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bingbongwraith·4 months agoAnswer

( Hello! I hope you have been well! I actually am sending an ask because I freaked out a bit when messages didn't work and thought your blog had been deleted. I hope all is well. -basictree )

((Strange, I don’t think I’ve changed any settings that would block messages. But yes, I’m doing quite well! Trying to get some posts in progress, slowly but surely~ And don’t worry, I never delete blogs, only archive them! The only reason this blog would ever be deleted is if Tumblr screwed up somehow, lol. But I reblog all my stuff (eventually) to my art blog ThePlagueRaven, just in case :D

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bingbongwraith·4 months agoAnswer

♥ (BingBongWraith)

Send me a ♥ and I’ll fill out

(Oh! An inquiry from The Wraith? Well I’ve already said I wouldn’t say no, not that I’d ever say no to him in the first place.)

If we kissed?

[] Quickie. 

[] Tongue.

[] Softly bite your lip.

[] We wouldn’t.

[x] Long and meaningful. I think you’re just one of those people who deserve nothing but love and admiration. Any affection on my part is going to be meaningful.

[] Let’s hit up the bedroom.

[] You remember last time?

[] Awkward…

[] Lol no.

Would I go out with you?

[] Yes, definitely.

[] No.

[x] I want to, but it wouldn’t work. On the basis of you being a killer, that’s the only reason I could see a relationship with you not working out. There could be a work around though, you never know.

[] Maybe.

[] Nope, you’re like family.

[] You’re cute, but probably not.

[] Just simply not my type.

[] If I knew you better. 

[] Already did.

[] I don’t know.

If we took a picture together, we’d be…

[] Hugging each other.

[] Just chilling.  

[] Holding hands.

[] Kissing.

[] Acting dumb.

[x] Normal picture. Just on the safe side to not cause any awkwardness between us.

[] You holding me from behind.

You are…

[] Cute/Pretty.

[x] Good looking. You’re aesthetically pleasing as you are now and I have no doubt that you were handsome before the Entity brought you here.

[] Sexy.

[] All of the above

You + me + room = …

[] Movies.

[] Cuddling.

[x] Hanging out. I am sure we could find some things to talk about to pass the time.

[] Kissing.

[] Playing games.

[] Everything.

[] Wouldn’t let you in.

You should…

[x] Hit me up. If you ever see me outside of a trial, I wouldn’t mind too much if you wanted to say “hello”.

[] Be mine.

[] Marry me.

[] Reblog this so I can send you a heart.

[] Be studying

If we got married, I’d…

[] Divorce you.

[] Make kids.

[] Take your money and bounce.

[] Smash every day.

[] I would cheat on you.

[x] Be faithful. This is a given considering my previous comment.

[] Kill you in your sleep

[] We wouldn’t


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bingbongwraith·5 months agoAnswer

❤️ + BingBongWraith


What can I say about Philip that you don’t already know? I think that he has such a kind soul but oh, those few moments where he opens up, now that’s truly beautiful. For me, those moments are like watching a wilting flower come back to life. You know, we are quite alike in a lot of aspects in my opinion. Being aloof just one of them. That, I think lends itself well to our relationship. He’s a bit of a silent type which I don’t mind at all. Too many people nowadays don’t seem to appreciate just sharing another’s presence without the need to speak. I could have moments just sitting under a tree with him forever if I’m being honest. Have I mentioned that Philip gives wonderful hugs? Just one hug from him can turn my whole mood around just like that. I don’t know how to explain it but I can feel all his love channeled into his embrace. He doesn’t even have to say a word and I adore that about him far more than I can articulate. Philip is indeed a special soul. 


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bingbongwraith·7 months agoAnswer

*appears* Its okay bing bong, I get nervous too, even now because I think your really neat and scary in the best possible way! And tall like a majestic tree 🌳🌸✨ *boops mouthless face to his hand* 💋 would you like a hug? It's okay if you don't. Keep being you! (^ ^).🌟


“You think I am neat?”

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bingbongwraith·8 months agoAnswer
*a note left for Wraith* Hey Philip, When trials get rough and the Survivors seem toxic, remember I'm here for you. You me and Max have been here since the start and we've been taking care of each other since then. I may seem a bit... grumpy at times, but know I as well as the others you've got your back. -Evan "Trapper" MacMillan

“Thank you, Evan. I value your support and friendship greatly!”

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