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This is a place to share with the world the things I sculpt or otherwise make. Or I could just be talking to myself again.....

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brokenmusicboxwolfe·4 hours agoPhoto

Old stuff

Sorry about this one. 

Tumblr started making some of my drafts impossible to see until I would save a new draft. Then the missing draft would reappear, but the first time I didn’t know that. Thinking the post of this face was deleted, I made a new one…which  made the old one reappear.

Now I know better. If a draft goes missing I save a new draft (even if it’s just one letter) and get the lost one back. So this duplicate it a one time thing. Pity it didn’t happen to a better face!

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brokenmusicboxwolfe·6 hours agoText

The paint brushes are worn out, so I have started painting the box for Mom with an inappropriate brush. This is NOT going well.

Frustrated, I thought I’d sculpt. I’ve reached a very old, and very crumbly, box of sculpey that refuses to stick to itself. The house being cold isn’t helping. And then one of my tools broke, so I need to reglue the end.


Making things can such a pain when your materials and tools are not cooperating.

So, with the brushes, do I use my emergency debit card to order some small enough, or do I drive 50 miles to a craft store and hope they have one small enough? I want the box done soon enough I can mail it to Mom for Christmas. At night per side, it’s gonna take 12 days to paint, so I need a brush ASAP…

Why can’t I paint bigger like a normal person???

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brokenmusicboxwolfe·14 hours agoText

As much as I love my pets, they bring so much sadness too.

Yesterday the tail-less kitten died. 

This was a shock. It’s sibling had disappeared, presumed dead, a while ago, but this took me by surprise. It seemed incredibly healthy, and in fact the night before I was marveling at it’s energy as in a matter of seconds it scampered six feet up a tree trunk and then pounced on two, rather patient, cats.  There was no sign of anything being wrong.

But it was dead. No signs of illness or injury, just dead.

Not that it even looked dead. It was just lying there, peaceful as can be, as if it had simply fallen over. I’ve seen a LOT of dead cats but never one that looked so alive. The other cats were baffled to sniffing and poking at it in a way they don’t usually do with the dead. It’s mother sat a couple feet away, just staring at it.

I suppose that the birth defect that caused the lack of tail might not have been the only thing wrong with it. When our barely grown dog Eek died suddenly the vet was so shocked he did the canine equivalent of an autopsy and it turned out she had a congenital defect that had no symptoms at all until it killed her. It happens.

Today my cat Racer, who follows me everywhere, and makes a total sweet nuisance of himself, is missing. Any other cat I wouldn’t worry until they were missing for a full day, but this is NOT like Racer. 

I don’t want to lose two pets in in two days, but especially not him. Not the one who loves me best….

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