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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

boodboards·a year agoText

Sorry this blog is no longer active

unless tumblr fixes its image post issue

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boodboards·2 years agoPhoto



Express yourself the way you want, using as much stuff as you want, any which way you want!

You’ve probably noticed some changes we’ve been making to the way you post on iOS and Android.

It used to be that a post could only be one thing. Maybe it was a photo post or a video post or a quote. But no matter how much a photo post also wanted to be a chat, or a chat wanted to be a song, a post could never be more than it was born to be.

That’s all changed!

Now a post can be anything you want it to be (or whatever it was meant to be).

Tap the pencil to start a new post


Add anything you want from the toolbar


Text styles are under the Aa


Highlighting text brings up the color changer


This is posting the way it should be: Free from formats and constraints so you can express yourself the way you’ve always wanted needed to.

(Coming soon to the web!)

so this is why when my friend posted a moodboard on mobile it showed up with the pics all in a line on desktop?!?

yes. I thought this was a glitch at first but @staff had it all planned. now gifsets and photosets can’t be formatted properly, everything is a “text post” now only you can put “additions” to it. they’re ruining things that are not broken instead of getting rid of porn bots, paedophiles, and nazis. Thanks @staff @support you’re ruining creators’ careers and soon lots of people will be leaving your site to places like Instagram or dare I say even deviantart. We don’t need this new feauture fucking put it back

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boodboards·2 years agoText

I used to run this blog from mobile because I can’t access desktop all the time and it was fun until @staff ruined my ability to form proper photosets in image posts. Everything now is in text post format and it’s horrid. This new update is apparently also coming to desktop soon so I guess this is the end of it

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boodboards·2 years agoAnswer
Witch (black cats, potions...) 🅱ood🅱oard 🅱lease?

posted! 🧙‍♀️

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boodboards·2 years agoAnswer
Would you please do a Space, ocean, and shark themed lesbian mood board?

posted! 🌌

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boodboards·2 years agoAnswer
Can you do an angelic abomination boodboard?

posted 🥀

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boodboards·2 years agoAnswer
Make a Johnnie Guilbert moodbaord with a dark theme?

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boodboards·2 years agoAnswer
dark red jack barakat mood board

posted! ♥️

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