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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Can you recommend some classic literature for me? I really enjoy mystery and fiction and I have been meaning to get into being more well read, thanks

just off the top of my head: beloved, raisin in the sun, native son, notes of a native son, i know why the caged bird sings, their eyes were watching god, the souls of black folk, go tell it on the mountain, things fall apart, kindred, roll of thunder hear my cry, the remains of the day, the haunting of hill house, the street, the conjure woman, of one blood

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idk what european needs to hear this but when ppl say “western culture” or “western society” they are talking abt u!! “the west” is not synonymous with north america!! it means imperialist powers!! yes they are talking about your german ass! all u white pip pip cheerio hon hon baguette mfs are not excluded from western society 😭 they are talking about you too

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This is your reminder that Susan B. Anthony was racist and left Black women out of her little woman’s movement. She said she would cut off her right arm before helping Black women. That is it and that is all.

I would also like to add that she should never be mentioned or categorized with women like Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, or any Black women ever. It’s a slap in the face.

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Me: *posts*

Me, immediately in the notes section of the app, furiously refreshing it: validation?

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Reblog to make a transphobe uncomfortable eating M&M’s

They did the same with the Brown M&M

Clearly they’re together too, two happy Trans Women Lesbians.

Breaking news: terfs banned from m&ms forever

Wait if round means no nuts what about red

he’s obviously a transman you complete and utter buffoon.


The orange m&m as well

GUYS we are so blind for many years! the m&m are rainbow and the gay flag is rainbow.

They were gay all the long!

M&M says LGBT Rights!!

gay.. and trans? May I say:


I’m certain I’ve reblogged this multiple times but I’m doing it again

this is one of the best threads i’ve ever seen

Yellow and Red are together.

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Hi everyone, not an art update but a friend update. My friend Alfred Coleman, who you may know better as PaperboxHouse, (who you may know better as the “Eggman Announcement” guy) is in serious trouble. 

In the past month I’ve taken him to the ER three times. He’s been suffering from serious stomach pain and anxiety, and he hasn’t been able to keep down a full meal in almost a month. He’s suffering from malnutrition, and he hasn’t been able to take care of himself. Yesterday morning I picked him up from endoscopy surgery, and the hospital discharged him when he was obviously still unwell. He was too weak to walk, and couldn’t even get back in his apartment. I took him to a different hospital to hopefully receive better treatment.

While in the emergency room, I was able to set up a ko-fi page for him to help pay for any medical expenses. This new hospital has already been treating him much better so far, and he finally is being monitored overnight instead of being dismissed like he has been in the past. My only worry is that he would be unable to afford his new treatment, and that’s where you guys come in. 

Through some miracle, we’ve already been able to raise over $47,000. That is insane. But it only proves how much he is well-loved, and what he means to the artist’s community. Alfred is one of my dearest, oldest friends, and if you could help with this cause, whether it’s through donation, or just sharing this post, it would mean the world to me. I’ve been keeping updates on the situation on the ko-fi page, with more minute to minute updates on my twitter. Thank you all for your support. 


Link to the ko-fi page

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I have seen a lot of posts on here talking about individual extensions for chrome to help people, but I haven’t seen a place where they’re compiled together. So here you are! (If you find anymore, let me know!)

edit: ublock, stylish with lowercase text theme, and No more Tumblr players was added, other extensions masterposts section added, no caps was removed


  • no caps - Makes everything lower case (found to contain malware)
  • Stylish: download different themes that can help with accessibility (lowercase text theme can be found here, works like no caps)
  • Open Dyslexic: changes the font to Open Dyslexic and makes it larger. Personal favourite.
  • Dyslexie: changes the font to dyslexie and allows change to font size and colour (blue). Can be turned off. (Doesn’t seem to work on facebook)
  • Font Changer: Allows you to change the font on specific website or on everything using a Google Font. I believe you can also upload your own, if there’s a specific font you need.
  • BeeLine Reader: Uses a gradient so your eye follows along one line to the next

overlays/colour change

  • Color Overlay - Irlen Filter for Chromebook: Puts a coloured overlay over the screen. can choose colour and opacity. 
  • Sunglasses: Tints the screen grey to reduce contrast
  • Desaturate: Removes all colour and makes everything a greyscale
  • High Contrast: Change contrast or invert colour scheme
  • Deluminate: Similar to High Contrast, but tries to keep photos in tact
  • G.lux: Makes the colour of the display change depending on the time of day (also cuts down on blue light so it’s easier to fall asleep)

reduce visual distraction

  • Readability: Can change things such as margins, colours, etc… as well as reduce visual business
  • Ad Block Plus: blocks ads. What more needs to be said?
  • µblock:  Similar to Ad Block, but it uses less memory and CPU and doesn’t allow sponsored ads
  • FlashControl: Stops flash animations running by themselves
  • Hide GIFS: Allows you to keep GIFS from displaying
  • Text Mode: Loads pages in black/white, covers images, with text only.


  • No more tumblr players: disables audio plays on blogs when you’re on them (aka no more autoplay audio)
  • SpeakIt!: Reads small section of highlighted text aloud
  • Chrome Speak: Reads small section of highlighted text aloud
  • Announcify: Reads full web pages. Warning: may stop in the middle of text or not read for the full thing.

other extension masterposts

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Harry and Catalina have known each other for decades. But he’s never know her like this, set into the world that she comes from before. And along the way, Catalina serves to remind Harry that there’s good even in the bad. 

AfroLatina OC!-Vampire!Harry, Demon!OC 13k+ words about 28 pages long. Reader be warned. 

CW: Mature content (smut so only 18+ and up), Gore, Graphic Depictions of violence. 

Title is taken from Impossible by Nothing But Thieves. 

Moodboard made by the wonderful @notinthesameguey​ (Happy Early Birthday!!!!!)

Enjoy my masterlist

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It shouldn’t shock him. It shouldn’t make Harry stop in his tracks, seeing her leaning against the brick building, a cigarette dangling between her fingers. She never brings it up to her lips. It’s her signature; a sign of her coming and a sign of her going too– the smoke trailing from the butt of a burning piece of paper around the tobacco. That paper is never lifted to her lips. It’s always a trail of smoke from her fingers. It’s all too fitting, all too ironic for anyone that knew Catalina. Like really knew her, like besides the permanent red lipstick that she loved to wear, and really knew the reason for the bruises that were on her knuckles. They’d know that the puff of smoke was a warning–always a sign to anyone that cared to read it. 

Harry always read it. He always turned his head to the smell of a cigarette just to see who was holding it, if they were puffing it. He looks for her–more than he really should look for her. Catalina has to disappear sometimes. She has to go back, has to recharge. Harry can’t tell what makes it hurt, what makes him always sad that she leaves. He knows she comes back. Maybe it was because they were always at a distance. They got time together; they had their fun, but it was always with the sinking feeling that eventually, it would have to come to an end. That’s what made it bittersweet, knowing that inevitably it wouldn’t last as long as Harry wanted it too. 

Still paused in the sidewalk, Harry’s aware of all the bodies passing him by. And there she is. Leaning against the brick of the building, a cigarette dangling between fingers. He knows it’s her. Even in the dark of the night and the distance, there’s no way to miss her forever painted red lips–sometimes they are glossy, sometimes they are matte. And even though she’s dressed in a black overcoat thanks to fall’s incoming chill, Harry knows that Catalina. 

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