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Written & submitted by @phannah–montana

(A/N: hi everyone! i am so nervous/excited to be going first for this, and just excited to see everyone else’s entries! small tw for a panic attack, i’ve had my fair share and know reading about them can suck, so sit this out if you need to! in the end though there is comfort and people being nice and e/c meeting! hope you enjoy—i’m kitschy on ao3 if you find yourself wanting more)

“No,” said Erik for the hundred-thousandth time in his life.

In his defense: Nadir was being ridiculous again. Since the beginning of the school year, the man had barely spent time at all in his dorm room, instead living at the library, various parties, and Erik’s off-campus apartment. The partying Erik had little problem with, nor did he particularly mind sitting beside his friend on the bathroom floor, cracking dry jokes as Nadir vomited his organs up. In fact, he was secretly touched that he continued to come to him despite all the other friends he must have had.

Tonight, however, the idiot wanted him to go with him to a party, and Erik thought he might be the one to throw up now—and that was before even attending. If he did go, who knew what might happen?

“But it’s Halloween!” Nadir protested, hopping up to sit on a counter. Sitting in this tiny kitchen after eating had been a habit of theirs when they’d both been rail-thin freshmen, but now that his shoulders had grown broad and Erik was freakishly tall, it suited neither of them. “Everyone is going to be dressed up. Nobody will even notice the mask.”

“I know enough pop culture to know that this isn’t a costume. What am I going to tell people I am?”

“A serial killer?” he suggested, and Erik glared. “I’m serious. It would work.”

“Are people really that lazy?” he asked pointedly. “What are you going to be?”

“Satan, but like, ironically.” Nadir grinned. “Does that mean you’re thinking about coming? Oh my God. You could be an angel. Wouldn’t that be funny?”

“No. And no!” Erik turned to open a cabinet, taking down a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. “Why do you need me, anyway?” He occupied himself with pouring, avoiding his friend’s gaze. “Are all your other friends busy?” 

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Its started!

This is really very sweet 😊

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New Phantom Pins?! 

Leave a reply or comment in your reblog if you’d buy one (£7/$9 each and made of wood), which design you prefer, if you like the sticker sheet designs, and if you’d like the rainbow mask as a pin as well! After this I’ll make a survey to see if enough people are interested. I’d need at least 25 copy of the pins to be wanted, so I’d be looking for more than that amount of responses to the survey, given what happened last time where 12/102 people came from the survey on my last Kickstarter.

Also note these are just sketches, not the final line-art, the actual pins and stickers would look a lot cleaner.

Please reblog to share it around ❤️ Would love to make these



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“A skeleton in dress clothes.”

Quick pen and marker sketch of a dapper Erik. :)

Suave skelly man

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Hi friends

I remember reading a fic on ffnet a few years back where, after final lair, Erik moves in with the girys for a while and he’s in hiding and then I remember Christine regularly comes and sees meg but doesn’t know he’s there until later….. it was a while ago but I was thinking about it and I’m looking for it if anyone knows what I’m talking about. TIA!!

Anyone know this? I’m sure I read it but I cant find it either…

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Duets - BozBozBoz - Le Fantôme de l'Opéra | Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux [Archive of Our Own]

Duets - BozBozBoz - Le Fantôme de l'Opéra | Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux [Archive of Our Own]

So @staminaoverlook posted a sketch on discord, and then @geickogarbage said a thing, and before I knew it, this had happened.

In which Erik and Christine discover the power that song has to eh, move them. Pure pwp.

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Oh, god damn it. Not again. I thought we sprayed for those.

Encounter: that damn flaming head again

There are two separate Phantom of the Opera references to be made her, I don’t know which one to go for.

The longer I spend in this phandom the more I understand what Christine means when she sings ‘if he finds me it wont ever end. He’ll always be there singing songs in my head…’

He’s everywhere guys. EVERYWHERE…

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The Phantom of the Opera returns to Tokyo, Japan on October 24th, 2020. Video of the load in courtesy of producer Gekidan Shiki (literally translated as The Four Seasons Theatre Company). 

So nice to see the chandelier going back up after so many pictures of them being taken down. Wishing this production all the luck in the world.

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I got tagged by @technicallycleverdetective a little while back but I kept forgetting because my brain is full of holes orz

rules: tag 8 people you want to get to know better and then answer these questions

favourite colour: Red, followed by pink, and then gold :D

last movie: Weathering With You with @rebel-scurn! (in our own homes & over the internet, of course ahahahaha…)

last tv show: Celebrity Catchphrase

Sweet, spicy or savoury: I love sweet things; I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have a sweet jaw

bubbly water, tea or coffee: Tea, of course! I drink at least three cups a day

Ah, let’s see, I’ll tag @rebel-scurn, @freakova, @jennyfair7, @oswald-privileges, @thatomnipresentorb, @waterwyvern, @not-the-conversation-starter, and @thestartrekunicorndog

but if you don’t wanna do it, then don’t :D

Thanks for the tag @laqueus​!

favourite colour: green, mustard yellow 💚💛

last movie: Ghost Rider (It’s on Netflix and I’d never seen it, so my husband and I watched/roasted it.) 💀🔥

last tv show: Cobra Kai (season one - it was pretty good!) 🐍

Sweet, spicy or savoury: SALTY 🧂😂 I like all three, but if I have to choose from that list, I’ll say savory.

bubbly water, tea or coffee: Sparkle water ✨

Tagging: @benny-lynne @raoul–daae @ofbeautsandbeasts @haunted-hideaway @obesessedwbeautiesandbeasts @and-wakes-imagination @sanktaleksander @cdaae (no pressure!)

Thanks for the tag @jennyfair7!

Favourite colour: light blue, deep red

Last movie: Plaire, Aimer Et Courir Vite

Last tv show: SNL

Sweet, spicy or savoury: Savory, with sweet a close second

Bubbly water, tea or coffee: bubble tea

Tagging: @timebird84 @kwat01 @heather-destler @rienerose @alyss-madelyn @everydayishalloweenforme @pensez-a-daae @pagesofangels

Thanks for the tag @ofbeautsandbeasts

Favourite Colour: Deep Red

Last Movie: The Da Vinci Code

Last TV Show: Friends

Sweet, Spicy or Savoury: Sweet

Bubbly Water, Tea or Coffee: Tea

Tagging: @filmcityworld1 @ineffablebuddies @carpe-noctem-vitae @supersnowscosplay @obesessedwbeautiesandbeasts @julieczyras

Thanks for the tag @heather-destler​ & @jennyfair7

Favourite Colour: Black

Last Movie: I haven’t seen a movie in a while (I’ve been a little busy)

Last TV Show: Gravity Falls

Sweet, Spicy or Savoury: All of them!

Bubbly Water, Tea or Coffee: Coffee–just give me an IV please!

Tagging: @the-local-punk-devil @baepsyche @christinedestler @ashadeintheshade and anyone who wants to!!

Thanks @obesessedwbeautiesandbeasts

Favourite Colour: Blue

Last Movie: Mary Reilly (Dr. Jekyll/Hyde story)

Last TV Show: CNN - Don Lemon

Sweet, Spicy or Savoury: All - but savory if I had to choose one

Bubbly Water, Tea or Coffee: Coffee bitch right here…. 

Tagging: @ashadeintheshade @catcorsair @maze-zen @bozzleboz @sufjannegolde @nerdywriter36 @flora-gray @phannah–montana and anyone else…I’m terrible at tagging people.

Thanks @baepsyche

Favourite colour: Currently kind of mustard yellow? It changes.

Last Movie: Corpse Bride

Last TV Show: Eesh. Not watched one in ages… Does the Imagineering documentary series on Disney+ count?

Sweet Spicy or Savoury: All of them, but if I can only have one, savoury

Bubbly water, tea or coffew: Tea and Coffee, but if only one, tea.

I am poop at tagging on here, so consider yourself tagged if you want to have a go.

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Anthony Crivello!


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