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ieva ; 22yo ; previously @birdkostudies ; graduated from biochem bsc in 2018, 2nd yr masters in pharmaceutical technology, intern cosmetic formulator. stay tuned for #skincaresundays | send me your skincare questions!

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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

birdkoskincare2 days agoAnswer
i'm drinking caffeinated coffee with sugar right before bed. other than that i'm pretty good. ~ anon in denial bc of glossier 馃槉

some people actually get sleepy with caffeinated coffee [side eyes my father] and for your sake i hope that鈥檚 your case, because if it were me drinking caffeine and sugar even early in the afternoon goodness knows i鈥檇 be tossing and turning for ages before i sleep! then again, i really cannot handle coffee anymore, so…

i鈥檓 glad to hear you鈥檙e otherwise good, though!聽馃挄

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birdkoskincare3 days agoAnswer
hello. i came here to complain that glossier does not deliver to where i live. anyway you're amazing and how's your day? 馃檪馃檭

tbh it doesn鈥檛 deliver here either and i still went and got it through a mail forwarding service and honestly? not that glossier stuff is bad, but it probably really wasn鈥檛 worth the trouble so don鈥檛 be like me :鈥)

so far it鈥檚 been fine! i finally did a yoga routine this afternoon which left me feeling wonderful, now i鈥檝e made myself a big mug of earl grey and a snack and i鈥檓 sat down trying to psych myself up to start writing my thesis report, eek! i鈥檝e been putting that off for way too long and i promised myself i鈥檇 at least get started today. and yours, dear?

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birdkoskincare3 days agoText


let鈥檚 settle this shit but do NOT reblog if you鈥檙e gonna be modest about it like a little BITCH. anyway privilege check tell me which ones apply to you: hot, funny, can dance, can do math, can spell, can drive, can cook

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birdkoskincare3 days agoAnswer
my doctor recommended i start taking biotin once everyday because i have severe hairfall and hair thinning, and ive been taking it for two weeks now and im noticing my skin is starting to clear out a bit. could it be because of the meds ik that biotin is good for hair and nails but i didnt know it clears your skin?

hey dear! there鈥檚 no clear research that points towards biotin clearing your skin. rather, it鈥檚 reported that taking too much biotin could trigger cystic acne. your skin clearing up could have to do more with other changes in your life: lifestyle habits, eating habits, sleeping patterns, hormonal fluctuations, etc. and since you mention meds, depending on what they are, they may be a lot more likely to be responsible for that change than your biotin supplements. either way, i鈥檓 happy for you!

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birdkoskincare3 days agoAnswer
I had the Ordinary Vitamin C suspension 23% and like other TO products, it had no smell, but the second it touched my skin, it made my hands smell metallic and generally very bad, and the smell didn't wash off, so I threw it away. Do all Vitamin C serums do that? Do you have recommendations for Vit C products that dont smell like trash or any other products that can brighten acne scars?

hey! that鈥檚 a very well known and unfortunate property of ascorbic acid. to me it smells like metal, to some it smells like pennies, meat or hot dog water. it鈥檚 hard to pinpoint the cause of the smell (ascorbic acid is scentless, and it puzzles even derms and formulators), but i鈥檝e grown accustomed to it and don鈥檛 care one way or another. the results i get from vitamin C are by far worth it. however, some brands attempt to cover it with heaps of fragrance, which is hardly a better alternative, especially since vitamin C in high concentrations is already skin-sensitizing; you don鈥檛 want to add to that. this was the approach that primark鈥檚 P.S.-line brightening vitamin C took, though i must say the product was very efficient and affordable and i never caught a whiff of eau de hot dog underneath all the annoyingly fake citrusy scent. if that鈥檚 something you can overlook, you could try it, though i have no idea if it鈥檚 still being sold (it鈥檚 been ages since i last set foot in a primark).

overall, though, the products some people declare are bad-scent-free may still interact with your particular skin chemistry and cause that smell for you. it鈥檚 just very common, and hard to avoid. i suggest making your peace with it, because it鈥檚 hard to rival vitamin C for its anti-hyperpigmentation properties, but if you absolutely cannot abide it, you can try to add to your routine other actives with the same properties 鈥 check my post here on acne scars.

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birdkoskincare3 days agoAnswer
48. .. from a painting ? [to clarify: post a painting/art of someone wearing clothing you would wear]

not going to lie, this made me realise how many of my favourite paintings鈥 subjects are clad in little more than artfully draped bedsheets. of course, with one obvious exception: the icon, the scandal, the madame herself…

fun beauty fact for you guys: virginie gautreau, the beauty in the portrait, was renowned for taking her paleness to new heights by powdering her skin with violet-tinted powder. a girl after my own heart!

what would i wear to…? ask me!

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birdkoskincare3 days agoText


pt. i

( please answer with images ONLY ! )

  1. .. to gather flowers alone in the meadow ?聽
  2. .. to a sweltering outdoor concert ?
  3. .. to a caf茅 date ?聽
  4. .. to a st. valentine鈥檚 day dance ?
  5. .. to a barefoot, springtime revel with friends ?
  6. .. to a pristine, secluded lake in the mountains ?
  7. .. to the creepy, abandoned聽lighthouse聽?
  8. .. if you lived in a fairy tale ?
  9. .. if you lived in your favourite film or television show ?聽
  10. .. if you lived in your favourite book ?聽
  11. .. if you were in a music video for your favourite song ?
  12. .. to emerge from the sea ?聽
  13. .. to emerge from a curtain of crystal clear waterfalls ?
  14. .. to nap on the mossy bank of a river in summer ?
  15. .. to explore an abandoned manor with friends ?聽
  16. .. in the particular colours of your hogwarts house ?
  17. .. to the louvre ?
  18. .. into space ?
  19. .. to the forest wedding of a friend ?聽
  20. .. to peruse the spring flower market ?
  21. .. to the beach bonfire ?
  22. .. to relax by the hotel pool ?
  23. .. to your grandmother鈥檚 garden party ?
  24. .. that your parents/family would dislike ?
  25. .. to explore portofino with your love ?
  26. .. to an underground club ?
  27. .. to the premiere of an art film ?
  28. .. to the book club meeting that convenes in the solarium ?
  29. .. on holiday in the country with friends ?
  30. .. to slip lasily down the river in a small boat, your hand trailing the sun-bright water ?
  31. .. to the ball you were invited to via a cryptic invite stamped with a red wax seal ?
  32. .. to roam the yawning corridors of the castle at night, candelabra in hand, trying like the devil to keep your heart from beating out of your chest ?
  33. .. to investigate strange goings-on in the catacombs beneath the city ?
  34. .. to tend your cottage鈥檚 modest garden ?聽
  35. .. with a sword in hand ?
  36. .. with a cup of tea in hand ?
  37. ..聽with a cleansing face mask ?
  38. .. to collapse on the moors ?
  39. .. to do an interview regarding your recent cinematic debut in a modern retelling of a shakespeare work ?
  40. .. to tour the margate shell grotto ?
  41. .. to exemplify your current mood ?
  42. .. to rob a bank with your clique ?
  43. .. to attend a contentious family gathering ?
  44. .. to feel sacred/untouchable ?
  45. .. to feel magical ?
  46. .. to hike the picturesque cliffs overlooking the crashing sea ?
  47. .. to collect shells on the seashore with your younger family members ?
  48. .. from a painting ? [to clarify: post a painting/art of someone wearing clothing you would wear]
  49. .. to a聽s茅ance ?
  50. .. when wandering through a hedge maze, looking for an escape, but only finding more and more floral curiosities ?
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birdkoskincare4 days agoText


do not confuse the lack of foot traffic outside for cleaning the environment. big oil companies dumping oil in the ocean and large industries polluting greenhouse gases are what is hurting the planet.聽

animals going into the city is just entropy, it is less noisy or they have become dependent on human food or they are foraging. that is just normal. not a sign that mother nature is healing. just shut up.聽

people aren鈥檛 the problem, capitalism is what is causing global warming and climate change. we need to stop massive waste and large scale pollution.聽

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