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boltwrites11 days agoAnswer

How about Lee?

lol the bold on this makes it so ominous for some reason

Lee: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

i wanted to be a lot of things when i was younger! basically they can be put into two categories:
caring for animals: i wanted to be either a vet, run a pet sanctuary, or breed purebred dogs (i was like 8 when i wanted to do the last one don鈥檛 come for me)
fame: i wanted to be an actor, or in a famous rock band, or an author. might still go for author, but it鈥檚 definitely not going to be my main source of income
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boltwrites11 days agoAnswer

You and Bolin's Forehead Curl motivated me to create my own Ask Bolin blog! Any tips to start getting asks?

i聽 have some tips on running a blog here (scroll down to the bottom!)

when it comes to getting asks, my main advice is to write at least one thing on your own and post it to the tags. then, if you have the proper signage on your blog (like, saying you take requests, have your askbox open, etc), you will probably have at least one person ask for another fic! the more fics you post to the tag, the more traction you will gain. growing an ask/writing blog mainly revolves around gaining traction in tags, as we don鈥檛 get a lot of reblogs, so make sure to check the tags to make sure that your posts are showing up, and use the most accurate tags possible for your posts! also posting consistently to your own blog will help you gain some sense of reliability. (unfortunately i haven鈥檛 been able to follow that rule much myself lately, but i鈥檓 trying)聽

also i鈥檓 so flattered that i helped motivate you! also @bolins-forehead-curl is awesome, no wonder he helped motivate you as well!!!聽

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boltwrites11 days agoAnswer


Toph: What is a false assumption people often make about you?

i feel like most people don鈥檛 make many assumptions about me? i don鈥檛 get many people that share what assumptions they had about me, but a lot of people, when they first hear me speak, think i have an accent or that i鈥檓 from somewhere else (even people who live nearby). it鈥檚 kind of funny, especially since some of my friends growing up had the same accent, and my parents and grandma all have the accent and are all from this area.聽
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boltwrites11 days agoAnswer

Gyatso and suki ?

Gyatso: Do you have more fun playing games with others or playing practical jokes on others?

more fun playing games! i鈥檓 too nervous for practical jokes, although i do like seeing them play out when they鈥檙e harmless. on april fools鈥 in high schools, for instance, one time some of my classmates took our history teacher鈥檚 figurine of admiral ackbar (you know, from star wars?) and incased him in jello. that was pretty funny.

Suki: Who do you consider to be your family?

i definitely consider my mom and dad my family. they can be kind of insufferable at times, but they鈥檙e definitely family. i also, begrudgingly, consider my grandma family, although i really wish she wasn鈥檛. and i consider my best friend to be like a sister to me, because i have a very similar relationship with her as i do the rest of my family.
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boltwrites11 days agoAnswer

june, shes my favorite

June: Do you have any pets? If so, how close are you with them?

yes, i actually have 4 cats! i consider myself pretty close with all of them, however there are two that i think really like me!
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boltwrites11 days agoText


Asks from the characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender 鈽侊笍鈽锔

Aang: Are you a lover or a fighter?

Katara: What is something you believe in and will always stand up for?

Sokka: What is an insecurity you struggle with or have struggled with in the past?

Zuko: What is a struggle you have faced that you are proud of having overcome?

Suki: Who do you consider to be your family?

Toph: What is a false assumption people often make about you?

Iroh: Are you interested in philosophy? If so, what is a favourite philosophical idea of yours?

Azula: What is one of your talents?

Mai: Are you more of an open or closed book?

Ty Lee: Are you more of an optimist or pessimist?

Yue: Do you love your country/region/city?

June: Do you have any pets? If so, how close are you with them?

Jin: What is your favourite date you have been on, or what would your ideal date involve?

Song: What is the kindest thing you have done for a stranger, or that a stranger has done for you?

Jet: How forgiving are you?

Long-Shot: Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

Smellerbee: Do you follow societal gender norms?

Haru: What is something you hope for?

Teo: Do you remember the moment you realized your parents weren鈥檛 perfect?

Chan: How important is being well-liked to you?

On-Ji: What do you do as a form of self-expression?

Lee: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Meng: Do you remember your first crush?

Aunt Wu: Do you believe in fate?

Kya: What is something/someone you would make sacrifices for?

Hakoda: Do you want children?

Ursa: How do you think your relationship with your parents has impacted you?

Ozai: What is a toxic trait you have/had, and what are you doing/have you done to change it?

Zhao: How impulsive are you?

Hama: How resourceful are you?

Long Feng: When, if ever, are lies and secrets justified?

The Earth King: Do you keep up with world events and issues?

Master Yu: How important is being well-mannered to you?

Xin-Fu: Do you fall for the same tricks more than once?

The Boulder: Do you have a celebrity you look up to?

Lo: Are you good at solving riddles?

Li: Do you consider yourself a perfectionist?

Bumi: How long is your longest-running friendship?

Piandao: Do you more often find yourself thinking outside the box or following guidelines?

Jeong Jeong: How patient are you?

Paku: Have you ever faced bigotry?

Kanna: What is a deal breaker for you in a significant other/friend?

Kyoshi: Is killing ever justified?

Roku: Do you cherish your old friends or move on from them completely?

Gyatso: Do you have more fun playing games with others or playing practical jokes on others?

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boltwrites12 days agoAnswer

im gonna preface this by saying this isn't a request; in a bolin x reader, imagine if reader has a degradation kink and bolin just completely fudges it. like, you ask him to call you a "dirty little slut" or something like that and he stutters while saying, his face looks all worried and he apologizes. so its like "do you like that you... uhh.. whore? im sorry, you're not a whore, you're a very respectable person! not to say that whores aren't respectable people, you just- i, uh.. I'm sorry"

he says it really fast and nervous too i think it would be hilarious. he tries his best, but he physically can't bring himself to be mean to you in any context bc he's so sweet. you compromise and do some neutral, vague dirty talk.. like he'll harshly praise the reader ig its all about tone 🐌

i think i actually have a headcanon about this somewhere, but djkfsk i completely agree. like reader asks him to degrade them and he would absolutely fucks it up. the only way he can actually do dirty talk correctly and well is if it鈥檚 dirty praise, the poor thing. he just loves his partners too much! it鈥檚 not his fault!聽

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boltwrites13 days agoAnswer

I apologise for the self promotion on your fic, as a reader of yours I thought I was being helpful, but I realised I did something wrong. I hold myself accountable for what I did and I hope I get to review more of your work. I was wrong and I'm sorry for what I did.

i have had you blocked for a few weeks now. please don鈥檛 interact with me. i have blocked both your main and sideblog, as well as your account. this is due to your lack of interaction with my own work and insistence on self-promoting your own work instead.聽

i鈥檓 glad that you are working on yourself in order to understand writers鈥 boundaries and how to interact with this community, but you still have a long way to go, as is evident by your block-evading in order to send me this anon. when someone blocks you on multiple platforms, it means they do not want you to interact with them or their works. the only reason you were still able to comment on my fic in the first place is because ao3 doesn鈥檛 have any sort of blocking system.

so, no. please do not read or review more of my work, and please do not contact me again. i mean this in no disrespect, as it is out of my own personal comfort and ability to set my own boundaries. but please do not contact me. the fact that you sent me this knowing that i have you blocked both here and on is evidence enough that you still have a lot to work on when it comes to boundaries, and i am not interested in holding your hand through that journey. i wish you all the best in your own life as an author and member of fandom.聽

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boltwrites13 days agoAnswer

Your favourite LOK oc fanfics?

i don鈥檛 actually read very many lok oc fanfics! this is mostly because i don鈥檛 want to accidentally steal ideas or concepts from those fics and work them into my own without realizing it. i mostly read x reader fanfics (and i haven鈥檛 been reading much lately, so my older recommendations for x reader writers still stand)

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boltwrites13 days agoAnswer

the finale was really good! don't beat yourself up about it. i really enjoyed it

thank you! i think i鈥檓 just having a rough time adjusting to my new schedule (and, on top of that, some rude people trying to ruin my fun) so thank you for sending me a nice message!

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boltwrites13 days agoAnswer

First of all: LOVED chapter 22. I know someone already said this, but you do a great job of fitting Taro into the canon/changing the canon in such a way that I’m not disappointed at all. Second, and because I love their friendship, Bolin +Taro friendship Headcanons, please and thank you

thank you! i struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to change canon subtly, and i鈥檓 glad that it wasn鈥檛 too jarring for most readers!

bittw headcanons | Bolin + Taro鈥檚 friendship

  • funnily enough, Bolin and Taro as friends? very similar to Bolin and Taro in a relationship
  • they like to tease each other lightly - they make little jabs at stupid things that don鈥檛 really mean anything, and while Taro has been mean to Bolin in the past (and Bolin has been somewhat rude to her in return), their teasing as friends is more playful and controlled
  • they play off of each other well, when it comes to joking around - Taro can seem sort of serious, due to how she handles the stress of battle, but she has her own playful and humorous side. Bolin鈥檚 humor is more goofy and playful, which contrasts nicely with Taro鈥檚 own humor, which is based more on teasing and sarcasm. they鈥檙e a very fun duo to be around, when they鈥檙e both in good moods
  • however, they鈥檙e not fair weather friends, or friends that hide things from each other
  • contrasting Taro鈥檚 relationship with Korra - both Taro and Korra are emotionally stunted, so while they may recognize each other鈥檚 conflicts and support each other quietly, they almost never outright discuss their trials or other hardships
  • this is miles apart from how Taro and Bolin handle their own stresses. Bolin is incredibly intuitive, and he understands that in order to Taro to open up to him, he has to be vulnerable himself first. he accepts that, and isn鈥檛 afraid to discuss his own hardships (past or present) in order to make Taro feel more comfortable discussing her own struggles
  • this is important, because Taro has been too stubborn and full of pride in the past to ever make the first move when discussing her own personal hardships. by coming to realize that Bolin (someone who she previously thought was immune to mental struggles) has issues as well, and has the courage to open up about them, she鈥檚 able to learn the strength that comes from trusting others and allowing support into her life
  • it also gives her more respect for Bolin as a person - someone who she had previously believed was just too naive and stupid to understand the gravity of the problems they faced. by understand that Bolin鈥檚 humor is just his mask - like Taro鈥檚 stoicism is her own - they both bond over their shared hardships
  • after this breakthrough, they鈥檙e very open with each other as friends. Taro isn鈥檛 afraid to tell Bolin when he fucks up, because she knows that he鈥檚 going to try and be better. she doesn鈥檛 sugarcoat things or baby him, but she also doesn鈥檛 act like he鈥檚 an asshole or a bad person just for making a mistake - something that really strengthens their relationship, since Bolin is terrified of disappointing others
  • Bolin, as an intuitive friend, is always there for Taro - sometimes too much. he likes to check in on his friends and make sure they鈥檙e doing ok, and he can be a little clingy. Taro, on the other hand, carefully tries to navigate friendships so she doesn鈥檛 seem too needy or annoying. this can cause some stress, as they have different ways of interacting with friendship
  • the same can be said for physical expressions of friendship - it took Taro a LONG time to warm up to Bolin鈥檚 hugs. she鈥檚 never been a hugger, but Bolin鈥檚 surprisingly good at it, and Taro starts to allow herself to enjoy hugs, since Bolin obviously likes giving them
  • Bolin is much more of a touchy-feely person than Taro is. he likes to sling arms over his friends鈥 shoulders, jab them with his elbow or his thumb, as well as the aforementioned hugs. again, for Taro, this takes some getting used to.
  • one of the important things about Taro and Bolin鈥檚 friendship is that they are both idealists - Bolin is a naive idealist, and Taro is a cynical idealist. while Bolin likes to see the good in everyone from the get-go, Taro is more wary to trust others and always holds herself back, even if she wants to believe a person is good. however, instead of berating Bolin when someone he trusted turns out to be evil or untrustworthy, she instead admires him for his ability to make friends wherever he goes
  • Taro, in turn, is more likely to make enemies wherever she goes, due to her resting bitch face and wariness around others. she wishes she could be more like Bolin - trusting and kind - and he, in turn, looks to Taro for advice sometimes, when he isn鈥檛 sure whether or not to trust others.聽
  • Bolin also serves as Taro鈥檚 anchor in a lot of situations. she鈥檚 much easier to anger, especially when it comes to concerns of justice and human rights, or when her friends are in danger. Bolin acts as the voice of reason at these times, telling Taro to wait and consider her options
  • and, most importantly, despite her more sarcastic exterior, Taro thinks Bolin鈥檚 dumb jokes are funny. she always has - even when they were rivals. he could say the stupidest shit, and she would crack up even when no one else would. a bad sense of humor is definitely what ties these two together
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boltwrites14 days agoText

just a reminder that ch 22 of bittw is up and the askbox is open for any bittw related headcanons or questions!

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boltwrites14 days agoAnswer

Chapter 22 was soo good!! I love how even though you deviate from canon you make it seem like it could still have been in the series. That’s why I’m so excited for book 2, from what you said about taro being basically canon, I can’t wait to see how she ties into the story. -> 🧚🏻

thank you! i try my best to make everything connect in a way that seems natural, but it鈥檚 been a little difficult in season 2 so far, because season 2 is…. oddly paced, to say the least. but thank you for the kind words, i鈥檓 glad you liked it!

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boltwrites14 days agoText

Taro鈥檚 bending

today, I decided to discuss Taro鈥檚 bending abilities a little more in depth, since I don鈥檛 really get to discuss them that deeply in Books 1 and 2 (spoilers if you haven鈥檛 read all of bittw yet)


Taro is, by nature, a bloodbender. although she very rarely uses her bloodbending to control other individuals against their will, she does have this ability. she was even, for a brief moment, able to overtake Amon with her blood grip. her bloodbending, like many others鈥, is fueled by rage and pain, and although she does not wish the pain of bloodbending onto anyone, she is willing to put aside her morals for the greater good, and will not hesitate to bloodbender anyone who is trying to seriously harm her friends

blood healing

blood healing is an amalgamation of two different waterbending subtypes - bloodbending and healing. Taro, through her lineage, is able to access both of these types of bending. from a young child, she was able to heal her own body simply through manipulation of her breathing, and therefore, blood flow. through careful application of both bloodbending techniques, as well as healing techniques learned from Katara and Kya, Taro is able to use her bloodbending to heal others. since this form of healing is connected directly to one鈥檚 blood, Taro is able to heal much more deeply than other healers, who simply use water flow in order to heal wounds. since Taro does not need water, she is much more flexible in her healing abilities, as well as more powerful since she is able to heal using the body鈥檚 own methods.

in addition to healing physical wounds, Taro is also able to calm mental states as well as correct spiritual wounds. the blood in the body is closely connected to the spirit, as well as the chakras. by influencing the blood, Taro is able to calm heartrates, slow the spread of stress hormones, and also channel through common spiritual and energetic passages such as chakras. Although she is manipulating the blood, the spiritual energy follows the same pathways, and thus she is able to open and close chakras - the same as her uncle, Amon


self-bending is a form of bloodbending in which one bends their own blood. Taro has traditionally used this method to break free of Tarrlok and Amon鈥檚 blood holds, but the technique extends beyond that point. since bloodbending is the control of blood flow, as well as muscles, Taro is able to relax, contract, and supercharge her own muscles thanks to her bloodbending. in Book One we see her do this multiple times by relaxing her muscles in order to soften her blow after a jump or fall, but she can also use this ability to punch slightly stronger or jump slightly higher. it isn鈥檛 much of a boost, but it can come in handy if she is tired or otherwise in need of extra power

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boltwrites14 days agoText

Blood Is Thicker Than Water - Chapter 22 - the end!

Fandom: The Legend of Korra
Pairing: Bolin / Original Female Character
Rating: T
Tags: Rivals to Lovers, Slow Burn, POV First Person, Waterbender OC

Work Summary: Taro thought that when she left the Southern Water Tribe, that would be the last time she would ever see her childhood friend Korra. That was, until she ran into the Avatar at a pro-bending match over a year later. Will she be able face her fears, and open her heart?

Chapter Summary:聽 Now, Taro must deal with the aftermath of the fight with Amon. Both Korra and Mako have lost their bending. And now, her secret is finally out.

A/N: chapters 21 and 22 deviate pretty drastically from canon in order to accommodate Taro鈥檚 storyline, just fyi

read it on | read it on ao3

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boltwrites15 days agoAnswer

I would just like to inform you that you've literally been spoon feeding me pure happiness for the past 2 months. I don't think I need to take my antidepressants anymore because reading your content is more than enough. all jokes aside, stay safe!!!! 🐌

aw thank you (but pls keep taking your meds LMAO) i鈥檓 glad you enjoy my content even as i start to slow down. hopefully now that everything has been finalized with my job (i鈥檝e finally been paired up with a coworker for the project i came on for, we have most things sorted in order to start part-time in person) hopefully i can start getting to my backlog, which i鈥檓 really excited about!

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boltwrites16 days agoAnswer

its okay don't worry!! stress gets the better of all of us sometimes, and we all understand if you can't finish the trick or treats!! don't stress yourself out even more by worrying about it

thank you. i would rather work on things i enjoy rather than post sub-par things for you guys

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boltwrites16 days agoText

welcome to blood is thicker than water week! as the final chapter of book 1 releases, i wanted to take the time to both work on the next book, as well as give you guys some behind the scenes info into how i wrote it and why i made certain decisions. here鈥檚 what鈥檚 going down:

  • a special early release of chapter 22 (the final chapter) on monday 11/9
  • this week i am opening up headcanons related to bittw characters (aka Taro) as well as my portrayal of canon characters. feel free to ask me for headcanons surrounding Taro鈥檚 family, her relationships with other characters, how she would react to certain scenarios, and how i have slightly changed canon characters for the series. crack/noncanon prompts (such as, how would Taro act in a relationship with Asami), are also accepted! be warned that although i am opening headcanons, that i will deny some of them if i feel they are out of character, or if they spoil plot points for later chapters
  • i will also be posting a couple little behind the scenes things, like how i chose Taro鈥檚 name, my bittw playlist, and other little things
  • on friday or saturday i will end the week by posting an epilogue to book 1聽

i hope you all enjoy it, but please be patient with me. i may have to decline certain headcanon requests if i鈥檓 low energy because of work.聽

if bittw isn鈥檛 your thing, or you haven鈥檛 read it yet and don鈥檛 want spoilers, i suggest blacklisting聽鈥渂ittw鈥 as i am going to try to tag everything related to it as such

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boltwrites16 days agoText

i feel kind of shitty saying this after i kept promising to do them, but i will not be completing the last of the trick or treats. i鈥檝e had a very stressful week and i would rather focus on other projects (like my long list of other requests, as well as bittw). sorry to everyone that requested something with trick or treat and it never got completed, but there will be other similar events in the future

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