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This is some “Ben Barnes as The Darkling” level of perfect casting.
Logan Lerman as Percy will always have a special place in my heart, but our new Percy is JUST AS PERFECT.
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bitches be like “this was my favourite book series as a child and here I am many years later unable to move on”.
It’s me. I’m bitches.
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True LOVE. Pocket Casts.
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Seen in my school’s bathroom
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‘boy i sure wish i was asleep,’ i whisper, clicking Next Chapter fourteen fucking times
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Fight or flight response activated lmao
uUHuUUUuUHhbhH *sm a c k*
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Current mood: Jim Hopper anytime anyone opens their mouth
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hopper bending down to talk to joyce (◕ᴗ◕)
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Why lava? Cuz we know a lot about podcasts but in Pocket Casts we have no clue about backgrounds.
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Armin finding out that Mikasa and Eren would’ve ran away together and left him alone to fend for himself
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bitch-stole-my-nutella-again · 11 months ago
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Imagine learning the breath of water and not being able to swim.
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Chapter 13:
Tumblr media
Rating: T Pairing: Nalu FF.Net || AO3
Note: Consider this chapter the ending to 'ACT ONE' of this story. Hopefully the plot will pick up in the chapters to follow!
[Ch: 1] ||| [Prev] | [Next] - to be updated
Tension filled the room. Once used as a counsel chamber during the days the Fortress was in its prime; Now, with its one entrance and dark walls, it was used for quiet discussion and planning. Sometimes with a group of clan members, others with a smaller crowd. Today it was Makarov, Erza and Laxus, staring pensively at one another. No words were spoken as they quietly mused over current events: a complete standstill. The air was thick and musty from half a year of stagnation and light poured in through cracks in the ceiling. It illuminated their faces just enough, but the dark shade of the room matched the quiet that warred between them.
Laxus was irritated. His body thrummed with energy pushing against his skin, begging to be released. He’d been this way for days. As if everything inside him screamed something was coming, but he had no sense towards the origin. No, that wasn’t accurate. He had a source, but no way to combat it. Had he been lied to? Laxus’ run in with Jose had riled him in ways he couldn’t express in words. He had sensed lies aplenty from that foul man’s lips many times before.
His newest claims, however, were met with no lie. Nothing outright. A hidden subtlety, to be sure, but nothing bald faced and obvious. The girl had spoken no lie either. He’d listened in to a few of her chats with her many visitors over the last four days and not once did she sound the trickster Jose claimed her to be.
It was a complication. Laxus was missing something, and he didn’t like missing pieces to this puzzle he’d been given. Growling, he looked between his Grandfather and Erza, sighing. “Are we going to keep staring each other down or was there a point to this meeting, old man?”
Erza stiffened, eyes flashing, “Related or not, you should show more respect to our Chief!”
“I’m not in the mood to hear you bootlick-”
“Enough!” Makarov barked, interrupting them before their argument could start. “I’ll have no arguments between the three of us, especially not over something as petty as you two insulting each other!”
Like chastised children, the two closed their mouths, glowering fiercely at the other. Rubbing his temples, Makarov groaned and closed his eyes, willing an oncoming headache to pass him by. It wouldn’t, but he could always hope. Once the silence was just starting to settle between them again, Makarov cleared his throat and fixed them both with a tired stare.
“It’s been four days and no further sign of those men who came after us. Either they’re biding their time, or they don’t give a lick what happens to their shadow Friend.” Erza and Laxus already knew this, as both of them had kept watch over Kage since they’d returned and had taken part in patrols. Their frustration was understandable, but the true source of discord was not outside their walls.
“I can’t justify keeping Lucy locked up for much longer.” Makarov stated, letting the words sink in. Erza and Laxus’ reactions were in unison for once, bodies tensing as they protested.
“- but we still have no proof that she’s innocent!” Erza’s voice wavered, uncertainty dancing in her eyes, “I appreciate her power and her situation, but can we really take that risk?”
“Why did you even bother keeping her? She’s a liability.” Laxus was much harsher, but he felt the same as Erza. They had no answers, nothing to add to either side. “We shouldn’t be soft on a potential danger just because she’s feeling a little lonely.”
The headache was stabbing nails into his forehead now. Makarov furrowed his brow and banged the table for their attention. “You two are the ones I go to for most decisions. My strongest warriors, but neither one of you have given this girl the chance she deserves: I have.” He raised a hand when Erza tried to intervene, closing her mouth instantly, “Are we so cowardly that we treat someone who has done us no harm like a villain? Erza, you told me how she protected your Caravan and saved Natsu. You detailed her stay in your wagon. Did she threaten you that much?”
Solemn, Erza looked to the wall and frowned, “No. She didn’t,” She bit her lip, and refused to meet Makarov’s gaze again. “She seemed … like a good person.”
He turned his gaze to Laxus, “And you,” his grandson made no move to break their joined stares, stubbornly digging his heels in. Makarov expected nothing else from Laxus, it ran in the family after all. “She is not the first supposed danger to enter our home, is she? If I recall, the last one was invited in by you, was he not? And tell me, has Freed done anything to break your trust yet?”
“- You’re comparing apples and oranges, old man.” Laxus grumbled, refusing to back down, but his gaze finally moved to stare at a line on the table, just beneath Makarov’s hand. “I had seen what Freed was capable of and knew for certain he wouldn’t turn that on me or the others. I know nothing of this girl.”
“Well then!” Makarov clapped his hands together, smirking, “That settles it!” Pointing to Laxus, “You are to get to know her then. How can you make a proper decision otherwise?”
Startled, Laxus balked, no words escaping as Erza gaped in stunned silence. It would have been amusing in any other circumstance.
Rallying, Laxus grumbled his concession, now refusing to look Makarov in the eye. “Fine, I guess I can spare a little time to talk with her through that little window-”
“Like hell you will!”
The three jolted from their seats as the entry doors slammed open, bouncing off the walls in an echo that threatened to burst the eardrums of everyone in the vicinity. Natu lowered his leg, satisfied at the force of his kick, but his expression changed to unbridled fury a second later. Behind him, Mirajane, Gray, Cana and Wendy stood with matching frowns. A sound of shuffling down the hall sounded as if others were standing by, listening in and the frantic whisper of Romeo came after their ears stopped ringing. ‘I thought we were supposed to be waiting- ah, Dad, stop holding me back, I wanna see!’
“What are all of you doing here?” Erza demanded, hand slipping from her sword as she calmed herself, “This was supposed to be a private discussion between-”
“Private my ass,” Natsu snarled, “You’re talking about Lucy as if YOU all get a say about her when ya’ don’t!”
Erza’s eyes darkened and she took a step forward, “You want to repeat that, Natsu?”
He didn’t have to, Mirajane stood beside him, hands on her hips as she stared Erza down. “He’s right! And what happened to having me in these discussions, I’m ashamed of all three of you!” She looked at Makarov, voice growling, “Yes, even you!”
“We’re the ones who spent all that time with Lucy, we should get just as much a say as you all do.” Gray shoved Natsu to the side to stand forward, jaw set as his teeth grinded together.
“Besides,” Cana drawled , twirling one of her many cards between her fingers, “None of you even thought to ask for my say and I have an intuition on these sorts of things you know!”
Building up to a cacophonous chorus, Makarov’s headache pounded with every new voice that joined in and the old chief palmed his face with every ounce of exhaustion he felt. “... how long have you all been listening in?”
A stomp of Natsu’s foot sent Gray stumbling back behind him as he boasted, loudly ignoring the obvious signs of Makarov’s discomfort. “The entire time! Took ya’ long enough to start saying stuff, it was getting boring.”
Makarov groaned, but Natsu continued, grunting as Gray elbowed him to move further in. “- but then you all started talking a lot of bull so here we are.”
“That’s funny coming from you,” Laxus snorted, irritation sizzled in his eyes, but the curve of his lips revealed his amusement, “Usually everything that comes out of your mouth is bull.”
Lips curling into a snarl, Natsu stepped forward, eyes gleaming as magic sizzled across his skin, “The only bull I’m hearing and smelling is coming from you right now you son of a-”
“Natsu, Laxus, that’s enough!” Makarov barked through his hands, wondering how many times he would have to stop a fight before it began that day. Ignoring the insisting pounding in his head, he looked to the crowd, smushed in the doorway and chuckled derisively. “I suppose you all made your decision on the subject together did you?”
“That sums it up.” Cana answered, rolling her eyes as Natsu tried to speak again, a swift hand over his mouth silenced him fast and she smirked. “Listen, we were all there when she joined us. We all saw how she started to open up and we all enjoyed our time with her. You think we’d just sit back and let you three decide her fate when she can speak for herself and we can vouch for her? Not a chance.”
“Yes, that’s right.” Mirajane confirmed, murmurs of ascent followed all down the hall.
“Well,” He turned his gaze to Erza and Laxus, mustache twitching as he held back his mix of exasperation and amusement, “There you both have it. Are you going to claim you know more than they do?”
Erza looked to Laxus and Laxus looked to Erza. Simultaneously they looked to the group behind them, eyes locking with the majority of stern gazes that waited in angered silence. It was deafening in it’s heaviness, weighing over them as if the very stone above their heads had pressed against their shoulders.
“Tch,” Laxus scoffed, eyes shutting as he waved them off, “Do what you want.”
Indecision warred in Erza’s eyes. A strong need to protect her family and her want to see the good in others pulled at her, until she looked to Natsu and Gray. Both Roma’s were still subtly shoving at each other, attempting to stand in front of the other, but far too attuned to Erza’s decision to truly argue as most witnessed daily. Thinking back towards the sick girl, locked away from them all, her heart melted and she nodded.
“... we should be careful.” She began, but dared them to argue before she finished, “- but Lucy shouldn’t be shut away over things beyond her control. I’ll reserve judgment.”
The resounding symphony of shouts and whoops echoed through the broken fortress and forced Makarov to cover his ears, shouting with them to stop bursting his ears open.
It had been oddly quiet that day. Lucy sat by the window, watching the members of the clan walk by on their daily errands. Fisherman voices echoed from the beach and the salty air soothed her, but it wasn’t enough to distract from the anxious voice whispering in her head. Where was everyone? Not a single familiar face had walked by or even came to visit her. Most unusual. The days that had passed since her incarceration had been full of people jumping into her window to chat, give snacks and keep her company for longer periods at a time. It was enough to exhaust her, sending her to sleep early to recharge from the constant pressure of putting a smile on her face.
It was difficult to act as if she wasn’t worried and feeling the pains of isolation, but with no visitor to keep her thoughts from running wild, the apprehension rose into her throat and made it hard to think. Why was no one visiting? Had she missed something?
“... are they bored of me?” Lucy feared the answer. The welcoming party felt like a distant memory in the bowels of this solitude and Lucy chewed her lip raw considering all the possibilities her imagination could come up with.
Not a single one made her feel better.
She drummed her fingers on the stone of the window, hummed a little ditty she heard a passing child belting loudly that morning, and spared a glance left and right down the road in hopes of seeing something that would allay her worries. Nothing. Were they all out? Has something happened? Were they in trouble? Was she in trouble? Too many thoughts. Too many questions. Shut up. Stop thinking.
Lucy wasn’t aware of the morning meeting. Had no idea of the amount of people who shuffled themselves into the decaying walls to argue for her. Her anxiety and worry over the changes from one day to the next occupied her until the afternoon, when that same crowd shoved themselves down the hall of her prison, Natsu leading the way.
She could have done without the door bursting open and falling off his hinges from Natsu’s vigor, but that was a moment of panic that turned to delight quickly. Lucy was free, and her smile was as wide as those who walked her out the doors and into the sunlight. Wendy skipped beside her, tsk’ing and tutting over Lucy’s leg as they went while Cana and the others followed behind with repeated accounts of how they barged in on the meeting and wouldn’t take no for an answer.
The fact Laxus and Erza conceded was thrilling enough, but Lucy could hardly keep the stories straight. “I’m sorry, was this before or after Natsu called Laxus a raging, no brained bull?”
“He never said that!” Gray groused, “He’s just trying to sound impressive. He was actually quaking in his boots.”
“Shut up, Gray,” Natsu snapped, “I was not!”
“Close enough to be.”
On and on the retelling went, until Lucy wasn’t sure what was truth or fiction, but that didn’t matter. She was let loose, and had the opportunity to explore the village at her leisure, just as she had done in the small caravan at the start. It was a relief, so much so her eyes prickled in tears that caused a panic in the masses. Mirajane pulled her into a smothering hug, sniffling right along with her and Natsu shifted from side to side, as if all his bustling energy was fighting to escape, all while he looked for ways to calm her down.
“Now, it’s not much,” Mirajane told her as they stopped for a short break, some of the others finally breaking away to go about their ignored duties, “but we all set up one of the abandoned huts for you before we decided to storm in on the Chief. It’s a little bare, but we made sure it has everything you’ll need for privacy, but that’s not the best part!”
“... what’s the best part?” Lucy asked, leaning heavily on her cane while her leg throbbed in a constant reminder to her need to rest. Natsu’s earlier pout returned, but rather than answer himself, Cana and Mirajane continued.
“Well, you see,” Cana drawled, mischief in her eyes, “While we didn’t have much of a choice in where you slept at the caravan because Natsu was watching you, we all can watch you here. So you don’t have to share space with that idiot anymore.”
“Oi, I wasn’t that bad-”
“And we felt you would be more comfortable around us girls,” Mirajane continued, “So we set it all up near the girls quarter of the village. It’s not too far from here, and it’s still close enough for you to see everyone, not just us ladies.”
“ - but we’ll be in screaming distance if anyone tries to do anything funny.” Cana laughed, ignoring the way Natsu growled at the claim.
“I don’t think anyone here would attempt anything,” Lucy said, cheeks flushed at Cana’s implications, “Besides, I think you’re all forgetting that I was alone with Natsu for nearly a week after that landslide. If he was going to try something, he would have already.”
“Oh hoo, now isn’t that interesting~” Cana whistled, wiggling her brows before dancing away from Natsu’s halfhearted swiping. “All the same, us girls stick together, so I won't be far if you need anything!”
“Why’s everyone trying to pick a fight with me today?” Natsu grouched, arms crossed while he hovered next to Lucy. Wendy, still watching Lucy’s leg, giggled into her head.
“I think you make it too easy for them.” She said before glancing at Lucy’s face and frowning, “we should get you into the hut soon so you can rest a little. I- well, I wanted to help give you a proper tour to meet more of us tomorrow, if you’re up to it?”
Lucy’s relieved smile was all the answer they needed, nodding her head vigorously. “I’d like that. More members from your smaller groups have been coming in all week, right?”
“That’s right.” Mirajane agreed, stopping their trek in front of a very small, unassuming hut. Lucy almost missed it as it was tucked away before a few trees and a larger hut just in front of it. “I set the bed up for you and everything, but this is where I leave you.” she paused and cast an exasperated gaze to the larger building, “I’ll be right here but I….” She sighed and nervously twirled her hair, “I think it’s time I finally had a talk with my partner.”
Lucy puzzled over these words for only a few seconds before her jaw dropped, “Wait, you gave me a place to stay right by your place? With.. with that- the one that BEAR also lives in?”
The remaining three gawked at Lucy with stunned expressions.
“That… bear?” Natsu and Wendy repeated, glancing at each other before they fell into peels of laughter.
Mirajane covered her mouth while her shoulders shook, “I’m- I’m sorry Lucy, I know he can be intimidating, but it’ll be easier for me to keep an eye on you this way, but don’t you worry, he won’t do anything. He’s already agreed to give you a chance after all.”
“A BEAR!” Natsu gasped, wheezing as he chortled. Lucy looked between him and Wendy wiping tears from her eyes and flushed as bright as a sunset.
“L-look, that, that’s just what he reminded me of, you don’t have to make a big deal of it!”
“I don’t think I can ever see him as something else now,” Wendy muttered, voice squeaking from barely controlled giggles. Mirajane chuckled but kept her gaze on Lucy, reaching out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Don’t worry about anything. None of us are going to let anything happen to you.” She assured, before escaping through the flap of her door. Lucy didn’t doubt her. Not for a second, but that did nothing to ease the nerves rumbling in her stomach. Nor did it stop Natsu and Wendy from gasping for air as they laughed.
With more disjointed giggles, Wendy ushered Lucy into the small hut, and Natsu followed after, keeping his eyes on Lucy and she inspected the area. Mirajane hadn’t lied, there wasn’t much. A small corner covered in furs for a bed lay in a corner and the interior smelled of sage and wildflowers freshly brought in to bring a gentle scent through the room. A tiny window stood out to one side and the thatched roof yawned over head in a small angle. There wasn’t much, but Lucy knew there could be more added to it.
“I like it.” She decided, after a few seconds and shuffled over to a nearby stool that had been left for her. “It just needs someone living in it to give it more personality, I bet.”
“That’s what we thought,” Wendy nodded her head, already kneeling to check on Lucy’s knee, fingers glowing as a small light of healing magic came out to soothe the muscle pains. “I think Cana wanted to take you through the small market that’s here, to see if we can barter for decorations and what not, but I think you’ll get things in time anyway.”
Lucy wondered what gave Wendy that idea, but the little healer gave no further details. When she was satisfied with the look of Lucy’s knee, she moved to the exit and smiled, “I live nearby too, so if you start to have trouble, just let Mirajane know and I’ll come running, okay?” When Lucy nodded, she waved to Natsu and escaped through the doors.
The two of them left behind, they stared at one another in awkward silence while Lucy looked around her small quarters. It was strange, having her own place, but knowing she could come and go as she pleased was far more uplifting than the sudden change to her environment. Natsu seemed unsure of what to say, glancing this way and that as he scratched the back of his head.
When he seemed fit to burst from unspoken words, he blurted, “So uh, there’s fresh water outside if ya need any and most likely someone will come and get you when it’s time for dinner. You’ll get to join us like we did before now and-”
He fell silent again, somewhat sheepish. Lucy knit her brows together and stared. Something was up, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. “What is it?”
“Just wished you didn't have to be left alone in a-” He paused, eyes widening as he cleared his throat, “Nah, it’s nothin’. Anyway, I gotta do a patrol tonight since I skipped this morning to kick Gramp’s door in, but I’ll make sure to see ya tomorrow, okay?”
“You won't be at dinner?” That felt odd to Lucy, but she ignored the voice in her head and waited for his answer. Natsu’s answering grin was full of mischief and all ego.
“Well, ‘course I’m gonna eat, I just gotta bring it with me!” He pointed a thumb to his chest and smirked. “It ain’t the first time, but no worries, I’ll definitely be there for breakfast!” He closed the gap between them, revealing the fangs of his teeth as he grinned.
“As far as I’m concerned, you’re still my charge. At least until you tell me to stop looking out for you.” He said, voice dropping as if he were sharing a secret between them, “so don’t look so lonely, yeah?”
Stunned, Lucy squeaked when he bonked her forehead with his and quickly moved back to the entrance, stepping through it with a bounce to his step. Words died in her throat, but a smile formed when his voice echoed back into the hut as he stepped away, “And just tell me if Laxus causes you any trouble cause I won't hesitate to punch him!”
Lucy snorted into her hand and shouted back, “Get on your patrol already! I’ll be fine!” Brave words, and she hoped she’d believe them soon. Natsu’s footsteps grew distant and she took another look around her new home.
“Does this mean I’m one of them now?” She wondered. A part of her hoped so.
Another part… wasn’t so sure.
Off in the distance, Cana whistled, shuffling her cards as she walked down the streets. She could have gone to her own hut to relax a little, but she had other plans in mind. Spreading the news about Lucy among them, but the cool air directed her feet and she enjoyed the view of her beloved home
Some things felt off, but despite the strange aura’s and emotions she felt beneath the surface of everyone, a positive energy was covering it all in a thick blanket. Whatever dark emotions or negative energies had tried to fill this air was quickly failing. The fortune teller couldn’t tell if it would stay gone, but it was enough of a win for her to celebrate. At least for now. Thinking about the ocean, she turned to head down the sandy pathway, only to stop when a hand snaked out to grasp her hand.
“Hey, watch it!” Cana said, hissing as she spun to face - pausing, her eyes widened, “Laxus? The hell do you think you're grabbing me like that for?”
He’d been so quiet as he moved. She hadn’t noticed him start to walk alongside her, not until he chose to gain her attention. His gaze was tense, eyes peering into her own until she felt her skin crawl. Unpleasant emotions welled in her gut and Cana considered smacking his hand away to walk off. These energies… Why were they surrounding him more than anyone else? She didn’t like it.
“And why aren’t you home yet, I thought you and Mirajane were finally going to talk your shit out or so-”
“I’ll be heading there soon.” Laxus interrupted, voice demanding as he released her hand. “I want you to give me a reading.”
Cana scoffed, “Now?”
Laxus answered with a raised brow as he crossed his arms over his barreled chest. Cana clicked her tongue and motioned for him to follow.
“Fine. Now.” She turned towards her hut where a set of stools and a table would be. “This best be worth it, sparky, I was having a good day.”
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Sakonji Urokodaki 👺
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me: wow I’m so sad :( maybe I should read something to cheer me up :((( 
fanfiction tagged: angst, self-esteem issues, grief, illness, hurt, major character death 
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it’s always “wyd” and never “twwcatottrmtmwtswa” 🙄✋🏽
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