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hi these r probably gonna be really dumb but also cute ok bye. donate to my ko-fi if you can! matchups[temporarily closed] requests [open]

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I’m posting this everywhere but I’m stuck in another state and I need to get back to Califorina for finals week for college so I’m gonna post my ko-fi here!

If you can donate thank you so much if not sharing this is enough thank you!

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bnhatrashcanons·4 months agoAnswer
May I request headcanons for Mirio's s/o being a hardcore lover of memes and vines? ❤️
mirio more like…. more like…. pretty. nailed it.

☕If you like my work considering donating to my Ko-Fi!

  • sis we all know mirio is the funniest student at UA. he had to be. we all saw his internship with Nighteye, right? (okay we know how that ended but shut up.)
  • Mirio is meme God. 
  • no one can beat him
  • then you come along and he feels like his title is being challenged. 
  • but he lOVES it.
  • your conversations consist of memes and vines and nothing else.
  • one day amajiki started crying, yelling “what arE YOU SAYING?”
  • your first kiss happened when mirio sweetly whispered in your ear “i love you bitch…. i ain’t gonna never stop loving you…. bitch”.
  • the both of you have a competition on who can send the most obscure meme.
  • they need a third memelord to be the tie breaker because sometimes you both have seen the others meme before.
  • thirdwheel memer is Nejire.
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bnhatrashcanons·4 months agoAnswer
Sero and a support course student?? So happy that you love my boy!!
i’m happy that so many people love him when will he get his plot point i am waiting c’mon horikoshi 

☕If you like my work considering donating to my Ko-Fi!

  • I, personally, like to think Sero is the most likely, save Midoriya, out of 1-A to get injured. His hero design costume is completely stupid for his powers he is gonna dislocate his shoulder (see this redesign to understand what I’m talking about)
  • One day he does dislocate his shoulder and comes to you for help. He can’t really move his arms, so you’re left to your own imagination when it comes to his edits.
  • The moment Sero walks in he’s completely smitten. His eyes go wide and his mouth falls open and brother can barely speak. When you approached him with a smile, grease on your face, and a sweet little “hello” he bumbled his response.
  • “Sh-Shoulder, broke, I, uh, I need, to, not, fix-”
  • “You need adjustments so you don’t hurt yourself anymore?”
  • “Uh-Huh”.
  • Sero watches the whole process. Typically heroes drop off their redesigns and leave it to the support students and go about their own business. Not Sero, though. 
  • Every time you make a noise of frustration because you messed up he would smile. He loved watching the process. Sometimes Sero would skip training to watch you work.
  • You gave him his new suit and he adored it, moreso than he expected. But he was really sad that you had fixed it and the transaction was over. He really enjoyed hanging out with you.
  • So he came in the next day.
  • “Sero!” You greeted with the brightest of smiles, a smile he noticed put butterflies in his stomach. “What are you doing here, did the updates not work?”
  • “No no! It worked just fine! I just,” He coughed, tilting back and forth on the balls of his feet. “I wanted to know if maybe, maybe you wanted to get coffee with me? This weekend.”
  • Sero didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t your enthusiastic ‘yes!’ Chuckling, Sero waved for you to hand him your phone.
  • “So, um, here’s my number, just, just text me when you want to go out.”
  • “Of course!” You bounced. “I’ll text you after class!”
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I’m posting this everywhere but I’m stuck in another state and I need to get back to Califorina for finals week for college so I’m gonna post my ko-fi here!

If you can donate thank you so much if not sharing this is enough thank you!

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bnhatrashcanons·4 months agoAnswer
Hi! I was wondering if I could request some headcannons where a quirkless reader is dating (whoever you want to write about) and they are about to have their first kiss, but it turns out the reader does have a quirk and they accidentally steal the hero's quirk like temporarily when they kiss? Maybe they both freak out and are confused but then there's fluff at the end. Idk, take it wherever you want to go with it if you'd like. Thank you! 😁

I got an input on this one so its favs only in this house. Powers are based off Rogue from X-Men!


  • This situation happened fairly quickly with Kaminari. He never minded that you didn’t have a quirk, kid acts like he has an ego but the moment he finally gets a S/O every bad thing about them is tossed out the window.
  • You two are walking around the city, it was supposed to be a movie night but Kami can’t sit still. He’s practically skipping while you two are walking down the street. He stops you for a few moments and pulls you into his arm for a kiss. Your first one!
  • You really tried to be excited about it but the moment you felt your energy spike, and Kaminari go limp, you knew something was wrong. Pulling away, Kaminari was out and fell to the floor. With a squeak you knelt down beside him and tried to shake him awake.
  • Instead you just ended up releasing electricity. You squeaked again and jumped away, shoving a knocked out Kaminari away from you. You waited for a long while for Kaminari to wake up and for whatever quirk she took to go away.
  • It took an hour for this to happen.
  • Blinking, Kami stared up at you. “So. I’m guessing you do have a quirk.”
  • “Yep.”
  • “And I dont think you’ll let me kiss you for a while.”
  • “Nope.”
  • “Shit.”


  • Todoroki didnt mind that you didnt have a quirk. In fact, he preferred it to anything else. He didnt have to worry about the odd complications that were brought up when in talks of two superheroes dating. He also got a taste of the non hero life through his S/O.
  • Needless to say he really liked it.
  • He was enthralled by the idea of a calm day together. No training, no familial drama. Nothing. Just you and him. Fine by Shoto.
  • His arm was wrapped around your shoulders and you curled into his side. Your kiss was slow and tentative. He leaned in and everything felt so natural. The kiss was soft and sweet. And short.
  • Todoroki started to feel faint, so he pulled away as quickly as the kiss began. He was on the verge of passing out, putting his hand to his forehead. You reached out to grab him, but instead blasted frost onto his forehead.
  • “What the…” Todoroki swallowed, lifting his right hand up to see if anything would happen. The only thing that emerged was a puff of cold air. He looked up at you with wide eyes. “You… you do have a quirk.”
  • “I guess I do I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” You asked, leaning forward.
  • “I’m fine,” he shook his head. “Let’s… let’s not kiss again until you figure out how your quirk works.”
  • “Yeah. Yeah okay.”
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bnhatrashcanons·4 months agoText

I also wanna make icons for the characters I write for on here, similar to how I do on my rp blogs, so if that would be interesting lemme know!

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bnhatrashcanons·4 months agoText

I’ve started watching season 4 to try and get back into BNHA and it took one look at Sero for me to go “yep”

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bnhatrashcanons·9 months agoAnswer
All the class 1A girls play truth or dare and they dare Y/N to moan Bakugo’s name .And all the boys including Bakugo react to it 😂😂

ok this is a really recent one but i love this request so much that i absolutely am doing this right now. this is aged up because, u know, minors. so they’re like third years, they’re 18

slight nsfw warning.

  • girls nights are so much fun. they get the common area and the boys just wait in the hallways to see what they do. what can you expect? do u think any of them hang out with girls? they don’t even know what girls look like. 
  • hagakure came up with truth or dare. it started out as such trivial, childish things like putting ice down the back of shirts, prank calls. when it was your turn, mina had an evil twinkle in her eye.
  • “[Y/N]! I dare you… to moan Kaachan’s name as loud as you can!” Mina giggled, forcing a loud ‘oooohhh’ out of the crowd of girls. you, on the other hand, choked on your drink. 
  • “what?” you coughed, hitting your chest a little to get whatever drink was left in your lungs.
  • “oh come on! we all know there’s something going on with the two of you and you’re probably already banging behind the bleachers anyway! what’s the big deal?” mina teased, tilting her head to the side.
  • “a. that’s none of your business and b. you’re all here! whatever I do in private is private,” you huffed, indignant. 
  • “then I guess you have to take the punishment,” hagakure sing-songed, bouncing in her chair. 
  • “okay okay!” you took in a breath. “k-katsuki! katsuki!!” you moaned, slipping in the slightest of whimpers at the tail end of his name. the girls in the room blushed brightly, momo coughing into her fist.
  • “i hope you’re happy, mina, because that was highly inappropriate,” momo chastised, crossing her arms.
  • in the hallway, all the boys had their gaze locked on bakugou, who’s face was fire engine red, and hands popping.
  • “nice, you hear that all the time, katsuki?” denki teased nudging bakugou’s side, which forced bakugou to push denki onto the ground.
  • “shut up, pikachu.” he growled, standing up to move out of the hallway, all the while tokoyami-feathers ruffled- mumbled ‘forbidden darkness’. 
  • bakugou slammed the door to his room, pulling out his phone to text you.
  • ‘what the fuck was that?’
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bnhatrashcanons·9 months agoAnswer

I’m also short and am thicc as well so here we are i love this request yessssss

  • alright, sero is used to being the tall one considering everyone else in the bakusquad are children compared to him.
  • however, you are tiny compared to him. and he adores it. 
  • he’s also a lot stronger than anyone anticipates (ok stop calling him scrawny, he can lift himself off the ground with a god damn piece of tape stop underestimating my boy) so he picks you up and tosses you over his shoulder just for the fun of it.
  • picks u up and spins you around all the time. it’s also so easy for him to toss you onto the couch or bed, pinning you down and kissing you a bunch. it’s really sweet. 
  • as for ur thicc thighs? oh he adores them. he will squeeze them from under the table when you go out, when you’re just snuggling on the couch. just all the time. his hands are there. 
  • oh my god he also kisses them all the time. 
  • takes naps on ur thighs. its his favorite pillow.
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bnhatrashcanons·9 months agoAnswer
Hi hi hi just wanted to say this blog is really cool!! I just think it's neat. OH and !! It gives me really chill cutesy vibes that I associate with oft indie pop so just wanted to say that.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much that’s such a cute and nice association I love that thank u so much love~

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bnhatrashcanons·9 months agoAnswer
Hello! I just found your blog during my midnight Tumblr browsing and I just wanted to say thank you for giving Sero some well deserved love!!! 💜💜 I'll keep checking your blog out 'till I force myself to sleep to go to class tomorrow 😂😂

kjsbhdabkadjdbj thank u so much i love u too ur the bestest thank u for ur support

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bnhatrashcanons·9 months agoAnswer
How many requests do you have? If theres too many remember to not overwork yourself and feel free to close them at anytime

I have a lot of requests but I will get through them! I don’t see a reason to close them as of yet! Weekends are hectic for me but it is no longer weekend so hazoinkies!!!

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bnhatrashcanons·9 months agoAnswer
Hi! Could I get a match up pls? Hi! Het female, INFP, curly short hair with rosy cheeks and freckles, tall, chubby, introvert but I get really loud with my friends. I love animals, sleeping, reading, painting. my friends says I’m very funny but also naive, I’m good at comforting people, but I’ve anxiety so need time off from ppl, affectionate but I tend to hide my love side/close off over the fear I will be rejected, also I get flustered very easily vednnfsls hope that’s enough! Tks

Also, you said to specify if “you don’t mind a teacher, member of the big three, or pro hero” and a matching result, just wanted to let you know I totally don’t mind! But I’d like to know who from 1-A would be a good pairing? ( if you choose anyone outside of the 1-A of course ) Anyway, hope I’m not bothering sorry I couldn’t specify in the first ask!!!’ Thank you again!

I ship you with…
Eijiro Kirishima!

  • hi he’s babey and he is here to love u forever
  • he’s also!!! really loud with his friends so u both are loud together and it’s cute but only to you two
  • kiri also really likes animals so u two take zoo trips a lot and he gets so excited when he sees the animals. he’s a literal child, he’s bouncing up and down and squealing.
  • he honestly spends so much time with you and kinda forgets about your anxiety issues. remind him??? he’ll give you your space he promises
  • soft and also fears being rejected.
  • ur emotions are connected. when ur sad so is he. u saw him with tsu imagine that with his partner
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bnhatrashcanons·9 months agoAnswer
Ahh is it weird to ask for match ups with ocs? It’s okay if not, just wondering. Thank you! ^^

It’s not weird!! But matchups are closed at the moment but I’ll post when they’re open again send it in!! I’m really intrigued to hear about your ocs!!

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