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bastardmanvibes·4 hours agoText


when i’m less exhausted one of these days i’ll create a coherent sunny clothing meta but

-mac’s beastcoast shirt from gang goes to hell (comes out and takes it back) -> literally shitted on in hohc (comes out for real, rcg realized they messed up having him go back in the closet)

-dennis’ White/black checkered shirt in goes to hell -> almost exactly makes a reappearance in ddl when mandy appears (hes still in hell)

-dennis’ blue/black striped sweater from mac and dennis break up -> tggr (they’re still 2 codependent losers, old married couple)

-dennis’ green/blue plaid shirt tggr speak from the heart scene -> LITERALLY 3 EPS LATER IN CHOKES DURING THE FINAL DINNER SCENE GLENN HOWERTON DIRECTED BOTH??????

-and now thanks to @macdenniskiss : tggr mac/dennis mirroring the colors of the air bnb/other background couples

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bastardmanvibes·4 hours agoAnswer

1/ I’m a different anon to previous, I hope this is okay to post to you. You don’t have to respond if you don’t feel like it and I’m sorry bcos it’s v long. I agree, I’d love if they introduced macdennis in a way that feels tonally appropriate while still ticking the “meaningful moment” box, y’know? Maybe something akin to Tends Bar. I’d love if we had an episode that opens like Gets Trapped where the gang are mid-scheme. We pick up quickly that mac and dennis are the inside men for this job...

GAH okay first of all like, I literally love talking about everything and anything Sunny so please please PLEASE never hesitate to send me stuff because I will never shut up about it. The more Sunny anons the better. I welcome any and all.

Also I’m just….fcking floored that people want to hear my thots about things? Like I’m just not used to saying shit in fandoms because Anxiety and I’m a lurker at heart but Sunny is just …idk it’s different for me man.

Ahem anyway….I uhm? Love this????? Like….so much????? Seriously. First off, love when the Gang is just y'know unapologetically scheming and when things go wrong for them because there’s not a single braincell between them? *Chef’s kiss*

This take? I ADORE this take. I really feel like Mac and Dennis are headed towards some high stakes, emotionally charged moment where everything is just laid all out on the table. They need soME kind of catalyst and what better than a life or death situation? Those moments are when the Gang feels the most human? Like Goes to Hell is the perfect example of this. They’re still the same people but it’s them with their walls down because there’s nothing left to lose and what’s the point of keeping them up if they’re done for anyway?

Oooof anyway I just an a fan of this whole scenario. You really checked all my boxes with this one, Anon.

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bastardmanvibes·7 hours agoAnswer

I hear you on reading so much fic lately. Unfortunately I never came across the one you're looking for. If you have any recommendations for well-written fics related to mac and dennis / sunny, would you mind posting when you get a chance? Thank you

omg yeah i have so many fics i love! i have 60+ public bookmarks if you want the full list, but here are some of my special favourites.


  • mac and dennis conduct an experiment, by pavonine. dennis convinces mac that by having sex with him, mac will be able to prove once and for all that he’s straight. it doesn’t go according to plan.
  • mac and dennis get a new apartment, also by pavonine. a year in the life of mac and dennis as they get closer and their relationship changes. an absolute classic.
  • the gang learns to exist in the moment, by mxingno. after frank dies, dennis and dee get in a horrible fight and the gang parts ways to heal. a heartbreaker but so so good.
  • the gang goes to high school series, by unknown. three vignettes of mac and dennis’ relationship from high school through to college.
  • love is strange, by duderanch. macdennis dirty dancing au. like no joke, i would way rather watch this movie than the original. very different ending from the original, but i love it.
  • starlight, starcrossed series, by golden_geese. mac and dennis got married in 2008, and everyone remembers except for them.


  • mac’s day out, by adrianicsea. mac spends his $14 leftover from the scratch ticket.
  • but let me kiss your lips (so i know how it felt), by eehms. dennis must reevaluate his feelings towards mac now that he’s jacked. really long, but super funny and overall great.
  • mac and charlie run away, by manseekingmonster. kid mac and charlie hop on a train and catch a ride out of town. warning for csa references at the beginning, but it’s a nice adventure story after that. reminds me of american kids’ novels from the 1950s i used to read when i was young.
  • blow off a piece of this city, by sohappily. teenage mac and charlie celebrate july 4th (or 5th, whoops) their own way, with corner store robberies and street fireworks. high school shenanigans in their truest form.
  • my only centerpiece, by porterville. dennis doesn’t want to admit he needs glasses. really cute macden getting older.

incomplete, but still worth reading:

and absolutely anything by these wonderful people: @kafkian (ao3 link), @hyruling (ao3 link), @bastardmanvibes (ao3 link), @movetothesuburbs (ao3 link), @ifindmyselfoncorners (ao3 link), @macdenniskiss (ao3 link), yennefers and @oysters-aint-for-me (ao3 link). if i included my favs of theirs, this list would three times as long.

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bastardmanvibes·8 hours agoText


Quick Dennis meta: Dennis is full of anxiety and trauma, and only wants the illusion of power (relatable) and he wants to be told exactly what to do so that he can behave in the right way and be praised for it, and have no responsibility for anything, including himself, while acting as if he’s in charge (RELATABLE). In the golden age of macdennis, bossy!Mac gave him exactly that. Then Mac started trying to give Dennis what his behaviour suggested he wanted by becoming subservient to Dennis, so now Dennis is responsible for himself and his jackass friend, and now he’s old and ugly and feels vulnerable and out of control, and it’s sad because all Dennis really wants is to be taken care of, and all Mac wants is to take care of Dennis

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bastardmanvibes·a day agoAnswer

I- oh God, I’m so sorry. Had a bit of a breakdown doing that lab report. I remember writing the second one (which...Yeah, it’s a poem 😅). I absolutely did not remember sending it to you on here, though. And I apologise. 😂

it’s okay, we all cope differently. some of us prattle on about shows we like, some of us write disturbing orwellian poetry describing how dennis reynolds haunts them during a nervous breakdown and anonymously sends it to somebody on tumblr while in a dissociative state. we’re all doing our best.

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One of my favourite, for want of a better word, ‘gags’ in sunny, is Frank fondly talking about the gang to complete strangers. Whenever the gang splits he always starts talking about their mishaps and shenanigans with people who are just trying to get on with their lives. Like in 'thunder gun express’ were he kidnaps a bunch of tourists and goes off on a tangent about all the wacky stuff they’ve done together. Or how in 'the gang misses the boat’ he tries to project the gang onto other people. It’s a nice reminder of how Frank chose to live in squalor with all these horrible people. Not against his will, but because he genuinely loves these bastards.

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bastardmanvibes·a day agoAnswer

It’s That Anon and it is currently 1:12am in the UK. Sleep is but a far-away memory, as untouchable as the fragments of a dream after one awakes. I am not entirely convinced that the notion of sleep or I myself exist(s). I am in the process of writing a lab report. 1:14, as it has reached, is no time to be doing statistical analysis, but ‘tis the discussion section that I fear the most. It is required that I state ‘The Implications’ of this study. And Jackie, I cannot help but shudder.

this is so fucking funny

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bastardmanvibes·2 days agoAnswer

hahdh d*ddy mac would wear those shirts like "dad husband protector hero" LMAO and Dennis would fucking cry and beg for him to burn them bc theyre so tacky

this is referring to a post abt macden and brian jr 💀 i feel as though mistakes have been made

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bastardmanvibes·2 days agoAnswer

I have thoughts on the gang in quarantine, and I figured I would share them with you bc Ily and value your opinions. So: 1. Mac and Dennis get quarantined together, and bc this is long term, things go kind of like the suburbs but reversed. Dennis starts to hyper fixate on cleaning things and complaining about how uncultured and sloppy Mac is; Mac fights him on this but then slowly realizes Dennis is taking care of everything (it's also hot to watch and Den sings when he does laundry), so Mac 1/1

okay yes i love all this. but i would make the amendment of switching dennis and mac, mainly just cuz i liked the hc i made in this post. dennis exhibits typical man-behavior in a lot of ways but flat out not doing chores is one of his biggest offenses. mac is tidy and has always done a lot of chores due to growing up in a dirty, neglectful household, meanwhile dennis has always had a maid to clean up after him.

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