceful and quiet.
“Are you ok?” Kate broke the silence.
I nodded while keeping my gaze up at the sky. “Yeah. Natasha just pisses me off.”
“I get that. She can definitely be annoying.”
“Plus she has slept with pretty much every girl in school.” I looked at my friend.
“I think it’s some sort of game they’re playing. Like whoever gets the highest body count wins a fucking beer keg or whatever frat people are into.” She chuckled.
I laughed as we kept walking, a bed and sleep coming closer and closer. “Makes sense.”
“We’re too good for that shit.”
“Absolutely.” I agreed.
After the bell rang I found a seat in the back of the class, hopefully avoiding the frat guys and their endless annoying banter. I took out my notebook and started to draw a little, just mindlessly moving my pencil around as a way to kill time. The teacher was late, not that it was such a bad thing as it would mean less time in class for the students.
I cared about my grades but I didn't like actually being at school. My grades were accomplishments, a way for me to feel good about myself. I enjoyed the praise and approval from my teachers, but the school part wasn't all that ideal, spending hours a day just waiting for it to end so I could leave. But then again, this wasn't exactly a unique viewpoint.
I snapped out of my thoughts as a pencil hit my head, landing on the floor below with a clang. I breathed in through my nose while slowly turning to look at the person besides me. Natasha smirked at me, tilting her head mockingly.
“What do you want?” I said exasperated.
“What’s got you in such a bad mood, princess?” she teased.
“God…” I groaned. “Maybe the fact that it’s 9 am and you’re throwing pencils at me like a child having a tantrum.”
“Ouch.” she chuckled.
“Fuck off and let me focus on class.”
“What are you supposed to focus on? There’s no teacher.”
“Well just simply fuck off then.” I said, giving her a fake smile.
Finally as the teacher arrived she left me alone. The class went by slowly, meaningless information I knew wouldn't come up again went in one ear and out the other. Like a robot I started to pack up my things as the bell rang, having done the same action millions of times now.
Life was on another level of uneventfulness. Movies definitely lied to us all about what college would be like. An arm wrapped around my shoulders and pulled me in, the familiar red hair that fell on my shoulder made me loudly sigh.
“What about fuck off do you not understand?”
“The fuck off part.” Natasha grinned at me.
“Why do you keep following me?”
“I’m trying to be friends here.”
“Oh yeah? You wanna be friends now? I thought I was a goody two-shoes and a tease.” I said irritated.
In the blink of an eye I was dragged into a room, the door locking behind us before she was pushing me up against the wall next to it. Her hands caged my head in as she stared down at me, her mouth slightly agape while her gaze was on my lips.
“Why can’t you just shut up for a second.” she spoke, moving her eyes between my own and my mouth.
“What are you doing?” I looked up at her, our height difference clearer now from our close proximity.
“Why is it that you’re the only one who doesn’t beg me to fuck them?” she questioned, lust clear in her voice.
“The playboy act isn't that appealing to me.” I answered, keeping my face blank and voice monotone.
Her hand cupped my cheek, dragging my bottom lip down before sighing. “Bet I could put that pretty mouth to some good use. You’ve been talking back a little too much lately, princess.”
I gave a sarcastic chuckle. “Oh really?”
She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees, holding my chin to lift my head up. “Don’t be a brat.”
I smirked up at her. “You seem pretty needy for me.”
She returned my smirk, raising her eyebrows suggestively while shrugging. “Or maybe I’m just doing everyone a favour by fucking the uptightness out of you.”
“You think I’ll just let you fuck me?”
She bent down a little, moving my head higher up so she could look closely at my face. “Oh princess, you’ll be begging me to do so.”
She stood back up, moving her hands onto her jeans to unzip them. She took her cock out of her underwear without removing her pants, stroking it with one hand while wrapping her other one into my hair. “Open up.”
I kept my mouth closed with a teasing smile, raising my eyebrows in a ‘whatcha gonna do now?’ way. She tugged my hair harshly, my head being forced back as I let out a surprised sound at the action. She took the opportunity of my open mouth to press the tip of her cock in between my lips.
“You could’ve just acted like a good girl.” she shook her head mockingly.
She moved my head back and forth onto her cock, using my mouth to get herself off. I placed my hands on her thighs while she fucked my mouth, just tugging on my hair to move me. She hit the back of my throat and I gagged, her response was a teasing chuckle. “What, can you barely take my cock in that mouth of yours?”
Tears filled my eyes before running down my cheeks, her movements speeding up quickly. My nails raked onto her thighs, trying to grip on harder to steady myself as she fucked my throat. She wiped away my tears with one of her hands while the other moved me further down onto her cock. 
“Is my princess having a hard time with my big cock stuffed in her mouth?” she fake pouted. “Maybe you just want me to fill that mouth with my cum?”
My scalp stung from her hold, my throat hurt but I couldn't deny that I was extremely turned on. I managed to kick off one of my shoes and moved my heel under me, sitting down on it to get some friction. I started to grind my hips back and forth, getting some much needed relief.
“Look at that… What a slut trying to get yourself off. You’re that horny for me?” Natasha said before pulling me off of her cock, holding my hair down to look up at her painfully by my hair. I groaned at the sudden movement, gasping as I could finally get some air.
“Fuck-” I coughed.
“I don’t remember telling you to do that.” She looked at me with a strict expression.
“S-sorry.” I got out as I tried to slow down my breathing.
She tugged my head back again, a wince falling from my lips. “You don’t do anything without my fucking permission, got it?”
I gave her a nod, my eyes wide as I looked at her angry face.
Her hand made sharp contact with my face, my head being forced to the side the most I could with her still having a grip on my hair. “Use your words, princess.”
She tapped my cheek lightly before letting go of me. “Good girl.”
She put her cock back into her underwear before pulling me up and dragging me to a desk. I stumbled before reaching out to steady myself on it, standing up to fix my stance. She pushed me around before lifting me up on the desk, immediately parting my legs so my skirt pooled around my waist.
“Of course you would have white panties. An innocent little princess like yourself needs to be pure and tidy, huh?” she talked while looking between my thighs. She crouched down onto the floor before moving my panties down my legs, stuffing them into her pocket. “I’m keeping those.”
She leaned forward and bit down on my thigh before licking up to my pussy. She moved my legs to lie over her shoulders while she held them down. Her tongue shot out and nudged my clit, a tiny sound was forced out of me before she did the movement again. She circled her tongue around the nub, teasing me slowly to make me break.
“Beg for it.” she said before brushing her lips against my clit.
“No? So you don’t want me to eat you out?” she asked with fake innocence.
“Fuck, come on.” I groaned.
Her nails dug into my thighs as she tightened her grip. “Beg me for it and I’ll do it.”
I rolled my eyes and huffed, leaning back onto my palms behind me. “Fuck you.”
She gave a small shake of her head before humming. She let her spit drop down onto my clit and smirked as I let out a moan. “You’re fucking throbbing, just admit you want it and beg me.”
Another huff left me and I scrunched up my face. “Fine…please just do it already.”
“That’s the best you can do?” she raised her eyebrow.
“Fuck- just go down on me!” I whined. “I need it so fucking bad, just lick me, anything, litterally just do anyth- AH~”
My sentence was cut off as she wrapped her lips around my clit, sucking hard before licking. She flicked her tongue over and over again, not letting up once.
“Too much- fuck~”
“You asked for it.” she smirked against me before continuing.
My hips moved against her face, a feeling starting to build in my lower stomach. “K-keep going~”
She lightly bit me before moving down to my hole, slipping her tongue into me while bringing her thumb to my clit. “Knew you would taste good.”
I was moaning loudly, my hand quickly slapping over my mouth to avoid someone hearing us. “Shit-” came out as a muffled noise.
“Are you getting close?”
I nodded, bringing my hand to her hair to hold her against me. “Holy fuck!”
She suddenly stopped before standing up, moving her underwear down enough for her cock to pop out. She dragged me further to the end of the desk before thrusting her cock into me in one stroke. “Fuck yes!” she moaned out.
I gasped and had to hold myself up better to not fall back. “Oh god…”
“S-shit you’re fucking pulsing around me.” She held my thighs up before moving, bucking her hips to force her cock in and out of me.
“Oh- just like that~”
She was breathing hard, fucking me faster with each second passing. “See how much better you are when you don’t go all smart-mouth all the time?” My mouth was wide agape, silent moans spilling out but not heard.
She adjusted her hold on me so she could thrust better up into me, hitting all the right spots each time. “Such a fucking whore~” she moaned. “You needed some cock to fix your attitude, huh?”
My hand covered my mouth again to stop my moans. I bit down on it to not scream as she hit just right. “Fucking hell~”
“This is a fucking fantasy… fucking the school’s ‘good girl’ in a classroom. God, the fuck do you think is gonna happen when you wear that short ass skirt and those thigh high socks- begging to be fucked like the little slut that you are~”
“Oh god!” I let out a muffled moan.
She lifted up my blouse, pressing her palm down onto my stomach. “Look at that fucking bulge… can see how deep inside of that little pussy I am. How can you even take me that fucking deep…”
“Holy shit- fuck me just like that!” I squealed.
“Needy little girl.” she breathed out. “You’re just my fucking cum-slut. Gonna use you whenever I fucking want.”
“I’m gonna cum!”
She let out a breathless chuckle. “Yeah? I’m making you cum, huh? The little whore is gonna cum all over my cock?”
I nodded quickly, my eyes shut tightly as I reached out to grab onto the side of the desk. “Fuck- fuck!”
“Fucking do it then.” she groaned.
I let out a scream-like moan and leaned forwards, gripping the desk so hard I was sure I could break it. I felt myself tighten up as I reached my orgasm, having experienced nothing as big as this one yet. I could feel my pussy pulsing hard, not even my vibrator could make me cum this hard.
I felt Natasha pull out of me, my eyes opening to see her fist her cock until she came onto my pussy. Her cum hit all over the insides of my thighs as well and I watched as it dripped onto the desk slowly.
We were both breathing hard and I looked at her as she stuffed her cock back into her pants before zipping them up. She grabbed her bag from the floor before turning around by the door, giving me a wink and a smirk. “That was fun, princess. You should probably fix that mess before getting to class. I know you have that test…good luck focusing after this.”
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Tumblr media
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Excited for this 😍
𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐞𝐮𝐫 𝐝'𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐫 - 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: older!natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: she was infuriating, humorous, and meticulously attractive; which that angers me because i wish to envy her. in fact, i fell for her throughout the summer of 2000 with my best friend. i was drawn to her, wishing that somehow she was also drawn to me.
warnings: just reader being annoyed by natasha but none for now! 
author’s note: yes this series is very similar to “call me by your name” and i just love that movie so so much. but, i will have to warn you that there is so much sexual tension in the later parts. plus, a jealous wanda so ya’ll be prepared.
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Tumblr media
Hot summer heat flashes through my eyes and warms up my skin as I lay on a white beach bench, reading a book that doesn’t really make sense to me; probably because I’m not philosophical as my best friend. Speaking of her, I looked to my side and saw her taking a nap while being bathed in sunlight.
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This was cute 😚
natasha romanoff x fem!reader
(high school au)
note: hi guys this is like my first ever time writing on here. if you have any suggestions then please feel free to let me know :) - joc (ps. idk how to end it or if i should’ve kept going. plz help me)
Tumblr media
Is this what crushing is? Natasha felt overwhelmed with her own emotions when she came to the realization that she liked Y/N. After days of contemplating and several phone calls to Clint, she came to accept it.
You and Natasha had gone to the same school since you were 5 years old. Though you two never became friends, she always saw you. She thought it was just because she wanted to be your friend that bad, however, the feeling in her stomach told her otherwise.
Maybe it was the way you tried to make everyone feel included, or how you would run your fingers through your hair when you didn’t know the answer to a question on a test, or maybe it was how you would be the first person to volunteer for something so the teacher wouldn’t feel like they were speaking to themself. You were so selfless and it made Natasha angry. How could you be so-you?
In comes junior year, there had been multiple times where she wanted to go up to you, she just couldn’t bring herself to. Her best friend, Clint, tried to hype her up but every chance she got she chickened out. Natasha wasn’t one to get shy or insecure, but you were the captain of the soccer team, the one who had brought your school to their first victory in 20 years as a sophomore. Everyone wanted you. Everyone knew you. How could she even get noticed by you?
You on the other hand were content with where you were. Some of your teammates though they were better than the rest of the student body just because they were associated with you. Most of their attitudes irked you, but what could you do? Thankfully, you never stress too much about it. You have your own friends to keep you distracted from the jerks that exist at your school. Wanda, Pietro, Tony and Peter were your, as they liked to call it, ride or dies. You had become friends with the twins when you first started kindergarten and grew closer to Tony in fifth grade. You and Peter only became friends because Tony wanted to “adopt” a freshman and make them feel like “one of the big guys.”
Everything was perfect.
Until Tony, who was also a businessman since he was in diapers, had to take a “leave” from school to attend a business meeting—refusing to take you since you just NEEDED to learn.
“Listen, kid. Yo-“
“Did you just call me kid, Stark? We are literally the same age.”
“As I was saying before you so rudely cut me off, I already talked to Fury about this months in advance. I can’t make it happen,” Tony said as he placed his hand on your shoulder.
“Be safe, okay?” You always worried about him. Even if Tony could be an asshole, he was still a reliable friend.
You got over Tony leaving for the week, then Peter came up to you. He was nervous and you could tell by the way he was fiddling with his fingers.
“Um. Y/N, I know I said I would join you tomorrow, but the freshman class just got told we were leaving for our trip to Venice tomorrow.”
You just smiled.
“I hope you have fun, Pete. Text me when you make a move on MJ,” You teased.
The red tint of his ears told you all you needed to know, he playfully glared at you and spun on his heels.
You then got over Peter leaving, everything was okay again. Until later that night you received a call from Wanda.
You knew from the tone of her voice that she and mostly likely Pietro, were going to be out of school as well.
“It’s okay, Wands. Where are you guys heading to?” You asked, sincerely.
“Pietro and I have to go visit our dad back in Sokovia. Mom says he’s sick.” You could hear the sadness in her voice and it made your heart ache.
“I’m really sorry. If you need anything, just text me okay?
“I will.”
“Goodnight Wanda. I love you. Tell Pietro I said hi.”
That night you knew school was going to be hard to get through. Yeah, you were popular but what’s school if you don’t have real friends with you? You tried to think of the bright side, you could make new friends if this happened again. Maybe this was a sign from the universe that you needed to ‘spread your wings’?
That next morning you were determined to talk to everyone you crossed paths with. When you first arrived to school it was 8:03 am. School didn’t start until 9. You took this as an opportunity to go to the bleachers of the school’s field and relax. Your relaxation didn’t last long when you noticed someone else seemed to have the same idea.
A redhead was walking up the steps and had tripped.
“Hey, oh my gosh, are you okay?” You shouted, making your way to her.
You picked up the phone she dropped and grabbed her hand, helping her up.
“Yeah, I guess the world just planned on making me embarrass myself today.”
“I’m really sorry that happened, if it makes you feel better I was the only person who witnessed that AND I can pretend I never saw that. I mean, what fall?” You joked, she chuckled and you were grateful for it.
Silence fell and it made you uncomfortable.
“You’re Natal-Natasha right?”
“Oh. Yeah. That’s me,” There was a faint blush on her cheeks. It made your heart swell.
“It’s a pleasure to properly meet you, Natasha. I’m Y/N, but all my friends call me Y/N/N.” You had extend your hand out, do people still shake hands? Oh well, you already did it.
She took your hand, “It’s a pleasure to properly meet you too, Y/N.”
“Ouch, did you just FIRST name me? I thought after that we were totally in best friend range.” You placed one hand on your head and the other on your heart, pretending to fall back dramatically.
She laughed. She had a pretty laugh. Your heart fluttered.
“Fine, Y/N/N. Call me Nat then.”
The conversation went on and you two had talked about everything possible. You told her about your plans after college and your funniest childhood stories while she told you about her younger sister, Yelena, and her favorite hobbies. Unfortunately, you had to get to the coach’s office exactly when school started, so you had to cut the conversation short.
“Nat, I have to-are you cold?” She nodded as she rubbed her hands on her arms trying to gain warmth.
You took off your letterman jacket and placed it over her shoulders. Her cheeks turned crimson and you could only sit there and admire how beautiful she looked wearing your jacket.
“I have to go now, Nat. It would REALLY make my day if you would come have lunch with me today. Fury lets me go to the cafe near the school for every game we win, we could walk together and-“
Natasha cut off your rambling, “I’d love to.”
You stood and lifted her chin with your index finger, “I can’t wait.”
As you were making your way to the coach’s office you couldn’t help but think of Natasha.
“How have I not talked to her before? She’s so pretty. Her voice is so UGH and her eyes, gosh her eyes,” You thought.
Unlucky for you, you were daydreaming and ran into the glass door of your coach’s office.
“Y/N. What the hell,” Coach Yondu exclaimed.
“I AM SO SORRY, I was thinking and I wasn’t paying attention.”
Embarrassment aside, all that was needed of you was to tell the team that a week break was in order.
Lunch came quickly and your heart began to race, you pulled out your phone to text Peter, since he was the only one of your friends that wasn’t doing anything serious.
dude i literally have a lunch date with natasha
pee-ter 🧪
WHAT NATASHA? bro tbh i don’t think she realizes how many people actually know her
she is all that and a bag of chips
Peter Parker. stop.
pee-ter 🧪
sorry y/n/n. this is great. she’s pretty, don’t embarrass yourself !! and PAY THE TAB! woo her
love advice from someone who is too shy to make moves himself.
thanks pete :)
You walked over to her when you saw her waiting by the entrance of the cafeteria, you smiled as you watched her play with her bracelets.
“You look good in my jacket,” She looked up at you and her face lit up. She grabbed your hand and squeezed it.
Once the two of you made your way to the cafe and placed your orders, you took a seat at the table near the back.
“I’m really glad you said yes.”
“I’m glad I said yes too.”
from there you planned many more lunch dates, and learned small details about one another. Like how you could only eat sandwiches without crust and how your favorite album is ‘1989’ since it’s pop perfection and had no skips. Or how Natasha always has almonds on her and how she never leaves the house without her photo of Blake Lively just in case she runs into her.
you were so engrossed in her that you didn’t notice your phone going off.
*9 new messages from ‘wanda’s cult’*
witchy 🔮
peter told us?!?!
Listen, I know I’m out but how could you not tell us that you’re on a date with Romanoff?
evil twin ⚡️🌬
I cannot believe you
I thought we were friends
позвони нам 🙄
pee-ter 🧪
dad 🏌🏼‍♂️
use protection.
and with that, you were definitely feeling much better than you were last night, you DEFINITELY wouldn’t ask natasha for your jacket back, and you had a call waiting for you after school.
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bagdaddyb · 19 days ago
The New Queen
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Tumblr media
warning: AU, smut, arranged marriage ish, homophobia doesn’t exist, girls can get girls pregnant, language, top!r, bottom!nat, language.
“Yes! Right there!” The blonde moaned as her grip on your hair tightened, bucking her hips into you face.
You curled your fingers inside of her, perfectly hitting that spot that makes her feral while simultaneously sucking her swollen clit.
The woman who’s name is Natasha threw one leg over your shoulder to get a better angle.
“Did I make you this wet?” You mumbled against her cunt, the vibrations bringing her more pleasure.
“Only you.” She breathlessly moaned, feeling her climax approaching.
You reached up with your free hand to toy with her pink nipples. Your lover’s eyes rolling back at the overwhelming sensation.
“I’m-” A scream bubbled out her throat as her arousal dropped down your lips and chin. The sweat on her body making her look even more desirable.
Once her high has subsided, you sensually kissed up her body, leaving purple marks.
You reached her face and kissed her plump lips. A hand held your neck in place, continuing the kiss until you couldn’t.
“I must leave.” You whispered, not wanting to leave the beautiful woman.
“Kingdom duties?” The blonde joked, you could only nod in response.
“Will I see you again?” She questioned, subtle tears appearing in her eyes. You gave her a sad smile.
“I don’t know.” You pushed the loose strands of hair out of her face. Natasha’s arms wrapped around your neck, pulling your face into her cleavage.
“Well then make it up to me.” She mewled out as you gently bit her nipple.
“She must marry someone, Tony! This kingdom needs another ruler by Y/n’s side. Not to mention, we need a heir.” Steve yelled at Tony, face turning red.
Your advisors all sat around your chair, as you rubbed your head, feeling a migraine forming.
“Y/n is young and one of the best rulers our kingdom has had in ages! Let her live a little.” Tony shouted back, annoyed at his beliefs.
“Silence!” You intervened, becoming agitated as the second tick.
“I will marry when I think I should marry. This is not your decision to make.” You looked around the room, not one person meeting your eyes.
“We’re done here.” You said, watching everyone bow down before leaving.
Closing your eyes, you wondered how on earth your father put up with them.
Your silence only lasted a couple minutes before a servant let himself in.
“My Queen, A lady by the name of Natasha is begging to speak to you. Shall I send her away?” He mumbled, eyes widening as your neck snapped to face him.
“Is she still here?” You asked, receiving a nod in response.
“Go fetch for her, quickly.” You ordered the man, seeing him scurry out the room.
A few minutes go by before the double doors open and walks in your latest lover.
“Leave us.” You told the servant and guards in the room. They all filed out the room. A silence took over the large room.
“What brings you here, Natasha?” You curiously asked the blonde who only stared at you emotionless.
“I want you to know that i’m not a whore and I don’t expect anything from you.” Natasha spoke bluntly, cashing your eyes to widen at her tone.
“What are you talking about?” You stood up from your throne.
“I believe i’m expecting your child.” She told you, your mouth opened in shock as you quickly sat back down.
“What- Are you sure?” You questioned the woman.
“Not 100%, but I do think so. You’re the only person I have ever layed with and I have not bled in three months.” Natasha explained as she slowly walked up to you.
In a flash, you were dragging her down the halls in a hurry. The short woman having trouble keeping up with your long strides.
“What are you doing- Let go!” She exclaimed, failing to get out of your grip.
Busting down the doors to the doctors office, you pulled Natasha in before slamming the doors shut.
“What is the meaning of this!” Doctor Cho asked, getting over the fright of people barging in.
“Check for a child.” You ordered, watching Cho’s eyes widen, before spring into action.
Cho set up a table and gently had Natasha sit on it.
“I am going to run a blood and urine test.” Cho explained as you stood in the corner, not knowing what to do.
Natasha looked at you in hesitation, causing you to cross the room and hold her hand in reassurance.
Once all the test were complete, you now had to wait a couple minutes for Cho to analyze the tests.
“Why didn’t you come sooner?” You asked Natasha, rubbing your thumb over her hand.
“I wasn’t sure if I was pregnant or how you would react.” Natasha responded, her green eyes filled with tears. You brushed them away and kissed her forehead.
“I’m here now.” You mumbled against her hair.
Just then, the door slammed open and your advisors spilled in.
“Is it true?!” Wanda happily exclaimed, running towards you for answers.
“It better not be or so help me God.” Steve hissed out as he paced the room.
“Didn’t you want a heir?” Tony side eyed Steve as they began bickering.
“I wanted a marriage first!” Steve threw his arms in the air as Tony mocked him.
“How did you all find out?” You questioned in annoyance, noticing the number of people caused Natasha to hide her face in your neck.
“The servant told us.” Thor happily sighed out.
“A child is a blessing, My Queen.” Thor informed you as he let out a belly laugh.
“I have the result- woah.” Cho walked in from the back room, seemingly shocked at the full room.
“Natasha, Y/n. You are pregnant.” At the news, you both gasped. The room filled with cheers and hugs.
“What are we going to do?” Natasha looked up to you.
“You two will get married before the public finds out that you are expecting.” Nick, your oldest advisor butted in.
“Don’t look at me like that. You should’ve used protection.” Nick told you, causing you to roll your eyes.
“He’s right. If the kingdom found out i’m expecting our first child without being married, the surrounding kingdoms will throw a fit. They will see me as irresponsible and unfit to rule, the alliance will be in jeopardy.” You softly told the blonde.
“Huh, I’ve always wanted to be a princess, but a queen will have to do.” Natasha shyly joked, bringing your hand to rest on her stomach.
“Long live the queen.” Everyone in the room excitedly chanted.
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bagdaddyb · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Can I request older nat and younger reader where reader feels insecure about her separation anxiety but Natasha makes her feel better about it?
warnings: older!nat x younger!fem!reader, anxiety/panic attack, reader has separation anxiety.
“Are you sure you need to go?” Your worry is evident in your tone, let alone your eyes.
You know Natasha has a busy life, on most occasions she needs to go to business meetings with upper class business men and socialites.
Today is no different and she’s just about to leave; she’s all glammed up, dawning a dark mauve suit, and high Louboutin heels. On another day, you would’ve eyed her down and grow red with some sort of sensual feeling in your stomach.
But tonight, that pit of anxiety is ever growing and the sight of Natasha leaving sends you into a forest of panic.
“You know I wouldn’t be going if it wasn’t, bubs,” she says. You know this all too well, but it was a feeble try in keeping her at home.
You groan softly at her words, finding no remedy in her lack of control. It’s not her fault, nothing ever is, but it still hurts to know Natasha won’t be by your side for the next couple of hours when you need her most.
It makes you unease thinking about it and she can sense all your troubles float to the surface.
“How about I have Tony send you a link to the conference call?” she suggest. “You don’t have to really listen in but if it helps, you can play in the back and watch me?”
You blink up at her, ruminating over her suggestion. It isn’t a bad idea, you’re unable to go with her to the meeting even if she wanted to bring you; it would be the next best thing. Even if it’ll soothe you just a little.
“I guess...”
You nod.
“Okay, bubs,” she raises your head up and smiles fervidly. “I love you so much. I’ll always be with you in spirit, you know this.”
She leans to pepper your face with kisses. Something wet trickles down her lips and sadness overcomes her.
“You’ll be alright, sweets.” You don’t know if that’s true. Your hand shakes as you circle your arms around her neck. “You’re my strong girl.”
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bagdaddyb · 22 days ago
𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲, 𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧'𝐭 𝐰𝐞? | 𝐧.𝐫.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
author’s note (important): as you all know, this is gayerthanevertbh’s blog but if some people didn’t know: hi! i’m going to be using my secondary blog until this whole shadowban thing is gone. i have already emailed them but i’m losing hope, somehow. but to the anon who is reading this, i hope you like what i wrote <3
requested by anon: reader is married to wanda but she goes away on a mission they fight before wanda leaves, wanda says horrible shit. reader finds comfort in natasha, they have an affair. 
(it was originally supposed to be yelena but i had to change it to wanda, the anon knows the reason why and i didn’t realize that the whole one-shot is based on august *crying emoji* i still hope you enjoy this, i’m very sorry if this will disappoint you.)
pairings: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
warnings: cheating, rough smut, vaginal fingering (r ! receiving), oral sex (n ! receiving), dirty talking, and fluff <3 18+!
word count: 3.7k
if you have any requests or questions, i suggest leaving it on my primary blog because i’m only using this secondary blog for the mean time. if my primary blog doesn’t come back the way it was, i might permanently stay here so… yes </3
let me know your thoughts on this!
Tumblr media
I always thought that relationships weren’t as complicated as it seems. So when Wanda asked me to marry her, I immediately said yes. Why wouldn’t I? Me and Wanda have loved each other ever since she saved me from that burning building. At first, I was only admiring her for her bravery and her superhero liked. But as I grew to know her; I was merely attached to her love that I thought I deserved.
Keep reading
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bagdaddyb · 22 days ago
Natasha: I’m proud to identify as moronsexual. I’m attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusively. Someone asked me what the Spanish word for "tortilla" was once, and now I dream of kissing them under the moonlight.
Y/N: What kind of animal is the Pink Panther?
Natasha, already taking off her clothes: God, Y/N, you’re so fucking stupid.
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bagdaddyb · 22 days ago
Insecurities 🥲
Tumblr media
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x pansexual!Reader (romantic) Bucky Barnes x pansexual!Reader (ex-romance)
Summary: After a bad relationship with the Winter Soilder will you be able to make it work with the Black Widow.
Warning: Mentions of neglect, bad writing. Angst but not really. Fluff.
Author's Note: I'm questioning my own sexuality so don't be surprised if pansexual reader stories are more common. (Also Ste I am working on your request I promise I just truly suck at writing)
Smiling to yourself as the last rubberband falls in place you observe your handiwork.
"I think it looks good."
You mutter while placing a kiss against the red headed womans head. Natasha had given you the task of braiding her hair. The ex-assassin was VERY particular about her hair and how it was braided, she told you before you were the first person she allowed to braid her hair and it made you feel special in a whole different way. Braiding Natasha's hair was definitely not something you got on the first try, she didn't allow mistakes. She could see even the tinest imperfection and once you learned how to braid the way she liked there was the added layer of learning how to style the braids the way she liked. Your girlfriend is very bold and outspoken she isn't afraid to tell you when she doesn't like something and isnt past taking the whole style down if she doesn't like it. The style you had opted for today was a simple braid pattern back into a ponytail, it was something a little new, the redhead didn’t usually do ponytails but as far as you were concerned you could shower Natasha in garbage and she'd still be the sexiest woman you've ever seen.
"Thank you (Y/N)."
You smiled and nodded before retreating out of her room. Natasha liked to be alone before missions and you weren't the pushy type. Anything that the red head needed you do, you tended to spoil Natasha but you didn't care because Natasha deserved the world on a silver platter. Shaking your shoulders you get out of your own head as you approach your best friends room.
Knock knock boom.
Opening the door without hesitation after you knock you laugh at the surprised look on the scientist face.
"Mornin sunshine."
"(Y/N) why knock if you don't wait for permission to enter?"
The curly headed man let out with a yawn and a stretch before standing from his bed.
"I was knocking as a warning I was coming in not for permission to enter the room. Come on Brucie you know me by now."
The man let out a dry chuckle as he made his way to his bathroom. Studying Bruce as he goes, you see why him and Natasha dated. Bruce was good looking, out of Hulk form he wasn’t ripped like the rest of 'em. He spent most his time in the lab but honestly you did prefer a lil meat on the bones. His hair was longer than normal, the stuble on his face was starting to get a bit of thickness to it, and you'd never admit it but you love a man with chest hair. Sometimes you wonder if Natasha misses him, you see her seek him out when something truly tramatic has happened. He gives her a comfort you can't because he knows things you don’t and that eats away at you. You used to say you weren’t a jealous or possessive person you've always been extremely 'chill" and understanding but there is something different about Natasha that was the same in your ex-boyfriend. She is extremely cut off emotionally and so that scares you, you have already been through a hard neglectful relationship but it also scares you because Natasha still runs to Bruce. Maybe there are things you don't know and might not ever understand but is it wrong to wish your pressence was the one that was her safe haven.
"Want to come with me down to the lab? I still have some samples I need to run from yesterday, you could help you've been getting really good with the vials."
Bruce's voice snaps you out of your own thoughts. Raising your eyes to meet his with a small smile you shake your head.
"Not today my mean green fighting machine."
You say and barely finish your sentence before you bust out laughing. Bruce merely rolls his eyes but can't help the smile that plays at his lips.
"But no, I think I'm gonna go on a run clear my head."
Bruce's eyebrow raised as he dressed for the lab.
"Clear your head? You alright? Something you need to talk about?"
The question was heavy on your shoulders, Bruce was the greatest listener. He was always ready to help and seemed to know just the thing to say to make you feel better but right now that quality of him just made you angry. Maybe this is jealousy.
"Yeah I'm alright just so much bullshit in the world right now. I feel if I don't take a moment for it to just be me, Billie, and the sun I might go crazy."
Laughing at your response Bruce shakes his head before coming to stand by you.
"Alright you little booty bandit."
Your jaw dropped as Bruce broke out into laughter.
Was all that left your lips but you couldn't help the light chuckle and big smile on your face.
"There's nothing wrong with appreciating a good back side regardless of gender."
Smiling the man pushes playfully at your shoulder.
"I know little cheetah."
Smiling back at the man, your thoughts momentarily drift to how lucky you were to have a best friend like Bruce. Following him out of his room he throws a 'Good luck on your run' your way before heading towards the lab. Smiling till you weren't, it was now just you and your thoughts. Making your way to your own room you change into some shorts and a sports bra. Your shorts felt small you haven't been on a casual run in months and your body has definitely toned since then. Your ass cheeks felt like they were falling out but looking at yourself in the mirror you couldn't deny you looked good. Your large underbood tattoo on display along with the cherry blossom that ran up your back. Braiding your own hair back in a simple braid you throw a sweatband on your head. Putting in your headphones as you walk out your room you almost miss the whistle from down the hallway. Turning your head to see no other than the Falcon and the Winter Soilder. Rolling your eyes you smile at Sam and Bucky the bird brain and your ex-boyfriend always found themselves in trouble.
"Girl you look good. I see you, that gym time working out for you huh?"
Laughing at Sam you can't help that small blush at his compliment. Sam was easily your second favorite person here, he always made you smile and laugh even if you were upset.
"Thank you Sam."
"Heading out for a run?"
The words were heavy from Bucky he knew you only went on runs when you had something on your mind.
"Yeah I haven't been in a while and I miss the sun on my back."
You say with the biggest smile you can muster. Bucky doesn't believe you, not even for a second but he doesn't push the subject. He can already hear the argument now, about how he suddenly cares but couldn’t show you the light of day when you were together. Bucky has changed since then, there was still so much of the Winter Soilder in him when you guys dated. He had apologized to you though, when going through therapy you were the first person he called and so far, for the most part all is forgiven but some wounds take time and he knew you weren't over bringing it up to get him off your back.
"Alright girl well you go on head with ya bad self."
Smiling at Sam as you turn to walk away you can't help but think that Sam is walking around with so much confidence, that he just hands it out to people he interacts with. It didn't take you long to get out to the large garden where you all run, it also didn't surprise you to see Steve Rogers do his version of a jog (faster than any normal persons full on sprint). It was times like these you were thankful for your powers, the spirit of the cheetah within you giving you the speed and agility to easily keep up with Steve. Mr. Captin America definitely wasn’t your favorite person. He could be bossy and aggrivating, often opinionated and even though he takes in peoples thoughts he still has the slight mindset of 'he's always right' but for all your dislike there was easily the same amount of respect. Yes the man had his flaws but he was also the most honest, hard working, and driven man you'd ever met. So anytime you had a problem, a true problem, you came and talked to Steve. Stretching you get your body warmed up, playing your music softly you take off sprinting to catch up with Steve. Steve was fast at a full sprint the man could easily run up to 40-45 miles per hour but you were faster, your fastest clock reaching 82 mph. Catching up with the man easily you slow down to his pace keeping in time, silence settles between the two of you for the the first thirty minutes at least. You take this time to relish in how good it feels to run because you want to and not because you need to. The sun warms your skin like a blanket, the jog gets your body moving just enough to get your adrenaline pumping, the fresh air filling your lungs is like heaven on earth and so you allow your body to fall into a groove with Steve even though this was a bit slow for you it still felt amazing to be out here again. Steve is the one who breaks the silence, he always is.
"It's been a while since I've seen you out here."
You only hum in agreement as a response.
"And even longer since you've came to run with me."
You nod as he continues.
"So go ahead and tell me what's on your mind."
"I feel like I'm falling into a loop."
With a sigh you continue.
"Well my last relationship was a shit show and before you say anything to defend him because I know he's your best friend. This is not down talk on Bucky, I love him, I always will yes we didn’t work out but he will always hold a place in my heart. But it's like I delt with that for so long before I got out of it and when I finally did move on I found someone else just like him..."
You say with a dry laugh.
"Natasha is so cut off from me when something happens she runs to her ex-boyfriend for comfort and again I'm not downing Bruce he's my bestfriend for fucks sake it's just..."
You wipe a tear before it can fall.
"Why do I feel like it's so hard for me to be loved and shown love. I gave Bucky my heart and soul and he neglected me, I was always there for him and never shown anything in return. I don't know how I feel about Natasha I feel like our relationship has hit a standstill because I'm noticing some of the same things that happened with Bucky and I refuse to let myself feel that way again."
Laughing sarcastically as you continue you finally look over at Steve.
"Is it me? Am I that hard to love? Or am I just stupid for dating any Avenger because god forbid one of us isn't fucked up."
A chuckle left the man at that before he looked at you and smiled.
"You deserve love (Y/N) just like anyone else, I know how bad things got with Bucky, but I also know it wasn't until you left him that he truly realized he had a problem, he went to therapy to try and fix things between you and him but realized he needed a lot more fixing than he'd thought. I don't know how things are between you and Romonoff but I do know I had to work harder to crack that woman than anyone else at this establishment. It was at least a year before I even saw her genuine smile. I'm not defending her or saying stay either, I honestly think that for once you should do what's best for you. If that means breaking up with Natasha so you can find someone to love you the way you deserve to be loved then do it. Maybe you need to break up with her so that you can spend time loving yourself. Maybe you stay, talk to her, work it out, and everything gets better. Maybe it doesn't get better. Anything could happen, but just make sure whatever decision you make, you're choosing yourself, make sure you're putting you first."
Silence settles between you again as you absorb his words. Laps blend together at some point Steve breaks off to go back inside but you don't notice you just think. After a while you speed up with Steve gone you can get into a more comfortable jogging speed for you, sweat glistens on your body and after a while you finally start breathing a little harder. Coming around the tree line back to the 'beginning' of the track red hair catches your eyes. Zeroing in on the woman you call your girlfriend, you slow down, jogging straight up to the Avenger.
"I thought you had a mission?"
"Well hello to you too. I did have a mission, and when I got back and didn't see my pretty kitty waiting for me I came looking."
Blushing at the pet name you now see the sun setting in the sky.
"I didn't even realize the time! I'm sorry Nat."
A small smile tugs at the red heads lips as she studies you.
"Hmmm all is forgiven. C'mere."
Leaning in you meet the red head for the small smooch before straightening back up.
"I brought you some electrolyte water and a granola bar. You've been out here since before I left."
Handing them to you she ushers you to a nearby bench sitting you down before wiping your sweaty face with a cool rag she seemed to pull out of no where.
"Something on your mind sweet stuff?"
The smile that broke out of your face was uncontrollable. It was as if Natasha banished every bad feeling at once.
"Listen I know it is hard for you to warm up emotionally...
At that Natasha opens her mouth to say something but before she could speak you quickly continued.
...and I know it's hard for you to let people in. I'm not trying to rush you or say you aren't moving fast enough so don't get defensive. I just have a couple insecurites after getting out of a neglectful relationship, so can we promise to communicate. Even if you need to go to Bruce for your comfort, even if I have to come run with Steve, can we promise to communicate to eachother how we feel because I want us to work."
Another small smile spread on Natasha's lips. Leaning in to kiss your forehead as she speaks you can't help but smile at the small show of affection.
"I promise."
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house-ad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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bagdaddyb · 24 days ago
Natasha x Reader
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Warnings: Strap-on (r giving), thigh riding, oral (r giving), top reader
A/N: I can't tell if this is good it's way harder to judge when it's from my own brain. If it's asked of me I would be willing to write another part. Halfway proof read. Also request are extremely open.
"Oh fucking fantastic!" Natasha exclaimed as she realized her tire had gone flat. She's already been having a stressful day at work and now this. The icing on the cake, she doesn't know how to change a flat.
She pulls over to the shoulder of the road and thumps her head on the steering wheel opting to just sit like that for a minute. She sits in her own silence until she hears a rumbling.
She looks and there's someone on a motorcycle pulling up behind her. "This is it, this is how I get murdered." She tries to joke despite actually being nervous. The person starts walking up to her car. They're in the stereotypical biker attire. The leather jacket the white shirt boots and jeans.
When they get to her window Natasha is getting worried. The knock gently 3 times with the knuckle of their pointer finger. Natasha rolls down the window just an inch. She puts on a small smile "Hello." Is all she manages to get out. Damn if I get murdered at least they're hot
You notice how hot she is but also her nerves and immediately try to think of a way to be less intimidating. You decide to take your helmet off. Natasha loses all brain power when you do that. "Hello miss, I was just wondering if you needed some help." You say.
Natasha knows if you're going to kill her you will if she says yes or no but there is a chance you can actually change her tire. "Um yeah if you don't mind I think one of my tires are flat." You give a smile at her willingness to let you help.
You go and start looking to see which tire it is to find it was the back drivers side. You go to your bike where you luckily had some emergency tools and got her spare out of her trunk. You take off your leather jacket and drape it over your bike.
You told her she could sit in the car or on your bike if she wanted to but she wanted to stand and watch. As you start raising the car with the jack her eyes are drawn to your arm flexing every time you pump it. You notice her staring which made you a little hopeful but decide not to say anything about it.
"So what's your name?" You ask her. "Why?" She snips back. You can see in her face she didn't mean to be like that but decide to just carry on silently. After a minute of silence she speaks up meekly "Natasha." You look over at her and it's probably the first time you've made eye contact. "Well Natasha, I'm Y/N." You reach your hand out and she shakes it softly, her cheeks and neck flushing red as she looks away to try and hide it.
You return to changing her tire making sure everything is snug. When you finish you stand up looking at your handiwork. You turn to tell her she's good to go and there's a 20 in your face. "Here, thank you." "Miss I'm not taking your money it was no trouble really." You tell her. "You have to take it and plus I would've payed much more if you hadn't helped." She puts on a pout "Please take it." You roll your eyes and swipe it from her.
"Fine but I'm not happy about it." She smiles at that and walks back to the driver's seat. You can't tell if her hips normally sway like that. With that you both pull off you speeding past her.
Ever since your interaction you can't stop thinking about her. Walking through a gas station you're broken out of your thoughts by a little kid pleading with her mother. "Please Mommy I swear I'll be good. I'll brush my teeth twice." You round the corner and see a cute redheaded girl begging for some candy. "I don't have the money on me right now I left my card at home but next time yes." You look up at that voice and see Natasha. Looking a bit stressed.
You walk up and crouch down to the girl. "Pick out whatever you want I'll buy it for you." You tell her. "Really?!" She asks excitedly. "Yeah but not too much candy or your mom might kill me." You put your fist out and she fist bumps you quickly looking at her mom for approval before running away.
You stand back up and turn around to face Natasha. "Hello Ma'am." "You didn't have to do that I have money I just forgot it." She tells you trying to look annoyed but failing. "It's really no problem I actually just ran into $20 so it wouldn't really put a dent in my wallet." She gasps at that pushing your shoulder "You can't do that you're supposed to spend that on yourself."
"It entertains me that she is so excited, so in a way I am spending it on myself." She rolls her eyes at you "Oh whatever." The little girl comes running back with chips and candy dropping things everywhere. You go behind her and pick up the trail she leaves.
You're about to pay when you feel a tug on your pants. You look down at her "Can I have a slushy too please? I couldn't reach." "Yeah come on." She grabs your hand while you walk to the slushy machine. You get her a cup and lift her up so she can point you what she wants. You fill it up for her and she squeals excitedly when you hand her the drink.
After you pay you carry the bags to their car animatedly talking to Natasha. After she gets her daughter buckled in and gets in the driver's seat you're leaning in the window still talking to her. She runs her finger along your arm and you think your clothes might be on fire. "I was wondering, do you want to go out sometime." She asks you chewing her lip.
You pull her lip from between her teeth with your thumb. "Yeah, where do you want to go." "We can go to dinner or a bar." You look at the girl in the back seat. "Alana will be at her dad's next week, we can go then." You look back at her "Okay I'm game." You give her your phone to put her number in and you text her your name. She kisses your cheek and waves you off.
You guys make plans to go out Friday night to the bar by her house. Friday comes faster than you expected. She told you to dress nice but not dress clothes. You wear jeans, a white shirt, a flannel, a chain and air forces. You get in your car to go pick her up and decide to pick her up flowers on your way there.
Once you get to her house you knock and she opens the door pretty much immediately. She's wearing a black dress and black heels. "Hi." You breathe out dumbly. She smiles noticing her effect on you. "Hey." She steps to the side for you to walk in.
Her house is nice it's a single home that's not small but also not huge. You hand her the flowers and she says thank you walking to her kitchen to put them in a vase. On the way there she sways her hips and you're so mesmerized you almost run into her when she stops.
After putting the flowers in a vase she walks up to you and pulls your chin down so you look her in the eyes. "Are you ready to go?" She asks lowly. You just nod and she walks around you and starts heading for the door. "Come on then."
You let her control the music in the car. You guys get there and have enjoyed a few drinks when Natasha stands up. You watch her expecting her to go to the bathroom or something but instead she comes and grabs your hand. "Come dance with me." And you look at her in astonishment. "Dance?! I didn't know there'd be dancing I don't know how to dance!" You exclaim and she giggles at you pulling your hand again.
"Come on it will be fun I'll show you. Plleeaaassseee." She's really pulling on you now even though you're not moving you respect her efforts. You suck it up "Fine but I will complain." She laughs and claps in celebration.
She pulls you by the hand through the sea of people until she finds a place she likes. She grabs your hands and pushes and pulls you so you twist to the beat of the music. "God you are really such a mom aren't you." You exclaim and she laughs.
Eventually she gets you to loosen up a little but and you're jumping around to the music with her. She stops dancing so you stop and just look at her. She smiles as she looks you in the eyes and slowly walks till she is right infront of you. Then she grabs you by the back of the neck so you grab her waist. She moves so her body is flush against yours and ghost her lips across yours. You chase her lips and she smiles at that and crashes her lips against yours. The kiss is a desperate one but a short time after it started it ends. You grunt in displeasure and she smiles at you grabbing your chin "I don't think you want to rip my clothes off right here right now do you." She asks. "I would." Is all you say and you start kissing her again she groans at your words and luckily no one can hear over the music.
She grabs you by the hand quickly getting your card back from the bartender and yall walk to the car. You drive back to her house with her hand on the stick shift under yours. The second y'all get there you basically teleport to open her door for her. You follow close behind on the way up to the porch.
Once she has it unlocked she pulls you in for a kiss as she opens the door and on your way in you pick her up. She squeals and smiles into the kiss and you smile too. When you get in you close the door behind you then pinning her against it, you roll your hips into hers. She moans into your mouth and starts trying to grind down onto you in chase of friction.
When air is needed you move to kiss her neck. You nip at her sensitive spots then soothe them with your tongue. Eventually the friction she was getting isn't enough so she grinds down harder. You decide to be nice and roll your hips up into hers again.
She feels a bulge this time and moans right in your ear. "Y-you're packing?" She asks and you pull back to look into her lust blown eyes and nod. She grips the hair on the back of your head and smashes your lips together. You pull away and she whines so you give her a quick peck "Is that okay with you princess." She bites her lip looking up at you through her eyelashes and nodding.
This time when you kiss you swipe your tongue across her bottom lip asking to enter which she quickly allows. She socks your tongue into her mouth and pulls away. "Bed." You're about to abide when your realize you don't know where tf her bedroom is. "I would love to take you there baby but I don't know where your bed is." She grumbles at you dragging you by the hand quickly through her house.
When you get to her room you don't even have time to look at it before she shoves you down onto the bed. She wastes no time on straddling your legs and meeting your lips with hers. She picks back up with rolling her hips onto yours but it's still not enough friction.
You take notice to her frustration and lift her off of you and she whines in displeasure. You shush her as you place her down to straddle just one of your legs. She still doesn't realize what you're doing and is getting more frustrated until you push her down by her hips onto your flexed thigh. You help her grind back and forth until she begins to do it on her own.
She grinds with fervor chasing her release. She can't maintain the kiss so you take a minute to look at her. You are completely mesmerized by the woman above you. The way her eyebrows were scrunched together and her mouth hung open with soft pants coming out of it. She felt her coil tightening and you could tell with the way her movements started to faulter
You gripped her hips again and roughly pushed her down assisting her. She moaned loudly and buried her face into your neck. "Please, can I come please?" She begged. "I wasn't going to stop you but I'm not complaining." She let out a breathy 'shut up' before she let out a guttural moan pushing her face harder into your shoulder.
You brought your hand up and ran it through her hair massaging her scalp and she let out a hum of contentment. After taking a minute to regain herself she brought her head up and started kissing you again. She moved so she was straddling both of your legs again before tearing your shirt off.
After she threw your shirt to God knows where you flipped both of you over. She let out a small gasp at your sudden movement and you laughed a little bit. You unzipped her dress and kissed your way back up her body. She held your face in her hands and kissed you gently and she whispered "Why aren't you fucking me yet?"
You gripped her throat and kissed her. You ripped her underwear off wasting no time in kissing back down her body and laying face to face with her heat. She gripped your head and pulled your face into her. You immediately licked up her slit groaning at the taste of her. You found her sensitive bud and slowly flicked your tongue over it not giving her enough to reach the edge.
"Faster." She grunted in frustration. You kept your same pace anyway and she tried to move your head faster but you resisted. After seeing you weren't going to cooperate she pulled away and you looked up in confusion. She grabbed your jaw and gently kissed you pulling you up. She then grabbed you by the throat and flipped you onto your back.
She bit your lip and tugged on it while you chased her lips. She sat up but when you tried to follow she shoved you back down. "Natasha." You said sternly when she wouldn't let you up. "Y/N" She mocked you and leaned back down in your face. "I want to come in your mouth baby why won't you let me do that?" You forgot how to breathe at that and tried to kiss her but she wouldn't let you.
She crawled up the bed until her center was hovering above your face. She just sat like that for a second until you wrapped your arms around her thighs and pulled her down onto your face. She let out a moan and gripped your hair again. This time you did what she wanted and ate her out like there was no tomorrow.
She started to tense up and she gripped the headboard. She came with a scream of your name and you lowered her onto the bed. You kissed all over her face until she was ready to kiss you back. It didn't take long for the kiss to get heated again and she reached down to unbutton your pants.
You stood up to take off your pants and your boxers and she practically flew to the foot of the bed kneeling in front of you. She grabbed the back of your neck to pull you down into a hot kiss. On of her hands went to your length and she used it to pull you forwards. She looked into your eyes while she bent down to wrap her lips around the faux cock. She maintained eye contact as she took the full length into her mouth eyes watering.
She eventually sat back up and stuck her finger through your chain pulling you forward and up the bed till she layed down. "I want this chain to dangle in my face while you fuck me until I can't think." At that you just nodded like an idiot which made her smile. She pulled you down to kiss her again and reached her hand down to pull your cock towards her entrance.
You thrusted your hips forwards slowly entering her as she easily took the whole length. She let out a long moan grabbing your shoulders so hard it felt like she'd break skin. "Move." That was all she had to say and you started with a brutal pace and force, her hips bucking trying to meet your rhythm.
You reached down to unclip her bra. The second it was off your mouth was attaching to one of the hardened peaks your hand attaching to the other. She let out a pornographic moan at all of the stimulation, her back arching her hand holding your head against her.
You could feel the hilt of the strap rubbing your clothes just the right way. For a second you worried you wouldn't last as long or longer than her but then you could feel her clenching around your piece. All she was letting out were whorish moans and desperate whimpers still desperately clawing at your back.
You start kissing and leaving marks across her breasts and chest making sure they can be covered with a shirt. Her hips started to faulter and you could feel your coil tightening. Once you knew she was really close and so were you, you said "Come with me princess." With that she let out the loudest moan of the night.
You kept a low pace riding out both of your highs. You laid your body on hers for a second before you slowly pulling out of her. She whimpered and you tried to console her "You did so good for me baby, such a good girl.".
You took off your strap and got the both of you cleaned up. You contemplated leaving not knowing if she wanted you to fully spend the night. While you were standing there weighing the outcomes you heard her sleepily speak "Why aren't you coming here."
So you're staying the night.
You get into bed beside her and lay on your back. You're laying there with your eyes closed until a hand smack you in the stomach. "Come here, cuddle me." You turn to face her and you scoot closer until her head is in your neck and you place your hand on her ass. She rested her hand on your bicep kissing the underside of your chin.
You wake up in the morning to knocking on her front door. You can hear her going down the stairs and you get up to quickly get dressed. You walk down the stairs still mostly asleep barely remembering the process of getting dressed.
You get down there just in time to see her open the door and her daughter come barreling in. Her daughter immediately runs up to you hugging your legs. "Hi." She says looking up at you. "Hi." You say softly half because you're tires half because you're trying to hear Natasha's conversion. "Look Natasha I just don't want to watch her you're her mom you should want her." Alana sits on your foot wrapping her arms and legs around you.
"Of course I want her she's my daughter but I'm just saying I haven't planned my week for this I don't have a ride to take her to school all week" You walk up and tap her shoulder she startles before looking at you putting her finger up to give her a minute. You tap her again and she whips her head back "I'll take her." You mouth and her eyes grow wide but she accepts for now.
"Fine Bruce but next time you need to give me a heads up if it's not an emergency." She says to the man. "Whatever Natasha I have plans I need to go." She closes the door and sees her daughter on your leg she gives you a hug standing there for a minute.
"I'm hungry." Is all you hear from the little girl on your leg. You look at her and back at Natasha. "Come on then you two." She says playfully rolling her eyes. You follow her to the kitchen Alana still on your leg as she giggles uncontrollably.
Natasha stares at you two for a second smiling at the scene. She really hopes you become a frequent fixture in their life.
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Tumblr media
𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞 || 𝐧.𝐫.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gif credits:  marvellegends
summary: natasha comes back home after a long mission she was on and as soon as she walks inside of her bedroom, a slightly bare skin of yours teases her eyes. 
warnings: top!natasha, strap-on, oral on a strap (r giving), rough sex, dirty talking, daddy!kink, pet names (sort of?) i don’t know what else lol
author’s note: i will update the other woman tomorrow i hope since ya’ll want more lmfao but i’m thinking of making a scarlett series once again, it’s just a thought though but i don’t think no one will be interested in that. anyways, hope you enjoy my steamy one-shot ;)
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Tumblr media
When Natasha left for a mission, you were the neediest that you’ve ever been. The redhead ordered you not to touch yourself until she comes back and you’ve done nothing but follow that rule – although you’re so close to breaking it for your pleasure.
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𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧 - 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟑
Tumblr media Tumblr media
not my gif!
.pairing: best friend’s mom!natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: you know it was beautifully wrong when your best friend’s mother kissed your parched mouth. what’s even worse is that she’s a married woman and you’re just her secret affair.
warnings: strap-on (used), slight dirty talking, smut, mentions of alcoholism
author’s note: ahoy! i know i haven’t been updating lately and that’s because i’m in my finals right now, although i’ll be updating more since summer is about to come! i’m going to do more one-shots in the future, so send away some requests! other than that, enjoy this part <3 also, the gifs that i’m using is the look i’m using for natasha in this story, though imagine it anything you like lol
this series is stricly 18+! you will be blocked if you don’t have your appropriate age in your bio.
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Tumblr media
“My pretty girl, my only pretty girl,” Natasha husks over your lips as her hands gripped your hips tightly, pumping her strap inside you at a slow pace, trying to suck in the euphoric feeling of her hands all over you.
You remember how you got into this situation, it was because Lucy and her mom planned to go grocery shopping and Natasha insisted that you would stay, since she has a strong bond with you. Of course, you didn’t objectify. Why would you? It was the only moment you two were this intimate together. It’s been a month since the last time Natasha has ever been this close to you, and you badly needed it.
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𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧 - 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐.
Tumblr media
not my gif!
pairing: best friend’s mom!natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: you know it was beautifully wrong when your best friend’s mother kissed your parched mouth. what’s even worse is that she’s a married woman and you’re just her secret affair.
warnings for this part: mommy!kink, slight praising, smoking (nothing too serious)
author’s note: so sorry for my inactivity, i had a writer’s block x but i’m back now and hoping to update as always. if i’m not active again, that’s probably because i’m busy with school and work. anyways, enjoy!
this series is 18+ minors dni! you will be blocked if you don’t have your age on your bio.
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Tumblr media
Ever since Natasha introduced you to smoking cigarettes, you got yourself quite addicted to the taste. You have this understanding of people when they say cigarettes help them to stay calm and it works wonders for you. You would buy one pack each week and sometimes maybe two if you were that stressed. Natasha didn’t corrupt you because of it – thank goodness she gave you a blunt – and you loath to think that way with her because well, she didn’t ruin your innocence. You gladly took it, anyways.
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𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧 - 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟏
Tumblr media
not my gif!
pairing: best friend’s mom!natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary:  you know it was beautifully wrong when your best friend’s mother kissed your parched mouth. what’s even worse is that she’s a married woman and you’re just her secret affair.
warnings for this part: smut, spitting, dry humping, degradation (mild), older!natasha, younger!reader (legal age gap: the reader is 18-19 and natasha is 38)
author’s note: i know it took me awhile to actually post a new part and i’m so sorry but i hope you enjoy the series! if you’re uncomfortable, please leave my blog. i don’t want to cause a fuss here and it’s your own responsibility if you’re reading this or not. 
this series is 18+ minors dni! i will block you if you don’t have your age on your bio. 
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— — — — —
You hated being the so-called “the other woman” but yet here you are, being like one. And, it makes you sick to your stomach just by the thought of it.
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A blurb with Natasha reaction when reader call her by her name instead of using a nickname (babe, love, honey, etc)
Warnings: none, just fluff
blurb requests are closed
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please do not repost or try and take ownership of my work. reblogs, likes, and comments are always welcome. <3
•❅──────────────── ‎⧗ ────────────────❅•
You were sat at the dinner table in your apartment with your girlfriend, Natasha.
You guys have been together for two years now and lived in an apartment together. It was quaint, but perfect for the two of you.
The apartment was in the center of Manhattan, which meant a short commute to work at the Avengers Compound.
You and Natasha had decided that it would be a good idea to get a place of your own after your teammates had invaded your privacy on multiple occasions.
It was safe to say that getting a place of your own was the best decision that the two of you had ever made.
Domesticity was something that the the two of you severely lacked and now, you both relished in the simplicity and normalcy of your home life.
You both were eating dinner quietly. It wasn’t awkward in the slightest. If anything, it was comforting. You took a bite of your food and noticed that it needed a little more flavor.
“Natasha, could you pass me the salt?” You stared at the redhead across from you and asked sweetly. Her eyes shot up to you in confusion.
“Why are you mad at me?” You were taken aback by her question. You literally asked for salt. What about that question hinted at any sort of anger?
“What? I’m not mad at you. Where did you get that from?” You asked in bewilderment, setting your fork down onto the table. Natasha did the same and gazed at you seriously.
“You called me Natasha.” Your confusion increased tenfold. You leaned forward slightly and placed your elbows on the table.
“That’s your name, is it not?” Honestly, you found this conversation kind of amusing because of how odd it was.
“To you, it’s not.” Natasha spoke seriously and you would’ve let out a laugh if it weren’t for the intense stare she was sending your way.
“What do you suggest I call you then, hmm?” You hummed out and Natasha mimicked your position, her elbows on the table.
“Baby, Natty, or love. Those are the only acceptable names.” The redhead’s tone was more relaxed and you finally let out a small chuckle.
“Fine. Natty, my baby? Could you please pass me the salt, love?” You let out a sigh in defeat while Natasha smiled triumphantly.
She retrieved the salt and extended her arm over the table, handing you the item you had requested.
───────── ・ ��゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──────────
taglist: @ledollarbean-em @perfectromanoff @aliancvnas @ultimateskyscraper @marvelwomenslut @chaekhan @rvselie @brieswife @imasimpfornatashamaximoff @natashaswifey @prentisshoe @mcubreakdown101 @yeetus-thyself @multiyfandomgirl40 @kindofasimp @007giu @weelight @scotts-orange-slices @puppy-danvers2016 @acertainredhead @jdougl-love @bi-rdofprey-writes @mindofwesley @shatteredlovesick @lostandsearching @tquick99 @rachel146 @illloveyou @thewidowsghost @uraveragelonelygay @useless-wlw-fangirl @pattypavo @wandasgirlfriend @sapphic-stress @olicity-boo @summergeezburr @ycfwmalise14 @suki-is-a-queen @xxromanoffxx @b-5by5 @romanovaslut @hagridsmomma @ooobviouslyyyy @chasethemoon @blurryylines @spxncervibes @yeeterthekeeper @maximoff-jp @midnight-lestrange
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bagdaddyb · a month ago
Just Like Heaven - Natasha Romanoff x Reader [18+]
A/N: This is the final instalment of weekend wips so I will now be taking on a fresh batch of requests. I hope that you enjoy this little fic that I managed to whip up and I pray that the requester is satisfied with my efforts. Happy reading and thank you for 1100 followers <3
Request: “reader and Bruce being siblings, Bruce is with Nat and brings her home for a special holiday to introduce her to the family but top!r and her end up having sex while everyone is sleeping?” - anon.
Cw: Smut, biting mentioned, basically vanilla.
Word Count: 1491.
The Christmas tree glinted prettily in the far corner, its fairy lights illuminating glitter encrusted baubles that seemed to sparkle in silver. Cheer and laughter filled the vicinity, heightened tenfold when Bruce made another awkward jest. Even amongst the festivities and striking adornments that set the room alight, an unbreakable magnetism drew your gaze towards his girlfriend, Natasha. Her smile radiated warmth, green eyes mirroring the pattern of the lights that flashed from the tree behind her, glimmering as brightly as a star in a midnight black sky. A ruminative air held you hostage, your jaw pulled agape as you attempted to decipher the beauty that sat across from you, the beauty that seemed to become displaced when staring at your brother’s arm wound around her shoulder.
“Y/N…?” A sweet voice poked through the veil of your daze, your vision immediately arriving upon the clarity that had momentarily escaped you. “Are you okay?”
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house-ad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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