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bodycountgame · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
happy bday to my fave nerd @bodycountgame ♥
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bodycountgame · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy birthday charlie my love! ♡
thank you so much to @eowynking for drawing my beloveds charlie and my @bodycountgame oc, carrie! this turned out so beautifully, especially charlie… god look at him. i’m obsessed !!!!! 
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bodycountgame · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
happy bday mr junior producer !!!!!!!! @bodycountgame 💖💘
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bodycountgame · 22 hours ago
Hi nell! Can you do the ros as poems please? 👉🏽👈🏽🥺
okay these are the ROs as love poems i associate w/ them specifically bc i'm just soppy like that xoxo
Adegoke: modern love by douglas dunn
Arthur: for what binds us by jane hirschfield
Atticus: i do not love thee by caroline norton or the whole world is gone by jennifer grotz
Avery: resignation by nikki giovanni
Charlie: first meeting by a. s. j. tessimond or i love you to the moon & by chen chen
Ellis: late fragment by raymond carver or all i ever wanted by katie ford
Florrie: want could kill me by xandria phillips or one more love poem by dunya mikhail
Griffin: let me put it this way by simon armitage
Imogen: packing up by michael fried or this poem is asking for your love by grace cavalieri
Nyra: love comes quietly by robert creely or gravity and centre by henri cole
Rowan: scheherzade by richard siken or i am not yours by sara teasdale
Syd: poem I wrote sitting across the table from you by kevin varrone
Vinh: the more loving one by w. h. auden or haiku [for you] by sonia sanchez
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bodycountgame · 22 hours ago
My turn to steal asks from other blogs. Idk if someone sent this already but if it hasn't been sent, what would the ros put as mcs contact name in their phone before and after they get together?
ehehehe okay okay: unromanced // ~romanced~ 
Adegoke: [name] // [name] 😊
Arthur: absolutely doesn’t have their number saved lmao // ❤️
Atticus: [insert physical characteristics here] from bc // [name] x
Avery: [name] [surname] // [name] [surname] (ICE)
Charlie: [name] 🎬🎥 // second coolest person 😎 (important context: he saved his own number in his SO’s phone as ‘coolest person😘’)
Ellis: [name] [surname] // ⭐☀️🌙 and everything in between
Florrie: bestie 🎉🎉🎉 (florrie has so many numbers saved like this that it becomes hard to distinguish between them) // 💖✨💖✨💖✨💖✨
Griffin: [name]!!! // ❤️[insert whatever gooey dumb nickname he calls them based on a stupid inside joke here]❤️
Imogen: [name] // my one and only ❤️
Nyra: ignore this number // the loml, my everything, etc etc 🙄 (changed sarcastically after they discovered she still had their number saved under ignore this number lmao)
Rowan: [name] (BC🍸🩸) // fave 
Syd: ??? one of the body counts // stinky butthead idiot human 
Vinh: [name] // [name] - reply to this!!!
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bodycountgame · 22 hours ago
What would the ROs sing at karaoke?
Anon, the amount that I enjoyed answering this question is absolutely criminal. Here you go dodo 
Griff – Footloose by Kenny Loggins, although when he’s out with his sisters they always make him do Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. He doesn’t need to look at the words for either.
Syd – I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys
Adegoke – Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder (and he’d kill it)
Ellis – Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood because that’s the sort of high drama shit that they love.
Nyra – Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage
Imogen – How Will I Know by Whitney Houston and everyone is surprised cause Imogen’s got pipes.
Arthur – Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
Florrie – I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry or maybe Bye Bye Bye by *NSYNC. Florrie has a lot of fun with karaoke.
Vinh – It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls and only ever as part of a group.
Avery – Murder On The Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor because it’s hard to do it that badly and Avery is exactly posh enough.
Charlie – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham and he’ll have a great time.
Atticus – has only ever performed karaoke when extremely drunk and when physically dragged up onto the stage with his mates. Usually ends up doing something like I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys.
Rowan – Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera
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bodycountgame · 22 hours ago
"you and your lover pull back from a kiss, only to lock lips again because you can't keep your hands off of each other" for charlie? ❤️
am i procrastinating by writing prompt fills from 4923023 months ago on my phone instead of doing my work like a good boi??? couldn’t possibly confirm.
you and your lover pull back from a kiss, only to lock lips again because you can't keep your hands off of each other + charlie?
“i have to go.”
“noooo, you don’t.”
“yes, i do. i have to go to work,” you insist, and charlie hums thoughtfully as he pulls you back in for another kiss. they’re slow and sweet, a confection, while he thinks of some appropriate retort. your lips part briefly, and you think he might have something, but then he just leans back in for another kiss, more kisses, like he can’t quite get enough.
eventually, though, he seems to crack it.
“that’s on monday,” he informs you smugly, hands firm on your hips to impede your escape. as if you were even trying to escape. you very clearly are not - you’re too busy pulling him back in for another kiss, and then another, fingers in his hair until you’re both left gasping.
“wait, it is monday.”
“no, actually.” charlie looks up at you with a dazed grin and a hint of smugness. okay, rather a large dose of smugness, actually. “i’ve invented a new day. it’s called schmonday and it falls between sunday and monday.”
“and you let my employers know?”
“…no.” he frowns, “but you can just go tomorrow on monday and explain their error. it’ll catch on in no time.”
“if you make me late…” any plans you’d had to get up and shower and get dressed and go to work like a sensible adult are quickly dissipating as charlie rolls you onto your back (and you think, perhaps charitably, that you had planned to do those things until this point).
“just give me, like, five minutes.” he kisses your neck, your collarbone, your sternum. he rolls your nipple between his teeth and you let out a little gasp, back arching involuntarily, and he smiles against your skin. there’s that smugness again. 
“only five?”
“i’m very efficient.” but he’s trailing his tongue down your stomach, which makes the words come out a bit more like “mm we-wy e-icent”. you would protest his utter ridiculousness, but you find yourself a little distracted. he is very efficient. 
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bodycountgame · 22 hours ago
secret kisses with charlie from the prompt list? 👀💜
secret kisses + charlie
“If we get caught…” Charlie whispers, breath hot against your neck as he searches for any reason that you might both turn around and leave.
“It’ll be bad,” you conclude for him, gripping the sides of his t-shirt to pull him closer. He sucks in a sharp breath as his body comes flush with yours.
“Really bad.”
Charlie’s nose brushes yours as what little resolve he has begins to crumble.
You press kisses along his jawline and roll his earlobe between your teeth, relishing in the low hum that escapes his lips and the way his arms tighten around your back.
“World ending, really,” you smirk, pulling back to meet his gaze, eyes shining even in the low light. Charlie shifts in place, squaring his hips with yours as his uncertain expression is replaced with a mischievous grin.
“You know, I’ve never really been that attached to the world anyway. Only a matter of time til we colonise Mars, right?”
Then he kisses you, and if there’s ever been a kiss that would make the end of the world feel totally worth it, it’s got to be this one. Or the next one. Or the next. Or, really, any of the many that follow.
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bodycountgame · a day ago
👁 13 or 5? For the spotify wrapped songs :chinhands:
For Rowan or Syd. 💕
syd + iscariot - vassar devils (opb. walk the moon)
“Well, that's what you want but it's not what you're asking for I said, that's what you're asking but you're gonna get more than you bargained for I said, that's what you had but you don't have it anymore You had it coming”
when you complain that you’ve worn this one outfit for about as long as you can justify, syd just tips their head to one side as they smirk up at you from the couch and says things like “wear mine” or “who needs clothes anyway”. but that isn’t really enough when what they actually mean is “i don’t want you to go”.
when you tell them that you care about them, they wrinkle their nose and roll their eyes and their cheeks go a little pink as they say things like “ew, gross” and “alright, keep it in your pants”. but that isn’t enough when what they actually mean is “i care about you too.”
and then when you leave for good, they slam doors and say things like “you’re being really fucking petty” and “i don’t understand what you want from me” and “fine, fuck you” when what they really mean is “please, please, please stay. i’d do anything to make you stay.”
and that isn't enough, either.
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bodycountgame · 3 days ago
made a uquiz, tell me who you get in the tags i’m nosey xoxo
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bodycountgame · 4 days ago
Do you have an ETA on next chapter? No pressure, just wondering if you have specific dates you aim for or anything
SO at the moment my focus has been on moving all the existing content across into twine, which is taking some Time.
once that's done, i'll be able to properly start work on chapter 4, but the move does mean there will be a larger gap between updates than there has been before.
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bodycountgame · 4 days ago
Can mc finish the others up with the killer? Cause that shii looks fun :D
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bodycountgame · 4 days ago
hey nell! i was replaying for the millionth time today and i was having a look at my stats and i was just wondering why we can’t see our relationship stats w rowan and atticus yet, just out of curiosity?
i've chatted about this a little before, but it's mainly because of the imminent move to twine - this is the last chapter in choicescript, so i kept the additional coding really minimal to save myself having to recode quite as much stuff.
you'll probably notice that choices in chapter 3 don't have a huge impact on other relationships and the behaviour stats, too, and that's for the same reason.
when the twine version launches, you'll be more able to see the impact of those choices :)
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bodycountgame · 5 days ago
since arthur is straight up and straight down, does this mean that the “arthur has a nice ass” agenda cannot bloom into fruition? agony-
i mean flat boy butts can still be nice i'm not gonna be out here making a list of physical features that are undesirable lmao.
like i know i make fun of arthur and his ironing board ass (because he is my posh little bastard and he deserves it) but all of the characters in body count are objectively hot! they wouldn't have been cast in a reality tv show if not!
if you think the way i've described any of their appearances negates that, then maybe that's something that you need to address about the way you judge peoples bodies idk.
anyway the point is that i don't want people to feel shitty about their bodies, people of any shape can be hot, if you're reading this you're probs bangin' don't let anybody tell you different xoxo
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bodycountgame · 5 days ago
If you know (and its not too spoilery), when will the next switch be?
the next switch is at the start of chapter 5!
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bodycountgame · 5 days ago
i just KNOW that arthur is not gonna pick my mc at the switch just bc he’s Like That and i’m already screaming into my pillow
maaaaaaaaaybe he will, maaaaaaaaybe he won't
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bodycountgame · 5 days ago
can you please tell something about atticus' and rowan's occupations? cuz it'll be way easier for me to imagine them lol dskdjsk
rowan works in marketing, atticus is a civil servant :)
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