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Is night sweat something different in the uk? In the US we use it as when your body temperature gets too high that you wake up sweating, where as we use night terror for a nightmare where you physically react to a dream if that makes sense. I was just curious because I read that txt reaction and was interested!
From my own personal experience the two terms are used quite interchangeably, that might be different for others. In the UK though it's very rare for the term night terror to be used, even night sweat to an extent, we usually just refer to them as nightmares regardless of the symptoms that can occur from nightmares <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jhope MORE (2022)
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When You Have A Night Sweat ~ TXT Reaction
A frown formed on your face as soon as you began to stir, recognising straight away that you were on the floor of your bedroom.
“You’re awake,” Yeonjun smiled beside you, taking a hold of your hand as relief washed over him after waiting for you to stir.
You had no recollection of fainting, but Yeonjun remembered it all, terrified as he waited for you to wake up, refusing to leave your side throughout the whole time.
“How are you feeling?” Yeonjun asked you, squeezing gently over the top of your head to try and reassure you.
“I think I’m alright, just confused,” you murmured in reply to him.
Yeonjun’s head nodded, knowing that it was a lot for you to understand. “You fainted, you were having a nightmare, got up and came straight back down,” Yeonjun told you, saving a few of the details.
“I had a night sweat?” You asked him, just to be sure, frowning slightly as Yeonjun’s head nodded back at you.
“I think that was what it was at least.”
“I haven’t had one for ages,” you sighed, slightly disappointed that things had ended up with you out on the floor.
“Hey, you’re alright, that’s all that matters.”
Confused steps walked down the stairs as Soobin looked around the house to try and find where you were after waking up all alone.
“Y/N?” He called out, hearing your voice hum from the living room, looking around as Soobin rushed into the room to try and find you.
He was stunned as he looked at you sat down on the sofa, but as his eyes noticed the tissues beside you, he began to worry about why you were really wide awake.
“Why aren’t you upstairs in bed?” Soobin asked as he took a seat down beside you, “I had no idea where you were.”
“I had a nightmare,” you told him, shrugging your shoulders dejectedly.
Soobin’s eyes widened as he pieced everything together, knowing the only answer was another night sweat for you. “Why didn’t you wake me? I could have helped you, you didn’t need to do this all alone.”
“You were fast asleep,” you told him, “I just didn’t have the heart to wake you up when you seemed so relaxed.”
“Are you alright now? Feeling good?”
“I’m alright,” you assured him with a confident smile, “I just had a bit of a panic, got a bit flustered, but that’s all gone now.”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you.”
His hand rested against the small of your back as Beomgyu listened to your breath hitch again and again, his other hand against your forehead.
“Just keep breathing, focus on me,” Beomgyu told you, trying his best to help you, knowing just how frightened you were as you struggled.
Your heart was racing as you tried to assure yourself that the nightmare that you were having wasn’t real, making sure that you focused on Beomgyu sat beside you.
“Focus on me,” Beomgyu repeated as he heard your breath hitch in your throat once again, knowing what he needed to do.
“It was scary,” you told Beomgyu as soon as you had the breath to do so.
His head nodded understandingly, knowing that your night sweats were the unfortunate consequence of horrific nightmares for you. “I’m here, you’re here, and the two of us are safe, aren’t we?”
“It felt so real,” you whispered, trying your best to push what you had dreamt about to the very back of your mind.
“Don’t think about, think about us.”
“Keep breathing loudly,” you told Beomgyu, using the steady pace of his breaths to keep your own under control at the same time too.
“I’m right here, you can hear me Y/N.”
Your head shook as Taehyun sat up beside you in the bed, struggling to ignore the throbbing pain that was bothering you in your head.
“Do you need anything?” Taehyun asked as he watched your legs swing around to the side of the bed, worried about you standing up.
Taehyun had every right to worry too as you went to stand up, only to completely lose your balance as your head spun, falling straight back down onto the bed.
“Y/N, stay still,” Taehyun told you, resting his hand against your shoulder. “Just relax for a moment, there’s no need to move.”
“I feel dizzy,” you whispered, having to close your eyes to try and focus.
The amount of effort that was in your expression had Taehyun worried as he kept his eyes firmly on you. “Do you want me to go and get a cold flannel? Some tablets?” Taehyun asked, beginning to worry himself.
“Cold,” you whispered, too exhausted to say anything else to Taehyun as you hoped he knew what you meant.
“You want a cold towel to be fetched?”
“Y-yeah,” you stuttered, relieved that Taehyun had got you, hearing him shuffle on the bed as he tried to get up to get what you needed.
“I’ll be back in just a moment Y/N.”
Huening Kai:
The noise coming from behind the bathroom door had Kai confused as he sat up, immediately heading out to explore what was going on.
“Y/N?” He called out, picking up on the fact that you weren’t asleep beside him either, following the sound through and into the bathroom.
A soft sigh came from Kai as soon as he looked down and saw you sat beside the toilet, your hand pressed against your forehead to try and cool yourself down.
“Are you alright?” Kai frowned as he moved through the room to take a seat beside you, “did you have another night sweat?”
“I feel so sick,” you sighed, barely able to keep yourself sat upright.
Kai moved your hand away from your forehead, replacing it with his own, flinching slightly at just how warm you were. “Don’t worry,” he whispered, keeping his voice calm as you tried to keep yourself relaxed.
“I woke up and panicked,” you told Kai, “I’m sorry that I didn’t wake you, or that I woke you by throwing up.”
“You don’t need to apologise, not at all Y/N.”
“Thank you,” you whispered as Kai ran his hand along your back, trying to help encourage anything that needed to come up to make you feel better.
“Don’t thank me, I just want to help.”
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Birthday Surprise ~ Lee Felix
Tumblr media
A sigh came from Felix as he moved around the dorm, his critical eye studying everything. His heart was racing as he tried to bring the finishing touches together, knowing that there was only a matter of minutes now until you’d be back, wanting for everything to be as perfect as possible.
“It looks good, don’t you think?” Changbin grinned as he threw his arm over Felix’s shoulders, “I think Y/N is going to absolutely love this.”
Felix nodded slowly, keeping his eyes looking around the place as the boys carried on busying themselves. “I’m starting to worry now that maybe the colours aren’t right for Y/N’s taste.”
“You can’t go wrong with a black and white theme,” Changbin assured Felix, encouraging him to smile and relax. “Y/N is going to have the best birthday ever thanks to this party.”
After spending the morning hiding his smile, Felix knew that he needed to pull out all of the stops for the evening. For your birthday this year he wanted to give you the ultimate surprise, deciding for once that he would surprise you rather than the other way around.
He could tell that you were upset as you left the dorm for work that morning, with no mention of your birthday at all. Your heart sunk thinking that Felix had forgotten, even as you asked if any cards had arrived for you, Felix pretended to be clueless.
“Y/N is going to adore it,” Jeongin grinned as he passed the two of them by, “just stop worrying, Y/N won’t like you doing that.”
“I don’t even feel this nervous when we’re onstage,” Felix weakly chuckled as the rest of the boys all stood around him too. “You guys should have seen her face this morning, I’ve never wanted to just wrap my arms around her so much in my life.”
Jisung offered him a reassuring smile as he stood in front of Felix, “all of that will be worth it when Y/N walks through that door and sees what you’ve organised for her. You’ve got all of her favourite things, and the presents that we’ve all brought her are things we know she’ll love, what could possibly go wrong?”
“A lot,” Felix sniggered, “don’t get me started on the things that we could mess up on.”
The boys all knew that the pressure of the party had weighed down on Felix for quite some time. Like him, they wanted to give you the best birthday possible which was why they’d put so much effort into organising your birthday party too.
“Take some deep breaths,” Seungmin suggested as Felix began to fluster again. “There is no way that Y/N will be able to stay mad at you for forgetting her birthday when she sees this.”
Felix’s head nodded as he glanced up at the clock, knowing that your shift had finished. By now he knew you’d be in your car and preparing to head home, feeling his heart race yet again as his eyes looked around the dorm.
“She’ll be on her way home now,” Felix told them all.
“Shall we start hiding?” Hyunjin asked as the boys all began to move around the dorm, making sure that everything was perfect. A couple of them moved behind the curtains, others behind the sofa, with Felix lingering with Chan by his side.
With Felix pacing, Chan rested a hand against his shoulder. “Things will be amazing,” he confidently told Felix, knowing there was no chance that you’d hate what he had done.
“I hope so,” Felix frowned back across at Chan, “I hope this is her best birthday yet.”
Chan continued to squeeze gently against Felix’s shoulder, “you always say how Y/N treats you incredibly on your birthday, this is your turn to do the same now.”
“Are you guys hiding?” Seungmin shouted out, noticing the two of them still stood in the middle of the room. “You’ll ruin the surprise hanging around there.”
After checking the room one final time, Felix hid behind the door to the kitchen with Chan by his side. It was an anxious wait for him as Felix anticipated the sound of your car pulling up, terrified too as to what sort of mood you’d be in after being forgotten that morning.
“I think I see her car,” Jeongin called out from behind the curtain, glancing down to the ground of the apartment block where a familiar car turned in.
Everyone fell silent, making sure that they were as well hidden as possible in their various spots. Time seemed to stand still as they waited, eventually hearing the buttons outside being pressed.
You were irritated to say the least as you pressed the passcode to the dorm in, not wanting an evening of being forgotten. A sigh came from you as the door opened, glancing around expectantly as you noticed the place in darkness, no sign of life around.
“Happy birthday Y/N!” A chorus of voices suddenly called out as you closed the apartment door behind you. Your figure jumped as the lights came on, looking around in awe as you noticed decorations everywhere, with a stack of gifts on the table.
“What’s this?” You laughed as the boys all jumped out from their hiding spots.
What was set up seemed to have Felix’s name written all over it, your irritation disappearing in the blink of an eye. You couldn’t quite get your head around what it was that he had done, smirking as you took it all in before looking around at each of the boys and the excited smiles that were on their faces.
The last eyes you met were Felix’s as he walked towards you, opening his arms out for you to walk into. “What do you think?” He smiled, holding around your waist as a chuckle of disbelief came from you.
“How did you manage to keep this from me?”
“It’s been difficult,” he laughed, pressing a kiss against your cheek. “There were a few moments when I thought that someone might spill.”
“Is this why you didn’t say anything this morning? You wanted to surprise me?” You asked him, the antics of that morning starting to make more sense.
It was tough for Felix, but somehow he managed to keep the act up. It sucked, and he felt guiltier than he ever had done before, but it was worth it to stun you like he had.
“I’m sorry for making you think I’d forgotten,” Felix smiled back at you.
Your head shook as he spoke, despite how angry you were this morning, you couldn’t help but smile now, taken aback by the effort that Felix and the rest of the boys had gone to.
“This is just incredible,” you told him, resting your hand against his chest. “I don’t know how you managed this or how much effort you had to put into this, but no one’s ever done something like this for my birthday before.”
“We wanted to make it special,” Chan grinned as he walked over to you, “because you always go above and beyond for our birthdays Y/N.”
Your head kept shaking as the boys all nodded in agreement with Chan. “You guys are too good, I’m so lucky to get to call you my friends.”
“And me?” Felix sniggered, not wanting the attention to stay with the boys for too long, pointing at himself.
Your eyes rolled at the smirk that was on his face, “I’m the luckiest person in the world to get to call you my boyfriend,” you told him, “and you’re the best boyfriend for arranging something as incredible as this too.”
“That’s more like it,” he laughed back at you.
“Honestly, it’s the best surprise ever.”
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When You Nuzzle Against His Nose ~ BTS Reaction
As your hands brushed underneath the bottoms of Jin’s eyes, you knew that you needed to do something else to try and cheer him up and see his smile again.
As he hiccupped again, you moved forwards and brushed your nose over his. “Sorry,” he whispered, trying his best to sniff back the tears that still threatened.
“Don’t be sorry,” you whispered back to him, “I just want to see you smile, I hate seeing you upset like this.”
Jin smiled weakly as you pulled away, giving yourself the chance to meet his eyes. “It’s just been a difficult couple of days to deal with.”
“Anything I can do to help?” You offered, constantly feeling as if there was more that you could do for Jin when he was having a difficult time getting through everything at work.
His head shook in reply to you, “just keeping being here with me,” he asked of you, “and maybe a few more of those nose tickles too, I think I could definitely get used to those.”
“Of course, I’ll be right here with you.”
Tumblr media
The smile that was on Yoongi’s face melted your heart as you came towards him, not knowing quite what to do other than to nuzzle against his nose in reply to him.
He was taken aback as you did so, looking to you in confusion as you stepped back. “What have you done now?” He laughed, knowing that you’d probably done something.
“I haven’t done anything,” you sniggered in reply to him, “I just thought that you were looking quite adorable.”
His eyebrows furrowed as you spoke, surprised by your sudden compliment. “I’m not adorable,” Yoongi tried to protest, but your head shook.
“That smile says otherwise,” you told him, unable to look away from him. “I’m pretty sure I can see some dimples too,” you joked, poking against both sides of Yoongi’s mouth.
He didn’t quite know what to do as you continued to tease him, “go away,” he laughed, trying his best to stop you from messing with him, dropping his smile and hiding his dimples.
“Don’t worry, you still look adorable.”
Tumblr media
A giggle came from Hobi as soon as he felt your nose nuzzle against his, surprised by how much it tickled as he failed to hold back the laughter that threatened.
You couldn’t help but snigger too as soon as you pulled away from him. “You’ve never done that before,” Hobi smiled, brushing his hand over the tip of his nose.
“Did it tickle?” You teased, able to tell by how bright his eyes were that your nose brushing his had got him.
His head nodded straight away as the feeling lingered for a little while. “I wasn’t expecting you to do that, and I definitely wasn’t expecting for that to tickle me as much.”
Your smile was wide as you studied the effect that you’d had on Hobi. “If it tickled that much, you won’t mind if I do it again then?” You asked him, hearing another laugh escape.
“This is going to tickle so much Y/N,” Hobi warned you, only to see your shoulders shrug back at him as he took a step back from you.
“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do.”
Tumblr media
Your head shook as Namjoon moved towards you to try and kiss you, only to feel your nose brush against his as you swerved rather than your lips brush over his.
You couldn’t help but chuckle at the look of disapproval that appeared on Namjoon’s face. “What was that?” He firmly asked, unimpressed by what you’d done.
“You don’t just get a kiss for no reason,” you smirked, shrugging your shoulders, “you have to earn a kiss from me.”
Namjoon’s head shook as you spoke, “you have never made me do anything to get a kiss from you, when did this suddenly change?”
“Right now,” you laughed, deciding to mess around with Namjoon a little bit. “I’ve realised recently that I just kiss you constantly without any real reason for doing it.”
As you took a step back, Namjoon pulled you back forwards straight away again. “There’s no way that I’m letting you get away with this. I want a kiss Y/N, you can’t just say no.”
“I think I just did say no to you Joon.”
Tumblr media
The pout on Jimin’s face had your heart hurting as you took a hold of his hand, pulling him towards you. A hum came from Jimin as you brushed your nose over his.
As you pulled away, his pout was still faint, arms folded across his chest. “You’ll have to do more than that to try and cheer me up,” he told you straight away.
“What can I do to get you to smile?” You quizzed, “I hate seeing you pouting and feeling sorry for yourself.”
His arms unfolded as he brought his finger up and tapped it against his lips. “I can think of something better than nuzzling my nose.”
“And if I give you a kiss, do you promise to smile?” You asked him as you took a step closer towards Jimin, “are you at least going to tell me what’s on your mind so I can help?”
Jimin’s head nodded in reply to your question, “one kiss will be enough to cheer me up,” he smiled, pouting back across at you once again as he waited to feel your lips against his.
“Stop being stroppy now and smile.”
Tumblr media
Your head leant across to Taehyung beside you, hovering over him before moving down, nuzzling your nose against his as he finally stopped venting for a moment.
When you pulled away, the smile on his face was finally growing. “Have I been moaning about work for too long?” He laughed, knowing exactly what he was like.
“A tad,” you agreed, “but I did that mainly because you’ll give yourself a headache if you keep stressing.”
A nod of the head followed from Taehyung, knowing that you had a point. “I love it when you do that, it always feels so nice.”
“That’s why I did it,” you sniggered, “because I knew tickling against your nose would be enough to get you to be quiet for a moment and stop yourself going into an overdrive of stress.”
As you laid back down beside Taehyung again, his hand slid in with yours. “What would I do if I didn’t have you to take care of me? I’d probably never stop talking about how annoying this is.”
“It’ll all be alright Taehyung, I promise.”
Tumblr media
Your head swerved to the left as Jungkook moved forwards to try and kiss you, giggling away to yourself as hands soon grabbed onto your hips in response.
Your hands moved too, resting on either side of Jungkook’s face. “Are you refusing me a kiss?” Jungkook asked you in surprise, his eyes wide in your direction.
“Maybe,” you grinned, leaning forwards too, brushing the tip of your nose against Jungkook’s several times.
Jungkook remained still as you leant back and met his eyes. “Is nuzzling my nose supposed to make up for you not giving me a kiss?”
“I’m busy,” you tried to argue, smirking back at Jungkook. “Maybe I’ll kiss you once I’m done, and once you’ve done the jobs that I’ve been asking you to do around the place too.”
A sigh came from Jungkook as he remembered the list that you had left him. “Are you really not going to kiss me until I’ve done all of those? Can’t I just have one for motivation?”
“You better get moving if you want a kiss.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Most of the time Mingyu could be found right by your side, he was always paying attention to you, when you were speaking his eyes were on you, and if he was talking, his eyes were making sure you were listening.
Both of you were like big kids when you were together, the two of you bickering felt pretty inevitable most of the time. Before you’d realise quite often the two of you would just be going back and forth without even realising what you were saying, just wanting to be the one that got the last word too.
Although he knew that he wasn’t the best when it came to comforting, that never stopped Mingyu from trying his best around you. He would often be a little bit nervous when he knew that you needed him there, a tentative arm would usually wrap around you and then just carry on from there with hints.
There were definitely times when the two of you could be quite stubborn with one another, you both knew what you liked and what you wanted. If you felt strongly enough, neither of you would want to back down from what you wanted and build that into some sort of argument. Eventually you’d have no choice but for one of you to back down though otherwise it would be a day wasted by you both.
Getting to know each other was a bit of a slow process for the two of you, it started with visits of only a couple of minutes, and slowly built up. When you got to spend proper time together though was when you found yourselves really bonding, you would spend hours just getting to know each other, with a genuine interest in one another you wanted to find out as much as you possibly could about the other.
Mingyu’s family were always so kind to you, mainly because they knew how kind you were to Mingyu and how much he loved being around you. Knowing that you were someone that was a positive in Mingyu’s life was the only thing they needed to know to know that they would get along with you. They definitely did too, with Mingyu often worrying that they got on better with you than they did him.
Neither of you were afraid of going out in public when you hung out, if anyone dared to try and get near you, Mingyu wouldn’t be afraid to move them back. He never liked for things to get in your way as it was a lifestyle that you had never asked for, and certainly a lifestyle he didn’t want you in the middle of too.
The two of you had a habit of organising plans and forgetting to let the others know about those plans. Once the two of you had agreed on what you’d do, you’d often forget to pass that information onto the other boys, letting them know last minute only when they wondered where the two of you were going.
Having Mingyu around gave you plenty to laugh about, and with that came plenty of inside jokes as well. He was often embarrassing himself in front of you or putting his foot in it, and they were the moments that you made sure to never let Mingyu forget about, no matter how much he wanted you to.
Being your best friend was something that Mingyu took very seriously, if he felt like someone was threatening his role as your number one then he definitely wouldn’t be afraid to let you know that he was jealous. He hated admitting it, but he knew being honest with you was the best for him as you could explain to him exactly who the friend was, and also reassure him that they were nowhere near as good as he was.
Mingyu got a kick out of making you laugh, there was very little that he enjoyed doing more when he was around you. Knowing that he was the reason for the laugh or snigger that escaped from you was a comfort that never got tiresome for him, with each laugh always bringing a wide smile onto his face too.
He loved the comfort that came with having you as his best friend, knowing that whenever he needed you, you were there. One thing that you always managed to do, often without even realising that you were doing it, was make Mingyu feel as if he was not alone. Although he had millions of fans, there were only a handful of people that he knew he could confide in, and you were always the number one.
The two of you first met when Mingyu kept coming into the coffee shop that you worked in just beside the company building. It started off as just polite conversation over the counter whilst you made his drink, but over time it built into spending your lunch breaks together there to get to know each other more.
Neither of you cared what you looked like, sounded like, or anything else when you were with each other. It led to plenty of nonsense and chaos because the two of you would do whatever you wanted to do.
Mingyu was obsessed with your smile, knowing that you were happy was really important to him. As soon as he noticed that your smile was dropping, he would be around you and wanting to know what was wrong.
The moments that meant the most to Mingyu were the ones when he got to see you doing well. Whether it was something big or small, he was your biggest fan and always rooted for you when things were going well, the first to suggest a celebration whenever you came to him with some good news.
You were definitely the person that Mingyu asked the most questions too, plenty of them were random for you too as he dumped most of his brain fog on you to try and help him figure out the answers to.
Whenever you were on your way to the dorm, Mingyu loved to order food for your arrival. Nothing made Mingyu smile more than being able to show off to you when you walked through the door of the dorm to see all of your favourite dishes from the takeout already sat out and waiting for you to eat.
Although on the outside Mingyu liked to seem unbothered by support, on the inside he relied on it a lot. Whilst his face would be pretty blank as you wished him a good show and let him know to enjoy himself, on the inside his heart would be racing knowing that you were there for him and cheering him on.
When the group were heading abroad, Mingyu loved to sit down with you and look at your schedule. If you had a run of days off, he’d help you book the tickets to be able to fly out and visit them whilst on the road.
One thing that Mingyu always made sure to do was not forget just how lucky he was to be able to call his best friend.
When he was around near to your apartment, Mingyu would always stop by and visit your place. It was instinct for him, even if he only had the time just to knock on your front door and say hello to you.
Although he wasn’t the best at giving advice, Mingyu always at least tried, even if it wasn’t always the most helpful thing.
Neither of you were fussed about being affectionate, even if the boys teased how affectionate you were together, the two of you didn’t listen and continued acting as you always had done as best friends.
You were his favourite, there was no one that Mingyu liked more than you.
If your time together hadn’t come to an end by a certain time, then Mingyu would get you to stay at the dorm. He refused to let you go home if it was too dark or too cold, even offering to drive you home in the morning.
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So i just wanted to ask. Would you do just one member reactions? Like if i reguested idk ncts Yutas recafion not nct 127 reaction would you do it i read your guide but i did not pick up on that sorry.
No they’re not things that I would do. My reactions are for full groups or units, tbh I find just doing a reaction for one singular idol a bit of a waste of a post for me, although I appreciate that that’s the niche of other writers. Apologies!
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hello!! my to-do list has been updated again with all of my new requests 💞
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DW: Jaeyoon is handsome 😊
IS: Jaeyoon is single? 😏
TY: Jaeyoon is taken 😌
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I requested the apology flowers with Lee Know which was inspired by that andrew garfield picture 💐 THIS IS A M A Z I N G🌼🌼🌼 I love it and i love you and thank you so much 😊
You're super welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed your request, thank you for sending it in 💕
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jungkook: *trying to do his interview* meanwhile jin and jimin:
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He Comes Home To You After An Argument ~ Lee Minho
Tumblr media
A sigh came from you as you dropped down on your sofa, reminding yourself of just how empty your apartment was. Whilst you finished your work, your mind was clear, but as soon as you came back, you were reminded that Minho was nowhere to be found.
Your argument was a little hazy in the back of your mind, the source something that you had forgotten about. Everything seemed to escalate, and before you knew it your hand was against the small of Minho’s back ushering him towards the door.
He didn’t quite know what had gone on either as he walked out of the door, taking a chilly breath in amongst the winter breeze. It was cold and it was uncomfortable for him, but Minho knew that on the other side of the door you needed some time to calm down after everything.
Unlike you though, Minho could remember exactly why the argument started, and that reason was him. His mouth had runaway from him as he came home from work, as usual, taking the stress of it all out on you without even realising he was doing it.
He couldn’t blame you for fighting back, he couldn’t blame either of you for escalating things when you both just tried to stand your ground and not let the other walk all over you by shouting.
Before he knew it, he was in the middle of the city walking around as Minho tried his best to judge how long to give things before heading home. His footsteps led him, his mind elsewhere, looking around the city at the various things that were going on, admiring the hustle despite how cold the weather was getting outside.
The only thing that brought him back to the real world was the wave of an old woman in front of his face, stopping him in his tracks. Her hand pointed across to her flower stall that was on the corner of the street, offering him the chance to take a look.
As she showed him around, the corners of Minho’s mouth quickly turned up. With what was left of the money in his wallet after the day, he bought the biggest bouquet that he possibly could, throwing in a tip too as the woman seemed to solve part of Minho’s problem.
With the flowers in hand, Minho turned back around and started walking back along the path that he had already walked down. It was instinct in him to know the way, finding his feet carrying him in the direction of your apartment without even needing to give it any thought.
Once he was there, a cautious knock at the door followed, impatiently standing as he waited to hear your footsteps. The sound of the lock turning made Minho jump, extending his hand forwards just as the door opened up.
“What are you doing?” You sighed as you peered around the door, unable to see Minho through the flowers before you.
“I’m saying sorry,” Minho simply replied to you, moving the flowers down so that he was able to see you. “I shouldn’t have started the argument with you earlier, it was stupid, but for some reason I just couldn’t stop myself.”
Your head nodded in agreement with Minho, slowly stepping back and opening up the door to your home. Minho took that as a sign to walk in, taking cautious steps as he moved through into the living room, with you following behind him.
“These are for you,” he told you once you were beside him, holding the flowers out once again, letting go once your hand was around the stems.
You couldn’t help but smile at the warming colours of the flowers in the bunch, bringing them underneath your nose. Apology flowers were never something that you received from Minho, but they certainly let you know just how bad he felt.
“These are nice,” you told Minho.
The smile on his face grew as he quickly realised that the flowers had gone part of the way to apologising to you. There was still plenty that needed to be talked about, but if nothing else, the flowers definitely softened the blow.
Although at times Minho liked to think that arguments weren’t his fault, this time around he knew he was the one to blame. You had done nothing, as you usually seemed to do, even if he didn’t want to necessarily admit that things weren’t your fault.
“I’m really sorry for taking things out on you, it was unfair on you,” Minho whispered, “no matter how hard I work, I shouldn’t let that frustration out here.”
“I was trying to help you earlier, trying to be nice to you.”
Minho nodded in agreement with you, knowing that all you tried to do was be there for him. Things always got taken out on those closest to him, he expected people to just take it, but unfortunately for Minho he had taken things too far tonight.
A sigh came from him as you continued to stare down at the bouquet of flowers. “Have you got a vase to put those in?” He timidly asked, wary about changing the subject.
“I’m sure I’ve got one somewhere.”
There was still a slight tension between the two of you as you walked into the kitchen, finding a vase in one of the cupboards as Minho followed behind you.
“I really am sorry,” Minho told you once again as you started busying yourself tidying up the flowers in your hands. “I promise that I’m going to try and get better at not getting angry, especially when I’m around you too.”
“Minho, you don’t need to keep apologising,” you smiled back across at him. “I know that you’re sorry, I know that it was a mistake too. I mean you bought me flowers, that tells me just how sorry you are this time around.”
His head nodded as you filled up the vase with some water, carefully filling it so that it didn’t end up drowning the flowers that Minho had bought you.
“Is this what it takes to get you to know that I’m sorry? Will I have to keep buying you flowers from now on when we argue?”
“The flowers were certainly a nice touch.”
You couldn’t deny that you were impressed by Minho’s sudden gesture, not expecting it from him at all. He had tried his best to impress you, to let you see how remorseful he was, and although you tried to hide it a little, you were definitely touched by what he had done.
And as you placed the flowers into the vase after trimming the stems, you knew that they were going to be the perfect addition to your home for a while.
“I hate arguing with you,” Minho told you as he met your eyes, “we’re supposed to enjoy ourselves and laugh together.”
“Then stop being a stroppy bugger when you come home from work,” you teased in reply to him, “relax, like I try to get you to do.”
His head nodded once more as he moved around the table to where you stood, draping his arm over your shoulders, feeling your head rest down against his shoulder.
“I’m still sorry,” Minho told you once again, wanting to make sure that you knew just how apologetic he was.
Your hand hit gently against his chest, “you can stop saying sorry, you’ve already buttered me up enough by buying me flowers.”
“I’ll definitely have to remember flowers for next time,” he joked.
“I’ll expect them every single time now.”
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blu-joons · a day ago
Sunday Mornings ~ Cho Kyuhyun
Tumblr media
You felt like you needed to pinch yourself as you walked out of your bedroom to see Kyuhyun stood in the living room. You couldn’t remember the last time that you had woken up to see him still there, allowing your smile to grow as you made your way into the room, your feet scuffing against the floor loud enough to make his eyes look around.
“Good morning,” Kyuhyun smiled, walking through the room to greet you.
Your arms immediately moved to wrap around Kyuhyun, “I can’t believe you’re actually home.”
A hum escaped from Kyuhyun as he rested his head down against your shoulder, bringing you nice and closely into his chest. You were more than happy to rest up against Kyuhyun, feeling his hand against the small of your back.
“How does it feel to have a day off?” You laughed, resting your hand against Kyuhyun’s chest.
“Not just a day off, but a Sunday off,” Kyuhyun reminded you, taking a look around the living room, “right now it feels a bit like a dream, I’d forgotten what a day off even was.”
Your head tilted back to be able to look up at Kyuhyun, “I can show you all about the fun things that you can do on a day off if you fancy it.”
There was very little that Kyuhyun wanted to do, the fact that he was simply able to spend the day with you was special for him. On a Sunday after all, he fancied the chance to do nothing and finally give his body some time to recover.
“It’s nice waking up to you too,” Kyuhyun noted when your smile turned up. “I mean I see you most mornings, but I never get to see your eyes open because you’re still sleeping. Even in your pyjamas, you manage to look utterly adorable.”
Your head quickly shook back at Kyuhyun, but his head nodded, studying you closely. Your hair was a mess, with no makeup on, but it was exactly how he loved to see you.
The chance of a day off was ideal enough, but Kyuhyun had plenty of ideas of things that he wanted to do with you. He couldn’t wait to do the little things that couples got to do together, like bake, cook breakfast together, laze about on the sofa and watch a drama without having to worry about any interruptions. There were too many ideas in his head, more than enough to be able to fill up your day together.
However, the thing that he was currently doing was what he wanted to do the most. Being able to hold onto you, cuddle up and not have to worry about letting go was something that Kyuhyun had craved from you for so long.
“I could just stay like this forever,” he whispered down to you in his hold, pressing a kiss against the top of your head to widen the smile that was on your face.
Your smile was an understatement as to how full your heart was being bundled up in Kyuhyun’s arms. You were constantly finding yourself waking up alone, something that especially hurt on a Sunday when all you wanted was just to relax with Kyuhyun.
“What are your thoughts on breakfast?” Kyuhyun asked you as he felt you shuffle in his hold, “I’ve got the perfect meal that the two of us can make together.”
Your head immediately nodded at his suggestion, allowing Kyuhyun to take your hand and lead you into the kitchen. You had no idea what he had up his sleeve, but with Kyuhyun cooking, you were sure that there would be no complaints from you.
“It’s a really simple recipe for you especially.”
You moved around the room with him, finding yourself positioned in front of one of the dining chairs. Kyuhyun placed his hands against your shoulders before pushing you down so that you were sat down on the chair with a confused expression on your face.
A chuckle came from Kyuhyun as he met your eyes, “all you have to do is sit there and keep me company. You constantly cook for me, it’s my turn to cook for you instead.”
“I can help you Kyu, I only cook because I know how busy you are most evenings.”
“I know,” Kyuhyun assured you as he began to grab what he needed from the kitchen cupboards. “I want to treat you anyway and cook for you, you always worry about me at work, so today you can let me take care of you.”
Your head slowly nodded back at him, “you know that it’s a Sunday, don’t you? That means that we’re both supposed to be taking care of one another and relaxing.”
A shrug of the shoulders came from Kyuhyun as he turned the hob on, still not listening to you. There were plenty of other things throughout the day that you could do together, but he wanted to start your day off with a good, homecooked breakfast.
“Just be quiet,” Kyuhyun joked with you as you went to protest again. “I was thinking of maybe baking some cupcakes later on, you can help with those, I know you love baking.”
Your head nodded at how well Kyuhyun knew you. “Only if I can lick the bowl,” you warned, sniggering as his head nodded back at you, rolling his eyes as he expected the question to come from you, as it did every time the two of you baked.
The two of you both had your routines together, even if your days were divided constantly by work, you still knew exactly what the other liked.
It might be only one day off for the two of you, but it was a day that you knew you were going to treasure. Even as you sat doing nothing, just being able to see Kyuhyun in his element for once in the kitchen brought a smile to your face.
It was something that he had missed too, the chance to laze around with you without a care in the world. He couldn’t wait to do something for you, to be able to repay you for all of the things that you did for him when he was snowed under with work.
“Can you at least tell me what it is that you’re making?”
“It’s top secret,” Kyuhyun smiled, glancing across at you. “I promise though that you’ll love it, I made it for us when we were on that trip shooting Super Junior Returns not too long ago and the boys absolutely loved it.”
Your eyes narrowed, left unconvinced as you knew just how much the boys ate things without even thinking about what they were eating.
Regardless of what your breakfast was, it didn’t change how excited you were for your day with Kyuhyun. The little details meant nothing to you, the only thing that mattered to you was that you had a Sunday, and you had a Kyuhyun, together they seemed to look ahead to a day that you would usually dream of.
“I really need to try and get days off more often,” Kyuhyun laughed as he busied himself, “I’m already having the time of my life.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “you know that I would never complain about having you around here more often.”
“I’d love for nothing more too.”
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blu-joons · a day ago
When They See Your Baby Photos ~ BTS Reaction
A gasp came from Jin as soon as he took the photo album from your mum, looking across at you straight away. “Don’t say a word,” you warned him, knowing that something was right on the tip of his tongue.
“How can you expect me to stay quiet?” Jin asked you, turning the album around so that you could see too. “I mean look at how cute you are Y/N, how come you never told me that you were such a cute baby?”
Your head shook as Jin prodded against your arm. “I’m not entertaining this and letting you tease me. I’ll kill my mum for giving you that to see.”
“Why?” Jin innocently smiled back across at you, “I’m quite glad that she gave me this to look at, if she didn’t then I might never have known how cute of a baby you were.”
Your eyes rolled as a groan escaped you too with Jin once again pointing out how cute you looked. “You’ve seen the photo, now put it down,” you tried to tell Jin, but he didn’t listen.
“This is an album Y/N, that’s more than one photo,” he smirked at you.
“This is definitely going to end badly.”
Tumblr media
You didn’t quite know where to look at Yoongi looked between you and your childhood photo that was in his hands several times. “What are you looking at me like that for?” You asked Yoongi in confusion.
“Your eyes haven’t changed at all,” Yoongi noted, stunned by how similar your eyes were between the two photos. “I mean obviously you look much more grown up now, but your eyes just seem the same.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “everyone used to tell me how bright my eyes were even from such a young age, like in this one.”
“You have another one?” Yoongi asked in surprise as you showed him another photo that showed off your eyes. “Wow,” he chuckled as he took it from you carefully.
Your smile was wide as Yoongi looked at you and then the photo once again, “now do you see why my parents used to always tell me that you had to be careful with my eyes?”
“It’s scary how powerful they are,” Yoongi noted with a smirk on his face.
“I always got my own way with these.”
Tumblr media
Your heart sunk as you looked at the photo that Hobi had found whilst walking around your parents’ home. “Put that back,” you tried to tell him, but Hobi lifted the frame up and out of your grip to stop you taking it.
“What are you wearing?” He chuckled, unable to believe the outfit that you wore, shaking his head in disbelief. “Just out of interest, was this ever fashionable?” He then asked you with a wide smile on his face.
You jumped up several times, trying your best to take the frame from him. “I’ll have you know back then what I wore was the height of fashion.”
“Really?” Hobi joked, placing the photo frame back down where it was on the unit. “Remind me to take a picture of that photo before we go back home tonight Y/N.”
Your head immediately shook back at Hobi, knowing you were never going to let him see that photo again. “That’s not happening,” you quickly established, shooting a glare across at him.
“You’re not embarrassed, are you?” Hobi joked, noticing your expression.
“I’ve never been so embarrassed Hobi.”
Tumblr media
The corners of Namjoon’s smile turned up as soon as he looked at the first of your childhood photos, stunned by how indifferent you looked. “What does that smile mean?” You asked as you watched Namjoon closely.
“Looking at this photo of you, I’ve never been so confident that the two of us will have the cutest kids Y/N,” Namjoon explained to you, taking you by surprise as you found yourself stuttering for words.
Your heart raced as Namjoon spoke, trying to keep your composure. “You’ve only seen one photo of me, there’s plenty worse lying around here.”
“I bet they all make you look incredibly cute,” Namjoon assured you, “imagine how adorable our kids will be. I mean look at that smile, how could someone not fall for that?”
Your eyes looked away from Namjoon as he continued to say all the right things that you wanted to hear. “How can you be so sure when we’ve not seen any of your baby photos?”
“Look at me Y/N, of course I was a cute kid,” he teased in reply to you.
“Of course, I’m so sorry for doubting that.”
Tumblr media
His eyes lit up as he turned the page, tapping against the next photo in your baby album straight away. “You recognise it, right?” You asked Jimin, hoping that he knew exactly where the photo had been taken.
“That’s the park that you took me to the other day,” he noted, recognising the spot straight away, despite the decades that were between the photos. “It hardly looks any different to how it looks now.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “remember when I told you that tree was special? This photo is the reason why it means a lot to me.”
“Now it all makes sense,” Jimin chuckled, letting go of a soft groan. “I was wondering why you decided to call a tree special, you had me worried for a little moment.”
Your head shook with a loud chuckle, “that place is special because I had a photo taken every year there. Why don’t you turn the page and take a look at what the next photo in the album is?”
“Is it you one year older?” Jimin asked, holding onto the page corner.
“You’ll have to turn it and find out.”
Tumblr media
The laugh that came from Taehyung had you sinking down in your seat as he looked at yet another of your baby photos. “Stop giggling,” you scolded as Taehyung studied one particular photo very closely.
“Now that is a smile that screams of mischief,” Taehyung noted, admiring the cheeky grin that was on your face in the photo. “I bet you caused all sorts of trouble, but that smile got you out of all of it too.”
Your head shook, hitting gently against his arm., “I never caused mischief, can’t you see in these photos how well behaved I was back then?”
“You definitely look like trouble,” Taehyung replied, hearing you groan beside him. “It seems that you never quite grew out of this phase of mischief either, did you?”
Your eyes widened as Taehyung asked the question. “When have you ever known me to cause mischief?” You challenged, sitting and staring at Taehyung as you waited for him to answer.
“How long do you have for me to answer?” He teased in response to you.
“I’m not even that bad, you’re so unfair.”
Tumblr media
He couldn’t help but chuckle as Jungkook quickly turned the next page and saw another of your baby photos. “Not this one,” you frowned, feeling a shiver run down your spine at the old photo that had been saved.
“Look at that innocent smile,” Jungkook immediately teased, placing his finger over the top of it. “I bet you had your parents wrapped around your little finger when you were younger with a smile as sweet as that.”
Your head shook as you tried to hurry and turn the page, “you can look at any other photo but not this one, my smile makes me look strange.”
“Clearly you were having a good time eating that ice cream,” Jungkook continued to mock anyway, “have you always had your sweet tooth? Ever since you were a baby?”
You dejectedly nodded in reply to him as another quiet chuckle came from him. “I can’t wait until we go to your parents, and I get the chance to tease you about all of your baby photos too.”
“I’ve not got a photo as sweet as this,” Jungkook smugly assured you.
“I bet I’ll be able to find just one.”
Tumblr media
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blu-joons · a day ago
Tumblr media
There was a subtilty to the attention that Wonwoo paid to you, quite often it would just be a look out of the corner of his eye that no one else would pick up on, even though you’d often know that he was looking your way.
One thing the two of you very rarely did was bicker, usually because one of you would end up being so strong with one of your comebacks that the other didn’t know what to say. You were sassy with each other to say the least, and although you liked to push each other, you never stepped over the line that you had.
He would always be there to simply let you talk whenever you needed comforting. Wonwoo knew the signs to know what you wanted from him when you were having a hard time, whether that was a hug or just someone to listen to you for a little while, Wonwoo would do whatever it took to be able to help you.
It was incredibly rare for the two of you to disagree with one another, usually you’d be irritable if one of you pushed an argument. Most of the time the disagreements would be a build up of stress in one of you because your close friendship meant that you usually took that frustration out on the other person, knowing that they could take it and that they’d understand that everything came from stress.
Neither of you could really remember the start of your friendship, having met at such a young age it almost felt as if the two of you had just been in each other’s lives. You tried your best to remember the first time you met Wonwoo or the first time that you spoke to Wonwoo, you just couldn’t. All you could ever remember was him just being by your side as you grew up, regardless of when it all started.
You were as good as a member of Wonwoo’s family, especially after being around for so many years. They loved having you round to visit and treating you as if you were a member of the family too. Whenever they had family events, they invited you when they knew that you were free, or when they visited Wonwoo at work they’d always ask about you and see if you were free to maybe spend some time with them.
Most of the time you would either be at the dorm or at your apartment when you got together, somewhere quiet and without attention. Neither of you wanted to go out too much and find yourselves distracted by fans or cameras that would only get in the way of the two of you being able to talk.
The two of you had a habit of knowing exactly what the other was thinking or what they wanted. Things like ordering or deciding whose side you were on when two of the other boys were arguing were things that you always got right, you knew exactly what Wonwoo liked, and he knew you just the same too.
You had a surprisingly high number of inside jokes between the two of you, with most of the jokes the result of one of you being sassy and smart. Quite a few of your jokes you couldn’t repeat as the two of you had probably been a little harsh to one another, but it only ever came to try and wind each other up.
You would always be able to tell when Wonwoo was feeling jealous, the look on his face would always be a giveaway. It wasn’t something that he tended to talk about, and tried his best to hide it too, but his soft eyes would let you know that he was worried about someone. He knew he wasn’t the loudest, but when someone tried to push him aside as your best friend, then he would start to get unsettled.
Wonwoo got a kick out of knowing that he was the one that you relied on. As much as he hated it when you were upset or struggling, he couldn’t help but smile a little bit knowing that it was his number that you had decided to call, knowing that Wonwoo was the best person to try and cheer you up.
He loved spending time with you, it was something that Wonwoo never got bored of. Even when the two of you had been practically living on top of each other for a little while, Wonwoo would still want to spend the following day with you. Quite often people wondered how the two of you never seemed to not get along with one another, but it was all part of just being by each other’s sides for so long.
The two of you first met at school, aside from that you couldn’t really remember much at all. Wonwoo had just been a constant for you in life, right from when you started school, he was right there with you, and jokingly you loved to highlight how he just never quite seemed to go away and leave you alone.
He loved that he could relax around you more than anything else, Wonwoo was quite wary about how he acted around quite a lot of people, it took a lot for him to trust and relax, but he definitely could with you.
Wonwoo was obsessed with your company, he loved how happy he was whenever he was around you. Even if the two of you were just in silence, that never bothered Wonwoo as having you there was enough.
The moments that meant the most to Wonwoo were the moments when he was just able to be normal around you. He loved that being with you felt like he was a human rather than having to be an idol, how he could laugh loudly, burp and tease you without worrying about anyone watching or judging him.
You were definitely the person that he turned to when he needed a little bit of advice. He didn’t tend to confide in too many people, but if he had to pick just one person to confide in, it was definitely you.
Underneath your bed you had a box that you kept plenty of things in that were to do with your friendship with Wonwoo. Things like tickets from trips that you had been on and receipts from events that the two of you had attended were all kept by you as each one of them was significant to you.
Having your support meant a great deal to Wonwoo, even if you were only able to send a text before something, he still appreciated it. Just knowing that you were thinking of him and knowing what it was that he was up to meant a lot to Wonwoo, the support was just an added bonus for him to enjoy.
When he had a little bit of time off, there was very little that Wonwoo enjoyed as much as being able to escape with you for a little while, even if your trip was only to another part of the city to adventure around.
There was no one better to fill the role as his best friend, you ticked just about every single box that Wonwoo had for a best friend.
When he had a little bit of time, quite often Wonwoo would visit you and see how you were getting along. If he hadn’t been able to see you for a while especially then Wonwoo would take the time to check in.
One thing that you could always rely on Wonwoo for was good advice, he took that role in your life incredibly seriously.
It depended on where you were and who you were with quite a lot of the time as to how affectionate the two of you were together. If you were alone and at home, that would be when you’d be most affectionate.
You were his constant; you were the person that had always been there for him.
One place that you could always crash at was the dorm, Mingyu and Wonwoo both loved having you there and always made the dorm a comfortable place for you whenever you stayed the night with the two of them.
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Just reblogging this as some people are still sending imagines requests, and also a reminder that you can request as many times as you want now 💕
An Update On My Blog...
I’m still getting a lot of questions on the new format of my blog, so I thought that I would summarise what’s going on to try and answer any questions that you guys may have…
From now on, I’m only taking reaction requests, the imagines on my to-do list will be posted, but that is it
I’m also allowing you to request more than one request as a time - a change to my old format
I’m still doing my a-z headcanons, every day a new one of those will be posted for you guys
Headcanon requests are still accepted too as long as they are for groups and not individual idols
All the groups mentioned in my ‘who i write for’ page are who you can request for
My usual guidelines apply, they can be found in my navigation page
Truthfully, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have left on my hands soon to be able to work on my blog and so I’m doing this to create as much content as I can over the summer
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blu-joons · a day ago
okay i am in a severe verivery drought rn
it would be really cool if you could write for them too!!
They're one of the groups that I'm currently watching a lot of variety shows for to try and learn more about in order to hopefully write about them too ❤️
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