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berningsensation·10 hours agoText

From Abdul El-Sayed’s new book:

“If we’ve identified the flawed thinking that has hijacked our policy conversations, let’s consider the questions that we /should/ be asking instead:

1. Is this a serious problem that the government should be solving?

2. Are we, as a society willing to invest in a solution?

3. What is the most effective, efficient, and sustainable solution to the problem?

In its simplist form, government exists to solve problems that we as individuals, or the organizations we create cannot solve on our own.”

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berningsensation·2 days agoText

Been listening to Abdul El Sayed’s recent book: Healing Politics recently. I can’t recommend it highly enough. He talks about how the injustices in our society manifest themselves in terms of public health, and lays out a plan for addressing them, providing clear, insightful, and succinct reasoning.

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berningsensation·8 days agoText

In defense of Tom Nook

I hear a lot of people calling Tom Nook a greedy bastard for suckering you into buying bigger and bigger houses while “exploiting your labor”, but I actually disagree with this interpretation.

In this Vice article the author uses the price of the switch to create a conversation rate from Bells to USD (1 Bell is worth ~1¢) this means the first house Tom Nook sells you costs about $1000, and he’s understanding enough to offer you a completely flexible payment plan, with no deadlines or interest. He makes sure your needs are met first and worries about recouping his costs after.

His family also routinely buys all manner of off things off of me for extremely generous prices too. I’ll often wander around the island for 20 minutes catching bugs, fish, shells, and gathering raw materials, at the end of which I will sell it to them for something in the range of 5,000 bells. ($50!) That works out to a ballpark wage of $150/hour. And you can’t even argue that the hourly wage calculation is flawed because the game is synched to real time.

Honestly, if you make $150/hour and get sold a house for $1000, and you feel like your labor is being taken advantage of because you’re asked to help the community from time to time, you’re being a bit of a prick.

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berningsensation·10 days agoText

In competitive Magic the Gathering there’s a phrase that gets used a lot: “play to your outs.” I think this idea is very relevant to our political climate, and in this post I’m going to attempt to explain how.

The idea is that the best move is not always the most intuitive one. For example: imagine you’re at 1 life, your opponent has multiple creatures out, and you have 2 cards in hand, a kill spell and a card draw spell. It may be tempting to use your kill spell on one of their creatures, but you’re actually better off casting the card draw spell, in the hopes that you find another spell that destroyes all your opponent’s creatures. So in this case “playing to your outs” means casting a card draw spell, because it might get you out of the bad situation, while just casting a kill spell definitely won’t. The key is the identity the line of play that gives you the best shot at winning.

Okay, but what does this have to do with politics?

Our planet is dying. We’re in the middle of a mass extinction and it’s very possible that our planet won’t be habitable for human life just a couple of generations from now. Bernie understands the urgency of the crisis, and campaigned on the Green New Deal, a set of bold actions that would revolutionize how our society works in a more sustainable way.

Unfortunately Bernie is probably going to lose the primaries. So I think we need to ask ourselves: “if Biden wins, what are our outs to keeping the earth habitable?” I’m going to share with y'all the line I’ve identified as what I think gives us the best shot at saving the planet:

Bernie supporters begrudgingly support Biden in the general election. Voter turnout is high as people want to get Trump out of office. High voter turnout leads to down ballot victories for Democrats. They win back control of the House. Over the course of Biden’s presidency, the left pushes Biden to take a stronger stance on climate change. He doesn’t adopt the full policies of the Green New Deal, but he does increase funding for combating climate change significantly. More importantly though, he lays the groundwork for more progressive leaders in the future. Not by actually being progressive himself, but by expanding voting rights and appointing liberal judges that will make it so when an actual progressive like AOC runs for president after him, they have a better chance of not only winning, but actually being able to enact the kind of change we need to save our planet before it’s too late.

That’s my line. I can’t tell you for sure if it’s going to work or not, but if Biden wins the nomination, I think it’s the best shot we’ve got.

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berningsensation·23 days agoText

*Giant bomb explodes and kills a bunch of people*

Progressives: Maybe we should change our policies about storing giant bombs in populated areas?

Republicans: Look at this disgusting display of partisanship in a time of crisis. Leveraging a tragedy to push your radical leftist agenda. Despicable.

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berningsensation·24 days agoText

I’m still reeling from the Fed’s decision to throw $1.5 Trillion at Wall Street. They just decided that today. No arguing. No “how are you going to pay for that?” No accusations of wanting “free stuff.” They just did it.

Interesting how easy it is to do these kinds of things when they don’t create systemic change and pull people out of poverty 🤔

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berningsensation·a month agoText

DNC: We need a candidate that can represent everyone, not just one branch of our party.

Also DNC: Bernie supporters live in a magical fairy wonderland; they need to accept that millions of people will always die from completely preventable causes.

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berningsensation·a month agoText

It’s disheartening watching progressive candidates being shot down time and time again by people who in their hearts agree with their message, but don’t think it’s possible.

If one quarter of the people who felt and voted that way decided to believe that we could actually accomplish real change, then we would be able to.

That, I think, is at the heart of the frustration you so often hear from Bernie supporters.

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berningsensation·a month agoText

I admire Warren’s bravery and humility in her decision to drop. The cause we are fighting for is bigger than any one person, even when you believe that person would be the best fit for the job.

Warren has been fighting against corruption for years, and has opened the eyes of millions of Americans to the injustices of our political and economic systems. I don’t agree with everything she’s ever said and done, but that’s true for any candidate. I think she would have made a great president, and I’m absolutely open to supporting her in the future if she runs again.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge that there’s a very real grieving process when a candidate you support drops. For many, candidates become a symbol of hope in a harsh world. They serve as a sort of nexus for concentrating your energy and ambitions, and losing yours can feel scary, disheartening, and frustrating.

And to all my fellow Bernie supporters: please hold some space for Warren folks to process, even if that processing includes anger. We’re all in this fight together. Let’s act like it and practice some compassion ❤️

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berningsensation·a month agoText

I would love to see a more concentrated effort to pass legislation in swing states to pledge their electoral votes to the popular vote winner. It’s something all the different factions of the left could get behind and even just 3-4 key states would go a long way towards making our elections more democratic. Plus, by doing it at the state level, we could bypass the heinous obstructionism present in the federal government.

(to be clear this is a fight to be fought in tandem with the abolition of the electoral college, not as a replacement for that).

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berningsensation·a month agoText

Imagine if we had already been using a popular vote system and someone proposed what we have now:

Them: What if instead of going based on who has the most votes nationally, we go state by state and award points based off of how many votes you got?

You: You mean like, proportional to the percentage of the vote you get?

Them: Kind of! Except, if you get less than 15 percent of the vote in a given state you get no points, and sometimes we also give the most points to someone because they won the most games of red rover (even though they lost the popular vote)


Them: And in the end if no one has more than 50 percent of the total points, we ignore the results and let a couple hundred heavily biased people argue about it and decide who they want to win.

You: That seems like… a weird way of deciding our president?

Them: No, no, you misunderstand! that’s just to determine who the finalists are! Then the winner from each side tries to score as many points as they can in the general election.

You: Okay, I see, so they get points proportional to how many votes they got again?

Them: Hmm? Oh. No. It’s winner take all for each state, so the margins don’t actually matter.

You: I’m sorry, what?

Them: Oh, and the points aren’t actually proportional to how many people live in each state. So some votes are worth like 4 times more than others.

You: Wouldn’t it be, like, way easier and more fair to just count the popular vote for everything?

Them: You obviously just want it that way because it benefits you.

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berningsensation·a month agoText

I would like to plant the seed of an idea:

What if you, yes you, the person reading this, ran for local office? We need more progressive voices addressing the issues in our individual communities. I know it’s not as flashy as big national things, but this is a way we can make real change happen.

Don’t make a decision right now. Just think about it, see how it sits with you, and pass it on.

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berningsensation·a month agoText


Imagine with me for a moment a society where we made a commitment to taking care of everyone’s basic needs. Government housing akin to college dorms. Free public cafeterias. Free and expanded public transit. Thrift store stipends to reduce waste and ensure everyone has access to adequate clothing. (And tax credits for people who live in rural areas that would have difficulty implementing these practices efficiently).

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