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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Are we, as a fandom, ready to admit that Mai’s entire backstory, personality, coping mechanisms, character traits, strengths, weaknesses, self image, belief system, and arc, are literally almost exactly the same as Toph but like, slightly to the left

Sheltered and coddled rich kid, “better seen and not heard,” “don’t speak unless you’re spoken to,” “stay in your room and stay out of trouble,” both painfully bored and stifled to the point of being incredibly depressed and borderline self destructive, Toph turned to earthbending matches, Mai taught herself how to throw knives, neither ever learned how to interact with people their age or how to have friends and struggles with social interaction, neither expect anyone to respect their opinion or even listen so they always either just keep their opinion to themself or when they boil over, they boil over completely and turn to shouting or violence because they don’t believe anyone will listen to them otherwise, both slowly had to learn to love and to trust that someone would be there, while also learning that they deserved better and should defend their boundaries because being treated like a human instead of a prop isn’t an unrealistic expectation

People talk about Toph’s ability to dress up all fancy and fit in perfectly as a sophisticated, model daughter, while also being like “hehe violence, lets go commit crimes” but no one talks about how Mai is literally exactly the same way, from a political perspective she’s like the perfect, calm, cultured, girlfriend for Zuko, she can absolutely play the role she needs to, but she also carries knives on her at all times and committed arson with her friends at a beach party for fun

That similarity is also 100% part of the reason that Zuko and Toph get along so well, because once she warms up to him Zuko immediately recognizes her as a kindred spirit. Out of the entire gaang, Toph is the one that Zuko understands and empathizes with the most/vice versa. 

Everyone else took a really long time to understand Toph because Toph is so different from the main group but Zuko had half a conversation with her and went “oh she’s Mai but baby”

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send me which part of the cinnamon roll meme you think i am

  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you
  • sinnamon roll
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Anyway, the big thing from Stay Zen today:

May was always written as trans from conception, it wasn’t something they decided after Kdin was cast, and Kerry’s thought process was specifically “we gender-swapped the other Merry Men but we want them all to be girls and Marian already is but we want to find some way to nod to it—oh wait why not just make her trans”.

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You knew this was coming. Horror/Angst Prompt: 235, Rosebird.

(Was wondering when someone would use this. Guess it’s time to hurt people)

235: “I miss you… I really miss you. I wish I could have saved you.”

Summer: *sitting at the edge of a cliff, sighing* I… I should’ve been there to help you. To keep you safe.

Summer: *pulling out the shattered remains of her weapon, a gift from her lover* I… I miss you. I miss you soo much… I should've  been there to save you. To keep you from falling to the dark. 

Summer: *looking up to the sky, the veil parting enough to watch Raven talk with Cinder* Raven, my love. Im… Im so sorry I failed you. I told you I’d stay with you forever and now we’re a world apart. I tried so hard…

Summer: *reaching out to the image of Raven she saw, her own hand bloodied* Please keep yourself safe. 

Summer: *feeling a wind pick up, watching her body turn to rose petals as they flew off in the wind* And please keep our child safe.

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most people are drawing screen caps of Summer, but I though Ruby being an adorable modest dork was worth it.

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How is Weiss doing now that she's out of simulation nation

Weiss: *getting dressed in the Atlas uniform, hesitating for a moment* I… I feel like Im forgetting something…

Scientist: *walking into Weiss’s room* Ah, Miss Schnee. I see you’re ready-

Weiss: *instinctively using her semblance, everything feeling off as her eyes went red and a glyph appeared under the scientist* What did you do to me?

Scientist: We made you and your team into the perfect soldiers. Now if you dont mind, you need a little extra training-

Weiss: *rushing off in a flurry of white petals, heading down a maze of hallways* Gotta find the others. Then get out of here…

[Weiss felt an electric shock run through her body, tensing her up and causing her to crash onto the floor]

???: *walking over to Weiss and sighing* You aren’t allowed to run yet.

Weiss: *looking up at the person in front of her* W-Winter?

Winter: *silently picking Weiss up and walking away with her* 

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good news, you can! the company’s called Tony’s Chocolonely and their entire purpose is to make slave-free chocolate and reform the chocolate industry.

Whole Foods carries it. If you don’t want to support an Amazon-owned company, World Market carries it. You can also buy it directly from the company. 

It’s the best chocolate I’ve ever had and it’s 100% slave free. Tony’s Chocolonely works really hard to push for transparency within the chocolate industry and actually has and is following an action plan to eliminate slavery within cocoa production. They’re good people who make good chocolate.

A list of slavery-free chocolate companies:

Crazy how the main three chocolate companies in the US are all terrible

Makes sense

Sign me up for this.

Chocolate companies that deserve support here <3

Sweet impact is my mom’s company!!! She doesn’t sell fudge anymore, just truffles, chocolate bars, and caramels!

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[Ruby takes her girlfriends to meet her father Taiyang,  and to “meet” Yang]

Ruby - Yang, Dad , these are m y girlfriends, Penny and Weiss

Penny - [curtsies] It is very nice to meet you Mr. Ruby’s dad

Weiss - [does the same, but more awkwardly] Y…yes

Tai - [chuckles] Tai

Penny- [whispers] Girlfriend Weiss, we  tied !

[Yang laughs]

Penny- My name is Penny Polendina

Tai - It’s nice to meet you Penny ^^ [turns to Weiss} And you are ?

Weiss- [holds out hand] Weiss Schnee [shivers] It’s  a ….

Tai- OH ! You’re Dolt girl !

[Weiss blanches in surprise]

Yang- [bursts out laughing] DOLT GIRL 

Weiss- Wait ? [looks around in confusion]  What’s going on..

Tai - Come on Dolt girl, why dont you show my daughter and your other girlfriend inside. I’ll make something to eat

[Weiss does so in shock]

Ruby - [whispers] I think you’re the dolt now =0


Writing Requests are OPEN


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The trend with fandoms nowadays seems to be:

- Praise the living daylights out of a show and shove its greatness in everyone’s face

- 2 years later, pick it apart violently and insult everyone who still enjoys it in as edgy a way as possible because negativity is cool


uhh maybe marginalized ppl were excited at the possibility of a show (such as su) representing them, only to be rightfully angry when the show ends up racist, homophobic etc. anyway, super bad post all around

I feel like a lot of hardcore accusations of problematic and offensive content that get thrown at media that was previously lauded as progressive come from a few sources; first, the creators are often a lot more accessible than the creators of mainstream media. you can message rebecca sugar on twitter personally to call her a racist bitch, but you can’t do the same to, say, jj abrhams or another large-scale creator. likewise, you can’t stand on a streetcorner and scream at people until they agree to stop watching law and order, but you can certainly bully large groups of people online until they stop supporting an independent creator.

second, the fandoms that tend to form around progressive media tend to be younger, more volatile, looking to media and fandom as forms of activism. mainstream media they can write off as garbage, but progressive niche media that makes a sincere attempt to represent marginalized folks must be Absolutely Perfect. the idea that a piece of media can have good parts and bad parts, that it can try and only partially succeed, but that that partial success is still worth something, is completely lost on many young fans. either its irredeemable garbage or its the literal messiah, there’s no in-between. so if a show falls short of perfect, as is inevitable, then it goes straight into the “total garbage” pile and must be condemned by the masses.

genuinely trying to represent certain groups and making a few missteps is not the same thing as being ignorant or malicious. making a sincere effort to mean something to folks who don’t get a lot of things made for them is something to be proud of. would you rather go back to the times when fucking nothing got made for us? when the only characters we saw that we could relate to were only there to be made fun of? you’re spoiled by a rush of new creators who took “go make your own thing then” to heart and set out to make content for people like them, you have the gall to look at what they’re trying to do and spit on it for not being better. no creator owes you shit, no creator has to bow to a bunch of teenage bullies who do nothing but demand and harass, that’s all there is to it.

Dear lord can everyone please read this post because it’s so relevant

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I don’t really buy the idea that X thing can’t happen in Volume 8 because it takes place in such a short span of time. This is usually brought up in regards to Bumbleby and Renora development, but it applies to anything not directly tied to the main plot.

I think people are coming at it the wrong way. It’s not about what can fit into a three-day timespan, it’s about what the writers want to happen. We already know this is the longest Volume so far which gives them more screentime to play with. If CRWBY wants something to happen, they’ll find a way to make it work. Maybe we’ll get a Bumbleby kiss and confession, maybe not. Maybe scenes in Vacuo and the return of Team STRQ, maybe not. Ultimately, it’s up to the discretion of the writers and whether or not they feel something has a place in the story right now, not how much in-universe time passes during the Volume.

Tbf, the only reason I dont see a bumbleby kiss happening is due to the gravity of the situation. If the bees kiss in volume 8, we’ll definitely see shit hit the fan after or some sort of short term separation

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FrosenSteel week2020 non-au day 4: “Family/Meeting the parents”

Willow is in rehab, and Jacques is on ice.

Fulfillment for day 4 for the event held by @frosensteel

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Ruby: *getting out of the lake and shaking herself dry*

Blake: *moving out of the water’s path* You know that’s why we have towels, right?

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* Y-yeah, right… sorry about that.

Blake: Maybe we should have dad-

Ruby: Blake, I’m fine. Maybe this is a side effect from the ritual?

Blake: That’s what Im worried about.

Ruby: We can worry about it later. For now, we should get our bags packed and get ready to see my dad. And Yang.

Blake: *nodding* Right. And hopefully your dad takes you being a faunus well.

Ruby: Once he sees how happy I am with you, he’ll be supportive. I promise. And Yang will back us up on this.

Blake: *smiling and kissing Ruby* Alright, I trust you.

Ruby: *pulling away after the kiss and heading back to the house* Race you there!

Blake: You’re on!

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Personally, it always makes me vaguely uneasy for people to make sexually explicit jokes about strangers, but the fact that people brag about how John green was “bullied off the site” because of it is…Uncomfortable and I don’t know why people seem to find it so funny??? Like maybe it would be funny if that wasn’t, like, a real actual person?


Opinion of the day: the John green copypasta just…isn’t funny

I don’t know much about the guy but he doesn’t even seem to have done anything bad.

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