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bisexualcatastrophy20 days agoText


she keeps fucking Attacka me with her stick


gsheps are the most dangerous kind of dog because they use Weaponry (run past you with tree branch in mouth and whack you in the knees with it)

Don’t forget when they use their god damn head and just run straight into your fucking kneecaps. I had bruises for weeks.

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bisexualcatastrophya month agoText

Hmm, so this is a long shot but I thought maybe I’d put out an offer that some people might be interested in. So everytime I go onto the room trades, I send out some rare pokemon (shinies and legendaries) and all I receive is commons so I thought since I can host rooms, that maybe I’d set something up.

If anyone would be interested in doing a shiny/legendary/mythical trade room let me know. Basically we’d all put up something along those lines and then it’s the luck of the draw to see what we get.

I would have it turned on so we can see what others are offering to make sure nobody is screwing everyone else over as well.

Just let me know if this would interest anyone.

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bisexualcatastrophya month agoText

If anyone is looking for a Zeraora, I have an extra one.

I’m currently looking for the following mythicals as shinies:

  • Arceus
  • Manaphy
  • Shaymin
  • Darkrai
  • Meltan
  • Melmetal
  • Meloetta
  • Hoopa
  • Volcanion
  • Genesect
  • Diance
  • Victini
  • Magearna
  • Marshadow

I’m also willing to trade the Zeraora for masterballs, so hit me up if you want to trade!

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bisexualcatastrophya month agoText



I have a meloetta that I can trade you on Swsh.

I need poipole, naganadel, stakataka, blacephalon, zeraora, meltan, or melmetal

Lemme know if you can supply any of those :) DMs are also open


I’m looking for a Meloetta.

Please, if someone has an extra one on USUM or something, I would really appreciate a trade.

I can get you any legendary, any shiny (within reason), and I have an extra Jirachi.

(I am willing to trade multiple things for just the Meloetta)

Please. I am begging for her. She is the last pokemon I need for my national dex.


Hi! I have a poipole in my USUM right now if you’d be okay trading the Meloetta for it. The only thing is that Meloetta can’t go into SwSh yet, so the trade would have to be done over USUM since mythicals can’t be traded through home

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bisexualcatastrophy2 months agoAnswer
I checked my Ultra Sun boxes, and I have a spare Manaphy, Diance, and Hoopa. Do you happen to have a Stakataka in return, because that's the only Sun and Moon pokemon i'm missing for a complete pokedex

Hi! If you give me a few days I’d be more than happy to get you one! I’d be interested in all three Pokemon, so anything else I can get you please tell me because this would help me out more than you’ll ever know.

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bisexualcatastrophy2 months agoText



Hey! You just caught a pokemon! What could it be??

Everyone who reblogs this will get a random pokemon based off their blog and url! I鈥檒l also provide a detailed analysis of why you and the pokemon go together.

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bisexualcatastrophy2 months agoText

Alright, so with all the help I’ve been receiving and giving out I’ve decided to take it upon myself to help even more people.

I have a lot of time on my hands that I just spend playing Pokekon because it’s my favorite video game and always will be. The thing is, every game has version exclusives and I’ve already spent full days helping other people complete their Galarian pokedex so I thought this might help more people get to that step.

What I’m offering:

  • Legendary exclusives
  • Version exclusives
  • Shiny pokemon
  • Perfect IV pokemon
  • Mythicals

Which games do I have?

  • Soul Silver/Heartgold
  • Pearl/Platinum/Diamond
  • X/Y
  • Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
  • Black/White
  • Black2/White2
  • Moon
  • Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
  • Let’s go Eevee
  • Sword/Shield

How do you go about trading?

You can message me, comment or reblog with what you’re looking for and I will get into contact with you.

Note that I do not have every mythical. When it comes to mythicals they are very limited (first come first serve)

If you’re interested, please have a bit of patience. As a lot of people are looking for either Zacian or Zamazenta, it’s required that I restart the game to get the legendary wolf for each person. Typically it takes me about 15 hours to get each one.

I am still looking for the current mythicals for my personal collection:

  • Manaphy
  • Phione
  • Diance
  • Hoopa
  • Meloetta
  • Magearna

I do not require these pokemon to trade

The point of this post is to help people because it makes me feel better. If you’re looking for a Zacian and are worried about not having a Manaphy in return, have no fear! I will accept a range of different things!

Currently I’m working on a trello for any people who are waiting on trades from me. Following post will have the link in case anyone wants to see where I’m at!

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bisexualcatastrophy2 months agoText

Almost have them all!

Still looking for a few pokemon to complete my pokedex.

I need a Melmetal, Diance, Mew, Meloetta and Hoopa still.

I am currently offering a Zacian or Zamazenta (with their respective weapons) for a Mew or Melmetal.

As for the other three I was hoping someone has them in a poke bank because Pokemon Home doesn’t allow people to trade mythicals aaaand apparently to trade amongst friends, you have to be local.

I have every other legendary from any games and I’m willing to get masterballs in exchange for one of the mythicals.

I do have an extra Victini and an extra Shaymin up for trade if and when they’re allowed into Sword and Shield incase someone wanted to wait for an exchange.

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bisexualcatastrophy2 months agoAudio







the mashup you didnt need.

It took me two days to find this again and I鈥檓 never letting go

ohmy god. its the smash mouth fugue i鈥檝e been looking for it for so long GOD DAMNIT IT鈥橲 HERE AND IT鈥橲 BEAUTIFUL

absolute ogreload.

don鈥檛 stop coming and they don鈥檛 stop coming

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bisexualcatastrophy2 months agoText

This may be my favorite pokemon game and my collection of children may be the reason why.

The mincinno is named Violet and she is the first shiny pokemon I have ever found during a random encounter. I got her on December 12th and managed to give her Pokerus.

My Gyarados was the second shiny and I got him from the Magikarp max raids event. I named him Markiplier and I caught him on January 2nd.

The Charizard I actually got from a surprise trade and I can promise you that I was extremely surprised when he showed up. He’s a gigantimax charizard and was level 100 when he came to me on January 31st.

Next come Kat and George (one isn’t pictured) my Mimikyus. They were both hatched on February 4th and within 100 eggs to get them. I had just gotten George and decided to hatch the rest of my eggs when Kat came out of nowhere as a double surprise.

Last is the Dreepy, named Ethan. He was the 156th egg to hatch today (February 5th).

I was extremely lucky to get my babies so quickly and I need to thank whoever sent me the Charizard, and also everyone who helped me complete my pokedex.

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bisexualcatastrophy2 months agoPhoto




Check history, this is literally what the Nazis did!

anyone with a 鈥榯rump 2020鈥 campaign flag/poster/ecc is openly saying 鈥榶es im okay with all of that even if im not actively supporting it im going to excuse that as acceptable鈥

and honestly what can you say about someone who sees all of that as acceptable?

Anyone saying 鈥渕y Democratic candidate or bust鈥 is on the side of fascism.

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