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blockoframen11 days agoText

Naruto: So… You sure are spending a lot of time with Sakura lately

Sasuke: Naruto, it’s not what you think, I swear!

Naruto: Oh, really? So no reason for me to get jealous?

Sasuke: No, you’re the only one for me!

Naruto: Is that so?

Sasuke: I promise! Sakura and I are just dating, okay? She’s my girlfriend

Naruto: So there are no best-friend-feelings involved?

Sasuke: You are still my one and only best friend! She’s just the love of my life, nothing more!

Naruto: But I’m still your best platonic buddy, right?

Sasuke: Of course!

Sakura: … What did I just witness?

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blockoframen21 days agoText

Sakura: I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes?

Sasuke: Babies have no concept of object permanence

Naruto: That was one of the sickest burns I’ve ever heard

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blockoframen24 days agoText

Sasuke: Just try to be nice, Father. Sakura’s not like us

Sasuke: She has feelings

Fugaku: Hmm, are you positive this is the girl for you?

Sasuke: That’s exactly the type of thing I don’t want you to say in front of her

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blockoframena month agoText


Footage of Sasuke


Kakashi, about lee: How do you keep him from running away when you take him out of the house?

Guy: He likes me. He doesn’t want to run away.

Kakashi: Really?

Guy: Has Sasuke ran away before?

Kakashi: Yes. I make him wear one of those toddler backpacks that have a leash attached to them.

Guy: Isn’t he seventeen?

Kakashi: Irrelevant.

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blockoframena month agoText

Sasuke: Can you take me to the store to get a dress?

Kakashi: Alright. First, I’m glad that you felt comfortable enough to come to me with this. And if this is something that you want to explore-

Sasuke: Oh, it’s not for me. I’m picking it up for Sakura, but you handled that really well.

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blockoframena month agoText

Suigetsu: You know what they say. ‘You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few legs’

Sasuke: Eggs

Suigetsu: What?

Sasuke: The expression is 'You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few EGGS’

Suigetsu: Oh. I’d better apologize to some people

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