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7. Dream place to live?
This might sound insane, but I love the midwest. I've lived in a lot of different places, both in the US and abroad, and while I've lived a lot more exciting places for sure, I think the midwest will always draw me back. When I started looking at grad programs, one of my professors prompted me to really think long and hard about where I might want to settle down for the foreseeable future, and I think I was just as surprised as everyone else that I kept coming back to my love for the midwest with its lakes and fields that seem to go on forever.
pure asks
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Hi! Are you a native Spanish speaker or is it your 2nd language? Has adjusting to life in Spain been difficult language-wise for you? How are you enjoying living in Madrid? I'm thinking of living in Spain for a few years in 3-4 yrs & have studied Spanish for 10+ years, but it's still my 2nd lang. I do consider myself bilingual. Thx for answering!! Hope ur enjoying ur studies a lot! I want to do Span Lings. in the future after working a few years ☺️
Hey! Spanish is my second language, but I've been speaking it since I was 4, so I don't remember learning it exactly, if that gives you an idea. Before living in Spain I lived in Chile a few years ago, and that experience was definitely much more difficult for me language-wise. In Spain my only real issue was vocabulary differences between my South American Spanish and the Castilian around me, but I got better about code-switching a few weeks in (Chile was a much similar experience, it was just a steeper adjustment curve).
I've enjoyed living in Madrid a lot. A ton of stuff to do all the time and I feel like I'm never finished exploring. It's not a forever home for me personally, but a lot of kids from my program are staying permanently or moving back after they graduate. It's a great city and if you have a chance to live there, definitely take it (though I'm partial to Sevilla, it's just more difficult if you want to travel a lot).
I hope this helps! Good luck with your studies :)
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Do you have siblings? How many?
What was you favourite toy as a child?
Last thing that made you laugh
Last thing that made you cry
What traits do you like about yourself
What’s your last text that you sent (do not give any context)
Dream place to live?
Favourite quote from a tv show
Favourite quote from a movie
Last person you called
First app you check when you wake up?
Is there anything in your drafts/queue
Favourite school subject
What high school stereotype were/are you
Do you think your teachers liked you in school?
Favourite article of clothing?
Fashion fears
What is one skill you want to learn
Have you learnt anything in self isolation
Have you fulfilled any goals you had for 2020
Any goals for 2021
How much do you think you fit into the description of your star sign
What would you say your aesthetic is?
You can change one physical trait about yourself what would it be?
You can change one of your personality traits, what would it be?
Finish the sentence : “My favourite thing about tumblr is...”
What is the last assumption you made?
The last mistake you made?
Would you rather live in the Sahara or Antarctic
Favourite animal
What is ‘your’ emoji
Last thing you bought that was so bad that it was good
Something you bought but were never able to wear because of covid
What is the best piece of advice you received
Is love something that scares you?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
What would a romantic partner say is your best quality?
What does the person that is physically the closest to you right at this moment mean to you?
Favourite place to be kissed
Last person you had a dream about?
Kinda stupid but... cupcakes or donuts?
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Tumblr media
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if i bring a book someplace it doesn't necessarily mean i want to read it mayb i just want to take her on a walk. Get her some fresh air and a change of scenery
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sunday afternoon at home
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JUNE 15 / 22
in my minimalistic era for my bujo… cause it’s the only way I actually use it
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Tumblr media
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Productive Friday vibes 🤘🏾
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Arcadian Books & Prints (New Orleans) 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Working in the very library I have to make a presentation about. Isn’t she a beauty? 💞
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
currently in the UK visiting family and have finally pretty much finished up the semester after a month and a half of finals. celebrating by letting myself read the articles i’ve found while researching for my thesis but haven’t had time to properly read :)
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What did you just call me? Cunt? Like the philospher?
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✨ summer 2022 goals ✨
Summer has finally arrived (sort of, still have a couple loose ends from this past semester to tie up) and I wanted to lay out some of my goals to maybe hold myself accountable, but also because writing things out usually eases my stress a little, and impending grad school applications are definitely making that stress pique.
Source of the Day
I love this system and highly recommend for folks trying to move on from that initial research phase of collecting potential sources
Every day, read and write an annotated bibliography entry for one source from my thesis project in NoodleTools
This may feel like a daunting pace to keep up with given I do include weekends lol, but I’ve got a lot of blogs and listicles that I can and want to clear out rather quickly so I can move on to the things I know I need to work with more in depth. Also it’s totally okay to skip a day sometimes, it really is of no consequence
Read at least one of the novels I plan to use
At the moment I’ve got two novels of particular interest, both of them things I would honestly pick up if I were just reading for fun, and I know this fall is going to end up being a really reading heavy semester, so I want to be able to devote myself to these things the way they deserve while I can
Take notes while reading, of course
Draft an initial outline of an analysis based in the theory I’m using as my lens. And try to get at least 5-10 pages of a paper that can be expanded into a chapter and writing sample in the fall
Revisit my abstract
Begin drafting personal statements and statements of purpose
This is definitely one of the more daunting parts of the application process to me, so just getting anything, no matter how rough, on paper so it’s not completely ruining my life when we hit November and December would be great
Add to-do list columns to planning spreadsheet
Easy thing I can do and have done and feel accomplished about
Finish looking into potential advisors
Finish filling out notes in planning spreadsheet
Draft emails
Reach out in August
Turn in last blog comments for this past semester
This is something that needs to get done this week, hopefully today
Fill out Latin American studies course permission request form
This is actually super cool, I made a whole new course happen just because I asked a question no one ever had before! Big reminder that “you get some of what you ask for and none of what you don’t” will always ring true. But uh... yeah, need to get that form filled out at some point.
Write letter in support of my professor who’s up for promotion
Due July 15th
I’m not going to do any however many days of productivity challenge or anything, given I’ve got a lot of traveling going on this summer and a lot of unpredictability, but I will be posting updates as I go for sure, so come follow along! 🥰
(Also if you are someone who is in grad school for a foreign language atm and you’ve got any tips on the application process, please, I am all ears. Every time I think about the 20 page writing sample one of my applications requires I will admit I do cry, so all advice or words of encouragement are appreciated lol)
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ok ok ok can you tag this with the time you sleep/you wake up and if you take any naps if yes how long (12:00-1:00 am/5:00 am/one nap, 2 hours at least)
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Oooh my dash needs a pick me up. If you are:
An adult
A workblr/langblr/studyblr (I prefer realistic ones over the overly aesthetic ones) and/or
A student/professional in anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, law, medicine, computer science, and/or linguistics and/or
A langblr (Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, or Korean and we can be buddies!)
I'd like to follow! Please interact in some way (like/comment/reblog)!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
University Student 🎓
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3.4.2022 [14/100]
finally got a beautiful sunny weekend in Madrid after a good few weeks of rain. and yet here i find myself choosing to read more lit theory referencing Derrida on this sunny Sunday afternoon.
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Tumblr media
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