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seven foot frame ,
rats along his back
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Isabela x reader but Reader is like this charming Heroic Knight in Shining Armor type, always Going around the village helping around but they're actually very clumsy and Wholesome (like they'll boast about saving a damsel from a horrible creature when in reality, they just put a spider in a cup away from their Grandma) and they Just really want to impress Isabela
Tumblr media
It was normal for people in the Encanto to fall for the one and only Isabela Madrigal.. boys fawned over her.. adults praised her for such beauty. And then there was you. Unlike others who either likes Isa only for her magic and beautiful looks.. you liked her for her sassy and on going personality..
You've only spoken to her a few times but.. jeez.. how could you resist..your feelings for such a wonderful young lady..
But don't get me wrong, you yourself are rather popular when it comes to showing off and helping people and showing off how much you were capable of doing.. it was rather impressive..
But little did anyone know you were a complete klutz. You trip over your feet almost every time you take a step forward.
NO ONE KNEW THAT SIDE OF YOU. Well except for some..
And one was Isa.. even though it seemed like she wasn't interested in you.. she really liked you and enjoyed the interactions you had with her.
One day you were walking through the village with your chin up high. Another great day at the lovely encanto! You thought to yourself.
As you walked you noticed Isabela lifting a rather heavy load of flowers. Rushing to her side you grabbed the load if flowers "Don't worry Isa! Your charming (Y/n) is here to save the day~"
Isa would laugh as she shook her head "No it's fine.. (Y/n).. let me take those.." she tried to grab the flowers from you but you refused "No.. a princesa such as yourself shouldn't be working so hard.. I can handle it!" You said confidently
Within seconds your foot got tangled in the veins of the flowers. Throwing your balance off as you tripped and fell. The flowers would fly everywhere, groaning you would look around you. Frowning at what you've done, soon you'd get up as you crossed your arms "I- ... Isa.. I'm sorry " you said quietly as you looked down at the ground.
Isabella would watch the flowers fall from the sky as she then looked at you. Expecting her to freak out she would laugh. Confused you would look at her "What's so funny..?"
Isabela would smile as she would grab your hand dragging you to a enclosed area where no one could see the both of you. You'd blush slightly as you looked down at her, "Im sorry I really am! I didn't see the-" you'd be cut off by Isabela pressing her finger against your lips motioning you to keep quiet.
She'd let out a sigh before taking your hands into hers "Look it's fine.. I can grow some new flowers.. but other than that.. why did you do that..? Why do you always try to help me..?" She said softly
You would blush even harder as you grumbled to yourself "I- ... I just wanted to impress you Isa.. everything I do for you is just me trying to get you to fall for me..I know it sounds stupid but I can't get you out of my mind Isa.." you frowned down at her.
A dark blush would spread across Isabela's cheeks as little flowers would sprout of the ground "O-Oh my.. is that really true?" She said hesitantly
Nodding you would give her hands a gentle squeeze "I was trying to be your wonderful prince charming.. that you can depend on when you are in trouble..but in reality... I'm a klutz.. and really the only heroic thing I've did was get rid of a spider for my abuela.. " you pouted slightly as Isa would laugh
"Well.. what if I told you.. that you don't have to be my charming savior.." she teased "And getting rid of spiders is highly impressive.. I'm not going to lie.. and one last thing.. I like you.. for you.. (Y/n) you don't have to prove anything in order to impress me.. I just want you.. for you.." she said as she smiled a bit.
Her words would surprise you "How can you be so sure you want to be with me..?"
Isabela would think for a moment as she leaned twords you "I can think of a few ways actually... And here's one way.." she'd lean in as she placed a soft kiss on your lips as she would cup your cheeks, you on the other hand nearly passed out.. but the sudden realization hit you.. You'd wrap your arms around Isabela's waist, as you returned the kiss as more flowers would surround the both of you..
A few minutes would pass by and you two would break the kiss, you both would admire each other "I think that was enough proof for me to realize that you weren't lying about your feelings.." you teased
Isabela would roll her eyes "Really now?.. but I'm greatful your feelings are the same.. " she said as she creased your cheek.
"Well of course! Who wouldn't love the one and only Miss Isabela? But I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones hm..?"
She would giggle as she nodded "Very much so mi amor.. you're the luckiest person in the world~"
You two would laugh before sharing another kiss enjoying the dream that you've dreamt off for years.. now finally coming true..
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Tumblr media
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Hi! May i request pepa madrigal with female reader where pepa is very jealous and the reader kisses her to calm her down since the words couldn't? Thanks!
Tumblr media
It was a normal day in the encanto.. well it was for you. You were hanging out with Julieta all day long..
Helping her with the cooking because you saw how that poor lady work her ass off and for what..? So you decided to take some of the stress off of her shoulders.
As the two of you worked in the kitchen Pepa would be spying from afar.. leaning into hear what you were saying frowning a bit at the sight of you guys being so close to each other... Do you like her older sister more than her? Oh goodness the thought of being replaced killed her...soon thunder would echo throughout the Casita.
You were finishing with the dishes as you paused for a moment.. you couldn't shake the feeling off that someone was watching you.. slowly turning around you saw a glimpse of Pepa hiding in the far corner of the room.. your eyes meet as Pepa had a very displeasing expression on her face before stomping off.
Here we go again you thought to yourself as you would trail behind her "Oh mi amorrrrrrrrrr... " You said softly as you grabbed her hand "What ever is the matter my darling Pepa.."
She would scoff as she pulled her hand away from you "Leave me be.."
You were surprised at her actions but shook the feeling off "Pepa.. What the heck.. what's wrong.." she's glare at you before heading to her room.
"Oh dios mio.. " you groaned to yourself as you continue to follow after her to her room. Entering it she would have her back facing you, holding herself as the thunder became louder..
"Aye grumpy what's the matter.. you gotta tell me what's wrong so I can help you get through your emotions.. " you sighed
She would clench her fists "I see the way you look at her (Y/n).. I see the way you act.. you like her more than me don't you!?" She barked.
Confused you stood there, thinking of what in the world she was talking about but then it clicked. You would grin as you walked up behind her, lacing your arms around her waist "You seriously think I'd replace my one and only Pepa..?"
Rolling her eyes she would look away "For all I know.. yes you most likely would replace me with someone better.."
You'd laugh, moving her hair out of the way you would gently place kisses down her neck "You" kiss "are" kiss "the" kiss "only" kiss "one" kiss "that" kiss "my" kiss "heart" kiss "desires!" You said as you would soon spin Pepa so she was facing you. She'd be blushing by now, turning red as a tomato she would pout playfully. You'd continue to pepper her face with kisses until she started to laugh
"Okay! Okay! I get it I'm your only one.. Aye!! that tickles (Y/n)!" She whined.
Smiling up at her you pressed a soft kiss against her head "You better remember that.. because I'd rather die than replace my beloved!" You said dramatically.
Pepa would giggle as she placed her hands around your neck resting her head against yours as she took a moment to enjoy the feeling if you holding her "Very well mi vida.. " she said calmly as she melted into your touch.. <3
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heyy! can i have please dolores x reader romantic? dolores and reader are sleeping(just sleeping) and camilo saw it and start saying that the couple where doing disgusting stuff just to mess with them and pepa believing it, getting angry and making reader cry? dolores being protective and pepa apologizing after.
sorry if is too long, and you can change about what camilo was saying if is uncomfortable to you, even tho in this i mean no +18 stuff( the disgusting stuff was like kissing passionately and just it)
Tumblr media
You have been dating Dolores for a while now..and you kept it on the down low.. well everyone knew about it but still you kept the relationship somewhat to yourselves..
One day you and Dolores were hanging out in the Casita until she offered that you two go up to her room.. so the both of you can spend time alone and away from her chaotic family.
You agreed like usual, the both of you made it up to her room. You'd walk over to her bed as you collapsed onto it as Dolores looked down at you anxiously waiting for you're command.
Looking up at your girlfriend you laughed, opening your arms out to her "Come here me vida .. lay with me.. after all you've worked so hard.." within seconds Dolores would be in your arms.
It was true.. she was working her ass off to please the people of the encanto..and all you two wanted was time alone...
You would undo her hair as you would play with her brown curls. Dolores would whine quietly "(Y/n).. you're going to make me fall asleep.." she muttered against your neck. You would only smile at her actions "that's the plan.. just relax.. I'll be here when you wake up and then we can talk about whatever your heart desires.."
Letting out a sigh she would give into your touch, her eyelids becoming heavy as she slowly closed them. And soon fell asleep, usually Dolores would have a hard time sleeping since her ears are always picking up little noises which disrupts her.. but when she's in your arms it's a different story. It's like she can block out every sound and just relax for once.
You as well grew sleepy from the quiet environment around the both of you, within seconds you fall asleep as well.
Hours would pass as the sun slowly began to set and yet the both of you slept soundlessly. But the other members of the family Madrigal have been getting ready for dinner. Everyone would be getting seated. Pepa would be examining the room as she noticed her eldest daughter was missing. Sighing to her self she looked over at her second oldest child, Camilo who was ready to dig into his food.
Camilo would sigh as he looked over at his mother "Yes mami?"
"Haven't I told you not to eat unless everyone is seated at the table.. now.. go get your sister. And then you can eat.." she said
He would groan like a stubborn child "But mami-"
Before he could finish his sentence his father chimed in "Do what your mother says.. get your sister.." felix said sternly
Grumbling to himself he walked off as he mimicked his father "Do what your mother says.. ugh for the love of.." he would make it to his sisters door. Knocking he would wait as no one responded.. huh.. unusual she would of answered the door immediately..
Opening the door carefully he would see the both of you holding each other as you slept soundlessly. Dolores would hear him as she snapped out of her sleeping daze as she quickly lifted her head up. Seeing her brother standing in the door way with a mischievous grin on his face "Oh wait until mami and papi gets a load of this.. their going to flip!"
Dolores would seem confused as she glared at him "What do you mean by that we didn't do anything wrong..?"
"That's what's they all say! You're so gross Dolores I thought you were an innocent child! But low and behold you lying in bed with (y/n)! How disgusting!" The commotion around you woke you up. Sitting up you saw you're girlfriend and arguing with Camilo, groaning you held your head as your clothes were wrinkled because of your wonderful cuddling session.
"Then explain why your hair is messy Dolores! And explain the fact (Y/n)'s clothes is all bunched up. You clearly did the devil's tango!" He barked as he seemed disgusted by the thought.
You would blush as you looked down at your clothes "We didn't do anything Camilo! Now leave before I tell Mami that you're bothering us!" Dolores protested but it was no use. Pepa came stomping up the stairs furious at all the yelling that was going on
"What in the world are you two arguing about!!" Pepa growled as a thundering cloud would be over her head.
Camilo would stick his tongue out at Dolores as he turned to his mother "Mami! Dolores did some gross things.. with (y/n)! Just look at the state they are in!"
Pepa would be shocked as she moved Camilo to the side to examine the both of you as her jaw dropped "Oh dios mio.. what is the meaning of this .. (y/n)..?" She said as she tried to calm herself
You would quickly stand up as you stumbled a bit. Looking at Pepa you became nervous. Fiddling with your fingers you shook your head "We didn't do anything like that Pepa you know I would never do that to your daughter.."
"Do not lie to me (Y/n)!" She snapped "You messed with my daughter in the most disgusting way! There is evidence of it so don't even start with me! What did you do to my daughter!?!" She yelled. The thunder getting worse which cause you to flinch
You've never seen her this mad before it was a rather overwhelming situation and you just couldn't take it anymore, tears began to form in your eyes as you dipped your head.
"I- .. I didn't do anything.. why can't you believe me.." you would whimper, holding yourself wishing that this moment can end
"Believe you!? Why should I believe a liar!"she yelled even louder as she would stomp over to you. But Dolores would step in the way she as well couldn't handle the yelling anymore and she couldn't bare to see you get yelled at for something you didn't do.
"Mami! enough of this! (Y/n).. didn't do anything.. and if you two are so.. demanding of what we were doing...I'll tell you! We were just cuddling and nothing more! My hairs messy because (Y/n) undid it so she could play with my hair.. Their clothes are wrinkly because we were sleeping! Why must everyone assume the worst!" She barked back.
Everyone was quiet. Even you, you never heard Dolores yell before and the fact she was protecting you.. made the whole situation a bit better
Pepa would frown as she looked at you and then back at her daughter "I- .. Mi amor I didn't know... " She sighed as the cloud went away "I'm sorry.. "
"D-don't say sorry to me.. apologize to (y/n) for making her cry.." she said sternly as she moved out of the way. She would also would intertwined her hand around yours giving it an comforting squeeze..
Pepa would grumble as she looked down at you "I'm sorry (Y/n) I let the anger get the best of me.. I promise I won't ever do it again... "
You sighed as you nodded "It's fine.. just don't assume stuff like that.. you know I wouldn't"
Pepa would nod as Camilo would try to sneak away but like they say mother's always have eyes in the back of their heads "Camilo where do you think you're going.. come back and apologize for lying..and accusing your sister for no reason.."
He would whine as he walked back to them huffing he would rub the back of his head "Sorry .. I guess I need to think before speaking.. " Dolores would laugh "You better.. or next time I'll come after you.. now let's go get dinner I'm starving.." she said as she pulled you into her arms before leaving the room with the others. Heading to the dinning room as you sat beside Dolores. Glancing at her she would give you a little wink which made you blush
"They are doing it again!" Camilo complained as Pepa would roll her eyes "Camilo.. eat your food and be quiet" she teased. Causing the family to burst out in laughter. You laughed with them enjoying the moment with Dolores and her family. All that anxiety left your body as you finally relaxed and enjoyed your wonderful meal with your wonderful girlfriend.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Madrigal Family Resemblance: Alma & Pepa
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I鈥檓 So In Love With Her!
Tumblr media
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hello! can you please do all the madrigal x reader(platonic) reader being luisa bestie and all the madrigal loving her as their own, can you please focus on reader and julieta having mother and daughter relationship?
Tumblr media
馃拹You and Luisa have been friends since you were children.. So of course you're going to meet the wonderful family Madrigal.
馃拹Luisa showed you around to each of her family members. Amazed of their power but also the way they acted around you. You barely even met the family and they already acted like you were apart of their family.
馃拹Years would go on and you're friendship with the Madrigals gree stronger.
Isabela always did your hair for you whenever you came over and if you refuse her treatment all hell will rise! Jk.. you cannot escape her. Wether you say yes or no she will do your hair. But I'm not going to lie Luisa kinda gets jealous of Isa hogging you away from her.! After all you were her best friend first!
"Y/N! Stay still!!" Screeched Isabela as she nearly had you in a head lock "You didn't properly brush your hair again did you!?" She growled
Luisa would chime in as she grabbed one of your arms as she tried to pull you away from Isabela "Let her go sis! they promised to hang out with me today! You can braid their hair later!" She grunted.
You would whine as you tried to get out of her grasp. "waah! Let me go! Julieta please get your daughters off of me!" You begged
A sigh escaped Julietas lips as she looked over at the both of you "Aye.. mija you're going to break them! Put (Y/n) down at once.." she said calmly
The two would look at their mother as they sighed letting you go as you scrambled twords Julieta "Oh thank you senora.." you said dramatically
"Oh dear it's nothing.. hm come with me to the kitchen if you don't mind..~" she said softly as she left. You would trail behind her.
As you entered the kitchen you leaned against the counters. Julieta began to cook as usual, humming a small tune she would look over at you
"Goodness.. Isabella and Luisa really messed up your clothes.." she sighed as she would walk over to you gently cressing out your outfit as she also dusted it off
You would groan "Julieta.. please I am no child.." you whined
She would laugh as she cupped your cheeks "Oh but you are a child to me! It's as if you were my own little baby" She chirped as she placed smooches all over your face.
This type of motherly behavior wasn't unusual to you, Julieta always acted like a mother twords you ever since you were little. And she always saw you as her daughter...
You never complained about it because you enjoyed being treated like a helpless little kid sometimes.
"Waaah! Mami please!-" you laughed as you tried to push her away as you paused for a moment.. what .. did you just call her?
Julieta would also stop as she looked at you.. somewhat shocked
"I-... I'm sorry... I didn't mean too.." you said as you would try to move away from her but Julieta would stop you
She would be tearing up a bit as you seemed a bit confused "...Julieta?" You said softly. Before you could say anything else she would pull you into a bone crushing hug "(Y/N) I never thought I'd hear that from you..! Aren't you adorable you seem me as your mother!!" She dramatically said
You still a bit confused slowly hugged her back "W-well of course.. you always treat me like I'm your own child.. but I went to far didn't I?"
Julieta would laugh as she let you go "No don't ever say that! She playfully scolded
"I don't mind if you call me that.. it makes me happy that you see me as someone so important.." she said softly
Smiling at her you would nod "Very well mami.. what's for lunch hmm?"
Julieta would roll her eyes "I should of known that you would of asked that.." she huffed as she went back to cooking. "it's a surprise for my one and only (y/n).." she teased
馃拹From that day you two began to be really close. Even Agust铆n treats you as if you were his own child.. BASICALLY THE ENTIRE HOUSE OF MADRIGAL THINK OF YOU AS THEIR FAMILY MEMBER.. BROO YOURE LUCKYY
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
On A Break
pepa x reader
request: Hi! May i request a pepa madrigal with female reader where pepa is jealous and her rage forms a storm? Thanks!
a/n: they鈥檙e like 19 here
part two
鈥渨ell, hello, gorgeous.鈥 a voice said, making you roll your eyes. only one person would pull you from the fantasy world of the book that you were nose deep in. 鈥渉ow are you on this fine day?鈥 fernando asked, hiding his hands behind his back.
鈥渋鈥檓 okay, fern.鈥 you smiled at him, closing your book. you looked up from where you sat, perched by a tree. 鈥渉ow are you?鈥
鈥渟ame old, same old.鈥 he hummed. when you nodded, he took the opportunity to sit next to you. 鈥渋 brought you something.鈥 fernando told you before holding out a flower.
you gasped, feeling your face heat up, and took it out of his hands. 鈥渢hank you, fernando, it鈥檚 beautiful.鈥 you whispered, looking at it in awe. it wasn鈥檛 everyday that you got gifted a flower. no offence to pepa, of course. she showed you that she loved you in many, special ways. pun not intended.
鈥渘ot as beautiful as you though.鈥 he winked, lightly nudging you.
鈥渙h, shut up.鈥 you nudged him back, before the two of you fell into a fit of laughter. if you couldn鈥檛 tell, fernando was your best friend. you鈥檇 known each other for as long as you could remember, so you were slightly saddened when your girlfriend said she didn鈥檛 like him.
it didn鈥檛 take you long to realise that she was just insecure. fernando was attractive, you could admit that much, but he wasn鈥檛 your type and vice versa. no, he was into this guy called f茅lix. you didn鈥檛 know him.
anyways, hours later, the two of you lied down on the grass, watching the stars. you grumbled in annoyance to yourself when you realised that you hadn鈥檛 seen pepa all day. excusing yourself, you quickly made your way to casa de madrigal, whilst humming along to nothing in particular.
when you knocked on the door, julieta opened it with an angered face, but you just smiled. 鈥渉ola, julieta.鈥 you greeted. 鈥渋s, uh, is pepa here?鈥 you don鈥檛 know why you asked, of course she was.
鈥渨hy do you care?鈥 julieta snarled, taking you back.
鈥渂ecause鈥he鈥檚 my girlfriend.鈥 you responded, slowly and unsurely. 鈥渘ow, can i see her?鈥
鈥渓et her in, julieta.鈥 the soft voice of bruno called out from behind, making you sigh in relief.
julieta rolled her eyes and stepped aside, allowing you to walk past her to the youngest triplet. 鈥渨hat was that all about?鈥
鈥渉ave you seen pepa today?鈥 he asked, ignoring your question.
鈥渘o, that鈥檚 why i鈥檓 here.鈥 you told him.
鈥渨ell, be careful about what you say.鈥 bruno told you before walking away.
鈥渨hy? does something bad happen?鈥 you asked in confusion. 鈥渂runo?!鈥 you groaned to yourself in annoyance before making your way up to your girlfriend鈥檚 door. 鈥減epa? can i come in?鈥
鈥渘o.鈥 you heard her say, followed by a sob. you sighed, resting your head on the wood.
鈥減retty please with a cherry on top?鈥 you asked, with a hopeful smile, despite her not being able to see it. the door opened, and you fell face face onto the floor. 鈥渙w.鈥 you mumbled, holding your nose.
pepa didn鈥檛 even glance at you before walking back to her queen sized bed and bringing her knees up to her chest. 鈥渁re you cheating on me?鈥
鈥渨hat?鈥 you were taken back by her question. quickly standing to your feet, you locked the door behind you, and walking to the end of the bed. 鈥渨hy do you think that?鈥
pepa shrugged, and more tears fell down her puffy face. she brought her knees impossibly closer to her chest. 鈥渋 just- i saw you and him really freaking close. so close it looked like you were kissing.鈥 she muttered in distaste, as the wind speeds picked up.
鈥渨ho? fernan-鈥 you flinched and jumped from the bed, cradling your arm close to your chest. 鈥渙w.鈥 you mumbled hurtfully. she had hit you a bolt of lightning, and there seemed to be no remorse for it. 鈥渉e and i are just friends, pepa, we鈥檝e been over this.鈥 you whimpered as tears gathered in your eyes from the pain. 鈥渂esides, he鈥檚-鈥 you cut yourself off. it wasn鈥檛 your place.
鈥渉e鈥檚 what?鈥 pepa asked angrily, accidentally forming a hurricane.
鈥渉e鈥檚 nothing! he鈥檚 just my best friend, pepa.鈥 you sighed. 鈥渋f you won鈥檛 accept that, then maybe we aren鈥檛 meant to be like you thought.鈥 you couldn鈥檛 stop it, it came out before you could process what you were saying.
鈥渙h.鈥 pepa mumbled, the once hurricane turning into a heavy rain. 鈥渙kay.鈥
鈥渕aybe we should break up.鈥 you said, holding your ground. you didn鈥檛 care about the hurt that flashed across her eyes.
鈥渕aybe we should.鈥 she shrunk into herself, agreeing with you.
鈥渨ell, adios, pepa.鈥 you mumbled, retreating to the door. you walked out, flinching at the loud and harsh sound of pepa sobbing from behind the door.
鈥淵/N, are you okay?鈥 julieta asked, noticing the burn on your arm.
鈥渋鈥檓 fine, julieta.鈥 you rolled your eyes, not looking twice at the displaced house before going to the one person you knew would comfort you at the moment in time. fernando.
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pepa madrigal x reader, where reader is having fun with their children (Dolores, Camilo and Ant么nio) and doesn't realize that pepa is watching them
Tumblr media
It was a warm and sunny day.. thanks to your wife of course. She was in a great moon and it was rather surprising.
After breakfast Camilo just gotten a new soccer ball and he was wanting to play with it all day. He decided to invite his sibling to play.
As they played in a field you watched them for a moment. Dolores had the ball as she was aiming to kick it twords Antonio, but Camilo swoops in as he kicked the ball away from her and back into his hands.
Dolores would growl "Hey! That's not fair you used your hands Camilo!" She hissed at her you her brother
Camilo would stick his tongue out "You we're going to kick it out of bounds anyways!"
"Was not!"
"Were too!"
"Was not!-"
You stepped in "Enough both of you.. Camilo I taught you all the rules with soccer.. no hands.. put the ball down.. and I'll show you how it's done"
Both of them seemed surprised as Camilo rolled his eyes playfully "Oh yeah? Come on mama/papa.. you're going to pull a muscle like you did last time.." he said as he put the ball down "Just admit it.. you're getting old!" He laughed
You would scowl "Oh hush Camilo.. " you said as you flicked his nose "Don't get so cocky now.. just because I'm a bit old doesn't mean anything!" You said as you kicked the ball away from him as you chased after the ball. Camilo would be shocked as he looked at you "Not fair!" He yelled out.
You would laugh "Antonio! Dolores! Let's play keep away.. keep the ball away from Camilo!" You teased
"Alright Mama/Papa! " Called out Antonio as you passed the ball to him, as Camilo tried to get it from him but missed
Dolores would giggle as Antonio would then pass the ball to his older sister "Come and get it cheater!" She yelled at Camilo as he would glare at her as he ran beside her, attempting to get the ball from her Dolores would then kick the ball twords you. "Get it in the goal mama/papa!" She cheered
You would kick the ball as it would go through the make shift goal that the kids made. Jumping up and down you would pick Antonio up as he cheered with you "Goal!!" You both screamed
Camilo would pant as he glared "Okay okay! I cheated.. I get it.."
Dolores would laugh "finally you admit to it.." she said as she would ruffled his brown curly locks he would grumble as the both would join in with the cheering.
From afar Pepa watched as she smiled brightly at the sight of her family getting along. Hesitating she would walk over to you guys "Room for one more player..?" She asked softly
You turned twords her and nodded "of course.. let's see if you still have the skills to go against me.. and the great Madrigal children!" You said in a cocky tone
Pepa would smirk "Oh yeah? Haven't you forgotten that I always beat you in almost every game we played as children?"
You blushed as you looked away "Not true..! Don't fill our children's heads with such lies!" You huffed
They would laugh "Oh fine.. but I'm sure to win this time as well!" She said as she would move her hair out of the way.
"Oh boy.. fine.. let's see... Then shall we..?" You said as you set Antonio down. "the best out of three!"
Pepa would scoff "Deal.."
After playing for hours I hate to say it.. but your wife.. won.. yet again.. but hey.. it was worth to see the smile on her face as she cheered with her children.. all in a day's work in the house of madrigal ;)
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pepa madrigal x wife reader, where the reader gets hurt when casita was breaking down and after that pepa and the kids end up getting clingy and scared of something bad happening to reader again
馃槶 damn
Tumblr media
The day that Casita lost her magic was a living hell.. for both you and your family...
Mirabel was trying to get the candle while Casita was falling apart, you first made sure your children and wife got out safely. But you couldn't just leave your niece behind.. As you were escorting Pepa handing her to Camilo you would take a moment to look at your family before dashing back into the collapsing Castia.
Pepa would turn around to expect you behind her but when she saw that you were gone a dark cloud hovered over her head "(Y/n)..? (Y/N)! NO STOP COME BACK YOU'LL GET HURT!" Cried Pepa as she tried to run after you but Camilo held her back "No! mami please you cannot go in there..! You'll get hurt as well.."
Pepa would resist as she would slowly fall to the ground, crying as rain would begin to pour. Pepa can only wish that you and Mirabel make it out before the structure collapses on you two.
As you ran through the Casita you chased after Mirabel "Mirabel! It isn't worth it please! " she would ignore you as she would snatch the candle from the window it sat on. Making it down you would grab Mirabels hand and you would be running to the exit, Castia slowly began to come down you threw Mirabel to the exit as you were left inside a pillar would fall onto your foot as it held you down. Crying out in pain you tried to remove the pillar from your foot but you didn't have much strength.
Looking around you would cover your face waiting for the impact of the house to come down onto you, but whatever magic that was still left Casita would cover you with the last of the furniture that was left behind as the house would slowly lose all of its magic as the house finally came crumbling down
Everything from then was a blur you passed out from the impact you didn't feel any pain.. but there was a loud ringing in your ears and a bright light hitting your face. You woke up with Pepa hovering above you, frantically looking at you as she would be crying "Mi amor! Oh goodness you're alright!" She sobbed into your chest
Groaning quietly you would look around you were surrounded in the rubble of what once used to be a fun a lovely home.. now nothing but lifeless fragments of that home..
You sighed as you leaned your head back "Don't cry mi princesa.. I'm fine.. "
Camilo would gently rest your head on his lap as he sighed "Oh hush mama.. you were nearly crushed ... Tia Julieta is making something for that foot of yours.. Luisa managed to get the pillar off of your foot.. everything will be alright.." he said softly.
You would look up at him and smiled "Thank you for comforting your Madre.. I know it was a scary situation.. you were very brave.." Camilo would stay silent as he teared up a bit as he nodded "Of course mama.."
Soon in came Dolores and Antonio both of them looked shocked to see you in such a terrifying state. Both of them came up to you gently kneeling down beside you.
Dolores would frown "Mama.. don't ever do that again..please I think we were going to lose you.." she said as she took one of your hands. You would sigh as you nodded "Don't worry mi vida.. I can assure you I won't be.. going anywhere.. ' which made Dolores giggle quietly
Antonio wouldn't say anything as he would lay his head against your stomach tightly holding onto your dress skirt afraid if he let go you'd he gone.
Pepa would continue to sob against your chest but soon calmed down "Mi amor I thought I lost you..! What would I do with myself if something bad happened! " She whined
You would slowly reach out to her as you cupped her cheek "Don't cry princesa..I'm still here.. don't cry.. " you reassured as she would nod sniffing up her tears as she calmed down
Soon Julieta would heal you right up but you still felt weak and sluggish from what just happened. but overall you were fine
A few weeks passed and the new Casita was built.. everything was great expect the fact that..your family kept hovering above you..
They were usually clingy.. but now? Oh boy you barley get time to yourself without one of your children sitting beside you examining your evey move.
It's not just you're children.. also your lovely wife as well..
You managed to sneak out of the Casita without anyone noticing. Hiding under a tree as you finally got to read the book you were trying to catch up on. Sighing in relief you would open it, as you began to read you felt a certain tug at your skirt, looking down you found Antonio he would be looking up at you as he frowned.
You sighed as you set the book down for a moment "What is it my little To帽ito.. "you said softly
He would scoot closer to you as he rested his head against you staying silent.
"Lemme guess.. mami is freaking out because I'm not at the Casita huh..?" You asked as you wrapped your arm around your son. He'd give you a slight nod "Shes worried something bad will happen to you.. we all are.." he said quietly as he nuzzled into your side.
Frowning a bit you would shake your head "Oh goodness.. Antonio.. what happened that day was an accident.. yes I was hurt.. but look at me now! I can run up to the tallest peak and back down to the encanto within a minute!" You teased as he would let out a quiet laugh
"No you can't! That's impossible!" He teased back
"oh yeah? Wanna bet on that mister..!" You said as he you would tickle his side. Antonio would jerk forward as he let out a high squeal bursting out in laughter as he tried to push you away "Mama! Stop it!" He whined
You would chuckle as you stopped "But seriously To帽ito.. mama will be fine.. nothing will take me away from you and our family.. I will live up to a hundred years~" his eyes would lighten up "R-really!?" He said as he seemed surprised
Nodding you would smile down at him "Of course.. I mean I am apart of the great family Madrigal.. so who knows what lies in the future for me.."
Antonio stayed quiet as he hugged you tightly. You returned the hug as you would grab your book "At this point I think mama will never have time to herself anymore.." you teased as you got up, Antonio would do the same as he rolled his eyes playfully
"I'm sure one day.. but for now.. let's go before your mami starts panicking.. " you said as you grabbed a hold of his hand "Yea.. she almost started a tornado in the Casita when she found out you were gone.."
"Oh boy.. that means I'm in big trouble .." you whined. The little boy would laugh "Yup! " He said cheerfully as you two began to walk back to the Casita.
As you made it back to Pepa's room, there stood Dolores and Camilo comforting their mother as she seemed to be on the verge of a panic attack. You frowned a bit, you hated to see your wife in such a distressed state..
"Pepa I'm home~" you called out as Antonio would laugh as he would sit down on his mother's bed watching the incoming action.
Pepa would spring out of her seat and into your arms as she would be shaking a bit "W-where have you been! I was worried sick I nearly caused a hurricane!" She barked as she pulled away from you.
You would rub the back of your neck seeming a bit ashamed "Calm down princesa.. I went to spend some time by myself .. because every five seconds one of you guys starts to hover over my shoulder.. " you said calmly
Pepa would be surprised as she blushed a bit from embarrassment. So did Camilo and Dolores
"Look I know that day was scary.. you almost lost me.. but mi amores.. I'm fine.. I can assure you nothing like that will happen again.. Mama is fine and she will always be fine... Don't think that I'll disappear at any second.." you said softly
Your family would stay quiet. Pepa would be fiddling with her hair as she sighed "We are just..scared.. Scared that we will lose you again.." your wife said as she looked up at you. With tears in her eyes.
You dramatically gasped as you clutched your chest "Ah! Mi amor.. how could you think of something like that.. "you said as you gently pulled her into a hug "you will never lose me.. I am not that easy to get rid of.. ain't that right Antonio?"
"Right! She said shes gonna live up to a hundred years!" Antonio would chime in as the others laughed. Pepa would hug you tightly as she grumbled a bit "we were a bit clingy weren't we..?"
You would shrug "Ehh.. just a little bit.." you said dramatically as Pepa rolled her eyes. Looking at your two eldest children they still seemed uneased
"Hey you two.. I'll be alright.. it's fine to be clingy.. and it's fine to worry.. I don't mind.. but I am fine.. as long as I have all of you I will be alright..!"
Camilo would smile a bit as he came over to the both of you and joined in the hugging. Dolores seemed hesitant as she looked at you, frowning a bit "You promise..?" She said quietly
You smiled "I promise.. not get over here before I go over there and get you my self!"
Dolores would smile a bit as she rushed over to you guys and hugged you tightly as well.
Antonio anxiously waited for you to call him into the family hug. You dramatically whipped your head over to your youngest son "Get over here my little To帽ito!" You cheered as he sprang up from his spot on the bed and joined in with his family.
"Aw my lovely familia ..!" You cheered and you enjoyed the embrace. From that day forward .. yes they are still clingy.. but not as bad as they were.. and everything ended up well for both ends of the family 馃槍
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the CDC recommends that you return to work even if you're showing symptoms of being a giant cockroach
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Tumblr media
Ok why have we never talked about Pepa鈥檚 face in this brief part of The Family Madrigal??
Tumblr media
Just look at her she鈥檚 so angry
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Tumblr media
Pepa gets annoyed by something and starts thundering, it scares Dolores, who has just gotten her new gift, she goes to mom for comfort but the thundering continues, she cries more, Pepa tries to calm her down but gets frustrated with herself for not being able to calm her down, the thundering goes on, Dolores cries more and the cycle continues until dad saves the day
They find a solution eventually I'm sure
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
wait, does your cup have more than mine鈥..
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mainly for ;) encanto fanfic but ehehehehehehehehheehhehheehwhabajsi
Here we are
I write for anyone except fucking Antonio because he's a CHILD no smut you perverts ;))
For some people who jump to conclusions..
Yes Mirabel and Camilo are of the age 15 and 16
Like stated before. I do not write 18+ content
Meaning no smut.
If you even request smut I will automatically delete it..
For I am around the age of Camilo and Luisa.. so please.. do not assume shit.
Tumblr media
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