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blkityblk·2 months agoAnswer
Hey I wanna say ur fic about mental illness was great. I have depression and like u said urself, being black in this society makes things hard for us. U r doing great!!! Os: u take requests?

Thank you so much! Fight the good fight with your depression And don’t let it get the best of you, if necessary there are a lot of free mental health help options from area to area you could look into. And also yes i do take requests depending on what they are.

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blkityblk·2 months agoText

More Than You Could Ever Know

Summary: Y/N tells Harry about her mental illness.

Note: I wrote this to draw awareness to people like me. People with BPD. My thoughts somewhat mirror those of the reader in this fix and I decided to write about how it feels going into a relationship with mental illness. It’s not something you should be afraid or ashamed of. It’s not something you need to hide, espically if you’re black or another POC. As a black woman, our mental health is often overlooked, but in 2020…fuck that. Our mental health is important. Your mental health is important.

You are not your thoughts. You deserve to be seen, you deserve to be acknowledged.

You matter too.

Warnings: self doubt, talks of borderline personality disorder… I’m not sure how to word this just proceed with caution I suppose. I wrote this one faster than the others, please enjoy.

Today had been a really tough day. I wanted to grab my phone and tell him born to come but I knew that I couldn’t. He needed to know, he deserved to. I paced my office back and fourth shaking my hands out nervously.

“Y/N, everything is gonna be fine. He won’t freak out. He loves you.” I say taking a seat at my desk.

But what if he didn’t love me enough to stay.

I shake away the bad thought and sit at my desk waiting for his arrival.

What if he already knows and he doesn’t come. What if he found out and is coming to leave you.

You’re not that pretty anyway. What if he meets a model on the way in and favors her.

But that would never happen. Harry is a good man he wouldn’t do that to me.

As if you’re worth his kindness. Dating you was a charity case, he could never love a nappy headed girl like you.

You’re never gonna be good enough for him.

Stop it.

He’s gonna leave you.

Stop it.

He doesn’t really want you.

Stop it.

He doesn’t love you.

“Stop!” I shout slamming my hand on my desk loudly spooking my assistant who had been standing at my door. Oh, dear.

“Uh… yes, Lauryn?” I ask .

“Ms. Y/L/N, Mr. Styles is here to see you.” The young girl nervously says.

“Right, send him in.” I say standing to my feet. “And I apologize for the incident.” She nods stepping back allowing Harry to walk into my office before excusing herself closing the door behind herself.

“Hello darling.” Harry says walking in giving me a kiss on my cheek. “ How is my favorite girl doing today?”

“Fine for the most part.” I say clearing my throat. “A little under the weather.”

“Ohh, button, are you feeling okay? A fever maybe, That why you asked me over?” He asks putting a hand on top of my forehead.

“N-no.” I mumble moving away from his touch. “I called you over to talk, I know you’re busy so I’ll be quick.”

Harry pauses looking down on me with confusion written all over his face. “Button, what’s this all about?”

“Let’s just… sit, okay?” I say bringing him over to the couch in the room. “There’s something we really need to talk about.”

“Is it… about us?” Harry asks taking my hands in his. I nod.

“More me than the two of us.” I tell clearing my throat again. “I’ve been looking for a way to tell you this for a while now and it-it’s not exactly going to be easy.”


“Please let me talk.” I plea looking deeply into his eyes. Mine filled with desperation and sadness. He nods and I continue. “I’ve been dealing with something I’ve known since I was about 19 years old and I wanted so badly to share it with you but, I was afraid. I want to know before I tell you this I love you.” I rant.

“Y/N What is going on?” He asks not having any clue where I was going with this.

“Harry… I have a disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder- or BPD for short. Now I know how it sounds but It’s not like I have different people in my head, it’s very different from thay. It’s not an exactly something you can pinpoint to one cause but to stems from some form of childhood trauma. It can make you angry, sad, irritable, reckless, or depressed… it can make you really, really hate yourself. But I’m working on it. And I knew I needed to tell you when I realized I was in love with you and you loved me back and…” I bite my lip as I begin tearing up. “I realized you’d be stuck with me. And I wouldn’t want me around that much. I get it if you want to leave me but-”

“I could never leave you.” Harry says making my teary eyes snap back up to him.

“W-what?” I croak out.

“When you sat me down on this couch I thought you were going to break up with me. I was getting ready to fight for you. When you told me you had BPD, I was almost relieved. Scared but settled. I don’t care that sometimes you could have an off day.” He tells me

“It’s not sometimes though. This is my everyday life, I will always be like this, Harry.” I tell him trying to get him to see the downside of it all.

“And I don’t care about that. If this thing is a part of you, but you said that working on it, I’ll help you work on it too.” Harry says kissing my knuckles before gently rubbing his thumb across them.

“But why would you want to?” I mumble.

“Because never be worth giving up on to me, Y/N.” Harry says smiling at me softly.

“You don’t think I’m crazy?”

“Never. We’re gonna deal with this together.”

I move into his lap kissing him before wrapping my arms around his neck to hug him tightly. “I love you.”

“I love you, so much, button.” Harry says kissing my temple. “More than you could ever know.”


You deserve happiness. You deserve love.

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blkityblk·2 months agoAnswer
I make Harry edits for black fans aswell and I just wanna thank u for giving us some proper representation! Your work is amazing!

Girl it is truly no problem and I wanna thank YOU!

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blkityblk·2 months agoText

One Too Many

Summary: Y/N has had too many and Harry takes care of her (fluff)

Word count: 2.5k

There was this thing that happened every time I got drunk. One, I was overtly confident. And two, I was overtly sexual. I would flirt with literally everyone without a lick of shame, but not just that. I would take it to the next level. And to be honest, I was kind of a perv.

“I. Am. A. Goddess.” I slur checking out my reflection in the window. I adjust my breasts so they’d look even better and smirk. Oh yes.

“Y/N please.” Harry groans making me cheer.

“Harry! When did you get here?” I smile going over to hug him.

“I picked you up from the club remember? You called me.” He sighs, recalling picking up the girl from the street.

“Oh, yeah!” I remember. “I know that was a yell, but you could make that a scream tonight.” I poorly wink at my longtime friend. I had always found Harry incredibly sexy. And mixing hidden attraction with booze could only make for a disaster.

“How many did you have ?” He asks making me blink in confusion.

“Um…” I think. “How ever many a bottle of vodka is. Don’t- don’t worry, I shared.” I giggle.

“Okay, I was right. Shower, food, then bedtime.” Harry says attempting to pull me along.

“Ooh, assertive. I like.” I laugh smacking his ass.

“Y/N!” He yells picking me up bridal style.

“Even better!” I cheer as he walks me out of the bathroom. “I hope you have condoms, buddy. If not, it’s okay, I have the implant.”

“We’re not having sex.” Harry grumbles walking out of the bathroom.

“Why not?” I pout.

“Because you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.” He says returning with two towels. “Take these and wash up.”

“Only if you get in with me.” I smirk biting my lip.

“Y/N.” He warns making my pout for the second time.

“Fine.” I sigh turning to face away from him lifting my hair. “Unzip me.”

He unzips the dress and I step out of it turning back to him. “You’re no fun.”

“You’ll thank me in the morning.” He hums closing the bathroom door behind himself. I let out a huff turning on the shower to warm it up but climb in while it was still cold to sober myself up a bit like Harry said.

I like Harry he was like a big protective older brother. I think making myself frown. I didn’t want to think of Harry as a brother. I shake my head blinking. What did that mean? I wonder sighing as the water got hotter. I opened Harry’s favorite soap squeezing some into my wash cloth and inhaled deeply. He always smelled like this. It felt warm and homey. He felt homey. I think with a grin. I loved home. I love Harry.

Wait, I love Harry?! I gasp slipping onto the tip floor with a shout.

“Y/N?” Harry calls knocking on the door a few seconds later. “Are you okay in there? I heard a scream.”

“I-I’m fine.” I stutter sitting up. I was still far too drunk to deal with those thoughts.

“Okay, dinner is almost ready. It’ll be done by the time you get out.” He says behind the thick wood door.

“Okay.” I hum nervously.

Love? Was I in love with Harry? Sure, I loved him, he was my best friend but in love? Maybe it wasn’t want I meant.

“Oh, my hair.” I frown realizing my hair got soaked in the slip. I just got it done.

I sigh turning off the water and stepping out of the shower. I squeeze out my hair and wrap the howl around my body walking out into the hall.

I make my way to the kitchen to see Harry taking something out of the oven. Garlic bread.

“Oh, you’re all done.” He says looking at me dripping body wrapped in the short towel.

“I suppose you need something to sleep in?” He hums turning off the oven and glancing at me. I nod silently. “Alright, come on.” He says gripping my hand and pulling me towards his bedroom.

“What’s got you all quiet?” Harry asks looking over his shoulder as he dug through his dresser. I shrug silently looking down at my feet.

“Must be sobering up, feeling alright? Not woozy are you, love?” He says making me internally sigh in contempt. He was always so gentle with me and patient. He took care of me. Maybe I did love him.

“M'fine.” I mumble taking the clothes from  his hands.

“Okay. I’m gonna go make you a plate. Get dressed okay?” He says kissing my temple.

“Okay.” I say looking town at the t-shirt and boxers. I let out a puff of air. Okay, you can be normal around him. You can have dinner with him, and then when you’re sober you won’t feel confused anymore. You’ll realize it was alcohol talking.

After I dry myself off I moisturize my body before I pull the t-shirt over my head and pulling on the boxers and a pair of socks, wrapping the towel around my curling hair. I open the door to see Harry sitting on the couch turning on Netflix.

“What are you doing?” I ask approaching him on the couch.

“I thought we could watch a movie while we eat.” He says gesturing to the plates of spaghetti and garlic bread. I sit down next to him grabbing the plate. “Just how you like it. It’s left overs from yesterday but I knew you wouldn’t mind.”

“Do you have-” I start as he hands me a bottle of franks. “Thank you.” I smile opening the bottle.

“The spice should sober you up if the shower didn’t.” He adds turning on a random Rom-com.

“Probably.” I nod stuffing my face. Oh my god food was so good right now. And he even added cheese and sausage the way my mom always did. He knew me so well.

After watching a third of the film Harry pipes up.

“Oh, before I forget again.” He adds handing me a hair tie from off his wrist. “For your hair.”

I pull the towel off my head letting my coily locks fall, my hands hitting my forehead softly.. I chuckle pulling the mass of hair into a puff atop of my head. “Thank you, Harry. For…” I trail off waving my hand around. “All this.”

“No problem Y/N. You know I love you.” He says making my heart flutter and break all at once.

I do love him. I wasn’t drunk anymore. I loved him.

“I um…” I say standing go my feet. “I should go to bed. It’s late.” I say looking over to the clock that read passed 2:00AM.

“Okay, yeah. G'night.” Harry hums clicking off the TV, pulling the blanket from under his coffee table.

“Night.” I hum walking over to his room. I climb into his bed snuggling myself under the blankets shutting my eyes to go to sleep. But nothing ever came.

I laid in bed for two hours trying to fall asleep, but nothing. At home I slept in bed with my dog and an abundance of pillows on a full sized. Harry on the other hand had a massive king sized bed. And on top of that, my head was riddled with too many thoughts. He took care of me, he always took care of me. He wasted a Friday night on making sure I ate dinner and got to bed. He was the only man who ever cared for me this much. I huff sitting up. I need a glass of water. I pad over to the kitchen opening the fridge and pulling out the water jug.


“Shit!” I jump clutching the Brita to my chest. “Harry, you scared me.”

“I heard you in here, was just making sure you were okay.” he says taking the water from me and grabbing a glass. “I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“It’s okay.” I nod  watching him pour the water through the dim lighting of the kitchen. He hands the glass back to me and i gladly take it. “Thanks.” I mumble taking a sip.

“what’s keeping you awake?” He asks leaning against the counter.

“Too lonely.” I answer with mild honesty.

“I could sleep with you, If you’d like?” He suggests. I choke on my water a bit feeling my face warm.

“Uh… yeah, sure.” I nod setting down the glass. I shuffle back over to his room with Harry in tow. I glance up climbing under the blankets alongside him.

“Better?” He asked laying his head on the pillow.

“Yeah.” I mutter watching him close his eyes.“Harry?”

“Yeah?” He hums quickly falling asleep.

“I’m not drunk anymore.” I tell him.

“I know…” He softly replies breathing heavily. He was far too gone. Nearly asleep.

“I love you.” I mutter snuggling into the pillow further.

Moments later he rolls over cuddling me to his chest surprising me slightly. I smile fondly. Nothing wrong with enjoying it while it lasts. My eyes flutter closed and I finally fall asleep.

I whine when the sun peaks through the window waking me. The blinding light wakes me making it impossible for me to get back to bed. I groan looking up to see Harry still fast asleep holding me tight. I grin. He looked so peaceful when he slept.

“I can feel you watching.” He rasps making me quickly pull myself away.

“Don’t do that!” I squeal with a pout.

“S'okay. I was holding ya pretty tight.” he replies.

“Its fine. I wasn’t that scared anyway.” I mumble looking anywhere but at him.

“Feeling any better?” He ask sitting up next to me.

“A lot, thank you.” I smile at him.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” he ask making me squint.

“Uh… kinda. I don’t remember anything before i got here though.” I say trying to recall the events of last night.

“Before I came to get you you left me a voicemail… I didn’t want to show it to you until you were sober.” He says pulling his phone from off of the nightstand.

“What kind of voicemail?” I ask already feeling embarrassed.

“There was actually about multiple messages and three voicemails.” he says handing over his phone.

“Oh god.” I groan taking the phone from his hand.



I wosh you cane out with us tpnight

this vofka tast like camdy

ita to hot i wany to go oytside

im losy

whete am i

I see foood

“Okay, not so bad.” I mumble moving on from the texts and onto the voicemails.

Harry, I’m kinda…lost. It was so hot in the club and i went walking and…I think I- ooohh i see a McDonalds! I’m gonna get McChicken Do you want-

“Oh my god I was drunk in a McDonalds?” I question turning to him.

“Keep listening.” he says pointing to the phone. I sigh playing the next voicemail.

McDonalds was a bust. It was closed. Can you believe that! S'only eleven! I wanted my meal. I’m boycotting! I’m gonna call someone I- Oh my god i see the club again!

“Equally as bad.” i hum moving on to the last voicemail.

I’m alone again. Can you come get me? Um… I’m on J…jefferson street I think? I’m sorry, I’m being so annoying right now. I just trust you to get me cause I love you so much.  Oh my god I wasn’t suppose to tell you that-

I gasp dropping the phone on the bed and moving away quickly like it was on fire. My eyes flicker up to Harry then back to the phone.

I nearly had forgotten. Drunk Y/N was a ticking truth-bomb.

“I should… I have to go.” I say running out of the room. I look on the coffee table for my things before quickly moving onto the island by the kitchen.

“Y/N?” Harry sighs standing a few feet away from me. “We need to talk about this?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” I mumble passing him to check the bathroom.

“But there is.” He huffs watching me look on the floor for my purse. He groans walking out of the room and comes back holding the red bag in his hands. I internally sigh standing to my feet.

“Thanks.” I mutter reaching for the bag, he only moves the bag away denying me of it.

“Talk first, bag later.” He says looking down at me.

“Harry, please. Please don’t make me talk about this.” I plea closing my eyes when I feel that familiar burn in my nose. Rejection. The heart stinging, soul crushing feeling of rejection.

“Okay’ I’ll talk then.” He says making me turn away. “Y/N…”

“Just say it.” I sniffle.

“I’d prefer to say it to your face.” he says attempting to get me to look at him. I shake my head no. So he could see me cry? Hell no.

“Y/N don’t be so fucking stubborn.” he grits out.

“Why do you wanna see me when you say you don’t feel the same way?” I yell turning back to face him. Hot tears staining my cheeks as I blinked through my blurry vision.

“You think i would want to hurt you like that?” Harry asked, his voice sounding genuinely pained to hear that.

“No, I- I don’t want to see you when you say it.” I whimper wiping my face of the tears.

“I love you.” He says. I look up in confusion.

“W-what?” I stutter in shock.

“If that’s not what you wanted to hear then I’m sorry but, I love you too.” he says taking s step closer to me. I back away not trusting what I was hearing.

“No you don’t.”

“And why not?” He asks stepping closer again. “Why couldn’t I have realized how much I loved you months ago when you went out of your way to get me a rare copy of my favorite book for my birthday, hm?”

“Why didn’t you tell me then?” I ask.

“Because I felt just like you felt now. Confused, scared, I didn’t know whether you were gonna reject me or stop talking to me. I didn’t want to lose you.” he mumbles dropping the purse and pulling me in for a hug.

“You love me too?” i say pressed against his chest.

“So much.” he whispers looking into my eyes as he caressed my cheeks lightly in his hands. His thumbs lightly wiping away stray tears.

“I love you too.” I say pushing my lips against his. Warmth spread throughout my entire chest making my heart sing. He loved me back, I didn’t have to hide away from these feelings because there was nothing to hide from, Harry loved me too.

“M'sorry I made you cry.” he says softly chuckling.

“I’m sorry I tried to run.” I giggle.

“S'okay.” he says nuzzling his head on top of mine. “Come on, let’s order a pizza and watch a movie.”

“Or, we can go out to the movies? Like a proper date?” I suggest hopefully.

Harry laughs giving me an award winning smile. “There is nothing I’d love more.”

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blkityblk·2 months agoAnswer
I read watermelon sugar and slammed the follow button as fast as I could....I AM SHOOK

Thankyou my dear😭

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blkityblk·2 months agoAnswer
No lie, I just burst into tears because of you. I was scrolling through recommended posts and saw your Watermelon Sugar fic. Clicked the link to part 1 then saw the tag, black!reader. You have no idea how longed I've searched, how long I've hemmed and hawed about the lack of black in this community 😭. Thank you!!!

It’s a necessary deed in the fandom. All of my fics, blurbs, and so-on with be with black readers and OCs

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blkityblk·2 months agoText

Watermelon Sugar High pt 2

Summary: Continuation of this.

Word Count: 1.2k

“What do you mean by tha’?” Harry questions, his voice husky with arousal.

“I think you know exactly what I mean, Harry.” I raise an eyebrow pulling him on the couch.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He sighs as I begin pulling his joggers down his legs

“Trust me, I want to.” I say looking up at him with a smirk. “Commando? Someone came prepared.” I tease taking in his rather large member.

“You know me, Y/N. I hate underwear.” He chuckles leaning up on his elbows. “No are you gonna suck me off ‘r ya g'na let me freeze-” he stops then he feels a warm kiss on the tip of his member.

“It’s so big Harry, how is this suppose to fit in my mouth?” I innocently ask slowly stroking him. “It barely fits in my hand.”

“Yeah? Sure you can take me all in your pretty little mouth?” He lowly asks, his voice deep with desire as his thumb traces my cheek tenderly.  

“I’m sure, Daddy.” I whisper licking a stripe from the base of his thick cock to the tip, swirling my tongue around the salty crown. Pushing the head through my tongue works selfishly, moaning as I take him further and further in my mouth as the tip of my nose rubs itself against his pubes and he groans gripping my dreads in his hand tightly. I chuckle a bit bobbing my head up and down on his member, hollowing out my cheeks slurping and swallowing around his hard cock.

“Holy shit, lovie. So good…” He moans as I bat my eyelashes at him. I pulls with a pop stroking him at a steady pace while I take one of his heavy balls into my mouth, sucking greedily. I pull off, continuing to stroke him.

“Harry?” I pout. “Do you maybe think… if you don’t mind…” I trail off.

“Go on pet, tell daddy wha’ you want.” He huskily tells me stroking my hair lightly.

“Please fuck me.” I whimper. As if some unholy spirit took him over he pulls me up to straddle him, my bare heat sitting right over his throbbing manhood.

“Are you sure about that babygirl? Because if we start,  I don’t think I’d be able to ever stop.” He mumbled against my lips clutching my cheeks tenderly in his large hands.  It floored me how he could go from rough and dominate to sweet and caring in seconds flat. I nod softly pushing my face forward to meld my lips to his.

“I’m sure.” I say grasping his leaking cock in my hand and angling it right under my soaking heat. “And I’m on birth control.” I moan gliding down his thick  member. I wince slightly inching down as my eyes flutter closed. Harry filled me up to the brim, stretching me like no one ever had before.

“So big.” I whine rocking back and fourth on his rock hard legnth. It was the most enticing feeling of pleasure piggybacked by a tinge of pain.

“Slow down baby, don’t hurt yourself.” Harry moaned caressing my cheek lightly.

“But it’s filling me up and… it hurts so good Daddy.” I moaned dropping my head to his chest fucking myself back onto his cock. Harry wrapped his large hand around my throat tightly pulling me closer,

“Oh, fuck lovie, you really want it that bad?” He asks pulling me off him. I whine at the empty feeling and nod. Harry flipped us and my back landed on the couch as he hovered over me. He hoisted me legs over his shoulders sliding into me with ease.

“This what you wanted? Wanted Daddy to wreck you’re tight pussy?” He asked thrusting in hard and fast. I moan loudly clenching around him feeling as if I were about to burst.

“Yes, Daddy!” I scream digging my nails into his shoulders. He snaked his hand between out bodies rubbing my clit furiously making me shutter.

“I can tell you squeezing me… so fucking good… you g'na come? G'na come all over my cock?” Harry groaned into my ear.

“Yes, I’m gonna come all over you Daddy, fuck!” I moan feeling myself build and build as I finally bursted.

“Good girl.” He moans pulling out. “But we aren’t dont yet.” He chuckles pulling my dress over my head.

“What are you gonna do to me?” I ask, my eyes probably blown and filled with desire.

“Well,” he begins taking one of my nipples into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the hard nub before moving on to the next. “I was thinking about giving you all those orgasms you missed out on.” He seductively hums trailing kisses up my neck and across my jaw. “How’s that sound.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” I breathlessly moan as Harry parts my legs rubbing tiny circles on my swollen button. He pulls me in for a kiss, tongue meshing with mine. His lips move back to my neck, nipping and biting sure to leave dark love bites in the morning.

“Still can’t believe I’m the only one who’s ever made you come.” He mumble sticking two fingers inside of me deep without warning, thrusting them in quickly while his thumb rubbed my clit. “You deserve so much better.”

“Harry…” I whimper biting my lip as I felt my third orgasm of the night tumble out of me.

“So, beautiful.” He whispered sucking my juices off his fingers greedily as if it were the tastiest substance he’d ever had. “Turn over.” He demanded. I turn around laying on my belly.

“Come on, ass up for Daddy.” He says hiking me up by the hips. I kneel on my knees as I feel Harry push himself back into me. I let out a deep moan biting the couch pillow beneath me.

“Fuck, you’re soaked.” He moans thrusting into me at a steady pace. His hands gripped my was before a light spank hit me. Almost as of he were testing it. I moan packing my was into his hands.

“Harder.” I say. “I want it harder.”

“The spanking or Daddy?” Harry asked halting his thrusts.

“Both.” I smirk pushing myself back on his cock.

Before I knew it, Harry pelvis met my ass as he pounded into me harshly. I choked out a moan, crying out in pleasure when he spanked me. Just how I liked it, hard.

“Daddy, feels so good, Harry, fuck!” I babble my jaw going slack as he continued slamming into my soaking pussy.

“Fucking, feel so good, g'na make Daddy come.” He groaned gripping my hips tighter.

“Yes. Please come for me Daddy.” I whine bracing myself for another orgasm. He reached around rubbing my sensitive clit again.

“Such a good fucking girl.” Harry grunted coming inside me. I squeal feeling myself come again only this time it felt wet. Like wetter than the last few times.

“Holy shit.” I mumble sitting up.

“Did you just-”

“Shut up!” I shout tossing a pillow at Harry’s head. “My couch.” I wince.

“It’s leather, lovie. I’m sure it’ll be fine.” It chuckled kissing my forehead. “So I take it you’ve never squirt before either?”

“Stop!” I whine feeling utterly embarassed.

“It’s normal! No reason to be ashamed.” Harry soothes.

“I know, it’s just… I haven’t ever done that.” I whisper.

“Felt good though, hm?” Harry asked against my temple making me chuckle and nod.

“It did.” I smirk. “I still don’t think four orgasms makes up for… what did you say? All those orgasms I was missing out on, was it?”

Harry chuckles putting on a cocky grin. “I can arrange a few more. If you’d like?”

How could I say no to that?

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blkityblk·2 months agoText

Watermelon Sugar high

Summary: Harry tells Y/N What Watermelon Sugar is about.

Word count: 1.2k


“You must really like eating pussy.” I giggle listening to the innuendo filled song playing through the headphones. It was two weeks to Harry dropping his second album. And due to him missing my birthday he decided that an early listen would be my gift. So here we sat in my apartment, listening to the album in it’s entirety.

“You understand it though, right? A women’s pleasure is so important. Men receive so often it’s expected to happen during sex. Women always have to hope, and ask… oral pleasure should be mutual and enjoyable, giving and receiving. I just happen to enjoy giving.” Harry shrugs leaning back into the couch cushions.

“That, I understand.” I chuckle putting down the headphones. “I also like giving.”

“Right! Its like an art… painting a beautiful picture.” Harry mumbles staring up at the ceiling.

“You’re a little high aren’t you?” I laugh.

“Only a bit. But you know where I’m coming from? Eating pussy is a privilege.” He stoically notes.

“Okay Superman, calm down.” I giggle again. “But yeah, you’re right. A women’s oral pleasure is just as important as a man’s. If not more, most women don’t come from insertion.”

“Exactly!” Harry cheers sitting up. “I want mutual enjoyment during my sexual acts.”

“Don’t we all.” I mumble sipping my beverage.

“What does that mean?” Harry questions.

“Nothing, it’s whatever.” I shake my head.

“You said, "don’t we all” when I said I want mutual pleasure during sex.“ He recalls.

"Harry, seriously it’s nothing.” I brush off the topic hoping he’d let it go. Harry looks at me skeptically before his jaw drops.

“Oh my god. No one’s ever made you come before have they?” He gasps as if it were the most outrageous statement he’d ever said.

“Harry!” I groan falling back on the couch and pulling a pillow over my face.

“That’s why you’re so embarassed?” He questions.

“No…” I groan into the pillow, my muffled whines escaping slightly. “Neither.”

“Neither? The hell does that mean?” Harry questions.

I slowly push the pillow down revealing only my eyes. “No one have ever…you know….or…you know.” I shamefully admit.

“No one’s ever licked you’re little button either?” Harry asks making me shamefully squeak.

“Ew, stop.” I whine rolling onto my side. “I’ve given before, to my first girlfriend in college. She was just out the closet and afraid to recuperate so I never pushed it. One of the guys I use to date didn’t like it so I never asked, and the other never tried to. And neither of them were any good at…getting me there.”

“Y/N,” Harry says making me cover my head with the pillow. “I could do it.”

“What?” I muffle.

“I could make you come, if you’d like?” Harry finished making me jump to the other end of the couch. My heart beating erratically in my chest.

“What?” I ask again, my mouth agape feeling the blood rise to my face.

“Well you know how much I enjoy it.” Harry seductively drawls moving closer to me. “And I’d love to be the first man to watch you come all over his tongue.”

My mouth dries and my eyes probably look to be the size of saucers. “Harry…”

“Just say the word and I’ll stop.” He says sliding a hand over my thigh. I moan lightly and nod.

“No…okay.” I breath.

“What’s, okay? Tell me what you want me to do.” He demands, his lips lightly ghosting over my jaw.

“Please eat my pussy, Harry.” I practically moan.

“Good girl.” He groans smashing his lips to mine roughly. Harry pulls my body under his grinding his bulge into my core. I moan against his lips and his tongue slips into my mouth invading every crevice. His strong hand guides itself down flipping up my skirt and attaching itself to my aching core rubbing lightly over my panties. I sigh between our kiss wanting more.

“As much as I’d love to keep kissing you baby, I think someone asked me to eat their pretty little pussy.” He teases making me moan.

“Please, Daddy.”

“Daddy? Who knew you were so filthy, Y/N.” Harry groans spanking my thigh. “This still okay?”

I nod. “Yes.”

“Good, cause I wanna taste you.” He growls sliding onto the floor below me. Harry bunches my dress up at my hips rubbing his hand over my pink lacey underwear. “Never took you as the pretty pink type.” He smirks.

“Shut up.” I pout feeling vulnerable. To be fair, I was about to let one of my best friends eat me out.

“Sorry lovie, was jus’ teasing ya.” He chuckles rubbing his thumb over my clit making me jump a bit. “I love getting a reaction out of ya.”

“Harry, stop teasing.” I groan hitting him in the head with a pillow.

“Okay, okay! Put down your weapon.” He laughs. “G'na take these off okay? There soaked pet, who did tha’.”

“You did.” I mumble lifting my hips so he could pull the panties off my body. He tosses them to the side and plants my legs over his shoulders.

“Comfortable?” He asks. I shyly mumble yes and he grins. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. M'jus g'na lick your pretty little button, okay.” He soothes.

I nod leaning back.

“’M g'na kiss you here.” He says kissing my right thigh. “And here.” He kisses the left. “And right…” He trails off licking right over me. I point my toes already feeling riled up and he had only just began. Harry’s tongue softly kitten licked my sensitive nub earning high pitched whines from me. Whines that soon turned into full on lewd moans as his tongue worked on my clit skillfully. Harry wasn’t lying when he said it was like an art, because everything he was doing go me… it felt studied, and practiced. He truly did enjoy it.

“Fuck, Harry.” I moan griping his hair in my hand as he stuck one of his long fingers inside of me slowly pushing in and out. His merciless tongue flickered over my poor sensitive clit making me tremble helplessly. My eyes roll back as he inserts another finger still lapping away sending me waves of deep euphoric pleasure.

“Harry, m'gonna come.” I whine.

“Come. Just like I said, all over my tongue.” He moans continuing to attack the bundle of nerves. The obscene slurping and groaning knocking me over the edge.

“Oh my god.” I whimper as he licks all the excess come up before pulling his fingers out of me. I grasp his hand and take the two digits in my mouth sucking away my juices keeping deep eye contact while doing so. I release them with a pop and bite my lip.

“Holy shit.” He groans, I giggle bashfully hiding my face in my hands.

“How was I?” He asks.

“Well you made me come in like ten minutes I’d say pretty solid.” I laugh. “It was… lovely, thank you for being the first I guess.” I mumble awkwardly.

“No problem.” He chuckles.

I look up at him then down to his crotch pursing my lips.

“You said the song was about mutual oral pleasure right?” I smirk.

Harry was in for a very fun night.

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