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*shows up at college* excuse me will someone please direct me to the leftist brainwashing class? i’m here for the leftist brainwashing class

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Helloooooooo Lupin fans! You may or may not remember me as that one chick who made that Halloween headcanon post a few months back, as well as the Jigen’s bangs post. I’m back with a Christmas post!!!

Please note: Personally, I really only celebrate Christmas in a non-Jesus-y way. (Which is how I’m also writing this post, because let’s be honest, do you really think Lupin is going to confession and shit? Absolutely not.) It’s purely out of habit because I was raised Catholic, but I practice witchcraft now. My family doesn’t know that though. Because of this, I considered also making posts for other winter holidays, so I could include Lupin fans that don’t celebrate Christmas. But I didn’t want to accidentally mess it up, or write something inaccurate about a holiday that I don’t celebrate. It felt disingenuous to make a Hanukkah post because I’m not Jewish and it doesn’t seem like my place, and I didn’t want to do a Yule one either, because no two people celebrate it the same way. So, I strongly encourage others to add their respective winter festivities to this post if they want to! We’re all about inclusivity here.

Without further ado:


  • I don’t feel like it needs saying, but this man goes bonkers for Christmas.
  • He flip-flops his choice of red or green jacket by the year. But it always comes with an equally garish Christmas-themed tie, just to make explicitly clear that this is The Christmas Jacket for the year, as opposed to the standard red/green jacket.
  • The hideout(s) are always decorated to the GILLS inside. It’s an odd mix of older classy decorations he’s inherited from his family, and absolutely horrendously tacky ones he’s bought himself. 
  • Picture real branch garlands, wrapped tastefully around gilded candelabras that have been passed down through several generations. And then one of those singing, dancing stuffed animals from Walmart that plays “Jingle Bell Rock” when you squeeze its paw, right next to it.
  • Christmas-themed heists? You know it, baby. But he won’t steal anything on Christmas Eve or Christmas. It just isn’t in the spirit of the season, in his opinion. But he’ll leave a little something-something with his calling cards during the rest of December. A candy cane, a sprig of mistletoe, a bough of holly, etc.
  • Lupin despises eggnog. He loves any other Christmas drink, just not eggnog. He’s too grossed out by the idea of drinking eggs with alcohol- some things just shouldn’t be mixed.
  • Will not allow anyone to mention the truth about Santa Claus in his presence. Yeah, he knows, but that’s not the point. It just feels like bad luck to say it out loud. The harder Jigen tries to debate with him that Santa isn’t real, the harder he digs in his heels that “of course he is you absolute Scrooge, how dare you! If you don’t believe, you don’t receive.”
  • Favorite Christmas Songs: Anything peppy! 
    • Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney
    • Step Into Christmas by Elton John
    • Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
    • We Need a Little Christmas by Percy Faith and his Orchestra
    • A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives
    • All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
    • Santa Claus’ Party by Les Baxter
  • Favorite Christmas Drinks: Literally anything except eggnog.
  • Favorite Christmas Foods: Anything obscenely sugary. Especially gingerbread men and other decorated pastries.
  • Favorite Christmas Activities: Loves to ice skate and make gingerbread houses! But his houses usually look fairly pathetic, no matter how hard he tries.
  • Favorite Christmas Movie(s): 
    • The Grinch (Jim Carrey version)
    • Home Alone
    • Scrooged
  • Christmas Gifts: The king of gag gifts, but he also gives surprisingly thoughtful presents too. He’s the kind of guy that would get a person something they mentioned once offhandedly that they really liked, and he’d go back and get it for them.


  • Lupin always wants to decorate the hideout(s) the second Halloween ends, but it never happens. With Jigen being the only American in the gang, he always puts a stop to it in order to preserve the quickly-disappearing border between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • What can I say, dude loves his Thanksgiving excuse to eat like shit and do nothing for a day. Even if it is a fucked-up holiday, historically speaking.
  • But once the Thanksgiving meal is over, he gives Lupin the okay to go crazy. He’s pretty stoked about Christmas too, but too full of turkey to contribute, so he just watches Lupin hang up Christmas lights everywhere while he lays on the couch and digests.
  • Jigen likes Christmas a lot, but like, in a normal person kind of way. Nowhere near Lupin’s insane level. He’s surprisingly open about his enthusiasm too. The average person would think he doesn’t really care about Christmas much (or anything else really), but to the gang, Christmastime is the most openly excited they’ve ever seen him.
  • One year’s Christmas-themed heist involved Jigen dressing up as a mall Santa as a part of the plan. The gang powdered his beard, gave him a pillow for his stomach, and sent him on his way. Everything went surprisingly smoothly, and he actually did pretty well with the kids. At first they were a little intimidated, and Jigen was kind of nervous- but he gave them all candy canes and they changed their minds pretty quickly.
  • Jigen enjoyed it a lot, actually… to the point that he may have potentially started volunteering to be the local mall Santa. Every year during December, he leaves for a day or two on “business.” Nobody in the gang can prove it though, and trust me, they’ve tried.
  • Favorite Christmas Songs: The classics and the chill ones, with a few rock ones thrown in for a little kick.
    • Mele Kalikimaka by Bing Crosby
    • Sleigh Bells by Gene Autry
    • (There’s No Place Like) Home For The Holidays by Perry Como
    • Jingle Bells by Frank Sinatra
    • Caroling, Caroling by Nat King Cole
    • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow by Dean Martin
    • Silver Bells by Dean Martin
    • Happy Holiday by Bing Crosby
    • Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry
    • Merry Christmas Baby by Bruce Springsteen (Sang this once after too much eggnog and will never live it down)
    • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by the Barenaked Ladies (He’s not into all the Jesus-y stuff, but it’s pretty catchy.)
  • Favorite Christmas Drinks: Jigen is ALL. ABOUT. THAT. NOG. He’ll make his cup a little stronger than everyone else’s.
  • Favorite Christmas Foods: He really likes candy canes, especially the mini ones. He’ll keep a few in his pocket with his cigs, and switch between them depending on his mood. Out of habit, it’ll usually dangle out of his mouth like a cigarette would.
  • Favorite Christmas Activities: Watching Christmas movies and laughing at Lupin’s shitty gingerbread houses.
  • Favorite Christmas Movies: 
    • Anything that’s on at the moment, really. He likes to lounge by the TV, and he’s not picky. 
    • He has a soft spot for A Charlie Brown Christmas though.
    • A Christmas Story, solely because of the BB gun.
    • Scrooged, because Bill Murray’s hilarious.
  • Christmas Gifts: Something practical and useful that the person never realized they needed until they opened the box.


  • Goemon wasn’t originally a huge fan of Christmas. Shocking, I know.
  • He now enjoys some aspects of it, and tolerates others. He likes the idea of giving heartfelt gifts and spending time with loved ones as a tradition, but dislikes the cheesy commercial aspect of Christmas.
  • He already enjoys the snow and walking through the forest, so the gang usually commissions him to pick a tree for them and cut it down with Zantetsuken. (If they’re somewhere where that’s an option.)
  • Unbeknownst to the rest of the gang, he will always replant the tree he cut down, and he will wrap something cozy around the bottom of the sapling to keep it safe. Yes, this was directly inspired by A Charlie Brown Christmas. No, he will not admit to this.
  • Favorite Christmas Songs: The instrumentals, and a few he’d rather die than admit to liking.
    • The Nutcracker March from The Nutcracker
    • Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker
    • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker
    • Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental) by the Vince Guaraldi Trio
    • Greensleeves by the Vince Guaraldi Trio
    • Last Christmas by Wham! (He likes the storyline and the romantic aspect of it.)
    • Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Band Aid (He likes that it was for a good cause, even if it has its flaws.)
    • Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Again, flawed, but he enjoys the intended message of peace. Also, represents Japan on the side with Yoko Ono.)
    • White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes
  • Favorite Christmas Drinks: Surprisingly fond of hot cocoa. Heavy on the whipped cream and marshmallows. 
  • Favorite Christmas Foods: Doesn’t really like eating gingerbread men, but enjoys decorating them. They’re always pristine, like something you’d get in a bakery.
  • Favorite Christmas Activities: See above. Also enjoys going out in the snow, and making ice sculptures with Zantetsuken.
  • Favorite Christmas Movies: Refuses to admit he likes any of these.
    • Any of the classic Rankin Bass claymation specials.
    • Any other animated ones for kids. Has a soft spot for A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Polar Express.
    • A few of those cheesy Hallmark ones.
  • Christmas Gifts: Something small and sentimental he saw while walking by a store that reminded him of the person he’s giving it to. Nothing extravagant, but thoughtful nonetheless.


  • Fujiko decorates the tree. Period. Lupin cannot be trusted to do this on his own. Goemon picks the tree, Lupin and Jigen put it in the stand, and from there, it’s all Fujiko. The ornaments, lights, and tree skirt are all perfectly color/theme coordinated, and arranged like a pristine store display. 
  • She also has a few ornaments that she bought for each specific member of the gang. Lupin’s is a monkey (he was not pleased, but he’s whipped for her, so he let her keep it). Jigen’s is a carved wooden pistol. Goemon’s is porcelain, with hand-painted sakura blossoms on it. She bought one for Zenigata too as a joke one year- a tiny bowl of ramen noodles.
  • Her ornament? The star on top of the tree, because she’s the star of the show, baby. It’s actually a snowflake, made of the finest crystal she could steal.
  • Favorite Christmas Songs: Pop music and Motown’s finest.
    • Underneath The Tree by Kelly Clarkson
    • All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
    • Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
    • This Christmas by Donny Hathaway
    • What Christmas Means To Me by Stevie Wonder
    • Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes 
    • Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
    • Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love
    • A Marshmallow World by Darlene Love
    • I Like A Sleighride (Jingle Bells) by Peggy Lee
  • Favorite Christmas Drinks: Hot chocolate and mulled wine.
  • Favorite Christmas Foods: Loves baking and eating gingerbread men. She lets Goemon decorate them with her. Hers have lots of candy and sprinkles on them, while his are just icing.
  • Favorite Christmas Activities: Along with baking, ice skating! She’s the best at it out of the whole group. None of the guys are particularly good at it, but she makes them go with her at least once regardless.
  • Favorite Christmas Movies:
    • Hallmark ones, solely to make fun of them.
    • Babes In Toyland, but only the 1986 one, because it has Keanu Reeves in it, and “I don’t care if I’m your girlfriend, Lupin. In this house, we support Keanu Reeves.”
  • Christmas Gifts: Something expensive/extravagant that will make the person think of her every time they use it.


  • Zenigata is the second biggest Christmas enthusiast, just behind Lupin.
  • He doesn’t get to settle down and decorate anything really, since he’s always running after the gang, but he does lots of other little things to celebrate instead. Like getting hot chocolate instead of coffee, tuning the squad car radio to the Christmas station, getting an air freshener that smells like gingerbread, and wearing a festive scarf and gloves with his trench coat to keep out the cold.
  • In years past, Zenigata still had to work on Christmas Eve/Christmas, even if Lupin wasn’t out stealing anything. Lupin found out and thought that was a little harsh of ICPO, so he came up with a plan. 
  • Each year he sends a calling card to the station with the conditions that only Zenigata can come to investigate. Zenigata does some research, shows up to the location on Christmas Eve, and every year, nothing’s there except for a neatly wrapped present from Lupin. 
  • Zenigata keeps the present as “evidence,” goes back to the station, and they give him Christmas off to go investigate on his own, in case Lupin tries anything else. Lupin never does, but the station doesn’t know that. Bada bing, bada boom, Lupin just got Zenigata a vacation.
  • Zenigata never catches on, bless his heart.
  • Favorite Christmas Songs: Ones he can sing/hum along to in the squad car.
    • The Man With All The Toys by The Beach Boys
    • Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins
    • Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano (Does Zenigata understand Spanish? Absolutely not. Does he get the point and think it’s festive? Darn right.)
    • A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives
    • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer by Dean Martin
    • Winter Wonderland by the Eurythmics
    • Silver Bells by Dean Martin
    • Happy Holiday/The Holiday Season by Andy Williams
    • Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town by Gene Autry
    • December by Earth, Wind, and Fire (Let him have this okay, it’s a good song and he gets made fun of for liking it by the rest of ICPO)
    • Skating by the Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • Favorite Christmas Drinks: Hot cocoa and eggnog, but not strong eggnog like Jigen’s.
  • Favorite Christmas Foods: Anything, really. It’s something besides cup noodles, so he’s grateful. Lupin’s gift always includes lots of various Christmas goodies because of this.
  • Favorite Christmas Activities: Zenigata enjoys the snow in theory, but doesn’t handle the cold well. So he likes to watch the snow from his window while he listens to Christmas music in his squad car and sips his hot cocoa.
  • Favorite Christmas Movies: He doesn’t really have a lot of time to sit down a watch a movie, with how hard he works. But he remembers a few from when he was younger, and he really likes those. His favorite is Frosty the Snowman.
  • Christmas Gifts: Something inexpensive because ICPO vastly underpays this poor man, and he’s always embarrassed because of that, but it’s always something super sweet and heartfelt.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! And for those who don’t celebrate it, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! <3

Playlist here!

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they say that the best blaze burns the brightest when circumstances are at their worst.

2004 | dir. hayao miyazaki.
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When I was little my mom’s meatloaf was my favorite food. But ONLY her meatloaf. I didn’t like anyone else’s, and she told me that she would teach me how to make it when I was older. And when I was like 19? She finally taught me, but she told me never to tell anyone else and I was like weird but okay

Anyway, she was super fucking homophobic and abusive to me when I told her I was gay, so here’s the recipe

  • 4-6 lbs of Hamburger/turkey burger
  • 1 pk onion soup mix OR ranch mix
  • 1 TBs ketchup
  • 1 Tbs spicy brown mustard,
  • 1 Tbs bbq sauce
  • 1 Tbs steak sauce
  • 1 egg
  • mix, shape into a loaf in a big pan, and bake at 350 for 2 hrs (maybe 2 and a half if you’re feeling dangerous)

You can get almost all of these ingredients at the dollar store, and have leftovers if it’s just you. The leftovers make great tacos if (taco seasoning is also like a dollar). Enjoy your revenge loaf

here’s a mashed potato recipe from my homophobic mother that i swore to never share that would pair perfectly!

(6 servings)

-2lbs red potatoes

-1 cup butter (2 sticks)

-1 cup cream cheese (1 pack)

-Chives (optional)

-Salt & Pepper to taste

1. drop those bad boys (potatoes) in a big ol pot. U don’t even have to chop them just wash them

2. boil til soft!

3. Drain

4. Mash (usually they’re small enough you can use a fork if u don’t have one of those squashers) until its a pretty chunky mix

5. add the other stuff. Keep mashing

I like my mashed potato consistancy more lumpy but its all up to you!! Peel the potatoes or keep them on, it literally makes the creamiest fluffiest mashed potatoes which she always served with the nastiest fuckin meatloaf

Now if anybody got some revenge rolls and revenge green bean casserole we’ll get a full meal

Got room for desert? Cus my Grandma was just a generaly evil old hag who was abusive to my mum and my siblings also you guessed it since I came out I was not said hello to at christmas

She made pretty god Dampfnudeln (its like a sweet bread rool you eat hot and with vanilla sauce)

1. Put 300 gram flour into a bowl and make an indent in the middle


  • 20 gram yeast
  • 1 tea sp. Brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp milk 

mix until smooth

3.mix into part of the flour but leave a big flour rim on the outside

4.set 30 gram of Butter on the flour rim and cover everything with a towel

let sit till you see bubbles in the dough

5. add

  •  1/8 liter luke warm milk
  • 30 gram Sugar
  • one pack of vanilla sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs 

and knead the dough until smooth

6. put

  •  1/8 luke warm milk
  • 30 gram of Butter
  • 1 pack of vanilla sugar 

into a heat resistant glass bowl and let melt (the glass bowl is quite important)

7. Form about 12 dough rolls and put them into the milk

8. Cover with a lid (any lid will go it does not need to be sealed air tight)

Let bake in the pre heated oven at 200°C for about 30 minutes or until they start to get brown and fluffy

9. Serve with vanilla sauce or fresh fruit

Behold the Fuck You buffet

Reblogging because revenge IS tasty

And in this case, served hot.

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4” x 6”        (600 pixels x 900 pixels)
5” x 7”        (750 pixels x 1050 pixels)
6” x 6”        (900 pixels x 900 pixels)
8” x 10”      (1200 pixels x 1500 pixels)
8.5” x 11”   (1275 pixels x 1650 pixels)
11” x 14”    (1650 pixels x 2100 pixels)
12” x 12”    (1800 pixels x 1800 pixels)
12” x 16”    (1800 pixels x 2400 pixels)
16” x 20”    (2400 pixels x 3000 pixels)
18” x 24”    (2700 pixels x 3600 pixels)
19” x 13”    (2850 pixels x 1950 pixels)
20” x 24”    (3000 pixels x 3600 pixels)
24” x 24”    (3600 pixels x 3600 pixels)
12” x 36”    (1800 pixels x 5400 pixels)
24” x 36”    (3600 pixels x 5400 pixels)            

These are the sizes for 100DPI, the bare minimum (and industry standard) for decent printing should be 300. Not entirely sure what OP was thinking but here is the above sizes at 300DPI:

4” x 6”        (1200 pixels x 1800 pixels)
5” x 7”        (1500 pixels x 2100 pixels)
6” x 6”        (1800 pixels x 1800 pixels)
8” x 10”      (2400 pixels x 3000 pixels)
8.5” x 11”   (2550 pixels x 3300 pixels)
11” x 14”    (3300 pixels x 4200 pixels)
12” x 12”    (3600 pixels x 3600 pixels)
12” x 16”    (3600 pixels x 4800 pixels)
16” x 20”    (4800 pixels x 6000 pixels)
18” x 24”    (5400 pixels x 7200 pixels)
19” x 13”    (5700 pixels x 3900 pixels)
20” x 24”    (6000 pixels x 7200 pixels)
24” x 24”    (7200 pixels x 7200 pixels)
12” x 36”    (3600 pixels x 10800 pixels)
24” x 36”    (7200 pixels x 10800 pixels)

Simple, but important!

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Keanu Reeves in Babes in Toyland (1986) dir. Clive Donner

oh no

now I HAVE to watch this, no matter how bad it is

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i want to have sharp canines so you get a little surprise if you see me yawn

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I love not know who 95% of celebrities are. every day someone new is trending and I go “I don’t know who the FUCK this is” and move on. I love that

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Days of the Week - Correspondants🌙


In Roman culture, Sunday was the day of the sun God. In paganism, the sun was seen as the source of life, which was popular with the Romans when they were preying. Sunday is therefore linked with the colours yellow and gold. The name originates with the sun due to Hellenistic astrology, where the seven planets including Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Moon each had an hour of the day. Furthermore, the planet which was associated with each hour of the day was given a day of the week, which became apparent in the 1st-2nd century in Rome and Egypt. Sunday is also linked to deities associated with the sun, such as Helios and Ra. Based on this information, Sunday is associated with success, material wealth, fame, personal growth and healing.


Monday is associated with the lunar deities such as Khonsu (Egypt) and Artemis (Greek). In religions such as Islam, Monday is one of the two days of fasting, the other being Thursday. Culturally, Monday is depicted as a day of depression, anxiety and melancholy as it marks the beginning of the working week. Therefore, Monday is depicted as a quiet day, which would correspond to elements of self-care, rejuvenation and cleansing. I’d also associate Monday to be a day to do spells associated with attracting wealth, abundance and luck within the career, due to it being the start of the typical 5-day working week.


Tuesday is known as the day of Mars. The name originates from Tyr, a God from old Norse mythology who loses his arm to Fenrir. He was associated with being the god of War and being the Lawgiver of the gods. In Japanese and Korean, Tuesday translates to ‘Mars day’. In Greek and Spanish-speaking countries, some people believe Tuesday to be unlucky due to Tyr being associated with war and death. Therefore, rather than having Friday the 13th being unlucky, the 13th of the month falling on a Tuesday in certain places would be classed as unlucky. Therefore, the correspondents I feel that are associated with Tuesday are protection, warding, building mind and body strength, confidence, victory and aggression.


Wednesday reflects the Germanic god Wōden (‘Odin’), and is associated with the planet/ god Mercury. Mercury and Wōden were associated together as both were the guides of souls after death. In Ancient Greece, Hermes was also associated with Wednesday, as he was a conductor of the dead for Hades. In the story of creation, the Sun and the Moon were both created on the “fourth day”, which is known as Wednesday. Wednesday is associated with intelligence, fortune, chance, creativity, wisdom, study, knowledge, communication and calming.


Thursday is derived from the old Norse god Thor, known as the God of thunder. The Roman god Jupiter was also associated with Thursdays, as both Thor and Jupiter were gods of the sky and thunder. Jupiter was also king of the gods. In Buddhism, especially in Thailand, Thursday is known as ‘teacher’s day’ where education should begin on a Thursday. Thursdays are typically associated with abundance, grounding, health, wealth, authority, justice, anger and fortune


Friday is linked to the Roman goddess Venus, who encompasses love, sex, desire, fertility and victory. Furthermore, Friday is also linked to the Germanic goddess Frigg, or Freyja based on the translation from some Slavic countries. Frigg was the goddess of fertility and motherhood, whilst Freyja was associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, gold and war. Folklore depicts Friday as an unlucky day, yet some believe it is a day of good fortune and prosperity due to people sowing seeds on Fridays - it resembles the life that comes after death similarly to how Jesus was resurrected from the tomb after his crucifixion. This day is therefore associated with all forms of love, fertility, beauty, glamour, romance, sex, sexuality, divination, wisdom and youth.


Saturday was known as Saturn’s day. There is no Norse god associated with Saturday due to the replacement of the eight day cycle with the seven day week. Saturdays in the Eastern Orthodox are dedicated to worshipping Theotokos, which refers to Mary being the ‘god-bearer.’ Prayers of the dead are usually associated with this day as a remembrance to the rising of Jesus. In Scandinavian countries, Saturday is called Lördag, which is derived from the Viking word for bath - Vikings would typically bathe on Saturdays. In some Islamic countries, Saturday marks the start of the week, whereas in others it marks the end. Therefore, Saturday could correspond to necromancy, divination, death, exorcism, spirituality, endings, self-discipline, freedom, banishing, hexing, protection, binding and loss

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