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@briingmayflowers asked: # for May and Deirdre :3
send me “#” for cell phone headcanons about our muses including:                           - what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone                               - what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone                               - what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone                               - my muse’s last text to your muse
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Deirdre Ringtone / May Ringtone
last text to may; sms: picture attached to may; sms: may i'm knitting peter a costume. i have to. i will literally cry when he wears it.
last text to deirdre: sms: deirdre i seen this cute outfit and it's totally you!!! sms: link included sms: it's giving me goth gf vibes. you have to get it.
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Colin Morgan as the hot ghostwriter in We Hunt Together 2x06
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Although she had not made much traction in planning her big day, there was one thing Ki had made up her mind about. Approaching May, one of her best friends, Ki handed her a small box. “I want you to have this,” If May opened the box, there was a small chain bracelet inside. There was a small note inside that read Will you be my bridesmaid?
Looking at the box and gently taking it, May smiled. "Aw, Ki! You didn't have to get me anything! My birthday was-" She stopped when she saw what was inside, reading the words and then gawping.
After a moment's hesitation, May let out a squeal and hugged her friend. "Of course, of course, of course!" she squeaked, jumping on the spot. "I'd be honoured, Ki!"
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“May! May!!! I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art,”
May was sorting out a station of pencils and colouring papers at the Museum when she turned around to see a frantic looking Ki. Alarmed at first, she burst into a loud fit of giggles when she realised it was a compliment.
"Wanna steal me? I'm priceless!" she teased with a grin.
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Being friends/the significant other of May or Deirdre is to have spells randomly cast upon you, whether conscious or not.
i.e. If you’re in an argument with Deirdre, she’ll make it rain on you and if May is excited, sometimes the person she’s talking to will sprout flowers in their hair.
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callmekevin : gta v chaos mods … sentence starters
“Anyone smell BBQ?”
“God, this is unforgiving.”
“I’m coming to haunt you!”
“It was a gift, and I’m cold.”
“Please don’t fight me, dude.”
“I can do this… I can’t do this.”
“No, that’s Jesus on a Moped!”
“They’re just unloading bullets.”
“We actually made it! Oh my god!”
“Why are you so easily spooked?”
“Oh, I’m famous, they all love me.”
“You better be fucking enlightened!” 
“It’s so hard to get anything done…”
“I mean, this even looks suspicious!”
“I was having fun for a few seconds.”
“Why are you constantly kicking me?”
“That’s not chaotic, that’s just nature.”
“I died from the gravity of the situation.”
“It’s not that bad… however, I am stuck.”
“I feel like I bring a lot of chaos, usually.”
“Sorry, I can’t hear you. I’m in the ocean.”
“Hmm, maybe never say that ever again.”
“Beyblades, no. Stop letting it rip, please!”
“We gotta go before that thing falls on us.”
“I actually find it relaxing, so joke’s on you.”
“But, naturally, everyone screwed me over.”
“Stop being drunk! Get a better metabolism!”
“I went to Heaven, its out of their jurisdiction.”
“They’re all so confused. This is great, I love it!”
“This is so stressful all the time, but its so funny.”
“Its not very relaxing when he’s screaming at me!”
“Oh my god, that’s so uncomfortable. Please stop.”
“He was on fire for so long and no one was helping.”
“It’s gonna do something wacky. Completely random.”
“I don’t know what’s going on, please don’t attack me!”
“Oh, I’ve fallen down the stairs. Guess we can’t go biking.”
“And now all the vehicles are Beyblades, get out of my way!”
“This is way less weird than the other stuff that just happened.”
“Are you comfortable giving me a tattoo during an earthquake?”
“Please get into the damn car, because we’re going to blow up.”
“Why are the police after me? I blew up a car in my own house!”
“I think he needs more than yoga. I think its time to call the hospital.”
“We’re gonna be so chaotic, even WE won’t know what we’re doing.”
“I’m having a mid-life crisis. I think I’m having a few at the same time.”
“It has all the bells and whistles. It has everything. You just can’t see it.”
“I thought it was just part of the show, but no, he’s actually here to kill me.”
“That was the hardest part. Not, like, on a moral level. That part was easy.”
“There’s a whale on the roof over there. Property values are gonna plummet.”
“I’ve got a lot going on right now, no time to explain, please give me your car!”
“What ruined it for you? Was it the fact everyone was on fire or was it the dumptruck?”
“They sent killer clowns, James Bond, and mercenaries after me. Like, how deep are your pockets?”
“This whole time we’ve been looking in the forest for Bigfoot. We should have been looking on public transport.”
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I can't help this awful energy God damn right, you should be scared of me Who is in control?
Wanda Maximoff | Control by Halsey
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Deirdre is laying facedown on her bed, with this song playing in the background. I guess it’s been one of those days? Weeks? Months? Or maybe it’s just Deirdre.
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"Merlin." Wilford's suggestion is deadpan serious. "Or maybe that one who turns into an owl. Y'know, th' fella played by D.avid B.owie?" (rosetintedgunman)
Recommend romantic candidates for my muses and see their reaction! || accepting! || @rosetintedgunman
May broke into a fit of giggles. "If I lived in medieval times, then I like to think I might have stood a chance with Merlin," she confessed, then scrunched her lips. "Unless he's still around somewhere now...did you know there are legends that he's immortal?"
Waving her wrist in front of her, May let out a squeak. "The Goblin King?" she exclaimed. "I had such a crush on him when I was younger, too! That ballroom scene still makes my heart flutter." She smiled mischievously. "Good suggestions, Wilf!"
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Recommend romantic candidates for my muses and see their reaction!
Note: They do not have to be ones my muses would like!
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back at it again with misc memes
❝  i’m used to people generally not giving a shit about me.  doesn’t mean i can’t still choose to care regardless of whether not people will care back.  ❞
❝  i’m not kind because i expect anything from it.  i do it because i like how it feels.  because people have not generally been kind to me and i don’t want to be that sort of person to someone else who.   ❞
❝  why didn’t you ever tell me you were dealing with so much?  you didn’t have to keep this to yourself.  ❞
❝  it’s okay.  i don’t need you to help me…but if you wanna stick around while i fix it myself i wouldn’t mind the company.  ❞
❝  i generally don’t like people as a rule.  but i don’t mind you.  so uh,  don’t fuck that up for me alright?  next time you’re in trouble just call me. ❞
❝  are you sure you don’t want me to stay?  ❞
❝  you know i can tell when you’re lying.  so you can either talk about what’s wrong or we can just sit here together.  either way,  i won’t let you do this alone.   ❞
❝  no,  i don’t need you.  but i do want you.  my life is fine without you,  but it’s great when you’re in it.  i don’t need to be dependent on you for this relationship to be important.  ❞
❝  well,  i already did the ‘kicking their ass for being a jerk’ part.  now i’m doing the whole,  showing up for you and making sure you’re okay now part.  ❞
❝  i don’t want to be like this.  i want to change but i don’t know where to start.  ❞
❝  i see you.  i just wanted you to know that.  i always see you.  ❞
❝  i haven’t really done the whole dating thing in a while but,  do you want to?  we could go to dinner—or coffee?  ❞
❝  we’re having a spa night,  okay?  i already have a bath started and there are face masks on the counter.  no arguments.  we need this.  ❞
❝  don’t start giving me the damn puppy eyes i was already gonna say ‘yes’ okay?  ❞
❝  this is a bad idea but i’m already committed so i might as well not half-ass being a dumbass.  ❞
❝  i always feel better when you’re here.  ❞
❝  i’m going to give you a hug now but if you tell anyone about it i will have to kill you.  ❞
❝  did you just flip off that old guy?  ❞
❝  i know you’ll lie to me if i ask if you’re okay so i’m skipping past that part and telling you to go home and get some rest.  ❞
❝  you know i’m not good for you right?  there’s probably a hundred other people you could be going to right now instead of me.  ❞
❝  can i say something here?  or do you need another minute of rambling before i get to do the part where i say what you need to hear and you realize you’re freaking out over nothing?  ❞
❝  don’t you get that i need you?  you’re always going on about being fine and being able to manage on your own and i’m sure that’s true.  but what if i’m not?  what if i need you in my life.  and i need you to let me help you with your life too? ❞
❝  i know you’ve been having a shit time so i brought some food.  ❞
❝  hey— get your hands off my plate.  i made you your own.  ❞
❝  i know you like the rain,  but it’s getting cold.  you need to come in before you get sick.  ❞
❝  i knew i’d find you here.  ❞
❝  if i tell you my eyes are red from weed and not because i was crying will you do me the favor of pretending to believe me? ❞
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Hm. Ki was honestly surprised. In this moment, she didn’t know why but she felt like opening up about it. Even years later, Ki still never spoke too much about it. Not in great detail anyway. She tried to move forward in time and not constantly think about what happened. She could gladly say she had moved on which probably made this easier.
“Well, he did to me what he did to Siren. However, I wish he’d have let me go. I had to escape myself. I..was there for three years,” She sighed. It was not pleasent and even then, she couldn’t go into detail. It was hard stuff to talk about.
“I’m surprised you didn’t know actually. I thought he would have boasted about it…” It actually brought Ki some sort of relief. Maybe Mortis felt some sort of shame for what happened. Or maybe he just wanted to sugarcoat and hide things. It didn’t surprise her if that was true either.
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“I’m sorry that Siren and yourself had to put up with that for so long… but I guess now is better than later.”
“Three years?” repeated Deirdre, though mostly to herself. It winded her to think that Ki had suffered as badly as the Siren for three long, lonely years. Her nails gripped the porcelain edges of her coffee cup, watching the dark brown surface of her coffee steam from inside. Someone ought to teach that horrible, disgusting man a lesson...
Then, she remembered the last time she’d got angry at him. What she’d done. No, if she wanted to ensure he received his comeuppance, she’d need to be patient.
“I’m...sorry you had to live with that,” she confessed, looking up at Ki. “No one should have to endure what you did...and Siren.”
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