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beheadaed·17 minutes agoAnswer

galehaut wears khakis

Galehaut dresses like he pays too much for weed but thats okay hes gay hes allowed to commit crimes

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beheadaed·2 hours agoText

✶ “ Rules: You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to! Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, and then tag 10 people! No skipping!” ✶
I was tagged by @undertheinktree

1. the great shipwreck of life // IAMX

2. moving parts // trixie mattel

3. mama // my chemical romance

4. gunfight at the dolorous guard // the mechanisms

5. chip on my shoulder // legally blonde (the musical)

6. sweet home alabama // lynyrd skynyrd

7. calipso // charly charles ft. sfera ebbasta. mahmood, fabri fibra

8. jinny bingham’s ghost // frank turner

(advert on mortadella di bologna igp)

9. roman nepi tancok // béla bartók

10. feel good inc. // gorillaz

and after ive thoroughly exposed myself i tag uhhhh @lanzelet @lesbian-guinevere @weiwuxianisms @gawain-in-green @gringolet @aarcanaa (y’all can feel free to ignore this ertyui) 

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beheadaed·4 hours agoText


Eldest daughters, arent you tired of de escalating? Dont you just wanna go ape shit?

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beheadaed·8 hours agoText


yuri reiner / tj proechel / evgeny lushpin / gail albert halaban

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beheadaed·3 days agoText


anyway, vibes wise, what we are looking at vis a vis arthur pendragon the once and future king, is that i think his favourite song of all time is one week by the bare naked ladies and he can sing it all the way through, and will, without being asked

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beheadaed·3 days agoText




can we stop adding -wave and -core to shit now it’s done. it’s finished

no longer hardcore now I’m just hard

good to see we’re on the same length

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beheadaed·3 days agoAnswer

how do you feel about the lancelot/gawain discourse?

 i mean hes trdhyjyuguhijdtfy oh god lol dont worry there isnt actually any discourse val and rey are being funny funny jokesters. the joke is that like if arthuriana were a huge fandom with dumb discourse people would probably find ways to make remarkable problematic lol. that being said,

uhmm galehaut problematic, anti remarkables just cnacelled it to disctract from how yikes galehaut lancelot is, which is SO fucked up, he has almost 30 kingdoms and lancelot doesnt even have one thats such a gross power imblaance and frnakly lanzelet valentine, whoever you are, i hope you regret your actions in shipping it >:( i mean galehaut is LITERALLY a surfer. gah

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