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for those who do not love their education deeply

  • you are not ‘spoilt’
  • you are not 'wasting’ anything or anyone’s time
  • the educational system is awful & you have every right to speak out against it
  • a teacher must teach you, but they must also entertain and encourage you. if they do not, that is out of your control
  • most dark academics are making the best of a bad situation
  • your mental health matters more than grades
  • not every subject will thrill & excite you. not enjoying literature, poetry or art doesn’t make you a 'fake’ academic
  • you can enjoy a subject without studying it & you have every right to say you enjoy it
  • barely passing or failing a course is not the end of the world. you will get better, whether that means continuing the course or dropping it for your true passion
  • sometimes you’re not good at something, even if you love it. don’t sacrifice your mental & physical health to pass a course that you find impossible, but let yourself enjoy it if you can
  • remember your worth is not in your grades.
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Sat, Nov 28, 2020

Re-potted my plants and cleaned my study space today so I’m feeling pretty productive even though I didn’t do much schoolwork.

After dinner I’m hoping to jumpstart my final essay for sociolinguistics and potentially read some secondary sources for my thesis.

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NOV 28 / 20 

There’s something about the blue and purple combo that I’ve been loving lately. What are some of your favourite colour combos??? 

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i just did a big purge on my following list since this blog is kinda old and i followed mostly inactive accounts. show me this website isn’t 100% dead and let’s become mutuals!

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#1 protip if you just cant seem to complete your to do list

if you’ve got A Lot™ on your plate and you just can’t cross everything off, no matter how hard you work every day, try switching to a work-oriented to do list instead of a task-oriented one.

but sabrina, what’s the difference? glad you asked!

instead of writing down:
☐write essay
☐revise bio
☐clean room

switch to pomodoros/timeframes:
☐pomodoro 1: work on essay
☐pomodoro 2: bio revision
☐pomodoro 3: clean room

this way, you can adjust your pomodoro length to the time you’ve got left - your first pomodoro can be 50min long, but if you find yourself with 2 unfinished pomodoros and it’s already 9pm, you can switch to 25min, complete them, and still be able to cross them off the list by the end of your day :)
now of course this won’t work as well if you’ve got 5 assignments to turn in by midnight and haven’t started on a single one, but this method is lovely for everyday studying in workload-heavy academic programs where you’ve sometimes got 10+ tasks daily, so i’d recommend this for college/uni students especially!

i’ve just recently switched to this method myself and it’s improved my study-related stress a lot, so i thought i’d share it with you and hopefully help my fellow stressed af students x

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52/100 days of productivity

Studying has become a daily habit to be honest. Even if it’s 30 minutes a day, I don’t miss a session. The compounded, consistent effect has paid off so much. I can talk Farsi effectively and though it seems “primitive” (as my partner describes my current language level), I get my point across well.

Today, I studied my anki cards and listened to some dialogue for comprehension practice. Also got around to organizing/re-decorating my apartment. ‘Twas a good day.

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19/30 Days of productivity

📷 Bullet journal 🥰

Each sunday I take a little bit to organice myself, but It’s really repetitive, at least for me, because I only need to work con my traductions and read.

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im super happy with how today went! i got the majority of the work I wanted to do today done using a list. the list really helped me out and I’ll definitely use lists more often now! i think I really need to work on my sleep schedule though.

picture creds: @aesthetic-byunbacon , the verge news, and pink coco blue

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monday, november 23 

i’ve given up trying to count the days LOL but my city has officially had its first real snow fall!!! there’s snow all over the ground and it’s really putting me in a christmas mood hehe 

accomplishments (from this weekend) 
-made anki cards for week 7 (these took me YEARS) 
-finished week 7 content
-filmed a video
-started week 8 content 
-started pulling myself together and studying LOL 

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24.11.2020 // enjoy some not very straight but definitely colorful citric acid cycle notes 🌈

i’ve had a very busy couple weeks, and in true med school fashion, it’s not looking like the workload will get any smaller anytime soon… desperately looking forward to christmas break! hope you’re all doing well x

blood // water - grandson

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24.11.20// grad school is a lot cozier and pet friendly these days. Still the same amount of reading which isn’t great but hey, endless coffee is just steps away from my desk.
Zoom school might have its cons but it definitely has its pros as well! We all miss the library and physically being on campus but who isn’t loving waking up 10 mins before 8am lectures??

IG: flatneedledistillery

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Small progress is still progress. And I’ll take things one step at a time.

🎶 funeral - phoebe bridgers

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11/17/2020-11/20/2020| day 17-20/100 of productivity✨

I can’t even begin to explain how this has been the longest and most stressful week I’ve had in a very very long time. I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting daily- I genuinely haven’t had the time to do anything but devote myself to school.

Accomplishments of the week:

•I had my scholarship interview on Tuesday, 11/17/2020, and it went really really well! I won’t know if I was chosen to receive the scholarship or not until some time in December. Aside from auditioning for my choir scholarship and having earned my other scholarships, I’ve never had to set up an appointment, fill out a ton of paperwork and then bring it in for an interview and lemme just say- I was so proud that I made time in my busy schedule to apply for this scholarship because whether I get it or not, I had like a big rush of serotonin from doing something so responsible like that on top of all of my school assignments and responsibilities.

•I studied all day Tuesday aside from the hour I had to run and complete my interview for my scholarship application for my Pharmacology Midterm. I survived the midterm, but I didn’t make the score I would’ve wanted. However, I will not let this discourage me as I believe I have configured how I’m going to study for this upcoming final for Pharmacology now that I know how they set up the tests. I say this because we only have 2 tests in that course: the midterm and the final, so taking a test for this class was foreign to me. I’m just using it as a learning process in order to more properly apply myself and I’m gonna kick that next exam’s ass.

•I also had my second clinical this week, which is when you’re required to work a shift at a hospital with other students under a nurse chosen by your specific clinical instructor and my experience was sooooooo much better this week. I administered 2 insulin shots, performed a physical assessment, answered all of the questions from my nurse and my clinical instructor correctly and I really got to see and get aquainted with the layout of the floor we work on. It went so quick this time, which is crazy because last time it felt like the clinical day was sooooo long last week (my hours at the hospital have been from 0630-1430, 6:30 AM- 2:30 PM). I’m so excited that I’m getting more experience and that the patients I’ve taken care of and spoken to have been so kind and encouraging and have told me I’m going to be a good nurse and I almost cried.

•We had an assignment based on a fake patient and we had to fill out 20 full pages and you know that I’ve been working all week with completing my post clinical #1 work, my pre-clinical #2 work, studying and completing my Pharmacology midterm and then clinical. My hand is practically useless because of how many notes and how much paperwork I’ve completed. I worked on this assignment hard for 3 whole days with one of my study group members that lives near me which is how I got this GORGEOUS shot from when we were trying to find somewhere to study away from our busy homes and we found a Barnes & Noble that has a Starbucks cafe in it near the hospital we attend for clinical so we packed everything and after our shift, we went straight to work. I finished all 20 pages and submitted it this morning and I only slept 3 hours, but boy was I so glad because that marked the end of my assignments due this week for Nursing.

•Finally, I finished my Astronomy proctored test and now I’m just up late studying Pharmacology wayyyy in advance for our Final because we have next week off for Thanksgiving break and I’m using that time to my advantage so I’m going to use it to study hard so I have decreased stress levels when finals come up.

Sidenote: I have missed posting and seeing all my mutuals’ posts!!! I’ve tried to go through and like posts as much as possible, but I’m so sorry again for going MIA 😅 I am so excited I’ve reached Thanksgiving break because I really need the rest and to take care of myself. School is important but self care is crucial because without it, you will not be able to apply yourself and get things done effectively, so pleaseeeee take care of yourselves, you hard workers! I’m so proud of each and every one of you because school has been so difficult during these times and you guys have stuck with it and powered through. I’m so in awe and inspired by all of you. Keep up the amazing work.

Much love,

Laura 💕

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Saturday, 21/11/20

apparently it snowed last night haha but it’s nearly gone already. this is my setup for today, i have about ten minutes left until the beginning of my 48 hour exam for Ethics. wish me luck!

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I miss the catharsis of going on long drives with an iced coffee, singing at the top of my lungs, but I like seriously love streetcars. This ride was about an hour, all the way through the center of downtown, and it just flew by.

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some pictures of the Pisani Library at the Museo Correr in Venice (06/2018)

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21.11.2020 // i had a chilled study day today. i woke up at 9 and started working at around 10. yesterday i finished two lectures and one example sheet i have to turn in till monday. today was mainly spanish focused. i did my homework, revised vocabulary and studied grammar. at 1 pm i took a big break and went on a walk with a friend. being outside and walking through nature always calms me. in the evening i studied two more hours. for the rest of the day i’m going to watch Star Trek: Discovery and probably read a bit more. how was your day?

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saturday, november 21st, 2020 | today has been a nice, quiet day. I got a wildflower seed packet from a sustainability club I’m in, so I planted those this morning and then made some bread. my unix final is on monday so I’m focusing on that for the next few days :)

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friday, nov 20

so thankful my work is giving me the entire week off for thanksgiving because i was definitely steadily moving towards burn out. not exactly sure what i’ll spend my “free week” doing, but !! i hope i can keep myself busy enough to be content, but free enough to get a little more relaxed hehe. also, i’ve been playing around with makeup for the first time in my life and wow !! what a journey LOL

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